How I Became Successful In 34 Days (Ecommerce)

How I Became Successful In 34 Days (Ecommerce)

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Yo what is going on guys welcome back to another video so in this video i’m going to break down exactly how i was successful in like the first 34 days of me starting an online business i’m gonna break down exactly what that online business is how it works and like i said

How i was successful in the first 30 days um i’ve told this story before on my channel if you guys don’t know i grossed like something over 5000 it was like 5 200 or 5 400 or something like that that’s what i grossed the first month of this business and i’m going to

Just explain how i did all that break it down and i’m gonna tell you my story and all of that so there’s gonna be a lot of information in here and maybe i could actually resonate with a lot of people watching this because i think that most people watching this were probably or

Are probably in my shoes when i started my first month so i think that if you just pay attention and listen to what i did and how i found my issues and fix them maybe you could fix your own issues as well and start grossing more with your business or profiting more

With your business or whatever the case may be so i’m actually just gonna pull up my phone really quick i didn’t clear my notifications from last night um i’m not gonna put it too close to the phone because you guys will see my store and i

Don’t want you guys to see it but if you see i didn’t clear my notifications from last night and these are all my shopify notifications so there’s one for uh 30 dollars there 18 another 30 notification there a ton just another 32 dollars right there um i’m still scrolling down 25 25. so

That was all just from the short night that i had i only slept for like six hours and there’s just a ton more so i literally get paid to sleep now and i have multiple stores running i have three stores running currently um and so it’s great to just wake up to to

Multiple sales and multiple stores running all the time i want to to show you all that it’s possible and that you can get paid to sleep and and drink starbucks coffee anyway so let’s get into it i won’t waste any more of your time so um i love this story and i’ve

Told it a couple times but here we go my first store that i ever started um if any of you guys know the store or the website this is why i’m broke it’s just a website um with a bunch of stupid gag gifts right it’s just like a bunch of

Things like a five pound gummy bear or some just some dumb things that like people would get for their friends or for people that they love just to make them laugh or something like that i knew about that story and it always made me laugh because i would just browse

Through their products and i would be like all right i’m going to buy this all right i’m going to buy this but i never actually bought anything but it made me laugh so what i did with my first shopify store was i actually um i actually modeled that store after after

This is why i’m broke so like i had a i had a product that was like it should look made you look like you were naked like a towel i had a bunch of stupid products on my first store and i was super proud of it but at the end of the

Day it was a completely terrible idea and that’s not how shopify works at all but i showed it off to all my family and all my friends and they’re like oh yeah this is so stupid you’re never gonna make any money and i was like whatever

Like it’s it’s not a big deal but anyway moving on so i did that store um i realized very quickly that that was not going to make any money so i actually um very quickly before i even ran any ads just completely took down that store and then restarted so i found other

Youtubers on youtube that would talk about shopify and would say hey you should start a niche store so for those of you that don’t know a niche store is just more specific towards like a collection of products like maybe watches bracelets maybe leggings maybe hats um maybe like buddha items i don’t

Know but that’s niche so it’s just a specific group of collections so my second store it was a nice store i um it started with men’s fashion so i sold watches bracelets sunglasses i found a couple of other people selling this this same thing successfully and all i did

Was i actually just modeled their stores as well so i saw their stores and it was really attractive and i was like yes i would probably buy something off this store and i wanted my store to look similar to their store because if i would buy something off their store then

I was pretty certain that other people that saw my store would feel the same way so i was like okay i want other people to look at my store and say i would buy something off that so that’s all i did was i modeled like three or

Four of my competitors uh in terms of products and in terms of just like the color and the overall layout of the store i just modeled my competitors that were doing well so moving on from there i started with influencers i didn’t run any facebook ads i didn’t any do any

Twitter i didn’t do any snapchat i started with only influencers first time i ran an influencer ad i ran it for a bracelet now most of you guys know who rory gannon is uh he talked a lot about the lion bracelet he blew that up that product was super trending like a year

Ago but that’s one of the products i had in my store and what i did was i actually took that lion bracelet and i went to a lion page on instagram and i tried promoting it and i think i got two sales but i was still in the negative i

Think i made like i think i was selling them for like ten dollars uh and i spent like forty dollars on the shout out and i only made like two sales and then i went and i found another influencer another line influencer and i did it

Again and i think i spent like 60 dollars and i only made like three sales maybe like 30 bucks in profit or like 32 or something not profit 32 gross so at this point this was like the first week and a half i was like okay this

Like obviously i can get sales but i’m not profitable and i don’t know why so i was starting to get confused but i decided i was like okay well maybe i’m just not gonna sell this product i’m just gonna go and try something else so

I created a whole new ad for a watch this time and then what i did was i went to a men’s fashion influencer now this was completely like out of my thinking nobody told me to do this i was just like okay if the lion bracelet on a line

Page isn’t working i’m gonna take a watch to like a men’s fashion page and see what happens so that’s exactly what i did i took it to the first men’s fashion page that i found on instagram i literally typed in men’s fashion in the search bar and the first one had like 2

Million followers i think i spent 80 or something like that or 70 something dollars just under 100 and i promoted the watch and i made like two or three sales so i was like for some reason i was convinced at this point i was like okay this is like this

Is so weird i just it’s it’s like working but i can’t make money like obviously the process works but i can’t make money um and i didn’t realize at the time the reason that it wasn’t working was because the influencers were saturated because it was the first

Influencer i mean how many people have searched men’s fashion and ran an ad on the first account that pops up like probably hundreds of people so it was already saturated um i didn’t understand that at the time but before giving up i decided i’d give it one more try and i

Went to a smaller influencer like 350k so i went to the smaller influencer i didn’t ask any questions i just said hey like how much for a 24 hour post i think that he charged me about 50 or 60 bucks i think it was 60 dollars and so this is

Where the famous story um that i tell a lot of people when i’m speaking at events when i’m doing all these things i tell a lot of people this story so um at the time i was working as a caregiver making ten dollars an hour from six a.m

To six p.m um and i would make 10 so 12-hour shifts for 120 bucks a day after tax is probably like 90 or whatever um so work was a 10-minute drive in the morning the night before i talked to the influencer and i scheduled that post for

Early in the morning early the next morning so basically what right when i woke up is right when he posted it like 10 minutes after i woke up is when he made the post go live because um a lot of the people on his page were from east

Coast it was three hours ahead so i woke up at 6 00 am uh the post went live and a lot of people saw that at 9 00 am um and on the way to work which was a 10 minute drive i actually made 60

And so i was driving my ford fusion and i was like i was just in the car and i just heard that sound the ching and then i was like okay what like i mean that was quick like they made another sale and by the time i got to work i had

Already made like 60 and i think that was like five four or five sales i’m a couple people a couple people were buying more than one product and while i was talking to the people there right before i was starting my shift i made like another one and then i made another

One and so basically throughout the entire day i was making sales and mana man i cannot tell you how happy i was so by the end of the day by the time i i stopped working by 6 pm i had made like like i said 100 bucks from caregiving

And then my shopify store actually for the first time grossed 400 in one day so that completely blew my mind for the first time i was profitable because of that day like i caught up with all the other bad days i have and like i think

Maybe i broke even or something at that point i was just barely profitable but i immediately caught up all my stuff and i was just either broken even or barely profitable i don’t remember but throughout that entire day i was writing down every single order what they ordered what time they ordered

It and i you know for the influencer i would write the influencer at the very top of my page i literally had a notebook and the notebook is filled with pages now sorry um i had a notebook and it was filled with pages of different influencers and different ads and

Different copies and different offers and i wish i could find the notebook i can’t find it and if i do find it one day i’ll show you guys and i’ll make a youtube video about it moving on so i started to post on him every single day

Um i bought like five shout outs in advance because he would give me a deal if i if i bought five and that would just make the advertisements cheaper which would make me more money it would just make my margins bigger so i bought five more shout outs and then i kept on

Going and i kept on going and that influences started to get a little bit less every single day because that’s what happens if you promote the same offer and the same picture in the same product daily is that people start to get annoyed and i didn’t know that at

The time but the way you should be doing it is you should be promoting like maybe two or three times a week different pictures different offers different products just so that you don’t saturate or annoy all the followers that are following that influencer so moving on

Um i decided to start looking for other influencers and i found one with 800 000 followers and he was charging a hundred dollars for 24 hours and i immediately said no and i waited a couple days and i you know scheduled another post with that old one it didn’t do that as well

Um so i came back to this guy and i said all right you know what i’ll give it a shot i was like let’s do it for 80 bucks for 24 hours see what happens so that’s what we did i did it for 80

24 hour post and i think that day i made like 780 off that influencer um so that was insane i remember i was actually on my way to play volleyball with my brother-in-law and my two friends in the back and i was literally just getting sales and they were all so confused and

I was like i was like dude seven hundred and eighty dollars it was like seven p.m and i was on my way to play volleyball but anyway at that point i realized how to isolate variables and that’s a very important thing that i preach a lot that most people don’t talk about but

I was able to figure out that the influencers was one of the most important things and the reason i was able to find good influencers is because i talked to them and i would say how long have you been advertising for and if they said not very long at all i knew

That they would not be saturated and i could make more money off them so that is something that i really stress so go find influencers that haven’t been advertising forever because your chances to be profitable are a lot higher um and then i found very shortly that the

Product i promoted on that big influencer with 800 000 followers that specific watch was just a very good product so i know i had a good influencer i know i had a good product a good offer and basically just doing those things building up those influencers and having a notebook with

All my successful influencers and all my unsuccessful influencers it was very easy for me to isolate all the variables that are bad and good and take the good ones and make them work so when i eventually moved over to facebook and twitter i already had a good product i

Already had a good offer i knew my website was good it was basically easier it was like 50 easier for me to go to facebook and work because i wasn’t completely blind you know say for example you started with facebook and you have no knowledge at all it’s going

To be harder because you don’t know if you have a good product and you don’t know if you have a good offer but the way i started enabled me to go into facebook not 100 blind which made it easier for me on facebook as well um so

I’ve told that story multiple times and like i just kept on going with that influencer and i think the first month like i said i made i grossed five grand um and overall like this i just really love telling the story because it’s super fun like it’s super motivating and

I like seeing people’s reactions to it i remember on black friday i ran the same the same influencer with the same product and all i did was change it to black friday sale and then i gave like a higher percentage off and then that day i grossed like 1300

On that first store that i had so it didn’t take me more than 30 days to start seeing some pretty cool results and i think that the reason was because i was so dedicated and so like i’m going to make this work no matter what i literally just

Wrote down every single my new detail and i planned everything and i mapped out everything and i just had like an entire drawing board in this notebook of what went well and what went wrong and how to focus on the good things and it was just crazy it was just a really

Crazy experience but i would say that the reason i was successful and how i became successful in the first 30 days is because i tested because i tried so many different things and everything that i tried i wrote down and i was so dedicated to to get results and to see results that

I didn’t care about anything else i was just like i’m going to test test test test absolutely everything i tested like 10 different products like 10 different ad pictures i eventually ordered those products and took my own pictures and i tested those too and it worked really well different copies different

Influencers i tested everything and i wrote everything down and i think that’s what enabled me to be successful and i think that most people don’t do that i think most people don’t put in the effort um to write absolutely everything down i mean i had like i had an entire

Book basically with just dates and decimals and and numbers and money and profit and gross and how much i made i literally had like an entire book it was like a notebook filled with stuff and i just don’t think that most people will go through the extra step or

Take the extra step to do that into putting that much effort um so if i were to say what if i were to say that one thing that made me successful in 30 days i would just say that that the the the desire to have it the i

Will do anything i will test anything i didn’t care i just wanted to get results was more than anything and then i would say another thing was just writing everything down not making the same mistake twice anybody that does something does the same thing twice and expects a different

Outcome is insane according to albert einstein so i didn’t do the same thing twice i was always trying new things and i think that’s what enabled me to do well my very first month so i’m gonna cut it at that guys i hope that you enjoyed this

Video just recording this video i made another shopify sale from from this store and it was 48 dollars so i just like that and it and it’s even going slow right now it’s been 15 minutes i only had one but i just want to show you guys that it’s

Possible i just want you guys to be aware especially that black friday is coming up right now and i think that it’s the perfect time to get into it because it’s q4 and if you’re ever going to learn it’s going to be easier now than ever

Until next q4 uh but other than that guys i’m going to end the video there if you guys want go ahead and check the description for some juicy stuff in there there’s a couple of links i added that’s new uh there’s a couple of pdfs that you guys can download for free uh

And then some other links to some other funnels that you guys may be interested in so make sure you guys go check that video if you enjoyed this video make sure you drop a like because that’s how i know that you like the content i judge

My video by the amount of likes and dislikes it gets so if you like it like the video and if you don’t then subscribe to me make sure you subscribe anyway uh it’s free it’s literally free and i give away free value that could help you make

Money so i don’t see why you wouldn’t subscribe um so make sure you click those two buttons like and subscribe and i will see you guys on the next video happy thanksgiving and i’ll see you guys in like three days

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