I CUT DANIEL IN HALF! Spy Ninjas Compete in Hackers Fun DIY Challenge to Learn his Best Magic Tricks

I CUT DANIEL IN HALF! Spy Ninjas Compete in Hackers Fun DIY Challenge to Learn his Best Magic Tricks

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V the magician zorgini made her disappear but that’s not possible she can’t just vanish into thin air oh i see a hacker right over there let me out sir come on no not gonna happen he’s in a dog cage what the heck that’s so messed up

Kind of looks spacious for her though so that’s good she’s getting guarded by the devster i need to save her thing i got my perfect circle mask and my project circle voice morpher so this will disguise my voice into a hacker voice he’ll totally fall for it okay you

Didn’t recognize this last time with our mask stuff so i don’t think we need to wear them he hasn’t watched our videos i guess we’re just not just doing magic tricks all day all right pick a card any call all right now show it to the audience okay good choice good spot

Is this your car no well i think i know where that card is check yourself there’s got to be a way he’s doing this doesn’t make any sense yes it doesn’t is it down there is it in your sock no it’s not here check your other side what

Let me see let me see oh my gosh welcome to my demonstration today i will be revealing how to disappear but first i must test you wait a minute do you recognize these two i swear i know who they are these are the famous magicians stretch and squat yeah

Yeah that’s us thank you for attending my demonstration but first i must test your speed of hand okay no problem feet of hands okay all great magicians have fast hands so first we will test your reflexes my fellow hacker here will hold his arms out you will put your hands above his

You must catch the ball before it touches the ground all right i’m ready oh i nicked it i was so close let’s try it again Oh yeah yeah reflections stretch no i think it’s time we up the stakes a bit you will be standing on these chairs no problem i can catch a tennis ball on a chair oh but we are done with tennis balls now you must drop and catch oh oh man the grass is gonna

Get covered in egg yolks unless i catch it wrong again it is squat who might get hit by this egg squash you will be laying on the floor and if your partner stretch drops it on you then you’ll have a egg on your face as it were they won’t call you squat for

Nothing it’ll be more splot hey okay took off my orange beautifulness squat you don’t trust me to catch the egg i don’t know man we never practiced this before i will take the camera oh gosh stretch better have good i-cord hand a nation what they don’t call me stretch for

Nothing ah you’re up so high stretch it’s gonna hit me really hard if you don’t catch it man just trust me that squat what do you call them i call them the squat the squat as in the squat my face this is really scary all right

I’m gonna break my nose i’m ready oh i caught it yes stretch yes wait there’s more eggs all right now put your hands behind your back behind my back oh come on now oh he’s not gonna be able to catch it jorgeni it’s so gamey all right oh

Look at that it just grazed me it’s because my finger blocked the shot knocked it out of the way yeah oh thanks squished your edge still counts as a failure again you must master this before you can master the art of disappearance okay all right you must do it

From behind your back let’s see all right i’m ready oh man it’s so scary this is the scariest thing i’ve ever done i think okay zorgini i caught all the eggs now show us how to disappear well done i can see why they call you stretch but if you’re a true magician with

Expert reflexes you must do it with your face covered hey i can’t even see how am i supposed to catch an egg if i can’t see you must listen to the sound of his hand releasing the egg all right i’m Listening my eye stretch come on main weapon oh he dropped it i don’t even know yeah you dropped it you didn’t catch it well i was blindfolded man you can’t hear an egg flying through the air that’s impossible oh man zorgini what’s the point of all this

Because you are good but not great you must master this if you ever want to be a true magician okay yeah we’re true magicians we’re squatting stretch stretch stretch stretch and squat man you are famous for that one trick where you chop squat in half why don’t

You go ahead and do that for me now gosh you know what i didn’t bring my cardboard boxes that i usually use you know it takes some supplies so yeah i’m sorry we’ll have to do it another time but yeah you could use mine i have some here what

No no it’s okay we need a special uh thing how about this i’ll give you a little bit of time to prepare and then you can perform it i mean not only do we need cardboard boxes but we need uh something to saw in half with yeah like

Swords or some clone of me too no worries i have my sharpest blade here okay oh gosh what are we gonna do man i think i know how this works we can figure it out right now it’s a famous trick that all magicians do chopping people in half but it’s

They’re not actually doing it they’re not no it’s an illusion they don’t use like super glue to glue them back together afterwards i don’t think so mask voice morpher test if this works hello do i sound like a tragic circle member i got to admit this thing is pretty awesome

And i made it myself all right let’s do this thing hello oh what’s up bro i got a guard oh guard this spy ninja here so she doesn’t escape no worries it is my turn to take over as guard for this young lady right here carry on now no you’re wrong i’ll stay

Here then but i just need to let you know that i had a lot of beans for lunch yep that’s party farts well i don’t care because i’m not leaving i got a real important job to do yo leave duster quiet all right next challenge all magicians must trust their

Assistance because some of these tricks are very very dangerous as you’ll see that’s true so for this challenge 313 will demonstrate how to lift squat here over his head what left him and then once he is completed squat will lift the stretch okay sounds like fun okay okay i totally trust you

What’s what you got a little bit of egg on your forehead there oh i wonder how that happened oh hey hey it wasn’t my fault i trust you 313. you should trust your assistant spend your life i’ve been eating a lot lately i don’t know you’re pretty strong but

Oh oh boy oh my gosh fully extended oh my gosh he did it that looks really easy you can lift me up now like just like that uh here hold the camera okay stretch i’ll just pick you up i think he just went like this yeah he kind of

Grabbed me by the arms like this and then he i he he went like this yeah something like this and then then i think oh no you’re picking me up you gotta wake me up like that and then i go i go down here like this yeah around

Here like this yeah and then i’m like this ah wait then i grab your leg like this and then i grab here wait check this out whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh how did you do that squat wow i am strong like bull you trust me squat

I’ve never trusted someone with my life quite like that that’s why we’re a great duo and that’s why we are the famous magicians we are yeah what did you think 313 that was the worst thing i’ve ever seen that was quite horrible i can’t imagine they would do that not sure what they

Were trying to do all right great job daniel i don’t think they know who we are still it wasn’t the greatest but yeah they have no idea they’re buying this whole thing they’re to show us the disappearing trend they’re they’re talking over there daniel do you have your ninja noise

Enhancer on you oh yeah they’re whispering about something there you go give it a listen i don’t think they are who they say they are you don’t think they’re really stretching squat did you see what they just did you’re right stretch and squat will be able to perform that trick perfectly

Because the worst thing i’ve ever seen what are they saying i think they’re on to us maybe they’re just struggling today it is hot out uh i think it is truly them but let’s just keep testing them and we’ll find out their true identity okay if you say so that three on three

Guys on to us we need to do something we gotta get him out of here man yeah how do we do that oh he’s on his cell phone i’m gonna hack his phone really look at this i had this little microscopic device right here

If i just put on the back of his phone okay i’ll have all his contact information yeah you uh enjoying the magic trick yes it was nice it’s pretty good right oh what phone is this iphone 6 pretty nice phone it’s really nice you know they came out with an iphone 7.

Okay nice talking to you yeah nice phone man yeah really cool i love technology okay you put it on this phone i saw now how’s that work i can communicate with that little device right there on the back of his phone okay and get his phone number and i’m gonna call him

Okay okay let’s see you guys phone number look that’s his phone number right there but if you call him he’ll recognize your voice well uh oh the pz voice morpher the pc voice morpher yeah man i’ll call it and pretend to be a hacker and be

Like we need you at the headquarters who are you going to pretend to be i’ll start with the pc phone okay okay calling i think his phone’s ringing there now his phone’s ringing it is okay answer man hello there has been an emergency at the project circle headquarters come quick

Master is mad no i’m busy right now but you have to come one three it’s important nine nine five i’m not leaving folks whatever you hung up on me oh man okay maybe he doesn’t respect pc phone we gotta try different someone who’s like an older

Wiser three one four oh that’s pc3 one three three one four is the next in line hey probably close here hold the camera yes this is pc three one four is this three one three the guy before me yeah this is 313. how are you doing oh boy

The leader is really mad at you because uh he instructed peasy fooms to call you and you did not obey sister is it urgent it is urgent get back to the black pyramid right now before i have to get scared and use these diapers i’ll see all right look you know i have

A leaky gut okay goodbye it worked did it work all right look at him there he goes he’s just leaving like that three where oh the boss said he needed us no no no i need you for the final trick you must stay so what happened there i

Heard you got some important phone calls oh it’s none of your business okay the sensitive subject there oh man my tummy is started those beans are hitting they be hitting oh oh no i think uh that sounded like that was a wet one ew was that chipotle that’s disgusting i’m still not going

Anywhere though if you say so ew who is this person that one sounded like it was asking a question pc fardo i warned you guys i had lots of beans i’m just doing my duty okay fine fine you guard the spy ninja the dumpster’s out don’t leave me with the party

No regina it was just me what i recognize the costume but you sound exactly like a project circle member v while you were gone should i let you out yes okay since you got caught with your voice i invented this what is the project circle voice morpher try it whoa

Click that button right here and say something hello i am the queen doesn’t sound anything like me right now we can bring it in all of our missions going undercover as hackers and our disguises just went up another level wow you are really the master of disguise and the voice now yes and

A special feature that i just used we recorded fart noises because project circle’s always popping oh that’s great so you weren’t farting for real earlier no v i mean not all of them will you guys know what time it is we’ve been waiting so long yes we’ll split squat in half oh

That oh that thing you forgot about that yeah oh you sure you didn’t forget about that i think he forgot about it i think he forgot he forgot about it you forgot about it did i forget i remember i remember i did not forget it is time for you to

Cut him in half okay we’ll follow you guys i don’t know how to saw someone in half without making them beat what if i become and i’m not in the videos anymore if anything happens to me guys still continue to watch chad in honor of me so make sure you

Subscribe okay yeah yeah yeah daniel they’re all subscribing i’m sure don’t worry you’re going to be fine daniel especially they all subscribe it’s good luck yeah it’s so easy guys all you got to do is just take your phone and turn it this way look down below is the subscribe button

Red if it is that’s bad that’s not going to give me good luck red means dead for daniel red means you can’t have that yeah so click it and it’ll be gray gray is the way to be safe yeah you need to live and then i won’t get sawed in half

Okay we can do this daniel okay here we go we’re coming you know what looking at this box kind of gives me a good idea really i think i know how you can chop me in half without me becoming yes okay it’s gonna work okay squat oh get in relax what

Ready for the best magic trick you’ve ever seen i will now enter the box and await my impending doom oh you ready for this let me see this box make sure it’s real okay yep so you’re saying this is a legitimate box you’re the one who provided us with the

Box so i would hope it’s legitimate i would never provide a fake box a real box see there you are here’s my head on this end all right let me come down here there’s your feet hey daniel how’s it going it’s just me in a box

Okay i’m gonna need you to both stand by this tree quite dangerous all right all right let me get a good look at daniel here i think you should lay on your back just like that yep that’s gonna be the safest way to cut you all right here i’m gonna need your

Hackers to hold this camera my buddy squat will now be chopped in half you will be my assistant 313 to make sure i’m not cheating you’ll stand back there and watch the whole thing oh my gosh squeeze what’s your name stretch you better do this correctly all right let’s do this thing

Got my sword feet prepare to be amazed i hope i don’t actually cut him in half completely here we go three two one Look at that are you alive daniel ah my oh my legs i mean squat i have cut you in half squat i will now separate you from your leg squat go ahead stand back stand back watch this give me your arms squat look at that my legs

Squat is cut in half ah give them back put them back there’s nothing but a gap of air here i have cut him in half i will put you back together squat because i am your friend i will put you back together repair me abracadabra and a flasham

I am am i back together again i’m not sure wiggle your feet hey there we go oh hey squat is alive yeah come on out squat hello now are you impressed or not very well done stretching squat this is the best trick i’ve ever seen in my life

Wow can you believe such an amazing trick that was incredible well that was the time you’ve been waiting for i will show you how to make tc-313 disappear yes the moment we’ve all been waiting for it yeah let’s do this all right we’re finally gonna learn how this works

Oh my god come on georgini all right for my final trick it’s what you’ve all been waiting for i will make pz313 disappear whoa all right three one three is disappeared how important this is to us it’s very important yeah have asleep all right awesome watch carefully okay

Okay don’t cut the camera we gotta go okay yeah i’m gonna see the whole thing here yes definitely doing it so he’s making him disappear hey that was weird that was that was amazing dude he actually did it what the heck there was no trickery or anything there how’d you do that okay

What’s the what oh my gosh squash squat stretch how do you do that i don’t know but you’re gonna tell us you’re gonna show us how you did that right you didn’t figure it out the great magicians don’t know how this no i mean i mean it has something to do

With the blankets i think right some with the blankets the stretch was filming the whole thing he didn’t cut or anything so that’s a real illusion gentlemen today is your lucky day i will explain it to you right over there all right let’s go pretty good stuff that was good now are

You gonna show us how you made him disappear it is time i will finally explain how i made them disappear yes yes so what you do is you have your assistant behind the curtain well don’t tell him anything why not why not come hey hey why

Shouldn’t i show them because i know who you really are oh oh okay whoa hey man it’s the spy ninjas hey no no no no no i knew it was down girl run oh run daniel run

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