India 2nd most sleep deprived: Fix your sleep habits.


We at [company name] understand the importance of quality sleep and its impact on overall well-being. Reports indicate that India ranks second, after Japan, in terms of sleep-deprived countries. Experts recommend a minimum of seven hours of sleep to maintain optimal health. However, the impact of lack of sleep goes beyond just feeling tired. Sleep deprivation affects our mental and physical health, causing fatigue, headaches, and mood swings, to name a few.

According to Dr. Harish Shetty, MD-Psychiatry, MBBS-Psychiatrist, sleep plays a paramount role in our day-to-day life, influencing our capacity for learning, memory, and emotional equilibrium. Our brain processes and consolidates data into long-term memories while we sleep, making quality sleep critical to our brain’s ability to function at its best capability.

As we understand the importance of sleep, it’s vital to understand the signs of sleep deprivation. Dr. Joy Desai, MBBS MD – General Medicine, DNB – Neurology – Neurologist, highlights that our sleep cycle communicates closely with our immune system. When we sleep, our immune system releases vital infection-fighting cytokines and antibodies, which are produced less when we do not get quality sleep, leading to constant sickness. Other signs of sleep deprivation may include agitation, difficulty concentrating, and constant tiredness.

Quality sleep has three key elements – duration, continuity, and depth. Unfortunately, some common habits contribute to poor sleep quality, including frequent screen-time, napping irregularly, and not ensuring a sleep-wake schedule. From normalizing short naps to overcompensating for sleep during the holidays, these habits may negatively impact our health. Approximately 54% of people in India with occasional sleeplessness cite digital and social media habits contributing to poor sleep routines.

The Great Indian Sleep Scorecard survey by Wakefit reveals that 87% of Indians use their phones before bed, contributing significantly to the country’s abject sleep problem. Additionally, the survey found that 67% of women feel sleepier during work hours than men, with this year seeing a 21% increase in people feeling sleepy during work hours compared to last year.

At [company name], we recognize the need for quality sleep and have highlighted Dr. Jitendra Varshney’s guidelines to achieve it. Finding a sleep schedule and sticking to it is one of the best ways to improve sleep quality, with regular routines positively impacting our body’s ability to fall asleep. It is essential to eliminate caffeine by 2:00 pm, ensuring that it does not rob you of both quality and quantity sleep. Similarly, stopping alcohol within three hours of bedtime ensures that an enjoyable glass of wine or two at dinner does not impact stages of physically restorative sleep. Although daily exercise is beneficial, excessive physical activity close to bedtime may make it difficult to fall asleep, with studies indicating that 15 minutes of sunlight each morning helps reset the circadian clock.

Taking a non-addictive melatonin sleep supplement or steam inhalation with mint leaves and ajwain decocted water can also support a good night’s rest. Digital devices at night are known to suppress melatonin, the key body substance for regulating sleep. Approximately 80% of melatonin is produced and secreted by our body at night to help us fall asleep, with just two hours of device usage reducing up to 40% of melatonin production, making it harder to fall asleep.

In conclusion, quality sleep is critical for overall health, and following Dr. Jitendra Varshney’s guidelines – finding and sticking to a sleep schedule, eliminating caffeine and alcohol at appropriate times, and exercising regularly while avoiding excessive physical activity close to bedtime, can significantly impact sleep quality. Additionally, considering non-addictive melatonin supplements and avoiding digital device usage at night may also help improve sleep quality. At [company name], we value quality sleep, and we hope these guidelines will benefit you in achieving a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.#India #sleep #deprived #country #fix #sleep #habits

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