I Trolled Hackers In Creative Fills…

I Trolled Hackers In Creative Fills...

#Trolled #Hackers #Creative #Fills..

Today i trolled hackers to save creative fills i built a control room that can turn off four times sam and chainbot turn hackers into defaults or do literally anything else that will make them rage quick yo hello anyone got a mic I’m going to pretend that i don’t know how they got the hacks how do you even get the hat i’m just i don’t His videos are cracked oh my god that part might be did that guy just call me chisel yeah this guy’s the hacks on too yo galaxy skin are you invincible stop the cap oh so you’re hacking no how you do that glitch yeah i see skin i wanna do it

Dude everybody in here has the a bar all right we’re gonna sneak into the control room here we go ultimate control room first we’re gonna set them in one hp Wait is everyone else is this one of you hackers i’m getting lasered and i’m on hp i’m pretty sure it’s the galaxy yeah that galaxy skin was invincible invincible oh okay who’s hacking there’s a real hacker in here it’s invisible it’s invisible it’s invisible yeah there’s an invisible dude

What the heck they actually think there’s an invisible hacker in where are these shots here from it’s like coming from the galaxy wall or something if you look at the most elimination probably who it is s-i-d-l it has to be s-i-v-o no they’re hacking reports we’re gonna

Take it up another notch we’re going to make everybody super slow so they all have to default they just removed all my weapons well they’re slow i’m going to start throwing boogie bombs and air strikes down oh okay yo where are these boogie bombs coming from it’s literally

I started a storm get ready for airstrike rain they’re super slow there’s a storm and there’s airstrikes oh my god i’m about to leave the game it has to be david danny 7-7 they’re accusing a random guy we’re going to bring them to the turret interrogation room wait what the heck where this

Burgers this is the guy that was using hacks in the start and he wouldn’t tell me how to get them yo galaxy skin who’s your favorite music artist baby all right what’s your favorite the baby song um if you sing a little bit of bob off for you from this chamber

Yo anyone got a mic yo what skin are you bro if he doesn’t have a mic yo yo why’d you be me to this guy wait does this guy have the aimbot on him wait man delorean you’re hockey i’m going to pretend i don’t know how this mandalorian has hatched even though

I built the map no mandalorian you’re hacking bro how do you have that i don’t know what they’re teaming on the bar come on how did you get that i don’t know i’m not going to tell you stop bullying that kid why using hacks on him

Fire how do you have those hacks i’m not gonna tell you you’re not gonna tell me all right that’s cool let’s see how that goes we’re gonna start right away first we’re gonna send everyone down there to one hp and clear their inventories oh you race mike

I know i have no guns i don’t have no guns oh my god oh you’re tuple you’re a youtuber you sound like i’m a youtuber a youtuber yeah you sound like it wait i subscribe to your channel i’m going to make everyone down there super slow

Look at him he can barely move like can somebody stop this why easy hacks on him look he’s trying to walk to the airport room down there who’s doing this bro why are we all so slow i mean you’re not wrong don’t kill me don’t kill me don’t call me something

Like that’s going to kill him them or you actually pulled like slow oh me yeah no not me you were the one that had aimbot at the start i think it’s you doing this no since i killed amanda lauren he lost his aimbots so he’s gonna try and go

Back to the hacking room to get it back so what i’m going to do is i’m going to despawn the four times damage power up in that room yo mandalorian isn’t the aimbot supposed to be right back there yeah did you take it is somebody hacking this map is it you no

I’m gonna hit this fake warning countdown don’t kill me i subscribe i just described you don’t kill me because i subscribe don’t care stop the storm i’m gonna throw airstrikes down no this is what you get for trolling that bot at the start of the game yo yo is

That curious we’re gonna take revenge on the guys that were pulling you with the aimbot at the start yo the bot is in this room i can’t see press this one right here get in the turret get him zach get the mandalorian that’s the guy

What is that just the aimbot glow on two Wait you’re hacking yeah wait how are you hacking me no no i don’t want hacks i don’t want to get banned these are all the people that are hacking oh so the whole lobby’s hacking do you want a hacker not no no i think i’ll pass on the hackie i

Smell chat this is so perfect i made this controller in the troll lobbies of hackers just like this it’s fun i’m gonna set this whole lobby of hackers to one hp and it’s gonna clear their inventory oh you’re on one health too i’m getting killed in one shot

Oh my god i have to hack again i can’t take this look this guy knows him in the galaxy i have a plan this guy knows i’m the burger skin since i told him at the start so i’m going to switch my skin and my skin

Bro do you see that flying llama i don’t use the four times damage against me when i’m the one who made it yo hello anyone going to mind what oh you’re the jelly wait why are you blowing pink oh no are you hacking i got a dude i think there’s an invisible hacker

In here wrong what’s that bullet just came under me what look i’m gonna build a score and then he’s gonna like shoot me through that number one i’ma build a square what happened there is a hacker there’s a hacker yeah you cannot just know what happened like rockets came bro

I think the invisible hacker left yeah The hacker is 99 kills yeah oh me yeah i just been popping off i’m not hacking though bro where is this hacker hiding just like shoot in the mid-air he’s just shooting at random galaxy thingies please drop a like and subscribe it helps me out a ton

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