I Made Millions by Managing a Team of Cheaters – Esports Life Tycoon

I Made Millions by Managing a Team of Cheaters - Esports Life Tycoon

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Hey there it’s Josh welcome back to let’s game it out playing us some eSports life tycoon today developers thank you for aqui despite knowing what’s probably about to happen I guess we’re doing manager career cuz there’s no other options is this me am I this dork let’s give our

Guy a nice custom look I’m glad that when you click the slider his whole body moves at the same time it’s like a magic trick I don’t get to see what it’s doing I just have to click and pull and he does like a twirl and suddenly it’s

Different her eyebrows see in her eyebrows every time he spins it gets worse Center eyebrows why is this possible I’m just gonna crank all these to the farthest okay I take it back it’s awesome it’s like a new surprise every time what is I angle oh now let’s do all

Three bridges cool your nose is a vacuum now you know what I forgot is the two head things at the top it’s like he’s having the worst allergic reaction that affects every part of his body including his eyebrows okay I feel like this blue color is perfectly befitting I’m glad it

Doesn’t affect your eyebrows okay looking good we got to find the perfect shirt for this guy oh yeah of course this is clearly what he was meant to wear okay here he is Hughes name help I need my EpiPen start game team name friendly fire only hot

Bless any game that lets you make these things it’s nice that they provide all these options but let’s be honest the only thing anyone should ever choose is the eggplant true story not the eggplant but these were basically my halo colors and you could make like logos and stuff shoes shirt I

Like this it’s like the eggplant has been slashed onto us there’s always like a series of like barf colors yeah that’s good that’s good okay we did it it’s time ok so here’s all of our default players gonna have to change some data I think sir feeds a lot

I have wallhack I buy sheets only rage quits doctor team kill ok Dream Team let’s do this the house of our dreams hello help I need my EpiPen I’m the CEO of karate masters I have read you were joining a team and I just wanted to

Welcome you to the league we’ll see who needs luck the most ahh my relationship the karate masters has gotten worse you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into CEO of karate masters wait what huh I peered I’ve gotten three different emails all people claiming to be the CEO

Of karate masters and I basically chose the mean response so that my relationship is progressively worse with all of these people who may or may not be the CEO this is exactly what I picture from like an eSports house especially where everyone’s asleep fully clothed on top of the sheets little

Stuffed animals staring down at you and if you’re this guy literally sleep with your eyes open and then after that nice night of sleeping they all sit together and eternally shovel piles of food look what this kids eating for breakfast it’s like four chicken breasts and a pile of

Tomatoes in fact that seems to be what all of them are eating although this guy looks like he’s got a salad and this guy looks like he’s eating like 16 ounces of meat for breakfast also at no point have I watched this dude interact with anybody end of the preseason the

Official League of Heroes League League begins League moving to a new apartment this team deserves better I mean they don’t but okay we’re in bronze League now okay game wants us to pick a sponsor which one has the least expectations of us oh my god do you see how much money

These guys make just think of all the cheats he must be buying with $6,000 there they are friendly fire only that’s the face of some champions good urea in the bigger house we still live in seclusion they all sit out there and they’re weird bachelor pad oh good look

At that us against all these people guess I basically blasted through the tutorial of this game here’s basically how this goes you’ve got these five Schmucks right here and I send them over here to do some scouting about the other teams then I have them all come over

Here and discuss chemistry I’m assuming that means the other team’s chemistry or maybe their own then we have them sit down and train on their computers where no one puts their headphones on to play seriously before sending them over here to stand in front of a bunch of banners

To show just how hyped they are I usually like to leave them here all day and they extreme hopes that it’ll blind them before a match and then when it nears beddy-bye time they go ahead and shove as much dinner into their face as humanly possible before hitting the hay

Or well four of them hit the hay oh my god this guy’s literally doesn’t sleep all night and then right back to it the next day the more you train on all this stuff of course it means that the victory expectations change so it makes it more likely that you’ll win me I’m

Concerned with only one thing all that hype I think this might be my favorite part of the game pasta for everybody alien nutrients for this guy I also noticed the switch beds every night which is really weird this guy never stops talking strategy even in asleep and lastly whoever gets stuck in this

Bed never sleeps until it’s time to get up again shovel your Alpha Centauri nutrients into your body and then resume the hype an unknown person got inside the house let’s all calm down now that’s not an unknown person getting inside the house that’s someone ringing the doorbell I’m surfeit salats mom I’m sure

You don’t feed them well enough so I’ve brought some homemade comfort food can you give this to them no they’re on a strict diet get out of here missus sir feeds a lot your players started a hunger strike as a protest their energy will increase slowly for 48 hours although the media

Attention made you get 1,000 new followers see now that’s the kind of hype I’m talking about now it’s time to fight the Lithuanian Cavaliers sweet we lost that’s what I like to see really look at our sick huh meanwhile while everybody else Scouts this guy’s quietly

Turning into Satan over here his name is only rage quits I mean are we really gonna be bothered by this I don’t like to be a rat but sir fees a lot instead of practicing spends his time in front of the computer watching videos are doing whatever he likes like how to

Resolve this in this game’s mind giving this dude a pizza is equal to talking to him let’s try not to form a human connection whatsoever is to enjoy this pizza by yourself not enough time to perform the task okay never mind you get to just be upset player injured a

Bursitis is affect with the zipper siteís game wants us to spend 11 days away from the computer I’m gonna try really hard to not let that happen you must look for a sub right now playing with an injured player is not a good idea that’s fine I’m filled with not

Good ideas I love that no matter what task we’re doing these guys are over here just doing team stuff and this guys over here just fuming that sir feeds a lot was like looking at YouTube videos instead of practicing jokes on him I’m not planning on having anyone do any

Practicing I’m convinced we can be a successful team on hype alone yeah that’s what makes for good group photos one of your team members missing one of them begging for medical help okay guys go have a good match oh my god we won and look at this my team is true to

Their names sir feeds a lot that like crazy with 13 deaths only rage quits went into the round pissed off I have wall HAC avoided getting killed at any time and i buyed sheets had a pretty good kill ratio I’m just saying this game knows me he take that game we don’t need

Unity among our players what a happy house do you see this I got one guy raging in his sleep we have another guy still talking stats this guy’s begging to go to a hospital and this guy doesn’t get to sleep still are you just eating raw rice for breakfast are you guys

Drinking water out of wine glasses is this like a normal eSports thing ragequit still having a moment I don’t care if the victory expectations say it’s gonna be a hard match I think we’ve proven none of that matters statistically speaking they should blow us away well how about that we won

Against it feeds a lot 15 deaths I like it I like how we also never take MVP that always goes to the other team despite basically not training we’re slowly climbing the ranks oh boy we’re gonna fight karate masters I’ve been waiting for this moment after three of

Their CEOs talked crap to us well well who’s surprised in fact if anything I’m disappointed sir feeds a lot you didn’t die even once this game is teaching us awesome things that only need is hype and we can win this is the only time this guy can be happy he takes

His rage sets it aside literally and just stares off and kind of smiles before going back to fuming all day long oh my goodness more email I love this team I want to congratulate you for the team you’ve put together they seem eager to win will you win the

Tournament I don’t think so you’ve disappointed your fans a player wants to meet with me what do you need I have wallhack I want you to buy a place cup for my friends play Fafi all day long and I want to think you can out negotiate this face go back to

Practicing now well good now we have two people pissed off we got this guy fuming in the dining room god this guy fuming in the bedroom all over a PlayStation 4 now if you’ll excuse me guys I’m building hype you know let’s upgrade a

Room if you want to call this a room in fact we’re just gonna keep upgrading until we’re out of money and that’s when it oh wow that’s sad but I guess now that we have it we’re gonna use it no no one person got in the house quick fight

Him hello I’m air oh god you’re failing this community you’re not uploading enough videos hey arrow I already know this I’m trying to make more videos this is an eSports team this brought the team together and there’s a team chemistry bonus for 48 hours pretty excited to not

Use that at all players suspended slight cheating sir feeds a lot a player of your team was banned for cheating during the last match a mild punishment of three days of that competing has been imposed I would expect this from I have wallhack and I buy cheats but not you

You need five starters why your team would give in a loss good give me the loss how about that I’m still at the top by a ton I love how basically all this teaches the team you can go ahead and cheat and your manager doesn’t even care

Yeah end to the season here we are we destroyed everybody no shocker there oh but now it’s time to take this a little more seriously it’s now it’s time to check our email I want to retire wallhack wants to retire and I buy cheats and then the other three guys let

Me know in Spanish that they want their contracts renewed the game appears to freeze if I renew contracts so nobody’s getting their contracts renewed first silver league match of the game let’s do it fellas you’d think the odds don’t look good in our favor well like a

Silver league is gonna be a lot like bronze League full of us winning unexpectedly god that’s a lot of hype oh my god I discovered the most amazing bug check this out so this little X up here indicates when our next match is it

Counts down as we do stuff if I let that thing countdown to right before the match starts and then save our game I go back to the main menu I load that save game tada we skipped right over the match and now the countdown is all screwed up it kind of corrects itself

And unfortunately you can’t do this every time but we can skip quite a few matches this way and better yet the game awards us a win for every match we skip one more example of the game showing us that cheating is the eSports path to victory I also figured out how to change

Our logo so as much as I love the eggplant I love seeing we suck on the wall a lot more and sprayed across the floor and I can’t just looks pretty everywhere doesn’t it though I buy cheats wants to talk let’s see he seems really upset about something I

Don’t know what’s wrong with us we’re losing every match I don’t feel like doing anything I don’t feel like practicing or even having fun what do you mean we have an undefeated record this season sort out both of these things he’ll for two points make him do

Push-ups or talk to him well clearly I don’t want to talk to him so go do push-ups for four hours just out here all day I just want to point out that for all the working out he just did he only did like six push-ups at that logo

This looks so good when we when sideline 120 you just lost it we suck can’t say I’m surprised sorry but your team can’t be promoted the gold League requires a minimum Fame level of national and at least 50,000 followers what but what about all that

Hype I did so while we go into silver remedial two of our people quit because we suck but thankfully some of the best guys are still here there’s someone at your door only rage quits doctor team kill their feeds a lot don’t you guys live here say

Goodbye I met Renu oh well goodbye what happens if we go into the new season with no players not enough players you didn’t sign enough players to start the board will fill your roster with low ranked players so you can keep playing sweet look at my reject team managers

Eyes are totally gone now the other reason I let all these people just randomly join my team Kim keeps crashing every time I try to add people and really these idiots can’t be any worse than the last guy man if I’d known it’d be this easy I would have gone ahead and

Just not made players and now is the time for me to move them to a new house because we’ve hit our follower cap so luxury apartment it is there we go that’s the perfect room we suck I also figured out how to change their uniforms and I’m glad to see that they’re all

Wearing it it’s got let’s game without colors except for the spray-painted we suck in the middle like how unpronounce is logo in his office more good news looks like they’ve upgraded their palette as well two liter bottles of bargain soda what might be a burrito and fries the eSports meal of choice also

Guys I don’t know if you know this but you forgot to put the milk away and just like that we’re at the top of the leaderboards having conquered gold league with again zero defeats and with our victory we might as well move on to the mansion

Oh boy look how fancy this is I didn’t realize we were Tony Stark now this is where they do their blow this is where they know they suck this is the other place they know they suck and probably my favorite part of this is people still

Have to share rooms but at least now the scouting room looks like we’re doing stocks and stuff but you know just cuz we have a sweet new pad doesn’t mean we need to be taking matches might as well skip them like normal I see you’re back to eating the green sludge and what

Looks like either a pile of eggs still in their shells or maybe marshmallows fun fact I had to beat gold League like three or four times because you need to have a certain number of followers I just didn’t have them also got our people fancy new shirts feel like that

Looks pretty good fYI he’s the stupid one why this guy looks so different from his little thumbnail into this dude okay let’s see what’s different about Platinum League not much as it turns out same deal as before except now I’m in Diamond League and because we’re getting

Up in the ranks we’re gonna also upgrade to the space mansion okay really this is what we live on now not everything looks so much more majestic now doesn’t it but we suck really pops they also design new shirts it’s Johnny hot body riding a bear into

That guy’s armpit I’m so confused where everything is I am pleased to see though that we suck is in more places looks especially good right here we suck headquarters yep just hanging out two finger typing on my space technology so for a brief second I was like maybe I

Will hire some new talent cool let’s go over here and it’s like they’re booked for negative five seasons what does that mean you can’t send a player who’s retiring when the actual contract ends but why are you here then basically what I’ve learned is literally everybody is

Quitting after this season I guess I can’t actually hire anybody yeah turns out not so much changes there either it’s pretty much just win eleven get a bunch of money be promoted to Dragon League but let’s see if Pro League is any different here we are final match of the season and I

Managed to activate that bug where I just skip the match I’m so curious what happens now according to the calendar we did in fact win and it looks like the rest of our month is free well I didn’t take long the game just froze I reloaded the game certain elements are now in

Spanish you’re fighting a team name with no picture this match doesn’t appear to be on the docket so I guess instead we’ll just work on hype that match counter of two days four hours doesn’t appear to actually ever go down it’s a new month now and just full of freedom

And opportunities oK we’ve been stuck in the Phantom Zone for a couple of months now let’s see how things are going literally everybody has some level of neurosis going on most of our equipment is basically broken we still have not fought this mysterious foe the calendar

Is still a blank slate and I think it’s fair to say that we still suck so I guess that’s what pro league gets you just get stuck in your like Avengers hover carrier forever so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna call up our old friends karate masters I’m gonna

Schedule a meeting and we’re gonna flee while we still can but at least this team has tons of hype 51 million followers and a space station all their own so that’s the eSports life for you I hope you had fun I know I did poor for these lost souls that are stuck on

The space station forever and I’ll see you next time

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