How to play Tabletop Simulator – 14 tips for board games, RPGs and more!

How to play Tabletop Simulator - 14 tips for board games, RPGs and more!

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When you’re in the midst of a global pandemic like we are at the time of this video recording it could be a bit difficult to meet up and play ball games with your friends in fact it’s incredibly irresponsible and in a lot of places quite illegal so

Please don’t do that but this isn’t just a problem of our time in fact when I was at university most of the people I would happily sit around a table and shoot with a cardboard gun were offered their own halls in different parts of the country and to tabletop simulator a

Digital bandage for all of those achy breaky ball game as hearts around the world tabletop simulator from berserk games is a physics sandbox specifically designed for playing for games RPGs miniature wargames and pretty much anything that you can wrangle into a custom script since its release in 2015

Tabletop simulators had all sorts of features added to it to make it as in-depth as possible for tabletop players of all kinds but with a plethora of options comes a relatively steep learning curve especially for those who don’t usually play a lot of video games with that in mind here’s a big old

Bundle of tips that will help you stumble through this weird and wonderful tool let’s start off with the absolute basics if you’ve played a lot of PC games in the past then most of this will probably be pretty straightforward if not don’t worry here’s the basic controls to get

You around the game you can pan your camera around using the W a s and D keys if you hold your right click and move your mouse or use the arrow keys you’ll rotate the camera around the table use the scroll wheel on your mouse or

Trackpad to zoom in and out of what you’re looking at you can also do this with the plus and minus buttons on your keyboard hold the left click button on things your mousing over to grab them and move them around as you move your mouse if there’s a group of objects like

A deck of cards then you can grab the top one by left clicking and quickly dragging away or you can grab the entire stack by holding your left-click until the whole group raises in the air you can also select multiple objects by holding a left-click whilst not mousing

Over anything but the table itself and then moving your mouse to drag a box of round to your selections finally right-clicking on any object will give you a whole host of options like copy and pasting shuffling tinting searching through decks and many many more now that you know the basics there’s a

Number of little keyboard shortcuts that will make your life a lot easier whilst playing if you press R whilst mousing over a deck or container you’ll shuffle the contents while doing so ever dice will roll them pressing F doesn’t just pay respects you can also use it to flip

Any object that your mouse is highlighting the F keys is in f1 f2 and f3 etc we’ll quickly switch between the different tools of your hotbar at the top left press Q and E to rotate objects that you are holding press the plus and minus buttons to enlarge or shrink items

That you’re holding and after selecting multiple objects by dragging your box as I said before or control clicking and then press G to group them together which will sort things into categories and stack them up for you neatly great for cleaning up Straight out of the box tabletop simulator is loaded with a good selection of classic parlor games like backgammon and chess you’re also set up for playing any kind of classic card game like poker and bridge with a built-in poker table and selection of chips to boot Tabletop sim also has a decent selection of generic fantasy monsters and terrain loaded up straight out of the box for you to use in RPG systems like Dungeons & Dragons you can also use custom image uploads to plan your character sheets and selecting multiple dice will show their combined totals making for a

Slightly more physical version of your RPG than most online offerings the monsters your party will face are all available in different states of animation for a little bit of extra immersion and you can download a whole host of add-ons once you’ve mastered the next tip not to mention that the terrain

That you’ll be using is all modular which means that you’ll be able to build your own custom maps as you so pleased now we get to the main reason that tabletop simulator is such a tantalizing prospect the Steam Workshop support for those not in the know the Steam Workshop

Is a platform where users can upload waves of custom content for model games the tabletop simulator has a massive modding community of talented people uploading just about anything that you can think of as a completely free addition to your base purchase this is where the true power of the game really

Comes out as you’ll be able to grab in depth lovingly created digital versions of your favorite tabletop games in a near instant and they’re downloaded as soon as you load them or join someone’s game what’s more is you’ll be able to upload your own custom mods as well to

Share with friends or the public to access the Steam Workshop you can open the steam overlay in-game by pressing Shift + tab together in the top right corner there’ll be a link which will take you to the workshop from there you can search to your heart’s content for

Anything that you’re interested in if you spot a mod that you’d like to try it’s just a case of hitting the subscribe button on the mods page from there tabletop Sim will download everything that you need for it and we good to go to load it up just go to the game’s

Button at the top of your screen and they’ll be categorized under workshop there’s a whole host of stuff to sift through from popular board games to old forgotten classics miniature wargaming fun little physics games like mini-golf and bowling and an industrial-sized vat of bit posts if you’ve enjoyed playing any of the

Mods on tabletops in that I highly recommend that you pick up a physical copy of the games to make sure that the tabletop designers themselves are supported but in Lua fat there’s also official DLC of some great and well-known tabletop games that have been added into tabletop sim in tandem with

The game designers themselves normally when you load anything from your games menu it’s all overwrite whatever you’re currently playing and start fresh with a new game that you’ve selected if you want to save the current state of your game or you’ve got a particular way that

You set things up that you don’t want to have to repeat each time you load a certain game you can save your game to load at your leisure pretty simple on its own but tabletop simulator has some pretty useful functionality that allows you to combine different saves or mods

Together when you’re loading something up from the games this you can instead right click and select additive load to load that mod on top of the one that you’re already playing slightly chaotic when you’re adding two months together but great for grabbing individual components from one mode to another like

Some custom dice for your RPG session or a Space Jam VHS tape in your game it was all you can also save specific objects to load them in layer games of your leisure I like to use this to create war game armies and load them up onto different vowel maps

Can’t find the mob that you want or bitching to get your own designs and ideas onto the virtual table you can upload custom images models dice cards and what have you over to existing games or into your own custom setup great for prototyping your own designs or adding

Your own flair to RPGs and board games it’s these tools that mod is used to create versions of all the ball games that you know and love on tabletop sim if you master them you can start making your own mods as well a nice and simple

One you can press the tab button at any time to ping a part of the table it’ll show up in your player color to differentiate between different people or pinging at once this is a really handy tool for teaching new games to your friends when you need

To explain parts of a board or point out where certain components live if you’re struggling to read things in your game you can get an onscreen preview of anything that you mouse over by holding the Alt key or option key on the mac book once it’s up you can also scroll

With your mouse wheel or trackpad to increase the size of the preview you can also hold alt and shift to peek at the underside of an object or card which is handy for taking sneak peeks at hidden information without having to drag it into your hand to avoid showing other

Players for an extra pro tip you can create little cameras to keep a constant track of objects on the table with the screen within screen feature place your camera in a way that you want to keep it open up a new screen within screen and

Lock it to that position then you can go on your merry way and that section of the screen will give you a constant preview of what’s going on on that part of the table great for scoreboards it’s almost inevitable that as soon as you invite a big group of players into a

Room you’ll probably witness something like this you can set how many and which permissions players have by hitting the permissions button up here to stop them from doing things like drawing flicking or loading in objects that you don’t want in your game on the reverse side

You can also right-click a name in the top right corner of the screen to promote one of your players this will allow them all permissions and allow them to load in mods if they’ve subscribed to something you haven’t already or if they’ve got the save from your last game great they’re hidden role

Games your players can press the B key at any time to blindfold themselves and being capable of seeing anything happening on the screen when any player puts on or takes off a blindfold you’ll get a little notification in the chat but these notifications are only visible to people who have their blindfolds off

This allows someone to check that everyone is blindfolded and also notifies you that players have taken those off if you’re trying to reveal to other players that you’re on the same team rpgs and ball games are always better with a little thematically appropriate music and ambience and

That’s a wheel’s guarantee but by using the music button at the top of the screen you’ll be able to load custom mp3’s into your game and set a playlist to broadcast to players if you don’t have any music of your own though or if you just haven’t downloaded it and

There’s plenty available via the mp3 player tool in your objects browser this little knockoff iPod has a whole host of stock music in different genres to add a little ambience to your online games night if that’s still not enough then let me introduce you to the tablet this

Knockoff iPad is a fantastic way of accessing anything online for all your players to see with its built-in browser access rule books online check forums for clarifications or load up YouTube SoundCloud or any other media site to get video and audio for your games you can even use this to play a walkthrough

Or review for your players to prep them for the game night at the top of your screen the rather innocuous looking notebook has some pretty useful functionality it’s a great place for storing rules and if the mahdis haven’t scanned the rule book itself they’ll often copy the rules text

Into this part of the notebook underneath the rule section though there is a series of notebooks some public and some lock to the relevant player these can be used to keep a shared pool of notes or some secret notes that are only visible to you and you alone at any

Point the host of a game in tabletop simulator ii has sign themselves or another player two different colors around the table sometimes this is just a matter of preference but often times mod will be set up to be played with a specific color for positioning or in-game rules that require certain

Colors in game there’s one role though that’s different from the rest the game master role allows you complete omniscience over the players around the tables you’ll be able to read their notebooks see their hands and into any hidden zone regardless of what color it is this is perfect for a game master

Role in RPGs or for hidden role games and has plenty of other options as well tabletop simulator is a lifesaver in these uncertain times but a dog isn’t just for Christmas and tabletop sim isn’t just for apocalyptic pandemics there’s plenty of life in this charming little simulator and it should

Definitely be in your repertoire for long distance gaming thanks very much for watching this video if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen then be sure to hit the subscribe button below and leave a comment with some of your best TTS tips be sure to head on over to dice

Breaker comm for the latest and greatest and everything tabletop or maybe click on one of the videos on screen now for another bit of content here on the dice breaker youtube channel thanks very much for watching and have a lovely day

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