IBM Unveils Groundbreaking Quantum Computing System I Fortune

IBM Unveils Groundbreaking Quantum Computing System I Fortune

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My name is Bob Suter I work at IBM research and I’m the vice president for quantum computing strategy and ecosystem that is IBM q quantum computing uses a radically new type of computing really from the ground up that we hope will be able to solve some problems that will be

Completely intractable for classical computers like your laptop or your smartphone we’re sitting here today in IBM research headquarters we have more quantum computers here than the entire rest of the world combined we really run the gamut from wearing about the fundamental science and engineering of the chip to thinking

About the best way these integrated systems will work with clients and the workflows they have today the most essential part of the quantum computer that chip is maybe one thousand four one ten thousandth the size of everything else that you have to build there’s the enclosure there’s the refrigeration there’s the

Quality of the electronics there’s how you make it available on the internet quantum computers are extremely sensitive and are prone to interference of really any sort of type if I were to raise the temperature too much or even if I were just to shake it it would affect the electronics feeding into the

Chip itself and cause a little bit of instability in how we program those devices we don’t just think about one quantum computer in isolation what would it look like to put a series of quantum computers into what used to be called the data center but I’ll call a quantum

Computation center how do we make those quantum computers work together with the systems they already have or may be using on the cloud as well so what we’re announcing today is an integrated system that is state-of-the-art in every way regarding its infrastructure in terms of the quality of the chip it’s a fourth

Generation twenty cubits chip the quality of the electronics the quality of the refrigeration and the way it would possibly integrate into a future quantum mutation center when you approach this quantum computer first you see this very large elegant 9 foot by nine foot glass you see the actual quantum computer the cryostat

In the middle inside there it gets extremely cold and we bring it down close to absolute zero when you put a quantum computer out on let’s say the cloud you want consistency and consistency goes from the chip but all the way up to the environment in which

The quantum computer is held so we have maximized all elements of the quantum computing system within that glass case when we conceived the idea for this new integrated quantum computing system we knew we had to go to industrial designers we could handle the technology but we wanted state-of-the-art design to

Complement the actual hardware that we are creating so one example is the glass system we went to go peon in Milan to design this go beyond design the cases that surround the Mona Lisa as well as the crown jewels in London this is 1/2 inch borrow silicate glass it is built

Within a tolerance of 1 millimeter when it closes the entire error system the temperature control system leads to a far more stable operating system the outer frame is completely separate from the inner frame why do we do that reduce vibration that glass reduces any sort of temperature changes if someone opens the

Door or there’s any sort of radio frequency interference noise that that’s coming through the room as well and so we have taken all the separate components which we have individually optimized from a technological perspective and from a design perspective instead of taking days or weeks to bring a system down bring it

Back up we can now do it in our iBM has long been interested in design in the late 1950s we commissioned Eliot Noyes who was a well-known designer to really look around at the products that IBM was creating to make them beautiful but make them highly functional there

Was a belief that really good really elegant design could build upon really excellent technology as well if we look back to those early 1960s we see beautiful shots the systems the design the colors the dimensions really led I think to the acceptance and the growth of IBM mainframes IBM 360

Computer seven at that time and I think that’s really a hallmark of what we’re doing in IBM q the best technology that people will want to use want to learn more about today we are in the quantum ready phase so I want to be very careful about saying this

There is nothing today you can do on a quantum computer that you can’t otherwise do on a classical computer but because quantum computing is very new and very different we have to educate people people have to get in there and learn about this entirely new programming model

Now we estimate about three to five years we will move to what we call quantum advantage and that’s a time when we can say right here this industry quantum computing can do significantly better than what we know how to do classically I think this new system because new integrated system is going

To really be the blueprint for a lot of what we do in this next phase of being quantum reading and preparing to show real quantum advantage every quantum computing system that we built is better than the last but this we think is going to be an architecture that carries us

Through the next few years

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