India’s Infrastructure Problem

India's Infrastructure Problem

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This is New Delhi, the capital of India. The city  has faced an uphill battle with public transit,   traffic congestion and a weak power  grid throughout the past few decades.   And these problems can be seen across  multiple cities throughout the country. So,  

The Indian government set out to create a trillion  dollar plan to fix the cities, But is it really   possible to solve these problems, and how will  the government turn expectations into a reality? A major problem in Delhi is the lack of public  transit. With a population of over 30 million  

People, the city’s transportation system is  being pushed to its capacity, as more than   70% of the population uses the system. With  so many vehicles traveling across the city,   the capital is also known for having some of  the worst air quality of any city in the world.  

Just recently in November of 2021, Delhi  recorded its worst air quality in over 5 years.   It’s obvious that the city is facing many major  problems that will not be very easy to solve. But   even as Delhi suffers from issues with air quality  and public transit, some of India’s smaller cities  

Have been able to balance it out, even with large  populations. The city of Bagnaglore is the center   of India’s high tech industry, and has been  able to offer a luxurious, modern lifestyle for   its residents. But the overall goal is for all  cities in India to be able to do this, and not  

Just the ones who cater to a luxurious lifestyle  the general population cannot afford. And this is   where the government has decided to step in with  the right resources to solve these problems.   After understanding the problems that  Delhi and other cities in India are facing,  

The government has finally made a plan to solve  most of these problems with something calle   envisioning India 2030. THis bold plan breaks down  every problem that the cities access the co9untry   are facing, and explains how the government  will aim to fix them. The 100 page plan features  

Everything from healthcare, to renewable  energy, and aims to accomplish everything by   2030. But realistically, what is the rate of each  country as a whole? India aims to be one of the   biggest worldwide economies by 2025, and operate  at a $5 trillion dollar GDP . As of right now,  

India;s gdp stands at less than 3 trillion  dollars, so they have a long way to go.   But the government believes that the  investments they are making into infrastructure,   and renewable energy will result in their GDP  steadily rising throughout the next few years.  

With the 2025 gosal being just 3 years away at  this point, India’s GDP will have to grow by a   substantial rate over the next three years to  reach their goal by 2025. WHile the government   hopes to nearly double its GDP by 2025, the  renewable energy projects in this plan will  

Not be completed until 2030. Projects such  as the Indian power industry will take more   time to develop and executive this plan. And  most importantly, India will invest a large   amount of money into their public transportation  system. One of the biggest projects is something  

Called the National Rail Plan. This plan aims  to reform India’s current railway system, and   make railways more efficient and sustainable. The  improvements to the rail system will benefit both   the population and economy serving as a line for  freight trains and passenger trains. In addition  

To all these improvements in the 2030 plan, The  government also hopes to improve their power grid.   According to reports from statistica, power  outages occur multiple times a day in both rural   and urban communities throughout the country.  The study was taken between 2019 and 2020,  

And it helps show the need for major  improvements in the power supply line.   Earlier this year, New Delhi announced that they  had approved a plan to invest 1.6 billion dollars   into the power grid and into renewable energy  projects. The first improvements will be completed  

Sometime this year with the entire project  slated for completion within the next 5 years.  The government has finally set the groundwork  for these cities to thrive in the future,   and this new plan aims to tackle some of the   major problems these cities have  been facing for a very long time.  

From public transit, to renewable energy, the 2030  plan will be a staple in the country’s history,   and will be looked at as a necessary step to  sporting a larger population in years afterward . And India is just one of many other countries  developing 2030 and 2040 plans that will allow  

Them to be sustainable for the future. Therefore,  they are investing trillions of dollars to   accomplish most of the goals they have set  out in their plans. By 2040, cities across   the globe will be more sustainable than ever, and  overcome the infrastructure environmental problems  

They are currently facing. Hopefully you enjoyed  the video, and if you did be sure to subscribe.

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