I Hate Homework | Lele Pons

I Hate Homework | Lele Pons

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Okay class these are the three last questions of the day number one. What is the largest man-made source of greenhouse gases? Most of you, which type of Ray is harmful and on which side of the spectrum No, and where is the aurora borealis found?

Yes excellent, okay, this is your last homework assignment of the year Okay, it counts for 50% of your grade Is this for Tomorrow? Class dismissed Is- is this for tomorrow? Class, you’re dismissed Okay, then you can do yourself you don’t need anybody

You don’t need the teachers, you don’t need the students. You can do it, you can do it Okay stop stop stop. It’s not that hard you’ve been doing it all year I need a tutor Okay, so the exosphere is hot Cold Lele the exosphere is hot oh, and no it’s hot

Hot ooh the earth, it’s cold Yeah Lele mmm-hmm hot exosphere Is hot. Lele Cold Say it, hot, say it Start again, sorry. I’m uh Now listen to me very carefully What’s your name again Fi (or phee or something like that, can’t understand, sorry) Yeah I don’t think this is gonna work out me and you we speak different languages Um we’ve been at this for an hour. It’s been five minutes. No, but I can’t listen

It’s not me could see you. You know what I can be better. I’ll be better for you. How about that? How about that let’s let’s let’s say You can’t don’t see where this is going I assure you with my guidance. You will do so well this semester. Sorry boo-boo You gotta go delay

The study group Who’s that? You should get it Tiffany! Oh, hi Lele! What are you doing here? I heard it was a study group so I wanted to join in you know oh, honey

You’re not invited. Oh, I know I just you know like where did we’re friends so like then I wanted help You know I wanted to help out Listen, you’re lazy and… Unintelligent if you come in we’re gonna do all the work, and you’re not gonna do anything well Tiffany calm down, okay?

I know this stuff. You know this stuff,… okay. Let me ask you some questions all right cool. What’s the square root of four? Ten. wrong What’s H2O? Two letters and a number. Okay, how about what’s pi? delicious. Now, I’m on my way in… Okay. Bye Lele!

Okay class I’m gonna come around and collect your homework. Please have it out for me Lele. uh-huh? Where’s your homework? You have it. I don’t have it I gaved it to you. It’s gave and no you didn’t So you’re telling me That you lost my homework

I’m telling you that you didn’t turn in your homework I don’t have it, and I did it. Your homework is not here. Check it, then. Detention! Okay. Well, I’m gonna have to tell the principal that you have lost my homework

You see class that’s an example of a bad student. Where’s everybody’s homework?

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