HOT GIRLS IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Jean Paul Gaultier: 360° VR Experience (Oculus Rift DK2)

HOT GIRLS IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Jean Paul Gaultier: 360° VR Experience (Oculus Rift DK2)

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Guys the hype is coming closer only four or five weeks to go before the vibe and the rift come out and I can’t wait to make videos it’s coming so close right now and I’m super ready for it so anyway I’m not here to talk about

This excitement I’m here to play a 360 experience because basically there was a fashion designer who decided to promote his collection through a 360 video and it looks amazing so it’s full of hot girls and much more so keep watching this is gonna be super interesting and

Let’s jump right into VR let’s go Ceri our guys and is already out looking 360 experience because they lock me up in a can and I’m not sure why I didn’t do anything but luckily we can escape out of here by looking up there so let’s

Go and this girl is gonna free us and isn’t she beautiful hey lovely hey see you later yeah we got a date and were you making selfies I want to know your name she dropped her phone expensive way to throw away your phone I guess and that’s the can I was

Sitting in and yeah that was really small indeed and oh are you looking hello I’m looking at the can and of course the pretty girl because oh man oh man she’s hard got a lover no no no what is this no II now I’m getting jelly why is he throwing

That hat on my face are they gonna do something special now I not allowed to see oh you guys get big why can I not do it I want to see it too maybe I can look into the mirror here I can’t see it bummer ah this is much better thank you

So I do it what did you just do can you tell me more oh why instead he’s gonna clone himself whoa so this guy thinks he’s really strong that guy’s laughing about it he’s also not impressed and I’m guys look at me like a dwarf what are you doing and that

One is bored okay fair enough so this is kinda awkward so many people standing around me that look the same Oh what just have it over there oh you look kinda female man woo there she is again my date how are you doing girl I missed you oh you’re gonna touch me now

Oh she put a magic spell on me I’m in love now no doesn’t run away and don’t put that cat over my head don’t you dare oh and now I’m locked up in the scan again I was like a playing monkey on the table and they were

Looking at me on a funny way well that’s nice so anyway let’s jump to the outro and let’s end this video well well well that was the video guys I gotta say this is one of the best 360 experiences I ever tried and aside from the hot girls

This is a real cool way to advertise your collection as a fashion designer I guess because it’s something new that people never saw before so yeah I like this fresh idea hope you guys also enjoyed if you did them slam that like button that’s it and

As always say and I see guys next time see you in the metaphors you

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