Humans VS Robots: 100 Challenges

Humans VS Robots: 100 Challenges

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Today i’m going to be competing against 100 of the world’s most advanced robots to find out who’s superior man or machine starting with this i’ve got my friend celine here we’re going to see who can putt a better ball you down for that the only thing is this golf ball is

Actually robotic which means i can get a hole in one every single time are you nervous no not really he’s not nervous Instead of a putter i’m actually going to use my phone i’m going to set this down right here yep just kind of take that right on over that way oop kind of missed it there maybe bring it back it’s almost there okay wow so if i hit it

With a driver how are you going to control it up in the air it might work we should try you think so oh my god what the yeah we took our win on the putting green i think we’re just going to call there mac and i are going to split off into

Teams you’re going to go with tyler i’m going to go with beans who’s beans beans is my hometown friend who i’ve invited out to help terminate these 100 robots and hopefully save humanity so sam and i are headed to pennsylvania right now to go to robo world which is basically a

Collection of some of the most interesting robots on earth let’s ride baby however something i didn’t tell you this is actually a robot the suitcase here i don’t believe you let it scan my butt i’m just gonna follow me you’ve gotta be all the way to pennsylvania

I’ll see you on the plane buddy this man literally bought a self-driving suitcase robot world robot world i see something cool yes what do you think about this pretty cool right that was crazy did you kick that oh man so this is a basketball shooting robot labor james

I feel like you’re built more for basketball no absolutely maybe you should go against him this is gonna be awful okay first of three shots wins we’re gonna see who takes it home let’s go i did not expect this oh my gosh let’s go beans no whoa wow

Last shot yeah beans come on baby so this is a 45 second game against the world’s greatest air hockey robot oh here we go oh my gosh oh it’s actually really good not only did you fail me but you failed humanity you think mac and tyler are pulling their weight this is a

Completely clean room and this room is horribly disgusting the room that we’re standing in right now there is an exact replica of in the apartment next door and we’re going to find out who can clean faster two degenerate youtubers or 20 cleaning robots all right let’s turn them on

We gotta go let’s get out of here ah you think we can move furniture those cleaning robots are tough push through here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna fold up the rug and dump all of this crap off the rug that is a big brain move a cleaning robot cannot think

Of you’re right all right let’s do it Five four three two one all right All right let’s go see how the roombas did we destroyed these guys that’s a point for the humans i think our future’s looking brighter i think humans are gonna take the cake tyler this next one might be a different story now i wouldn’t consider mac the smartest guy

By any means but he’s right every robot from now until the end of the video will get harder and harder to beat okay so we are in squamish canada now we’re gonna see our next two robots how do you feel sam what are you doing bro is that maple

Syrup no it’s the sweet nectar of canada why jonathan welcome to the heart bro thank you jonathan what we got here today it is a 4 000 kilogram 200 horsepower all-electric human amplifying suit i’m so excited to watch this work that is crazy what do you think it would do to

My high school bully put him in his place yes matthew you want to show us how it works yeah yeah sure this is absolutely insane oh god oh my gosh no way so jonathan’s pulling this truck over here i heard the plan today is to use it

To flip a car and sam is actually going to try to flip a car as a human i don’t think you controlling that robot can flip the car yes i can no you can so this entire suit follows your body movement so if i stand up the entire

Suit stands up oh my gosh sam you ready yeah i’m taking you down god That was like the craziest thing i’ve ever done oh my gosh sam do you have any luck back there i can do this next robot this is iman a college student who’s about to order food via a delivery robot the question is who can deliver faster man or machine what did

You order it’s a turkey sandwich with banana peppers jalapenos tomatoes onions sweet teriyaki onions rotisserie chicken on it as well on the side we need to stop talking to these people and start running i’m hungry boys do you want to go for subway i go for blaze plan is to

Ask people where the stuff is question for you guys where the f is blaze pizza thank you so much i’m already tired man i know we need to work out more you see that up there tyler where are we going buddy what if we just ride it through the pizza place

Taste the dust oh food court here yo bro can i cut you in line i’ll pay for your pizza i got you you’re a good man can i just have a foot long please could i have a buffalo chicken pizza please what do you want i’ll just do everything

That’s perfect thank you thank you one thing the robots have on us tyler is directional ability do you know where we are that guy doesn’t know either oh it looks like the first robot showing up boys sorry they got here like 10 minutes ago so we lost yeah at least accept the

Delivery of your pizza right what the all right that’s one for the robots we should probably get out of here what is this the next robot we have here is the mondo spider we’re going to be doing another test of shrink man versus machine i want to drive the robot

This time because i had to lift a car by myself while you were in optimus prime over there you’re gonna get you like pedal extension no i don’t need pedal extensions i’m worried this is gonna get to your head it’s not gonna get to my head the way we’re gonna test strength on

This one is a good old-fashioned game of tug-of-war you ready yeah baby man versus machine three two one go oh my gosh oh my god we got two legs i need at least eight oh come on little boy okay all right it’s over it’s over hey we tried all right we

Tried i hate to admit it fair and square robots won let’s go so far we have and we’ll continue to compete with cold heartless robots but how could our robots at friendship the next two robots we’re testing are friendship robots tyler mikko say buddy the printing press was

Invented in 1439. let’s do things that we would do with each other and see if they can keep up mississippi queensland oh you know i think i have a final consensus on these boys i like you more than i like that amen so we just flew to phoenix arizona where

We’re gonna try the first autonomous taxi there’s a no driver it’s crazy so sam i got you a jaguar over there super fast car my feet can’t even reach the pedals best of luck with that i’m gonna jump in my robot taxi here there is absolutely nobody in this car first things

First i’m just gonna hit start ride oh my gosh this wheel is just turning itself beans and i are both on our way to pizza hut let’s see how fast it can go holy cow so much power all the water’s spilling waymo just sped through a yellow light

You’re a risky driver i like you i mean i don’t think beans can do this while he’s driving the only thing that i can really do while i’m driving right now is listen to my favorite song i’m gonna ride knowing eric he’s probably taking a nap right now on his drive Since i have a robot driver i have time to tell you about the giant pizza party that i’m throwing at the end of the year i airac i’m giving every one of my subscribers a free slice of pizza at the end of the year where i’m setting the

World record for the world’s largest pizza unsubscribe equals one slice of pizza okay we’re pulling up to the pizza hut eric is nowhere to be seen oh if only eric were here what happened why did that take you so long i just lost track of time i don’t know on speed

Your car won 100 yeah the next robot we’re gonna be testing is a rubik’s cube solving robot i can solve one of these bad boys in about 30 seconds flat back in the roman empire there were scriptures about how good i am at solving rubik’s cube that’s not true

Three two one go i think we’re beating them i think we’re gonna go oh crash okay i mean on either side of us is a lawn that one’s gonna be mowed by a lawn mowing robot and that one is gonna be mowed by the two handsomest men to ever walk the

Earth that’s us that’s us and this thing is like a two-star review and it’s a thousand dollars three two one go oh it’s going go go go go go go go go mac this is for mankind what’s this guy doing that’s not the grass buddy i don’t

Think it’s actually cut a blade of grass yet i’m done yes that’s one for the humans mac might be quite literally kicking around the competition now but moving forward these robots will only become more challenging to defeat we’re in las vegas now we’re at the tipsy robot a place where there’s two drink-making

Robots this guy’s still pulling his own luggage you think you’re better than me don’t you okay there’s our guy right now what’s up man good to see you you are going to make a drink and my robot’s going to make a drink and we will see which one is best i think the

Robots might be missing one key ingredient love baby look at this thing i don’t want to be near it right now what do you why it’s terrifying that thing could destroy the world but instead it’s decided to make drinks for us we’re starting in three two one now i’m going to order pineapple

Planet okay pineapple planet here’s the big one it’s beautiful okay we’re running out of i got distracted i’m not a robot uh what else we got here friendship let’s hear we gotta hug it in here yep yep yep that’s what i put the love in there shake it more more three two

One okay we’re done we got humans and robots perfect it might be missing a little bit of love which is why we made these for you let’s try that 27 years bartending i’ve never had something worse than that drink you’re one of the worst bartender i’ve

Ever seen oh bring it in come on group time for this next one we’re gonna put on some safety goggles that’s never a good sign tyler standing in front of us are 10 tennis ball launching robots tyler you get that side i’ll get this side easy money not one ball missed

That’s the goal yeah we got mikos though it’s speaking in japanese why three two one oh crap i keep missing all of them i’m back we’re losing really bad yes i got one i think the robots won that one as we can see here mack and tyler have failed

Us to the highest degree in the fight against machines but beans and i still have one more chance to save humanity and it wasn’t gonna be easy we’re now in the heart of texas my robot suitcase isn’t working anymore it’s just dead out of anything we’ve done in this video out

Of anything mac or tyler did in this video what we’re about to do it’s like 10 levels above it’s so crazy i don’t think it’s ever been done on youtube you literally flipped a car in a mech suit it’s literally 10 times cooler than that this is like 400 drones out here that

All work together to make art that’s exactly it we bring people’s stories to life in the sky what are some of your favorite shows that you’ve done johnny walker halo nascar kansas city royals oakland a’s for the past week we’ve been flying around doing humans versus robots competitions this one though i feel

Extremely good about because what we’re competing for here is art it’s like a human thing art’s totally a human thing you got a chance you really think so yeah absolutely you’ve got a chance he doesn’t have a chance so this is your canvas come on in here this is yours and

You’re just gonna have to paint whatever’s in the sky over there remember humans should win this one i can do this i will draw and paint like i’ve never painted before all right so preston right here is gonna take off all of these drones at one time using that

Controller right absolutely are you ready i’m ready preston do you think i can do it i believe in you you got this you got it here we go let’s ride oh my gosh i can see the universe it’s a giant hive mind of robots i don’t

Know if you can tell on camera i can’t even fit this in the full frame it is so big they’re twinkling it’s kind of beautiful i’m starting to make out a face do you have any idea what that looks like yet no it it looks like it’s

Forming into a face but that’s all i can tell you okay okay what is that is that you if you look below the video you’ll see my youtube avatar and that’s it made of nightmare like robots once that’s literally right there i have to beat them if it’s the last

Thing i do there’s no more second chances look at this look at this oh my gosh what oh my god look at this that’s crazy they’re landing they’re landing they’re landing how are we feeling about this pretty unique wouldn’t you say i mean i have never seen anything you don’t look at

This this looks at you okay they’re landed you’re done hands off the canvas before i show the audience do you feel like you won or lost this challenge 100 it might be better that the audience doesn’t ever see this no please painting reveal in three two one go for it

Drones definitely won that i put my heart and soul into this and you don’t even love it okay what do you think robot suitcase destroy all humans

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