How To Instantly Improve ANY Tabletop Game | D&D Warhammer Boardgames

How To Instantly Improve ANY Tabletop Game | D&D Warhammer Boardgames

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Welcome to my uh very 70s boardroom wood paneled tabletop den this is where i play dungeons and dragons late at night with my friends and for me this is sort of my sacred space but i don’t really know how to tell this without bringing you here

About four years ago i had a tabletop experience that changed my life forever i can’t play a tabletop game without thinking about it and it starts with my friend john who sits here he really bonded over this game called eldritch horror we played it routinely about once

A month and we did that for about three or four years one board game it’s not a role-playing game it’s a board game john taught me that it’s all about atmosphere when would go over to his house to play el dora would be greeted by 1920s

Swing music and the table in front of us would be so beautifully decorated all in theme to the eldritch god who were meant to be defeating that day sometimes john would greet us head to toe in thermal clothing and would say john it’s 30 degrees outside and he’d say no it’s not

We’re in the antarctic today and this isn’t even the beginning before the game even started weeks earlier john would send us an invitation to the game with a photo of the catastrophe about to unfold before us excerpt from the book based on the adventure we were about to play and

The very special thing that really defined so much of my life going onwards he asked us all to bring an artifact something you found in the drain an odd hat something lucky and that not only a brilliant icebreaker it threw us into the game in good spirits before

We got absolutely pummeled by that old god that day eldritch horror is a very hard game when i found out i would be dungeon mastering another game i went out and i bought a whole bunch of lights because there’s this distinct memory of playing a game of eldritch horror with

Jon and we were fighting an old god a giant worm that destroys cities and creates earthquakes and i remember just being absolutely blown away when i walked through the door and there was a tarp hanging from the roof the table that would normally game on was about 45

Degrees out of place and there was flood lights around and i just thought to myself i might be the luckiest gamer on earth because this is cool [Laughter] there was this one adventure that was set in the dreamlands this weird surrealist sort of landscape and we

Arrived and john had put a frozen fish in some jelly which over time had slowly melted in the heat of the candles until it was all gone but this just sad looking frozen fish that scenario was all about going mad and i think in a way we did even though

We won you know i really enjoy crafting things but other people participating in these games would go to dollar shops and find interesting items that were in themes for the games that were playing some rubber snakes or an eye patch or an interesting statue and if nothing else

The easiest thing you can add to your game is music some games you might need a bit of creativity to immerse people in them but if you’re playing a game like warhammer we did lots of campaigns and we would have maps and banners of different chaos factions we would have

Coins we had magical item cards lots of tactile things elephant in the room i’m making a giant mushroom right now for my book plants nowhere to be found but also for a dnd session coming up as well but don’t tell my players that and you know

When i first started making props a lot of people were like wow i don’t really know if i can get behind this this is really left field of miscar stuff but for me it felt really normal because props have been such a massive part of my game experience for so long and the

Thing is that if you can make terrain or you can convert miniatures or use milliput or foam you can make props using the exact same techniques all the skills are all applicable to each other it just makes sense right i don’t really look like i make sense

Right now right i have some mushrooms to make but i’ll see ya next time alright bye

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