How to Start a Cybersecurity Career In The Next 7 Days Without Coding Skills In 2023!

How to Start a Cybersecurity Career In The Next 7 Days Without Coding Skills In 2023!

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Let’s get it be close let’s get it did you know that you can get the i.t experience needed for a six-figure cyber security career in just 24 hours now you’re probably familiar with it roles being very technical you think that you need expensive training years of experience and a college degree but what

If i told you you didn’t need any of that i know i know sounds too good to be true right well let me tell you that these positions are not only real but they’re often overlooked that is until now if you want to hear more about these positions and how you can start

Your cyber security career without a degree certifications or skills like hacking then stick around for this rest of this video because i’m gonna break down how to start your six figure cyber security career in the next seven days in 2022 now i’m gonna be real with you

I’m about to give you everything in this video and i have nothing to say so get your notes buckle up and let’s get into cyber Hey what’s up cyber heroes and welcome back to my channel i’m boyd clewis an internationally recognized cyber security expert and i help it guys upgrade their jobs into a six-figure cyber security career if you want to join me on this journey be sure to subscribe to the channel and

Hit the red bell below so that you’re notified whenever i drop new tips tricks and strategies to help you take your career to the next level and become a profitable cyber security professional all right guys by now you should have your notepad ready and be ready to jump

Into this video so i can teach you exactly what you need to do to start your cyber security career in the next week and i’m serious guys i mean the next week you need to throw out all of the old ideas that you have about starting your cyber security career

Because i’m about to give you my backward formula that’s going to help you skyrocket to success and avoid years of heartache of paying your dues and living on the help desk all right so what we need to do is instead of focusing on the easiest way to get into

The field which is through desktop support and help desk for those jobs are usually paying 10 to 12 dollars per hour which is not even a living wage i’m going to put you in a whole different trajectory we’re going to look into vulnerability management we’re going to bypass the

Help desk we’re going to go straight into cyber security so before we get started in vulnerability management i’m going to explain what it is and why it’s important so first of all let me give you the definition that my good friends at att cyber security put together for

Vulnerability management so that we can get a level set on what it is and why it’s important all right cyber heroes my good friends at att say that vulnerability management is the process of identifying categorizing prioritizing and resolving vulnerabilities and operating systems enterprise applications whether in cloud

Or on premises browsers and end user applications an ongoing process vulnerability management seeks to continually identify vulnerabilities that can be remediated through patching and configuration of security settings ah that is a really good definition thank you to my good friends over at att now let me explain to you why this is so

Powerful guys this is so powerful the reason why every company that has systems applications needs vulnerability management so i read you the definition but let me break it down in simple in simple terms vulnerability management is finding issues in operating systems and applications and then giving that

Information over to the people that need to fix it oftentimes you are not going to be the person that finds a vulnerability and fixes it their separation of duties if you had the same person finding and fixing the vulnerabilities who would audit their work it’s easy to say oh i fixed that i

Got it done wrong it happens all the time that’s why you see big breaches so what we want to do is focus our efforts and energy in somewhere where we know we’re going to be needed long term this is where a lot of iot professionals go

Wrong they focus on areas of i.t that don’t have high impact and are not leaded it long term tech support help desk stuff all that stuff can be outsourced in no time but every company must have vulnerability management for the protection of their reputation for contracts for legal reasons regulatory reasons compliance

Reasons they have to have it and so what we can do is we can learn these skills so that we can add values to companies and immediately come in and start adding impact so there’s a few different roles that you can have inside of vulnerability management that we’re

Going to discuss here okay so what i’m going to do is i’m going to tell you about three different roles in vulnerability management and then i’m going to show you exactly where to get the training and how to leverage it to start your career all right so the first

Role that we have is the vulnerability scanner operator and this is a semi-technical role but the point of this is so there there’s a couple ways number one you could actually end up at an organization that already has a scanner in place you don’t need to

Configure it you just need to run the scans essentially what you would be doing is plugging ip addresses or systems into a tool that’s called a vulnerability scanner which runs around it crawls around systems and applications and it looks for vulnerabilities and how it does this is it looks for signatures and

Application versions and it compares it to what’s called a vulnerability management database and if there’s any hits on that is going to give you a report back that says high medium low criticality these items need to be configured when you’re working as a vulnerability scanner operator your

Responsibility is just to run the scans to make sure that they run successfully they don’t time out they don’t fail you scan all of the inventory and then you provide the data over to the next role i’m getting ready to talk about which is the security analyst the security

Analyst is going to take this data they’re going to analyze this data and they’re going to work with different teams and business units to come up with a plan to determine how they can remediate the issue oftentimes when a vulnerability is found through a vulnerability scanner such as koala’s guard or tenable

Rapid seven one of those things like there’s numerous vulnerability scanners what they’ll do is they’ll say here’s the vulnerability here’s the score of this vulnerability and here is the recommended fix now they’re giving you a black and white out of the box here’s a fix whether that’s installing a patch changing the configuration

Or updating the firmware sometimes depending on how complex the organization is or how stable it is or even the technical team they may not be able to implement it this is where the security analyst is going to review the vulnerability and make a decision or at least make a recommendation

On how the vulnerability should be addressed because truth be told every vulnerability cannot be remediated if you want to go far in your career you need to understand that vulnerabilities need to be addressed every vulnerability cannot be remediated when i say address that means that you need to

Put some type of control in place so in the event that that vulnerability is exploited meaning if a hacker took advantage of what that vulnerability would allow them to do you would minimize the impact you can’t fix everything it’s not your job you need to minimize risk okay so we talked about

The vulnerability scanner operator and we talked about the security analyst the third part to this whole vulnerability management life cycle is actually the compliance analyst and this is the by far the least technical of them all listen this is the least technical of them all so the first two you’re like

Yeah i don’t know about that i don’t know about that this is the one right here so listen to me the compliance analyst is going to be a part of the i.t compliance team security team i.t assurance governance risk and compliance all they’re going to do is

They’re going to make sure that the scans were run on time because there’s some requirements from different regulations that requires vulnerability scans to be run monthly quarterly weekly right so they’re going to make sure number one this scam was run on time number two they’re going to make sure

That the vulnerabilities that were discovered were actually addressed within the company’s policies so let’s say that there was a critical vulnerability that was found and the company policy says that critical vulnerabilities need to be addressed within 30 days they’re going to review the reports to make sure they’re or they

Were addressed within 30 days if not the compliance analyst is going to issue them a finding so all the compliance analyst is doing is checking the work of the first two people no tech skills required did you hear me we’re talking about six figure roles no tech experience required this is how you

Slide your way into i t security forget what everybody else is telling you i’m giving you the truth for free i’m not charging you this is gold right here now that you understand these three roles we’re all on the same page let me show you where and how you can get this training

So that we can leverage these roles to move into cyber security in the next week all right guys i’m probably going to sound like a broken record with this one but i only talk about what i’ve done and what’s worked for me and what’s worked for my students we’re talking about

Qualis guard training qualis is an industry leader in cyber security tools and solutions and they have a vulnerability scanning solution called qualis guard that is in most of the fortune 500 companies in the world which means there are plenty of opportunities for you and the cool thing about quality

Is they are not stingy with their training they want everybody to understand how to use their platform so that companies have knowledgeable employees and staff that can run the vulnerability scanners to reduce the risk so if you go over to qualis website which is for slash training you’ll

Actually see that they offer vmdr training which is vulnerability management are you ready for this i’m going to show you this real quick okay so i’m here on qualis website so you can create an account for free now they might ask for a work email if you don’t

Have a work email to provide just go to and buy a 99 cent domain create an email account that comes with the domain for free in a register for your qualis account you’re going to need that by the way when you are creating this domain if you are not currently

Employed create that domain name to the name of what you want your company to be because we’re actually going to use this for work experience when you make this transition follow me i’m going somewhere all right so you come in to the um koalas platform you register for your account your

Account and then you start here vulnerability management foundations you want to get this foundation down packed go through this training and then you want to move on to vulnerability management detection and response very very important and then vulnerability management here and after you do that go

Over that you can skip four go over to scanning strategies reporting strategies and patch management this is going to be super super important especially if you want to be a scanner operator or if you want to be a security analyst now if you want to take a step further

And you want to move on to the more to the less technical side then these two down here are going to be your bread and butter pci compliance it’s going to show you how you can work within the pci dss framework using the vulnerability scanner so that you can assess the work

Of the other vulnerability analysts that are doing the work very very important so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go through this training now i want you to hear what i’m seeing when i say i want you to go through this training so um go through this training

Get an understanding the cool thing about this is once you complete it there’s a test once you pass the test you’ll actually get a certification that will designate you as a quality guard certified specialist woo certifications the certification is pointless if you don’t know what the hell you are doing

All right so i’m saying that you can get this done in a week you can you can actually complete this vulnerability training in 24 hours but it’s more important it’s not as important to complete the training it’s more important to understand so when you’re going through this training be sure to

Take notes get an understanding and even reflect back on things that you’ve done in the past to see the commonalities so that you can speak to these things during the job interview but this qualis guard training is what’s going to help you take your career to the next level

So now let me show you how you’re going to leverage this after you finish this training all right cyber heroes i’ve given you enough so far that you can get started and get to work i was going to go through and show you how to rework

Your resume and how to leverage this in a job interview but i’m gonna do it in part two of the video because what i want you to do is go do the training and then when you come back to this this next video next week i’m gonna show you exactly how to

Put it all together so you can land that six figure role i was in really important that you take the training seriously to understand what’s going on not just to try to pass an exam but to understand what risks companies face and how the skills that you’re

Going to learn in the training are actually going to help you minimize those risks because companies hire people that bring value and you want to show your value by understanding your understanding of the actual business side of this whole vulnerability management cyber security thing and you’ll be able to get that through the

Qualis training so do it it’s really really important hey cyber heroes we made it to the end and now you got some work to do it’s a question for you were you aware of the three different vulnerability management positions were you aware of vulnerability scanners is this new to

You let me know in the comments let me know what you learned also i want to invite you to my private community private facebook community of cyber heroes just like you on this journey to become cyber security specialists and earn six figures and beyond if you want

To join me and the others on this journey all you have to do is just join the facebook group the it authority it’s by invitation only and i’m inviting you you can click the link in my description to get access to it my team will get you

Approved and we even have a nice gift waiting for you on the inside when you join before you head over to the group be sure to give this video a thumbs up a heart if you love what’s going on here so that can continue to pump out this

Message to help you upgrade your career subscribe to the channel hit the bell to be notified whenever i drive new content to help you take your career to the next level and come back next week because we’re going to dive into my six figure resume formula and had an ace interview

With the skills that you learned from the vulnerability management training you don’t want to miss it well cyber heroes that’s all for now and i’ll see you next week when you come back as a certified koalas guard specialist No no no

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