How To Boost Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat | 3 Simple Tips

How To Boost Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat | 3 Simple Tips

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Your metabolism is as unique as a fingerprint some people metabolize food super fast other people it’s a little bit slower this metabolism of food is essentially your body taking what you’ve eaten breaking it down and converting it into energy and the faster your body does this the less likely you’re going

To be to actually store what you’ve consumed as fat and all fat is is essentially stored energy for your body to use later on now the slower your body metabolizes food the more likely you are to actually store it as body fat but another key component to the metabolism puzzle is

Something called BMR or basal metabolic rate and that also is unique to us as individuals and your basal metabolic rate is how many calories you need just to basically live all right at rest how many calories does your body need or use on a daily basis and like we said your

Basal metabolic rate is also as unique as a fingerprint but there are some general averages all right there’s a simple calculation that can be done by plugging in some numbers and a website it’s a formula it’s no big deal if you missed the video I did talking about BMR

There’s a link down below this video to go figure out how many calories you need because really that is what it all boils down to it’s like okay my body needs X how am I going to lose weight how am I going to gain weight and it really all

Hinges from your BMR but now I’d like to talk a bit about metabolism as it relates to losing body fat and getting leaner because a lot of people are struggling and if they just knew these three simple things that they could do in order to speed it up well they’d be a

Lot more successful in the process I know there is a lot of noise on the internet and everywhere else about metabolism and you know some people are like oh it’s brew science of mine what not really but okay I will preface this video by saying this is my opinion these

Three things that I’m about to share with you have worked for me in my opinion to speed up my metabolism and help me lose body fat caryn a little extra or trying to get leaner it’s also work for thousands of clients of mine when I used to own my

Fitness center alright so I got a little experience whether or not it’s a hundred percent scientifically accurate who knows but it’s worked for me so let’s dive in metabolism boosting tip number one is spread your calories out throughout the day now there are some people that are like yo it doesn’t

Matter when you eat the calories if you’re consuming 2,000 calories whether or not it’s at one meal or 10 meals you know it doesn’t matter and I’m here to say that in my experience I have found results when I actually spread out my calories throughout the day bringing me

To point number two or metabolism boosting tip number two which is eat more frequent meals so when you eat one meal and then you go 1224 hours without eating getting your body’s like yo alright fine you don’t want to give me calories you don’t want to eat

Frequently no big deal I’m gonna hold on I’m gonna slow down my metabolism process to try and conserve conserve concert’ conserve I said that right actually the first time conserve calories and so it’s not going to process them as fast but check this out no you eat say it’s 6:00 a.m. right your

Body’s like alright you’re not gonna feed me for another 24 12 hours however long so it starts they get ready to hold onto it and then three hours later bang you’re giving it a little bit more it’s like yo I like this a lot I don’t maybe need to use those ones you

Ate earlier so I can get rid of them I’m gonna hold on to these but then three hours later bang you hit it with another meal some more calories now your body is freaking out it’s like this is sweet I’ve got all these calories I don’t need

To hang onto them so what happens oh yeah it starts turning your metabolism is cranking it’s feeling like a freight train this is my explanation of why you should spread your calories out and eat more frequently alright tip number three is build more muscle fat a pound of

Muscle uses 50 calories a day so if you increase your lean muscle mass by 10 calories that’s an additional 500 calories that your body is going to burn it as requiring a day in order to keep things rolling Booya is a first I’ve never used the term Booya in a video gentleman that’s

It those are three simple tips that you can use in order to speed up in my mind and in my experience your metabolism all right the idea is to spread your meals out spread your calories out and increase your lean muscle mass your body’s going to be a calorie burning

Machine and if you’re looking for a little assistance or some direction in terms of diet I actually did a free completely free diet and video called the Alpha M diet plan it’s listed and linked down in the description there you can go print it out meal ideas it’s all

There and it’s something that’s worked for a lot of people and it works for me so guys this is it my video on metabolism speeding up and I don’t know if it’s bro science and work for me so technically it’s kind of like alpha science and that’s it

So go kick your metabolisms ass and tell it alpha said hey

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