I Asked an AI to Show Me Hell (And It Terrified Me)

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One might think hell is a foreign concept to a computer. After all, there’s no afterlife for artificial intelligence, right? An artificial intelligence, or AI, doesn’t have a soul – heaven and hell are meaningless to it. But an AI can learn about these things.

It can read stories and look at pictures, and, as you’re probably well aware, a computer can process all this information on a much greater scale than a human. So when an AI has processed all this information – what will it think about hell?

After it’s consumed vast amounts of human knowledge – will it piece it all together and come to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as hell? Will all of our stories and pictures have “scared” the computer into believing in our version of hell?

Or maybe, a computer will have an entirely separate idea of hell, it’s own unique vision. Whatever the case, will this vision be where the AI thinks we go, or where it goes? I asked an AI to show me a vision of hell. [boom]. This, according to artificial intelligence, is a representation of hell.

The AI created what you are seeing right now. This is a computer’s idea of what hell looks like. This is a text-to-image AI, meaning I give the AI a written prompt, and it creates an image based on that prompt.

In this case the prompt is simply “hell”, but I’ll vary the prompt to produce different versions of hell. I’ll put this prompt on screen so you know what the AI was “thinking” when it created these images. I won’t explain exactly how it all works but the basic idea is the AI processes billions

Of images from the internet and their descriptions. It analyses all this data until it starts to learn the correlations between the descriptions and what appears in the images. Eventually, it can create its own images given a description.

In this way, the AI is really just showing us a representation of what it thinks humans think hell looks like – because it learned how to portray hell from humans. So, I was kinda dramatizing the AI’s “thought process” earlier, but imagining how an AI

Might think about all this is a fun philosophical game to play while we look at the images it’s created. As you can see, the AI sometimes deigns to put some inspiring words in the images, although they rarely make much sense.

So, if there’s one thing AI seems to think about hell – it’s that there’s a lot of people there. I’m using the Deforum notebook on Google Colab to generate these images and then upscaling them to a higher resolution so they appear more sharp and crisp.

Interestingly, this AI also has the capability to create videos. So why don’t we go ahead and dive into the lungs of hell? I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour of hell. And I hope you’re as fascinated by this technology as I am.

This is the cutting edge of artificial intelligence right now and the images these things can create are amazing. Lots of possibilities here. Maybe I’ll do more videos about this stuff if people are interested or maybe this’ll

Be a once off, let me know if you’d like to see more or not in the comments. Of course I have many videos about a wide array of other topics so you can go watch them if you liked this one, and subscribe for more in the future.

As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

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