I Busted 100 Gaming Myths

I Busted 100 Gaming Myths

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I have the next 100 hours to bust 100 gaming this from minecraft to gta to even poppy playtime wish me luck boys it’s going to be a long week i’m curious if you can jump off the train and go the other way as you can see the green arrow

Says to go straight but the train actually goes right so let’s see if we can jump off right here all right here we go oh now the arrow switch so i’m gonna jump off and i’m falling straight through the map i’m gonna say that is false i’ve been curious about this can

You actually die in this furnace i’m gonna go ahead and open the doors here and we start the furnace we start this one and then we go and close the door and the boy’s gonna start cooking it’s getting hot okay i’m not dying i’m literally standing oh

Okay so i guess it’s true apparently if you put sticky bombs on a blimp it will blow up and pop like a balloon so we’re gonna see if that’s true or false all right put a good like n on there here we go boom oh my gosh i’m gonna say that’s true

There’s a myth that you can go to youtube and watch videos so let’s try it oh error 404 it’s false this is freaking creepy but i wonder if kissy missy will attack you here oh no it’s gonna see gonna you’re gonna pull that lever go ahead and get go

Ahead and give it a pull where are you going now you’re just gonna walk through you’re just gonna oh you just walk through the wall okay and she’s gone i’m gonna say that one’s false she will not attack you apparently if you dial this phone number it will cause an explosion let’s see

Oh i was not expecting that it was so quick it was like instant i’m curious if we can see who takes mommy long legs we’re about to open the door all right so we’re gonna go in here hit the lever she gets sucked in here now we’re on the

Other side of the gate so she’s currently being sucked in there right now oh look at that look at that oh it’s just a giant mechanical arm and it’s just dragging her away so i guess this is going to be true you can pull

People over in a cop car let’s give it a try oh let’s go get this guy right here no freaking way no way sir sir let me see if i can get out and go up to his window and oh he’s running away what i’ma say that

One’s true can we activate the train and escape before completing all the games four two one three is the right order and oh my gosh i got it but the final test can i pull the lever and does it actually turn on the train no freaking

Way yo it works it’s true are you kidding me look at the games as you can see i have not completed all of the games yet so yeah if you have the right code you can just skip the entire game apparently a gumball machine breaks in a

Weird way when you shoot it hello anyone work here don’t freak out it’s all good oh that was actually really cool it’s like bouncy balls interesting poppy gets taken by mommy longlegs but can we save her before this happens poppy let me save you let me slap you right in the

Face right in the face nope i can’t i can’t grab her no i don’t think there’s anything i can do no no yeah this one’s gonna be false you cannot save her from this you know when you’re wearing a flip-flop and it goes like it doesn’t stay on your foot let’s see if

It does that in gta i got my flops on and let’s oh it does it does it it does it look at the flop on those bad boys wow so it’s true when franklin is with chop and he gets in the car he will open

The door for his dog oh there it is he opened it does he close it does the dog close it who just closed the door oh he opens the dog’s door first then his door guys we’re doing a huge giveaway on my app chase craft through june and july all

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Giving away stuff every single week so check out the link in the description to download chasecraft my app for free and try to save unspeakable it’s on apple and android devices so i got you guys covered alright so it’s the middle of the day right now if you spawn in a

Zombie as you can see it catches on fire so if we put him right under a chest he catches on fire under ice doesn’t catch on fire under a cauldron does catch on fire and under a cobweb doesn’t catch on fire yeah cause that makes total sense

So this one is true i was told something really weird happens if you try to mess with the huggy wuggy toy box it’s just floating there’s nothing under it so i guess that is kind of weird can i get on top of it what if i go oh my gosh i can

Fly with it what it’s kind of wild i’m gonna have to say this one is true weird things do happen when you mess with huggy wuggy’s toy box there’s a myth that you can use a jet ski to jump the entire pier i don’t know if i believe this one bro bro

Even if i hit that perfectly there’s no way i’m jumping over that all right now should we try it here we go [Applause] it’s technically still false though if you get off the train after starting it can you just stay in the factory forever putting in the code four two one three

We’re outside the train right now but i’m being pulled by the train i literally have no control over my character i’m just being dragged bro i’m about to go through the wall oh i just went right through the wall the train is trying to take me with it even though

I’m on the outside oh now i’m falling out of the map yeah that one’s false the train drags you and eventually kills you you’re telling me that if i look into the eyes of an enderman he stops being annoyed with you all right i’m now

Looking at him so now as you can see he’s angry okay he’s chasing me but if i look right into his eyes i’ve been working hold on hold on hold on hold on is it working are you kidding me okay what happens if i look down at his body oh

Oh my gosh and flipping works what are you for real he is completely stopped the second i look down to his body he wants yeah he wants to kill me as you can see he wants to kill me and then i look at his eyes he stops moving

The flip apparently if you sneak crouch around michael’s house he’ll call you and tell you to leave him alone let’s try it nice car bro i am invincible oh he just texted me is that you acting creepy near my house that one’s true i was told that there’s

Huggy woggy fur and blood on the walls of the conveyor belt room so we gotta head over to the conveyor belt room which is right in here now let’s see if we can find some huggy wuggy fur look at that punky woogie fur and there’s some there’s some blood right there so it

Fell hit that wall and then maybe hit this red pipe interesting so that is true okay so let’s see if we can actually build a pig staircase in minecraft step one is to build a staircase all right now we need to type in this command no ai one and then that

Okay whoa wait it actually worked no way all right i’m trying to get these pigs like perfectly in the middle there we have all our pigs and apparently they sh wow okay this is sick what let’s go ahead and saddle all of them up what in

The world did i just build all right moment of truth does work boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom what are you for real and you can go back down oh my gosh well that’s another true creeping up behind someone will creep them out

And make them run away do they even know i’m here are you not scared officer let’s try this guy he’s on his phone right now not paying attention hey buddy you don’t see me has gone really close well he didn’t really run away he did

Get a little startled make it look oh oh he did get a little startled oh he’s running i guess this works it’s true okay so we got another redstone contraption this dude is literally just throwing a ton of arrows into this tnt block are those all

Fire arrows and then he ignites the tnt and it’s all the oh what that is sick okay so i’m just summoning a ton of arrows hopefully this doesn’t crash my game the dispensers are becoming empty okay so what he did is he ignited the bottom one oh my gosh i can’t even

Ignite it i’m trying to light the cnt on fire oh oh i think i did it oh i think we might have did it that was insane what this does work this is true can we sneak behind mr pugga pillar this guy is so creepy look at him

He looks like a thirsty dog the gate is opening the game is beginning now i currently have my hacks on so i’m flying so i think this is gonna work okay i’m gonna go behind him oh okay that does not work even when you have hacks in the game i’m gonna say

It’s false considering i just died this is the final chase and i was told that there is a secret huggy woogie in this go go go what is that what is that what is that did you see that it was blue it’s blue that’s not a huggy buggy is it

I’ve confirmed it is not a huggy wuggy so this is false it is just a wall that is painted like one apparently you can hack a computer at the back of the gas station all right so we’re in the gas station they got donuts my favorite look

Man look okay i didn’t really want to do that but let’s see if i can hack into this computer i don’t even know what i’m hacking and great i got one star what am i even looking for how do i hack it it’s just a computer what do i even type

Um what dude i guess that’s gonna be false you can get into the computer but it’s just a normal computer i thought it would have like some special stuff on it he gives him a totem of undying kills him and then the fox what all right well i guess let’s try

This and see if it actually works we’ll make a double high fence just like he did we’ll drop in a fox spawner okay so we got our fox in here i’m gonna go ahead and hit him one time and then i’m gonna drop him this totem

Let’s see if he grabs it he actually grabbed it look it’s not in my inventory all right so i’m gonna go ahead and try to kill him oh what what he used it i mean he didn’t have two of them but still what the flip all right so that is

Not clickbait if you shoot out your car’s gas tank it will actually run out of fuel oh i might have accidentally hit the gas tank a little too much let’s try this again just with a pistol the gas tank should be somewhere around here oh if i

Pop the tire oh what the [ __ ] is it leaking i can’t tell if it’s leaking let’s just try a little bit more oh i think it is leaking i see some fluid on there under the tire oh yes it is actually leaking look at all the gas on

The ground oh my gosh dude there’s fuel everywhere and we just lost our tire okay it’s definitely leaking it’s a lot of gas how big is this tank bro you got like a 30 gallon on here it is almost at empty and boom it’s that empty oh i think the car

Just died all the other lights just came on and we are not going forward so it’s true apparently you can hear yourself stepping on glass so i’m gonna go ahead and shoot out some of these windows right here okay so there is a ton of glass on the

Ground right now so let’s try to walk over you can see a little bit of it right there it sounds like i’m walking on glass so it’s true did you know okay so this dude placed on a diamond block and a dirt block and a stone block i’m confused on

What he’s doing here he wait a second nah nah nah no way no way no way then he drops it i am definitely getting trolled all right so he drops in the sword and then he grabs a potion and it has to be a splash potion okay so we

Had two potions here so let’s drop in this one first Oh i’m so getting trolled right now yeah there’s no flipping away this is gonna work that is false that is false you can’t change the color of a sword with a potion i just got trolled okay i just got absolutely trolled so this dude is spamming bone meal and he’s just getting

An unlimited amount of bushes okay so i’m gonna try i’m gonna try to do this to uh peony bush just gonna what the flip it’s like a farm you could just non-stop do it what that’s so weird all right well that’s true if you do a

Burnout at a red light it will make someone race you let’s try it yo bro you want to race let’s go oh oh he’s going he’s going oh my god i’ma win this race yeah baby that one’s true this dude right here is building something with pistons oh he deleted the

Pistons oh he deleted the redstone oh okay he’s decided he wants to build something different he is now putting down and uh whoa wait you’re telling me i can make a piston move without redstone touching it okay so first thing he did is he did this and then he did this and this

And the and this he did he did this okay so he made that and then he deleted all of it and then he placed a bunch of pistons up and then he put a piece of red and then he deleted this and then put a piece of redstone here

And then put what the flip what what there’s nothing here look look look look bruh how are you activating right now There’s no redstone the pistons activated i delete this block it unactivates it i put the redstone back doesn’t activate it i put this block there it activates it someone explain what’s going on okay so apparently flying too close to the vinewood sign will actually get the cops called on you

Look at this helicopter right now i also want to see if we can blow up the sign let’s see okay i’m not seeing any cops yet i’m literally right in front of the sign uh i’m gonna say that’s false no cops another test can we destroy the sign here we go

Oh my gosh why was that explosion so big okay dude that’s not doing anything that is not doing anything bro i’m gonna say that one’s false if you shoot spray paint it will spray paint literally oh oh it’s a lot of paint oh my gosh dude it sprayed paint literally everywhere i

Guess that’s why they call it spray paint if you wear sunglasses it will look different in first person oh wait everything’s actually tinted here’s an orange pair very nice this one’s a little darker but overall this is true it works you can wear sunglasses okay so

This dude this dude is building a big old portal okay and then he’s building uh a wait is that another portal in the middle oh it’s an important wait what no way is this dude about to spawn a portal inside a portal wait what no i i’m pretty sure this

Doesn’t work because the second you break one of those in portals wait wait what is he in the nether and the end nah there’s no way wait what wait what it doesn’t delete okay okay maybe i’m starting to believe this but there’s no way the nether and the end can be one

Dimension oh my gosh it actually worked okay so let’s see if we can hop into the right dimension okay so we went to the nether okay so the portal actually works which is impressive but of course the dimension doesn’t exist there’s no way i mean we can try it one more time dude

That is so weird all right i’m gonna try to hop in the end and then go okay i’m in the end now but i was not in the nether yeah you can’t be in both at once i’m gonna say that one is true if you shoot near a cat apparently it will

Run away oh are you okay oh it’s running it’s so scary oh there’s another one how many cats were back there that one is true all right minecraft 1.17 duplication glitch this dude has a crazy netherright sword and he is what he changes the name to nightmare and then it ha

Wait so you have to cover your inventory in dirt no i don’t know if i believe this one okay i don’t know about that i think you have to name the sword nightmare i think he’s just doing that to show you that you have to rename it but let’s go ahead

And try it all right so we have an anvil right here i’m gonna drop in my netherright sword i’ll even call it nightmare as well we got nightmare okay and i need to cover my entire inventory in dirt now we just got stacks and stacks of dirt and then boom um

Doesn’t work apparently if you beat them up a lot of them will come out and attack you so let’s see if it’s actually true oh come on bro your jokes are funny your jumps are funny yeah yeah this i i feel i feel so bad for

This is there a bunch of them coming after me are they running is anyone gonna come save you bro um uh okay well i’m not getting attacked by a bunch of them i think this is false the zoglin will attack the wither box but cannot actually deal any damage yeah here we

Have a wither and the zoglin is attacking it but he doesn’t do any damage all right and there is mr wither uh he’s probably about to explode and kill them all look at him they’re all attacking him already oh oh my gosh okay i’m gonna spawn more

Okay all righty all righty all righty all right all right so it has been five minutes these zoglins have been non-stop attacking this wither and as you can see he still has completely full health no i don’t understand that’s so weird how did you get up here this dude is building

Some glass and then he’s dropping in a boat and then he is jumping into the boat and then he goes through the glass what all right well let’s give this a try and for my next trick all you’ll need is some glass and a bow he jumps and as

He’s falling he clicks on the boat okay so as i’m falling i i click on it when i’m flying but it doesn’t take me to until i land on it you know i don’t think this works here’s our next thing this dude just put a wet sponge in a furnace

He’s smelting it and then it gave him a water bucket you can do that all right so here we got our furnace and then we have a coal a wet sponge wait i need a bucket so put the wet sponge in there and then you put the bucket in there

And it fills the bucket up huh what the flip this dude is placing ice next to the end of the world and then he moves it and he’s it looks like he’s trying to move oh he just pushed two ice blocks into one okay oh and then he

Breaks it but there’s another one and then he sets a campfire inside of it what in the world oh so he’s basically putting blocks inside of blocks wait that’s actually sick all right so i just set the world border to only be 10 blocks wide so as you can see

We cannot walk out of here it’s impossible even when you place oh well i guess when you place water it still flows out of there all right so he placed down a piece of glass and then a piston right here and then he pushed it and then he pushed another piece of

Glass into it oh my gosh it worked and then he broke one piece of glass and then it somehow allowed him to place a just flip there’s a myth that you can actually take out the tram driver here’s the tram coming up goodbye sir did that work wait does it

Stop oh my gosh it doesn’t stop uh that’s true you can indeed do that look at everyone they’re chasing the train or they run away from me if you throw a grenade into a basketball hoop you will get an achievement it doesn’t make much

Sense to me but i’ll give it a try all right let’s try it can i even make it in there we go and yeah oh i don’t know if i made it or i missed i don’t know if he gave me the achievement i’m looking at the replay i definitely made it in

Oh wait that did not make it in that’s oh my gosh looking back at the replay i definitely made it in the hoop i’m gonna say this one’s false all right so my homemade my homie placed down two pieces of obsidian he placed down the sticky piston right here he placed down

This right here this right here and then he placed down and then i think he extended it then he placed the honey then he placed the carpet oh my gosh it works alright so this dude is about to make led lights in minecraft okay so oh wait what

Wait what he used a glowing ink sack what what all right so basically he put a sign down and honestly you could do any design you want but here i’m just gonna do something like this something simple all right then red dye everyone knows you can die a sign but then oh what

The i did not know you could do that this dude is also claiming that he is breaking minecraft so let’s see exactly what he does so he digs a little bit of a hole places down a ton of redstone why do i feel like this one’s gonna be a

Hundred percent fake too he then oh places down a bunch of sticky pistons what the heck what so did he oh he just made the portal one block what the heck i mean i’ll try it why not all right so he placed down all the redstone right here and then i’m just

Gonna go ahead and place the portal there we go and then he places down all the oh wait it’s gotta be one block iron then he places down all of these and then he starts putting in all the eyes of ender except for one and then he

Deletes one of these places it down and it just deletes all of i wonder yeah it literally just broke all of the sticky pistons so yeah i’m gonna consider that one false there’s a myth that you can cut the leaves of a tree with a helicopter blade oh look it’s actually

Working do you see all the leaves going everywhere that’s sick all right well that one that one is indeed true apparently if you pour gasoline into a pool you can set it on fire hopefully the chlorine doesn’t like you know destroy at all okay i think that’s about good all right so now

We got molds off we’re going to throw it oh oh no okay so the ground is obviously on fire but nothing in the pool is on fire yeah this one is false but everything is burning so that’s great all right so this dude is digging out a bunch of

Ground i have absolutely no idea what he’s about to do he’s digging down two layers deep okay placing down a ton of iron i don’t really understand what the iron is for but maybe we’ll he’ll explain it in a sec then he puts obsidian in the hopper and then he covers it with

Stairs and water and now he’s shooting arrows at it and they’re bouncing off huh oh oh we made like a crazy waterfall what the heck we’re about to make some really weird waterfall thing i have absolutely no idea what he just built but we’re gonna try our best to replicate it all

Right he puts down a piston and a slime block i’m not putting the iron down i feel like it’s a waste of iron yes i know i’m in creative mode and then he covers it an obsidian okay so far so good and then places down a comparator and then makes these two

Hoppers talk to each other like that and then puts a piece of obsidian in there oh okay so that part works and then he places stairs around the entire thing bro this is uh this is a weird minecraft pack all right and then he drops in a bunch of

Water at every corner there we go okay so you can see the slime block is coming down the water replaces it and just keeps it’s doing its thing and then you just start spamming this so far so good it is working it is working i don’t know how now you do have

To use arrows of night vision by the way to get that blue effect of the arrows we did it i i don’t really know the point of this it kind of looks like a really fancy waterfall but uh yeah it’s pretty cool all right well this works this is not clickbait

Let’s go on to the next one apparently if you take a picture of someone they’ll get a little angry hey how’s it going you kind of look like a karen i’m just gonna take this picture uh thank you thank you for the photo you’re not angry

Or anything okay well i guess this one is false if you put fuel behind your car and shoot some flames apparently it’ll catch on fire nice i’m just gonna drop a bunch of fuel down here don’t mind me and voila okay so let’s go ahead and hop

In all right so you can see all the fuel back there we’re gonna go ahead and floor it oh oh oh wait it’s actually on fire look at that the car probably shot a flame and caught it on fire i did not expect that to work

That is true so this dude is making a beacon and putting redstone around it it’s kind of weird and observer blocks and pistons oh wait that’s sick he made an automatic rainbow beacon first up first you just make the beacon already messing up geez okay so we have our beacon and then he

Went around it with repeaters putting pretty much a repeater on every corner and then changing the ticks there we go just like this then he placed an observer block an observer block and then on this one he did two observer blocks okay and then he did a sticky piston on every

Single one and then just a pretty much a bunch of different stained glass interesting so that’s it it’s literally that easy that’s literally all the dude did all right so let’s see if this works no flipping away it actually works it was that easy to do now we have a beacon

That just changes rainbow colors wait what that was literally so easy it took like 30 seconds all you got to do is just put redstone repeaters and then observer blocks and stack them with pistons that’s it apparently if you shoot out the lights on a cop car it

Will actually cause the siren to sound different all right so here’s our cop core and that’s what it sounds like normally okay all right now let’s go ahead and shoot out the lights i’m gonna shoot out the lights on the front as well all right let’s hop back in oh wait

You hear that it sounds broken listen listen what the heck it sounds completely broken alright so this one is true there’s a myth that in the iceland and the bridge up here there’s a frozen alien i don’t know if i believe this one chief but uh let’s keep going and see oh oh

Snap yo they weren’t playing there’s actually an alien in the okay that is insanely creepy all right that one is true all right so we’re on the train right now about to exit the game and everyone knows what happens the train crashes but i’m curious if you don’t pull the giant

Brake do you survive we’re about to find out i’m not gonna pull the brake no matter what we’re just gonna see what happens okay now it’s telling me to pull the brake but i’m not gonna do it not touching it yo i think it’s looping the audio keeps

Resetting bro i think i literally have to pull it okay so i pulled it and the train is still gonna flip i guess that one’s false you do have to press the brake otherwise it’s just gonna loop it forever infinite lightning farm first we need to enchant the trident the

Channeling enchant okay puts down a sticky piston some slime and then throws the trident right this dude has thrown like 15 trident i would not recommend doing this in survival mode a comparator and then do that and then what the heck is going on bro weather thunder whoa whoa

Okay and then we’re gonna connect this fancy thing weather thunder here we go let’s see if it works oh oh my gosh dude that’s sick when you’re playing the waka waggy game i’m curious if you can crawl into the holes and see where the huggy wuggies came from walking up to

The tube and i’m trying to jump i’m trying to get now i’m gonna say this doesn’t work bro but luckily i’ve installed hack so we’re gonna fly through here and see where these oh what is this hello huggy how’s it going let’s fly through another one let’s see what’s in

This one what is this what is back here oh bro wait we’re under the train station so that’s where all the huggy wuggies come from just if you’re curious under the train station if the sheep eats this grass then he dies if he eats this grass then i die so

Do sheep actually want to kill minecraft players let’s find out mr sheep you better make the right decision hey no wow are you for real this means sheep want minecraft players to die and this exact spot on the map apparently at midnight there’s supposed to be a ghost that appears right in

Front of me i don’t know if i believe this one bro but it’s somewhere in front of me all right should be any second oh who’s behind me is there someone walking you see that oh oh what is that over there bro what the heck is that yo no

Freaking way what oh it’s actually true this right here is a creepy haunted house in gta and there’s a myth that it ghosts appear around it however no one has actually seen ghosts but apparently you can hear some creepy noises around this house try to listen see if we can

Oh we can get inside oh snap hello this is as far as i can go i’m going to listen listening um i don’t really hear anything hear creepy wind but nothing creepy i’m gonna say this one might be false in the alamo sea of gta there is apparently a sunken

Cargo plane i’ve been trying to find this plane for a while now no sight of it what is that yo wait is that it’s a wing there’s the engines on it oh no it’s right here there it is oh my gosh it’s like upside down this is insane

There’s the other wing whoa that’s crazy you can go inside the plane too so this one is true there is a sunken plane okay so he places a bunch of snow down so then he’s going to put on some leather boots and now he is able to crawl up the snow with

Leather boots apparently if i put on leather boots i go what the flip and then if i take off the boots i fall i can’t go up i i can’t go up what that’s so umbrella that’s so weird you see that right there that is a road barrier and apparently

These things actually work in gta we’re gonna see if that’s true or false i feel like these things might work in real life they’re supposed to cushion the car from crashing let’s try it head on baby oh look at that it actually works see how it kind of like combines together

That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do in real life wow i did not expect those to actually work that is true in the first mission michael’s phone isn’t a smartphone all right let’s try to pull it up what the heck is that bro please do not be looking the same homie this

One is true blood spreads when you kill someone in water so let’s go ahead and see this is there blood indeed there is oh no sharks might come okay uh well it’s true apparently if you hit a mailbox letters will come out oh yep that’s definitely someone’s mail

And i cracked the concrete as well sorry apparently if you start kicking someone’s car it will eventually dent it nice nice yeah get those kicks in oh wait oh my gosh wait it actually is denting it keep going your dog water dollar tree headset wait the are the cops coming

After me for kicking this car okay well as you can see there is clearly a dent in it uh i’m gonna run now though so that one’s true this massive lake right here is called alamo c and apparently the water is toxic so you see a ton of

Dead fish i’m walking up to the lake right now i don’t really see any fish oh never mind there’s a lot of fish they are dead they’re indeed dead let me just double check can you hold this buddy this one’s true do waves change in the

Weather you can see the waves right now that’s a good like a two footer three footer all right thunderstorm oh okay the waves are definitely bigger the sailboat is still out there surviving so props to that guy yeah it’s definitely like a five maybe a six footer i’m gonna say this one’s true

Cactus is breaking weird ways when they’re shot let’s test this um no um oh it’s gone that wasn’t really what i was expecting oh you know honestly i could blow up cactuses all day in the desert this is so much fun all right so this dude is building a

Double in portal okay wait okay first off i can tell you that that is definitely not going to work none of this is going to work what the flip no no that does not no no okay wait i kind of want to try the piston one that looks interesting all right ready [Laughter]

Apparently you can stealth walk through traffic and people will not hit you all right so i’m stealth walking let’s see oh my gosh no freaking way oh this guy’s gonna hit me oh oh oh no it’s actually working everyone else is getting an accident i totally thought

I was gonna get ran over look at them they break so hard oh my gosh yeah this is definitely true bro i would have been hit by now these cars are flying down here this is how to get a zombie horse in minecraft first you have to put a

Zombie and a normal horse together in a cage then you have to make the zombie and the horse stand in each other what the zombie will sit on the horse it’s apparently not very easy to do the zombie sits on the horse and what i didn’t know this is how zombie horses

Were made i’m gonna spawn in a horse and a zombie all right so all i gotta do is wait for this zombie to sit on that horse oh wait he’s going straight towards the horse wait does the horse need a saddle i don’t know do zombies need saddle

I don’t i don’t flip enough just sit on it let’s get multiple zombies in here so that way we have a higher chance this might take a second but Why is this so difficult go sit on him don’t be nervous don’t be shy he’s not gonna hurt you sit on the horse all right so i’ve been at this for uh about seven minutes now and um no progress yet bro someone just sit on them all right i’m just gonna spawn a

Ton of zombies and eventually one of these dudes has to sit on this horse all right if i’m gonna be completely honest with you guys i’ve been doing this for 15 minutes and i don’t think it works try this in your minecraft world and see if it works i

Could not get it to work so i’m going to consider this one false apparently there’s a tractor that combs all the sand on the beach at dawn oh wait is that it over there no freaking way hold on is the tractor actually combing the sand like i comb my non-existent hair or

Is it just driving okay this dude is definitely combing the sand this is true all right so this dude is building uh some grass a lot of grass and then he spawns in a bunch of flowers and then he drops in a bunch of sand

Okay okay okay okay and then he is going to delete all of the grass which makes the sand float we can try that we’re not going to build it as big as his but we will there we go we got like a little you know four by five

Six looking square thingy my bobber okay so pretty simple he places on the flowers and then he places down the same Well um yeah that does not work ladies and gentlemen i’m gonna yep that one’s a false that one’s clickmate minecraft life hack this dude is building a rail system under water no no flipping way no flipping away okay so he used the powered rail and then he

Had one and oh you can okay this might change my mind and then he used soul sand and then connects the tracks so okay so somehow yeah what all right mine carts in let’s see if it works ready oh no flipping wait a second it it’s just stuck in the

Middle i can’t move or anything no i’m gonna oh wait oh oh okay so if you get out and give it a push it it will do it i mean this is kind of cool it kind of works kind of doesn’t i’m gonna consider it a false though

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