HIDDEN Gaming Fort! *PS5 VS XBOX Series X*

HIDDEN Gaming Fort! *PS5 VS XBOX Series X*

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Today we’re gonna be building a hidden gaming fort in the store we’re gonna be using the brand new ps5 and the brand new xbox series x and they just dropped today so we gotta go buy them somehow let’s go we just pulled up to this empty

Parking lot it is a kind of sketchy area kinda it’s a sketchy area and we’re about to pick up the xbox and ps5 you just asked what kind of car we’re in don’t tell them i’ll say red truck we’ll get out oh shoot no no i got the money no way

That’s fuzz right oh my here we go we got the cash right here 18.50 you’re flashing stuff around he better hello people seeing the windows i’m getting out what no no this time we’re in the red truck i already told him then change the text money i’ll stay in

Leave the car running in case you have to escape yeah leave the car running what the heck why are we getting out and flashing wads of cash good this is how it is sketch looking cart going into the store remote in your pocket yes so this is the store

If you guys are longtime subscribers you will remember gamma’s revenge in the pillow section so that is what we’re looking for now pillows are not very stocked so we are moving on to the christmas trees we’ve actually done a gaming board in this exact section oh that’s great walls

Are key there’s plenty of boxes to fortify all right i’ll work on this side you guys work on that All the walls are built so now i’m going to go in and hyper is going to hand me the stuff This is such a big We have a lot of space which is awesome we sent hyper on a mission he’s going around getting supplies pillows blankets rugs whatever we need but we have one problem guys in order to get power to this we need to get the wire that is on top

Of the ceiling so which means i have to climb to the very top of this entire structure pull down the extension cord and bring it here that’s the main mission if we can’t do it there will be no power yes this whole fort depends on this move yeah we did it Okay i’ll put the extension cord through the back here this extension cord just going all the way through the shelves this tree is pretty beautiful these are great decorations okay guys we are all in the fort now just decorating and getting the video games set up we have gotta unbox the ps5 and

The xbox one x whatever it’s called i’m nervous okay power your dream there it is in its glory oh sorry but here it is the new xbox all right so which side is xbox left you get us caught like you did at walmart we’re kicking you out and you’re getting

Kicked out too then see the controller buzz bam first impressions kind of feels too plasticky decent but nothing too special about it i just want the fans to be able to hear me right guys right our own special hdmi courtesy of microsoft andrew what you plug in xbox hyphens you

Go get you who’s quick tell you who’s in this fort you’re not gonna get us caught okay this is what we got for the xbox so we have a ps5 oh yeah boys the ps5 let’s open as loud as you can oops justin is the loudest at everything what

My favorite part is the unboxing the controls could be cool but just look at the controller me personally i like the console but the controller though look at this are you kidding me get the console what’s going on what is this not the concert i hope we get to film this but loud

Mcgee and loud magoo are going berserk in here your lights don’t work bam this is gigantic that’s huge that’s my head that’s the ps5 that’s pretty heavy that’s your head but look you got the other side this is where you insert the discs you’re not going to see any other

Channel unboxing the new ps5 a new xbox inside a fort in a store in one video yeah here you are thank you give me the chords what are you most excited about for these consoles well i grew up playing xbox i am most excited about the new halo game coming out really

That’s probably what i’m not out yet though right i think it comes out next month well i grew up playing playstation so i’m excited for the new bejimo beginners gargantuan would you ever betray playstation no why well maybe but no have you seen this size comparison between the playstation and

The xbox good giant jumping juniper pretty crazy eh wow but we gotta get these plugged in so we can play video games yeah what kind of gaming ford is this she’s right there she was right there she was touching the box activities i turned it on

But it was so light they’re coming down the hill yes you got the games plugged in come on is it sharsh it takes batteries buzz we’ve just fired up the games we got like we said madden on the xbox we got nba on the playstation This time for the infamous volume test what the infamous volume test we’re going to see how loud we can turn it and play the game And the defense is really allowing them too much room on the caribbean los angeles so far in this game 75 outside [Applause] that shut That was not a foul coach unbelievable activities guys i hope you can understand how obnoxiously loud that was good dad i am outside of the fort right now i’m gonna try and get a bird’s eye view going up to the third story to make sure the coast is clear because we gotta make

A snack run so let’s i got a bird’s eye view of the whole store there are no signs of employees or customers at the moment everything’s looking good i think we can do a snack run now coast is clear for a snack run fellas let’s give everybody a volume test

Turn it to max volume we’ll see how loud it is from out here Max volume it’s actually pretty loud from out here i thought it would be a little bit muffled because of all the boxes but you can hear like whistle blowing um excuse me what’s going on in here ps5 I can’t hear you man i want to know what’s going on in there it’s the new ps5 yeah and your point well did you want to play do i want to play sure maybe if we go get snacks you’ll want to play possibly okay let’s go we’re all out

We’re all going to get snacks so nobody is guarding the fort someone could just have a free ps5 no man left behind right no snack left without gargoyles buzz yes the snack wall are you kidding me i got chips candy popcorn oh who remembers gary poppins

Gary poppins boys you got it oh i’m so getting here this is the only store i know of that has gary poppins That’s the motto around here all the employees are definitely suspicious now we gotta get in the form we gotta have snacks ranger rick was on this thingy walkie-talkie ranger rick was almost walkie-talkie they have no idea where the hideout is and when they see the games they’re going to be

Very proud look like fellas i’ll let you play if you give me the playstation huh yeah did we a bubble hey bubbles or something yo popcorn what did you do with popcorn you give me that cheddar in here i hate that flavor oh well i think we could return it one of the

All-time best candies rips i guess you have to rip it open am i right over there two aisles down south an employee opens this box up i’m screaming as loud as i possibly can that would make no sense what are they doing in there all right we have reached the climax of

The video the escape hyper is gonna go to an employee and ask where the christmas trees are whatever they say he’s just going to scream at the top of his lungs activity me and andrew have been doubting that hyper is going to do it but he’s that

What do you keep saying that’s why it would be it would be foolish and irresponsible to not do it for you so we’re going to put them to the test we’re going to film it and see what happens did you guys even see our critters we have in the fort we got

A squirrel deformed lamb baby deer you jerk and then we’ve got a humongous fox and a nutcracker nutty squirrel i already shot this squirrel though the carts are right over there i can see the whole thing i’ve seen other customers go get carts justin disappeared i’m guessing he just

Went to the car oh wait there he is it took him so long i can see him the whole way over there you guys can’t see him though staying paul that our cart is completely filled with basically all the stuff that we brought in and it looks like we opened it used it

And now we’re taking it but this store does not sell tvs ps4s or fives games so it’s just very confusing for everybody especially the employees Okay is he freaking nuts yeah he’s a little out there can i scream like that too sure try is it the guy that just left yeah that was him so he’s just leaving this end of his shift oh yeah i guess so are you gonna do it too no

Not me but yeah have a good one

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