How to make a hardcover mini art journal

How to make a hardcover mini art journal

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Hi so glad you could join me today I’m gonna teach you how to make your very own hardcover journal a little tiny size length I’m gonna have to put my glasses on to be able to give you these instructions and see what I’m doing okay for starters what we’re going to need is

Five sheets of paper any kind of paper I’ve used typing paper if that’s a do does anyone even use typing paper is that even a word anymore type does anyone use a typewriter okay anyways five sheets of typing whatever white paper one sheet of cardstock type material preferably in a bright fun color

I’ve got beige I didn’t have anything bright or fun today next what we’re going to need is a two illustration boards these are going to be the covers they measure two and a quarter inches by three and a quarter inches and one little one for the spine which measures

Somewhere around a quarter of an inch by three and a quarter inches and I can’t remember if I told you but this is five inches by three inches you will also need a couple of fancy papers for the cover and a contrasting fancy paper for the spine I really like these little

Mini cutters they make things really easy I’m going to start by cutting our paper four inches so right there four inches by three inches cut two of those now what you’re going to do is lay down the papers fancy side down lay your board on top and cut the corners of the

Decorative paper while holding down this board in the center just cut them so that you’re almost touching the edge but not quite okay my glue was a little old and not working as planned so instead of glue I’m going to use some heavy gel extra heavy gel medium and just paint

That on with a paintbrush take it all the way to the ends on the back of your decorative paper then what you’re going to do is lay the board back down in the center and then fold the edges over and press them so that they hold now you

Should have two pieces of your cardboard or illustration board I should say covered in your decorative papers okay next we’re going to do the binding of the spine now for our next step what we’re going to do is take our paper with the decorative paper on the outside and

Fold it in half fold it right in half make a nice crisp fold next what you’re going to do is take one of these which I don’t know what the name of it is but it’s a very sharp object I suppose any kind of needle really would work and

Make I’d say four dots punch four dots equally apart from each other along the crease of the spine that you made and now thread a nice big needle with some bookbinding thread or any kind of thick embroidery thread would do start in the center I’m going on the second

One pull the needle through with the thread leaving a good amount left on the end and hold on to that end then go to the one above it on top come back up the hole that you first went through go down to the second one up through the last

Hole and back through again in the hole above it now it’s all completely stitched and you have the threads at the back cut this to length put the needle somewhere where a cat won’t get it and tie these not them cut the end so they’re not quite so long

Now you have a little book that’s stitched in the center now what we’re going to do is take our covers and put the binding on the and cut it to about let’s let me see here sort of just winging this I’d go four and a half inches or so this is not crucial

And this is our buck this is our decorative binding take that little piece of illustration board actually take the whole back of this binding I don’t even know I don’t you know what I’m talking about right now I think it’s binding it’s pretty sure that’s what it’s called

Anyways put the gel medium on like so put your piece of binding in the center press it down make sure you have enough gel medium on it this is very important take your two boards and lay them so that there there is a space small space

On either side of the binding and press those down now fold over the binding at the top and bottom now flip it over bring it together sorry this paper is very it’s very stiff bring it together so that you are pinching the binding into shape as you can see it’s

Beginning to take the form of a book see that no press it accordion style now press it accordion style down so that the edges are like this you see that now the edges are like this and lay the book down now what you want to do is take a

Lot of gel medium put it on the interior get any of those pieces there like that that’s deciding to stick up a little load it up with gel medium just not on the spine not on the binding part of the book just on the cover part the interior

Cover of this load it up really really nicely when that’s done take your books that’s been stitched open it up flat and lay it down with the spine being right in the middle press it down into place now close it up and you’ve got a book

There’s the beige paper which I said you could use a deck your decorative colored paper for the inside so that’s the two inside and then it’s a stitched little 10 page book and you’ve got a book

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