How I sort LEGO Minidolls and Accessories Q & A

How I sort LEGO Minidolls and Accessories Q & A

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Hello welcome to ellieV toys I have had a lot of you ask me how do you store your Lego now there are lots of ways that I store my Lego but I thought today that I would show you how I store my Lego mini dolls and the huge amount of

Tiny accessories that come with them so in this box I have all the friends characters over here I’ve got all the animals and in the bottom one I have all the other mini dolls but I’m not going to just make you look at them from the

Outside let’s have a look inside and I’ll show you how I sort them so here we have a whole heap of friends body parts this is where I keep all the torsos and the legs and the hair and all of the darker-skinned colors over here

So that I can easily find them I feel like a mad scientist here with all these body parts yeah so all of the bottoms all go over here so it doesn’t matter whether they’re boy or girl ones they can all go on everyone we’ve got a

Wedding dress there we’ve got lots and lots of duplicates I’ve got lots of these Mia’s long three-quarter pants and that’s good when I’m looking to do some sort of customization I can look at how many I’ve got a particular type there’s

Some boot ones for riding and some long pants too we might take them out I’ve got somewhere else I want to put them so I see which ones I’ve got a lot of because I don’t want to oo here’s more riding boots I don’t want to customize

Any that I only have one of so lots of torsos – we’ve only got one of this cute little top and one of this one – that was the the air hostess in the Heartlake aeroplane and the pop star tops have to be some of my favorites cuz they’re so

Shiny they’re awesome and the summer stuff and this cute little overalls top there are so many cute pieces here and I do love the one for making cupcakes in or baking in we’re doing any sort of kitchen work with an apron so we

Can easily put them together whenever I need to do that oh and Emma’s karate top if I can’t actually that’s not the bottom that’s not the right bottom so there should be some white culottes down there – now this is one of the boy’s tops

So I’ve got somewhere else I keep all of them and we’ll have a look at that in a moment so I also keep all of the parts with the darker skin on them in there little compartment because there aren’t as many characters who can wear these and it makes them much more

Precious even some of the others I love this orange top it looks so gorgeous with a little pink in it and these are the two ones that we recognized for Andrea and I love the pop star skirt so there’s lots of things in here and oh

Look at this little swimmer top that it’s just getting all excited looking at all these and the hair pieces lots of different ones in here including some that aren’t actually from the mini dolls but of course all of the hair pieces go

On all of the many dolls and minifigures and look at these two for for Livi for popstar Livi you got the pink and the blue and these are the same mold as Ariel’s hair so you’ve got pink blue and red so we can have so much fun of that

We could make some triplets and I do put in some of the other ones that I like to play around with as well like the Snow Queen and I like this one that Sophie’s hair which is just like Stephanie’s but in a dark brown and I’m looking for all

Look cute little Bob I like the way some of the girls are getting this Bob now too and I’m looking for my very favorite I like that ones do that unlike Mia’s hair in black and I’m still looking I’m looking I know it’s in here but this

One’s kind of special – this is like Ana’s hair but it’s in black with that braid around the bun oh and the crazy hair for when they’re having a bad hair day or if they just want their head to be big where is my favorite piece oh and

While stars hair I have so much fun with these hand pieces I really think that they’d like to mix and match and a lot of the LEGO Friends got here it is it’s my favorite it’s the little Baker’s one that comes in the the current set of the

LEGO Minifigures so that’s where I keep the body parts I also have this clip lock crafting box with lots of little partitions sections because I like to keep some of these things separate so I’ll show you each section and I’ll tell

You why I keep them the way I do so I have each leg a friend girl all set up in my favorite outfit for each of them or hold on util got matching top something went wrong there one of you is going to have to go home and change so I

Always have the LEGO Friends girls all set up one of each and look Mir so excited because she loves the watermelon topper so do I will put them back over here I also keep some of the boys setup so

This isn’t all of the boys by any stretch of the imagination but this is just just a few of them so I can easily grab well I can easily grab a boy if I want to have who one in one of my videos and the dads and the grown men are over

Here in their own little compartment I only have one of each of them so that makes them very very special they’ve got bigger torsos on the top they’ve got broader shoulders my got slightly bent arms and there we go there’s Henry who

We only just saw in the hospital now I’ve got some extra boy bodies and I keep them over here so I don’t get them mixed up with the girl bodies because they are slightly different so here’s a boy body and here’s a girl body and the

Boys chests are flat and the girls chats are just very gently curved outward to give them a more feminine shape so they are definitely different and there are some boy head here – their eyes are different they don’t have little

Eyelashes like the girls do so they’re not quite as pretty but let this feel pretty there we go first of all extra little boy heads so don’t mix them up with the girl heads because they might argue and have also got some of the

Secondary LEGO Friends characters over here not too many of them because I can easily put them together there’s Kate and Martina was in there and here’s the one that I built I took Joy’s body and I made some hair

And I made this one to demonstrate for the LEGO Friends competition I think she turned out pretty well and the mums and the grown-up ladies so here’s a teacher and here he is Stephanie’s mum and dr. Patel and Sophie with her turban on from

The mall set that’s very special because there’s only one of them and we’ve got some all mums here and oh hold on ondrea’s aunt is missing her hair so I’m going to have to go looking for that one where that’s gone okey-dokey next

Compartment we’ve got some Livi’s now the Libby pop star fits almost all of them came with a lily character in them so I’ve got a few I’ve got two here built up in two different outfits just in case I want to grab one they’re my

Favorite outfits my favorite Lily outfits and I’ve got some extra heads here – Lily is the only lego friends girl with the with a lavender eyes which is also got this sighs and over here are the other extra heads I’ve got here um they only head with the little freckles and the blue

Eyes and we’ve got some dark brown eyes which are different to Olivia’s because Olivia’s are a light brown they’re like Martinez and there’s another friend character who’s got those eyes and covering hood is this head could belong

To Kate I’m not sure but down the bottom here I have got a compartment for each of the LEGO Friends girl’s head so I’ve got a lot of Andre heads I’ve got a lot of Emma heads listen look at that with her green eyes I have a

Whole heap of Stephanie heads with her baby blue eyes and next there I’ve got a whole heap of Mia heads with her freckles and her light brown eyes and over here I’ve got some Olivia has with a light brown eyes too so if I’m doing a

Mod I come here first for all of these extra heads now this compartment here where I’m putting those other legs that I took out and this boy body that goes up there this has got all the belongs so with the long legs with stockings set

For winter so if I’m doing a Christmas video this is where I’m going to come and look first and there weren’t many actual winter outfits before but now there are because there are a whole heap of Winterfest oh here’s a magician one

And we’ve got some really specialized ones in here this is the Riding coat Mia’s riding jacket so some very pretty ones in there so that one also is all snapped up so don’t lose any of those pieces and I just pop them on the top

Here or my greenery because I like to make things extra green when I’m just mucking around and making a custom build so that’s the friends this is not finished yet okay in this box I keep all of the animals so I can easily find them because what are the LEGO Friends

Without their animal friends we’ve got some of the business pets in here we’ve got a piggy we got a penguin there are lots and lots of little pets of you not the elves pets in here too so many little hedgehogs one skunk which

Came with one of the minifigures sets and I’ve only got one little thorn so this little fellow is very precious to me and one little baby lamb too and over here I’ve got some of the bigger more dangerous animals got one of the big

Cats so far and a big polar bear and a crocodile or an alligator lots of sharks and alcohol bevy of dolphins so the Dolphins are in there keeping the octopus under control maybe huh and in here I’ve got the baby

The baby that’s a baby sheep the baby falls the baby horses they all stay in here with the puppies and I’ve got a nice mix of puppies here summer from the normal lego sets and some of the really cute ones like toffee here from the LEGO

Friends set this one’s Libby’s little one little little cookie and this little cuties from one of the minifigure bags and all he looks another Disney Palace princess Palace pet and over here there are a whole heap of horses as well as

The pegasi from the elves and Maximus from the Disney princess from Rapunzel and I love this dappled one here too so this is just a selection of them a whole heap more of them are lost in my daughter’s room somewhere but I can know

I can go and find these if I need to now in the next box we’re still going in the next box I’ve got a whole heap of Disney Princesses all rumbled in here together with their respective princess and here’s a Rapunzel and I’ve also got some

Of their little extra pieces that sometimes we’re going to need and their little friends as well and some extra this is my favorite Ariel hair this one actually came with the Disney minifigures packs and I like that hair

Better than the actual hair that comes with it and I only have one Aurora so she is very precious too and we keep the brothers bears in here too and the snow gears all the little Disney princess friends now is too big to fit in there

Here’s my only minifig so he gets a compartment all of his own and over here in the elf section we’ve got a couple of different incarnations of Emily and we’ve got lots and lots of fabulous fabulous elf characters in here and they

Are almost all different we don’t have many duplicates except for their faces and their hair some of them of their outfits are often different which is very exciting and not too many of the DC superhero girls we’ve got the ladybugs

That I have made modified and I’ve put her in here with the DC superhero girls that there will be more of these being added at the moment I only have one of each and where is bumblebees hair that’s not good I’m going to need to go looking for that too

So that’s all my doll now we’ve got all the accessories that go with them this is crazy they come with a crazy amount of accessories but I don’t lose any of them because it’s so cute so in here in each little compartment I’ve kind of specified how I want them to be

So I can find them easily this one’s got some fruit and sushi so we’ve got the watermelon and the strawberries in here we’ve got some sausages and some chicken legs and here we got pies some delicious goodies to eat and that little whisk that came with a minifigure packet and one doughnut

That’s the Simpsons doughnut we have some chocolate bars and some little pieces of pie YUM so we keep them in there lots of big fruit and a couple of token marshmallows and some big swirls but when we’re doing

Frosting and a compartment of carrots in case we want to do a garden lots of croissants there and some cupcakes little patty patty tins been eating all of the baking gear that we need that’s all in there with the mixers and the

Pans lots of cherries a heap of plates so I’m les don’t fit in there lots and lots of cutlery don’t know why I keep those ones but I just like to have them together and lots of Biggie’s look at all the biscuits and the cookies in here

And the white one is a lolly like a candy and the only one I can see a dog biscuit oh and there’s even a little icon on the top from one of the Lego elf sets so that’s cute I know where to look what I’m looking for them though so next

Box we’ve got a little the telephones and the hair dryers lots of bones and lots of scissors and quite a few bottles and drinks in here including some bottle tops bottle tops sorry I’m soda can tops with the pull tabs and one little

Special Simpsons one there and a whole heap of popsicles and a lot of guitars we can have quite a band here just one of these special ins here lots of flippers very colorful in the flipper compartment heaps and heaps of ice

Skates whew rollerskates loss of party hats very colorful in there too a couple of token trophies and I’ve just taken one of these little shooters out just in case I want to be able to grab one few little shells lots of flower hair accessories so these are just the flowers and the heart

And a butterfly’s and one little blue egg because I didn’t want to lose it to eat because I only have one and in here is how we going we got starfish and tools tools and walkie-talkies and handcuffs in here and then we got all of

The stuff we need for for skiing and these are long pointy things so Trident sand mops and rakes and whips they’re all in there a couple of clothes and my most favorite hat in the whole wide world which came in one of the Lone

Ranger sets on one of the minifigures there and I loved it and I don’t want to lose it so popped it in here and some suitcases and a little sack and some of our friends suitcases and the elves suitcases – and some of the little

Friends baskets and we’ve got just a few helmets that one is one of the climbing helmets and that’s one of the skating helmets I think and then we’ve got the case oh my goodness we’re getting a quite a good selection of capes now what

Was the elves so that’s a lovely elf cave and then the super year has got case that one’s a little royal mantle there that one’s got those ones of shiny so they’re superheroes and the extra ones that come with the DC superhero

Girls I keep them in here to say come with – and there’s another Batgirl one still in its little vinyl thing and a whole heap of skirts livvie skirts down here movie pops gun pops pop sauce so let’s put them all back in we want to

Keep them safe because they do start to pray and a heap of cameras including the new green one one on a tripod just in case the paparazzi come by lots of books we might want to build a library I love these old fashioned style ones but we’ve

Got a few of the new ones as well and some cool stuff that we can do outside a skateboard and what sort of a thing called this one’s a snowboard and a surfboard that’s the first thing couldn’t remember and just one little

Lonely light brick that’s not currently in any other sets I love like bricks there’s so much fun so I’ll have to use that in a set at some stage and still going how are you going we’ve got naps we got lots and lots of

Presents in here got just a few harnesses so that I can find them easily don’t know why I put the Krypton lights in here maybe just keep them in a trouble next to all these little creepy crawly critters so I’ve got snakes we’ve

Got red and green snakes we’ve got spiders butterflies and lady beetles and there are frogs in here too so I keep all the little ones in there the critters and here’s like a bakery we’ve got pretzels and breadsticks and lots of

Hot dogs and even one with a darker sausage in it and just a little solitary sandwich and for some reason I put this turkey of which I only have one in here with the fish so that would be discussing nobody would want to eat that

Turkey a soup a whole heap of goblets and little glasses and the cops are here there’s a glass in here here let’s get that out put that where it belongs now we are ice creams and in here we’ve also got some popcorn and some little

Lollipops so that’s a treat section people baking things in here because I couldn’t fit anymore in the other one a few cakes because there were so many cakes in the last few sets and I just kept a few more made up and the pizza

Compartment this is awesome this is the line you want to open up on a Saturday night when you don’t want to cook so this is the compartment width of the pizza slices and the whole pizzas and it’s delicious yep now I think I think we’re getting there so there are so many accessories

Got binoculars sunglasses sporting equipment so we got the balls and we’ve got the little life vest and here in the corner somewhere here’s a tennis racket just one which is not going to make business funnest game of tennis summer little star single studs a couple of genie lamps and some

Goals and keys and some precious things in here so these necklaces are new there’s one that’s earth Sheila’s and there’s one here that comes with Emily Jones and that you’ve got some lovely gold rings and a lock and a silver bus

And some precious things in there lipsticks and a whole heap of paper shares and lots and lots and lots of fairy wands and some of the extra things that just come with the DC superhero girls more kryptonite faces and the little Wonder Woman star little single stud there lots

Of tiaras little crowns and different styles they’re all in this compartment they’re very cute and here we’ve got some a whole heap of maps from the elves and we’ve got a few duplicates here but we’ve also all looked like I’ve put all

The maps in here so not just elves maps so this is very need to come looking when I’m looking for the maps a whole heap of microphones for when they have a sing-off three very adorable teddy bears which are very very precious look at the

Panda on there I love these Teddy’s and I don’t ever want to lose them and if you more elves things little single studs and a couple of timers there alright one more case I promise okay lots of laptops lots of

Friends laptops a bit of money in here the 5 cent pieces all these 2×1 printed pieces so we’ve got iPhones you’ve got birthday invitations you’ve got letters just some of the things that I’ve only got one off in this one so I don’t want

To lose them whew headphones few hundred dollar notes and we’re into the horsey gear now some spray bottles and soap and the rosettes the ribbons that the horses can win and so many bows for decorating both oligo friends girls look at them

And the horses some other pieces that also I just wanted to keep safe because they’re pretty special for particular sets so they’re in here and all of the doctoring and vetting stuff is in here with the stethoscope and the needles and

All of that things all those things whole heap of brushes for the horses and a whole heap of brushes for the dolls plus one mirror then there we go so that’s what I currently have it’s not all of it because like I said a lot of

It is just in my kids rooms because they play with it but this way I’ve got one of each and some of them I got more so I can go to them and I can know what I can

Add to my bills or I can have some fun with so I hope you enjoyed seeing how I thought the accessory and the Lego mini doll please make sure you subscribe to get notified when new videos go up give me a thumbs up leave

Me a comment let me know what you thought Liv you made it all the way to the end because there was a lot to see there and I’ll see you with a new video very very soon

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