I Built A Surgery Robot

I Built A Surgery Robot

#Built #Surgery #Robot

A Vinci Surgical System is the most advances streamlined surgical experience for minimally invasive surgery I could build that Hey how’s everyone’s global health crisis going my house is on full goddamn quarantine and I’ll probably be dead in a week anyway not from the virus like like a electrocution accident or something it’s actually given me a lot of free time and what better way to

Spend a free time right now than to help the medical industry and I can’t do any chemistry or biology or like body stuff yeah but I can do robotics and let me tell you those da Vinci Surgery robotics rat bastards are ripping hospitals off look at this two million dollars for one

Shitty robot they can spend that on a couple hundred bandages or like one ambulance right in the US we can build a better surgery robot for a lot less come on the biggest flaw in da Vinci’s design is that it relies on these clunky slow robotic arms for movement say you’re

Operating on a patient’s life you start screaming out in pain you got to get up to a suite smack him around a little bit making shut up good [ __ ] luck with these robotic arms they’re slow as [ __ ] and they don’t have any travel distance instead we’re gonna mount the surgical

Tools to a rail system that can move anywhere on the operating table hey look it’s past Michael you know took them five whole days to 3d model and build one rail carriage what a [ __ ] and I shut the [ __ ] up this shit’s hard biggie you little [ __ ] I’m the narrator

I’m like God you cannot kill me here’s what the final carriage looks like you see it uses wheel bearings there trouble up and down the slots in this aluminum rod but Michael you just gonna use your hand to make it move no you’re stupid and I hate you for power we’re using a

Brushless DC motor and an o drive to turn this into kind of like a brushless servo motor – I know what that means absolutely [ __ ] not I’ve never done this before what I do know is someone told my voice crack what I do know is someone told me this would be fast and

Very accurate and all you have to do to put it in is I forgot to record all the sound effects okay give me a [ __ ] break hey I got the motor very professionally hooked up to the driver board which is hooked up to my computer so we can see what this thing can do okay so this is the like calibration sequence I needs to

Do this before it actually runs oh that’s so [ __ ] sick oh I think it it should be a little faster though oh okay the motor has default parameters so you can just turn those off let’s try it out now oh that’s good this that’s fast I

Mean one second okay you just stand down right there we just got to put a few of these together and it looks like this I did the perky little snap teleportation thing right that was three weeks ago I’m [ __ ] tired but I built this test platform out of aluminum and wood that I

Stole from my girlfriend’s bed frame it’s not like I can go to Home Depot on quarantine it’s just a prototype so I can write and test the software before I build the actual thing but even the prototype is pretty cool it’s the same idea with the motor carriage on the

X-axis but now we have two additional motors on the y-axis and on their own they’re just motors they don’t know how to talk to each other they don’t know how to cooperate but if you read some software they can talk to all the motors you can make it do pretty much anything

You want this is the homing sequence it figured out the bounds of the machine by measuring the amperage of the motor on the motors when they stop yeah you can make it you can make it do this [ __ ] maybe not as stable as you want it to be

But yeah it’s just a prototype so stupid so I’m controlling with my mouse right now it looks jerky and awful but it’s actually got a really good amount of precision to it it’s kind of going in a circle from the top-down view like I said this is not the final surgery robot

It’s gonna be much more refined much more medical looking you know much more safe for the user and all that movement was controlled by the code I wrote don’t worry I’m not gonna show it I know everyone thinks is boring so excited I don’t give a [ __ ] what you think look at

This dynamic bounds detection routine that’s [ __ ] sick here’s a limit switch you can put it here didn’t take the bounds of your machine via [ __ ] that limit switch it scream instead write some code that steps the motor forward until it starts using a lot of power

Then you know you the edge of the rail and then you know exact you are in relation to the balance of the machine it’s [ __ ] sick look how cool the cold part is guys I’m gonna keep going this part applies the scaling factors that are calculated as a

Function of the input but Michael I hear you ask so you can move the carriage over any part of the operating table you want great but how are you gonna move the medical tools up and down to engage with the patient well that’s where the carry edge utility mechanism comes into

Play that’s the thing that’s gonna move the scalpel or the clamp or whatever up and down which is great there’s just a small problem slight problem well I built it I built it which is a good thing my original plan was you know just to have a thin piece of plastic with a

Motor attached to it that moves a play easy but then I thought I saw that thing okay there’s no way that’s gonna survive so I’m gonna make it a little strong yeah I may as well make a goal of faster I got a little carried away and it looks

Like a time bomb and it weighs ten [ __ ] fell it works great the motor precisely moves the mounting plate up and down wherever you wanted to go the thing is I just don’t know if those motors can handle ten pounds so we’re gonna have to do a little test Michael

Why don’t you just use the period utility mechanism to test it out well it took me a long time to build and it’s [ __ ] beautiful so prime or it looks like it’s handling small movements pretty well y-axis action okay that’s not that bad oh it’s fine it’ll be slide we’re gonna probably

Just go ahead and make the final version and it looks like this I do the stupid hand thing again it’s been three more weeks I’ve severe depression but Michael where’s the surgery robot wait for it wait for it Oh big reveal this is the surgery we’ll buy massive payoff huge I

Have brain damage behold the superior surgery robot you da Vinci [ __ ] Orton’s it’s got the come it’s got the cable management it’s got the super [ __ ] hard-to-reach driver boards like don’t know why put him under here I thought it would look cool Michael work doesn’t

Work it doesn’t work I don’t know if it works I haven’t turned it on yet I’ve been too afraid since it took me so long to build so I turned the camera on so you can at least see my tears when it tears itself apart I’m worried about

This [ __ ] because when I built it I like the bull the caveman brain metal strong metal not strong metal more like McDonald’s playplace trampoline but you got to take chances when you’re innovating on the next great thing so I’m gonna turn it on oh god oh boy yeah

Okay please are the machines working now we can start to control it but Michael where’s the controller [ __ ] you you are the controller I got this VR hand tracking camera off of Amazon that works super goddamn well so you just take the hand coordinates from this pipe him in

The surgery robot and bing-bang-boom oh [ __ ] you DaVinci robotics you can move my thing with just floating your hand around robot go here robot be surgery hero no patient bleeding there oh do surgery there on that part how about you’d be surgery over here now this is you over there and now the

Surgery but you da Vinci shitty robot can’t do that you need to squeeze those little metal robot cheeks to do yours [ __ ] before I sell my design to surgeons across the nation we have to attach some surgical tools to the come because otherwise it’s just a big-ass robot so

Let’s buy a scalpel on Amazon wow that is just unacceptable scalpels are gonna take a whole three days well that’s pretty reasonable but no that’s messed up dang global health crisis that’s far too long if only I had an alternative you really think about it scalpels are

Just shitty smaller knives so why don’t we just use bigger better knives like Hello we already have those wake up sheeple are you tired of outdated surgical technology are you looking for the cutting edge and power precision and usability look no further the future of surgical robotics is here unlike some

Other surgical systems we’ve run a gamut of tests to ensure our machine has power I’m gonna stab a pineapple mincing the operation operate on it surgically over here now patient small incision a small incision we’re all moving the patient and commence surgery on the patient the

Power isn’t the only thing we strive for precision is an essential tenet of surgery and we make no exceptions when testing for accuracy ding ding Lily come on please Oh yeah I’m not gonna pressure you but this is supposed to show how accurate my machine is gonna be so long let’s see a DaVinci try to do that you might be wondering is the system fda-approved but don’t just take our word for it here’s what a real medical professional has to

Say about this innovative new technology we’re gonna go for like a laparoscopic appendectomy so if we just make a small incision above the chest here we can a little bit more difficult for some procedures but not you can see you still have a lot more accurate control than a

Lot of surgical systems [ __ ] off like I was saying moving the patient is a lot easier with the system like normally enough to manually move them newbie would you add this to your hospital you think hospitals could adopt seems a little dangerous okay I appreciate the feedback

You’re wrong last but not least we’ve made our machines so intuitive that anyone can do surgery with no prior training so you’ve never seen this clean machine before in your life it’s perfect because this study is to see if we can bring someone from zero skill level all

The way up to the ability of a surgeon dude up right in front I’m not too close because it’s kind of dangerous though just put your hand up could you just put your hand out above the things higher up control the knife cause if you can move it further closer

And it’ll get further away from you we’re gonna make a small incision right above the ear another incision to stop plug the hole with the knife yeah got perfect nice yeah you owe this listen it’s okay no it’s fine it’s it’s learning it’s a learning experience crying retracts a knife from

The head let’s just try and get it out of ya okay good incision if your patients over here and you don’t want them to be able to move them over here do some surgery over here and move them back I don’t even know what surgery this is supposed to be

Thank you for watching that concludes research and development for my surgical system if you’re a hospital looking to try it out follow me on Twitter subscribe to me on youtube and maybe just maybe I’ll let you borrow it for a bit remember stay in school smoke crack [ __ ]

You to Vinci robots by this YouTube video is sponsored by Ray Khan I have to send them aside early and they’re gonna have no [ __ ] idea what’s going on ray cons are super convenient wireless earbuds they come in at about half the price of any other premium option but

It’s not a sacrifice for quality they sound just as good at any other top audio brands I said it before but I’ve been using ray concepts before they even sponsored me I just needed something Wireless and affordable and they ended up being really good quality too I more

Than the entire time I was assembling parts of the surgery robot which is no problem for their new everyday e25 because I got 6 hours of battery life seamless bluetooth pairing they fit really well at the end of the day I just [ __ ] care that they’re good ear buds

And I don’t have to worry about them they just [ __ ] work so if you’re interested click the link in the description to go to buy recon comm slash Reeves for 15% off your order I want to thank recon again cuz the parts of this video really started to

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