Insanity: A Jeff the Killer Fanfiction

Insanity: A Jeff the Killer Fanfiction

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So we are living in the Golden Age of creepypasta it started with all these horror stories just getting circulated around the internet but then you could see particular characters rising to prominence among people who are nerdy about these kind of things they’re sort of a Canon like an Avengers an expanded

Universe of creepypasta characters skulking around out there the one everybody knows this Slender Man but I believe the next most prominent creepypasta character is Jeff the killer I was the most convinced of Jeff the killer’s importance when I saw that he had a spirit Halloween store costume last year the key difference is

Slenderman rose to prominence because people felt inspired by this creepy image to make up their own mythos and make their own fan films or found-footage youtube series or indie video games and Jeff the killer rose to prominence entirely because a lot of goth tween girls wanted to date him if

You’re not familiar with Jeff the killer basically crash course he’s like a teenage serial killer and he wears a hoodie I think the original story circulated with this like photoshopped image that was supposed to look sort of creepy and the original story specified that he had stunk in black eyes and

Scraggly black hair and pale white skin and one of those scary cut-open Glasgow smiles like the Joker has but the key thing to take away from Jeff the killer’s back story is that he was bleed Jeff the killer is only a creepypasta monster because he’s very sad and you

Can change him it wasn’t a big leap for tween girls to translate those sunken black eyes into guyliner and the scraggly black hair into like a scene haircut the pale skin is just pale skin and the scary smile is still there it just kind of makes him look edgy so

Despite no one really finding him scary Jeff the killer found his way into the pantheon of creepypasta monsters kind of just by virtue of having a lot of anime fan art drawn of him and a lot of fiction we look this is insanity a Jeff the killer story by nation Nicole

Nicholson no relation and you can already see in the beautiful cover that inconsistency in the fan art I was talking about this is my favorite kind of fan fiction the kind they could buy is a physical book I thought we could read it together here today let’s jump

Right in Chapter one begins as our main character Naomi is preparing to go to summer camp you’ll have fun than you owe me well I’m said you might even meet someone there but who I always get this feeling when something bad is about to happen

I got that feeling on the way to camp and something usually always does happen last time it happened I cut my hand open while slicing lemons and limes for juice I still have the scar well let’s hope whatever happens at camp it’s not as serious that we got there and I got my

Stuff out of the car and went to find out where my cabin was on the way there I passed a kid who looks my age as I walked by him that feeling got stronger but I dismissed it I stopped and looked at him he had a white hoodie on he also

Had short brown hair okay it’s not Jeff she puts her stuff in her cabin and decides to go on a walk while listening to music and bumps into the kid again my name is Jeff I was wrong it’s Jeff I was foolish to think they would introduce

Someone else on the first page that wasn’t Jeff the killer I noticed earlier you were staring at me why I was staring because you’re wearing a hoodie during the summer it’s the way I dress Jeff said no not really what does she mean not really I mean

Apparently it is the way he dresses because he’s dressed that way a girl with blond hair and green eyes walked past us she had on a pink shirt a pink skirt and pink flip-flops I think this girl likes pink I said she said it out loud

Now I’m not psychic but I think in a book where the heroes are all emo a girl and this much pink is not gonna be good news she looked over and saw Jeff hi my future husband Jesse okay she’s a romantic rival bad news confirmed the girl the pink is named Mallory which

Definitely sounds like a mean girl named Jeffy don’t pay attention to her I’m so much better than that well you got to give it to Mallory she can really put those subtle digs into the conversation she knows I’m better than her I’m richer smarter more popular and I’m much prettier

Oh they’re dropping some Jess perspective on us some / jeff- I knew that last comment pushed Naomi over the edge then I saw it Mallory had hidden a knife in her skirt pocket I felt that this this escalated in a way I was not anticipating I didn’t

Know what to do and then I got this weird feeling I felt dizzy and dropped to my knees my vision clouded Mallory grabbed the knife and twirled it you see I can make you beautiful if you let me I blacked out two more screams I woke up

And Mallory and Naomi were gone there was some blood on the ground I got up these feelings keep getting worse and worse okay so he’s having the same feelings of something bad about to happen that Naomi gets I hope when he was unconscious Naomi didn’t cut herself

Mickey lemon and lime juice so Geoff overhears Mallory telling the story of what happened to her friend Sally and according to Mallory naomi was the one that had a knife she’s lying about it and she says that she disarmed Naomi and then cut naomi with her own knife that

Story is definitely gonna fly with the counselor so did you kill her Sally asked what kind of camp of course not I just merely scared her I guess I don’t need this knife anymore famous last words Malory I looked up and saw Naomi on one of the tree limbs that

Looked over the lake I was worried Mallory had done something really bad to you while she did just look she showed me her arm and it was all bandaged up so was her leg she also cut my back in my waist she said where are the adults this

Camp that girl needs to go to therapy or something I said or Jail she needs more than therapy Naomi said I’ve known her my whole life whites blondes are she said I want revenge but my mom always says revenge is never the answer if you want I could talk to Malory for

You I would be concerned about this we don’t know if Geoff is a serial killer yet but he’s going to be at some point thanks I would hug you but I would bring more pain to my wounds we should get back I said on the way back Naomi

Surprised me with a question so Geoff do you like Mallory um quite a loaded question I think given the events of the afternoon Geoff says he doesn’t like her I don’t know what other answer could be expected of him they part ways Naomi remarks that Geoff

Looks a little pale do you think she looks like like that level of pale Naomi’s perspective i sat in the sand and pulled my phone out I had a text from my mom it said hi honey how’s camp well I have good news and bad news have

You met that someone yet does she mean a boy I’m confused as to why this is even a co-ed camp or like is it even a co-ed camp like is Geoff a camper did he just show up here they have done no structured camp activities they haven’t

Gone to the mess hall or gone on a hike do you just like turn these kids loose with a bunch of knives in some cabins by a lake and be like don’t kill each other I walked slowly back to the main camp site it started to sprinkle and then it

Went into a downpour hi Naomi I haven’t seen you all day where have you been Katie asked who’s Katie you’re going to have to tell him sometime Katie said tell who what now tell Jeff that you like him wait how does Katie know Jeff the cabin door opened and two other

Girls came in Jemez and Lacey okay these are just her cabin mates I guess her cabin mates are awesome friends it turns out they brought Naomi back some banana pudding and a large chocolate brownie so all is well I plugged my headphones into my phone and turned on Katy Perry’s Dark

Horse I listened and read they do have a counselor her name is Kayla and she brings hot biscuits with honey for Naomi everyone’s just bringing her food thanks Kayla I no problem you must have been really hungry because I didn’t see you at dinner I didn’t come look for you I hope

You weren’t getting stabbed or anything oh I was at the nurses cabin getting some wounds taken care of I showed her my arm Oh what happened I cut my arm on a rock I lied why doesn’t she just tell someone that Mallory attacked her with a knife I

Mean yes it sounds crazy and yet it happened I went back to reading and listening to my music everybody’s fooled by Evanescence came on I thought this describes Mallory so much burn Naomi goes to sleep and then she has a nightmare that she walks around the camp and then goes into

Mallory’s cabin and Mallory and all of her roommates have been murdered and she sees Geoff there with a knife where is everybody I yelled he turned and looked at me and said I talked to Mallory and her friends for you he held up a knife

It was the knife Mallory used to cut me I used this to talk to her yeah Geoff we understood that with the first quip you didn’t need to like spell it out Naomi wakes up from her nightmare to the sound of a scream in real life Geoff’s

Perspective I was in Mallory’s cabin I had killed all her friends okay I guess we’re doing this I held the knife up she looked up isn’t that the knife I used to cut your friend open maybe don’t remind him of that right now Mallory I laughed maniacally of course it is now

I’m going to kill you with it he really needs to work on like his witty comebacks I stabbed her in the chest and whispered in her ear go to sleep I forgot that’s a Jeff the killer thing he says called asleep and it’s supposed to be clever the cabin door slowly opened

And a girl walked in and shined a light around the cabin whoever was in the cabin looked at Mallory’s body and screamed this can’t be happening it was Naomi she dropped the flashlight I really hope you didn’t do this Jeff she’s just saying that like to herself

But like it’s kind of a resigned reaction to finding a cabin full of like seven dead bodies of your peers she just kind of throws her hands up like better not have been Jeff I’m going to have to ask him tomorrow I guess yeah this isn’t

An urgent matter so Jeff just goes and takes a shower and then falls asleep his roommate wakes him up he walks around to the lake to find Naomi and he sees her and she’s singing to herself you have a very nice voice I said it she didn’t

Look too happy to see me and I was afraid I knew why I think he might be right on that one Naomi says so have you heard about what happened to Mallory and her cabin no what happened she and her whole cabin were murdered last night I acted surprised who would do something

Like that yeah so the camp is happiness leave early they don’t want anyone else dying Naomi’s phone rang plane Kingdom Hearts hi mom camp is happiness leave early you know no reason Naomi looked at her phone inside I wonder what could have caused this to happen to them she said well I

Said sometimes people like that deserve to die he’s not playing his cards very well I wonder if they will be serving lunch before we leave I said I don’t think so they want everyone out of the camp as soon as possible because of the killings they’re shutting this place

Down now that was quick I like how an entire cabin of campers were murdered by a killer who’s still seemingly at large and they’re just allowing the kids to wander the grounds by themselves that they apparently hadn’t called Naomi’s mom yet they were just like camps over find your own way home kids

No one even woke Jeff up this morning his roommate had to do it and his roommate didn’t see fit to mention the murders back – Naomi’s perspective she wakes up in her room at home when I heard a window break then all I heard was a scream I walked slowly into the

Room and heard someone singing what sounded like the song awoken by wooden toaster and hate feed it sounds like this highly specific song but I’m not sure it could be something else she sees the dead bodies of her family and Jeff the killer but it’s not the Jeff the

Killer she knows he has his scary white face and blood-stained hoodie and black rimmed eyes hello Naomi I hope you don’t mind me barging in and killing your family unfortunately it was just another dream unfortunately Naomi’s last murder dream did come true immediately after but her

Mom is here she picks them up from camp she’s giving him Jeff a ride home too so that’s really nice and she gets them Arby’s I banged my head against the car window ouch Jeff laughed you laugh at people getting hurt – how charming oh yeah it’s funniest I’m not the one getting

Hurt he laughed more I laugh at my mom all the time when she chokes we both laughed how often is your mom choking Naomi I wonder if this whole killing thing will be on the news mom said it might big things like killings and stuff

Always end up on the news I say it’s a very profound observation so they exchanged phone numbers and then they drop Jeff off at his house but it turns out that Jeff’s house is in the same neighborhood as Naomi’s like they’re just neighbors I don’t know what the

Point was and having them go to camp to meet it also turns out they go to the same school okay for the record every time Naomi eats in this story we get to hear what it is and she’s eaten a lot for like this many pages um so she’s

Home with her family and they make her spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread in case you were curious she exchanges some flirtatious texts with Jeff and then goes downstairs to join her family I walked downstairs and sat on the couch and turned on the news there has been a recent discovery of the

Cabin of girls found dead this morning at the camp known as camp ivy i sat there intrigued by what I was hearing and here we have Mallory’s mother a victim of this terrible crime firstly it’s getting too real yeah I get that she was the mean generic bully character

But this dead girl has a mother who loved her secondly I like that on the news report her name is just Mallory everyone just has first names because this was written by a child my sweet girl never had any enemies except for that one girl who lives next door to us own

Naomi there was a knock at the front door I walked and opened the front door and see a bunch of news cameras and flashing lights wait so this was a live broadcast and it was happening on her front lawn see just look at her that’s the face of a murderer

I heard Mallory’s mom yell a camera was pushed in my face tell us did you kill the beauty queen Mallory no I didn’t kill anyone yeah sure I hated that girl’s guts but you should know she’s not as sweet and nice as you all think oh girl just throwing this

Dead girl under the bus in front of her mom also not helping your case I’ve rolled up my sleeves on my shirt and rolled my shirt up to the side okay so she’s like hitching it up and okay these cuts are proof that Mallory isn’t the

Sweet and innocent girl you think she is she nearly killed me with her pink sparkly knife her knife whose pink also in defense of the news crew I thought it was super invasive that they just rolled up to her house but like they’ve yielded a pretty juicy story from this so the

Cameras turned to Mallory’s mother is this true did your daughter have a pink sparkly not if she did yes but wait a second Mallory’s mom knew about the knife you heard it here folks the beauty queen Mallory was really a monster in disguise wow that it’s easy to rally

These news people to your side I walked back into the house and slammed the front door shut stupid reporters this is why I don’t watch the news you were just watching the news that’s how you knew never mind okay so she pretty much won that confrontation I liked how much of a

Horrible wish fulfillment this is that the clearly in the wrong preppie bully girl who likes to wear pink was murdered and then also Naomi got to slander her name after her death to her own mother Naomi go take a bath and head for bed my mom called from her room that she I

Guess didn’t leave the entire time that like ten different news stations were on her front lawn shouting that her daughter was a murderer okay we are back to Jeff’s perspective and it’s the next day and it’s for school and I guess he has a little brother named Lou hey guys I turned

Around to see Naomi standing there holding a skateboard hey you ride a skateboard I asked she probably does yeah three guys jumped over the fence on skateboards one of them was skinny as a twig one was huge and the other was just normal-sized and had on a hat wow it’s like I’m there

These descriptions just leap off the page I’m Randy that’s Troy Randy pointed to the fat kid and he’s Keith he pointed to the skinny kid there’s a little bus fee for new kids around here if you know what I mean so you can give us your

Money willingly or we can beat it out of you Keith said it’s hard to tell but I think these guys might be the bullies it looks like we’ll have to do this the hard way Randy said Keith and Troy pulled knives out all these kids have Knights I got that strange feeling again

As Troy came at me with the knife danger but where is this sixth sense just the ability to sense that you’re about to be cut with knives I rolled out of the way and picked up the knife Troy had dropped and stabbed him in the arms and legs

Okay so Jeff manages to fight off the bullies and the three of them run back to Jeff’s house this is super important while they’re hiding in the house they order a pizza and breadsticks just in case you were wondering with a Jeff also starts calling Naomi nail

Prints that way like like Mayo Jeff goes to retrieve the pizza and walks back to his room to the sound of singing wow how long have you been sitting there Naomi looked really surprised I’ve been here through half the song I said and smiled you have a great voice could you

Close your eyes for me I asked is he goodness they go to sleep I sighed I have to do it sometime today I thought I leaned my head in and kissed her on the lips the passion jeff and naomi both say I like you to each other it’s getting pretty serious

Naomi gets a call from her mom and says she has to go home and take care of something I’m sure it’s safe out there yeah she’s just nonchalantly good walk out the door and then Jeff’s like do you want me to come with you and she’s like yeah okay I guess just

Unafraid of the gang of weapon wielding thugs outside I stopped and turned around to come face-to-face with Randy okay I know I just said it was dangerous to go outside but like if you’re looking at it from a realistic perspective it’s also weird that Randy has still been

Outside this entire time like was he just crouched in the bushes watching the pizza guy go up to the door like they ordered a pizza Naomi punches Randy she breaks his nose but Keith and Troy are there too so they start chasing them naomi and Jeff start

Running – Naomi’s house as fast as they can I looked back jeez for a tub of lard that kid Troy can run fast I just these emo fantasy stories are always very holier-than-thou about how preps are the meanest and they’re bullies and they call the main characters ugly but

They’re not ugly but then they’ll write in a mean bully character who’s like a fat kid and then it’s open season you can say whatever you want about this fictional kid who you chose to make fat like do they not see the double standard here I mean they could at least refer to

Them as rubenesque it’s a lot less hurtful Naomi’s perspective dad get your good not yelled why does her dad have a gun I mean I guess this town’s like the Wild West you gotta have a gun my mom came running in Naomi what in the world is

Going on bullies were chasing us so I thought I’d teach them a lesson and have dad run them off with his gun your dad isn’t here right now he’s on a trip I like how that’s the only flaw in this plan like well Naomi I’d be all for it

But your father’s not here right now well shoot wait I know I ran and got my BB gun from the back door Pumped it a few times for extra power and walked back to the front naomi has a gun too this is just an idyllic upper middle-class neighborhood where

Everybody’s got a knife and a gun so she shoots in the direction of the bullies and it scares them off and they run away and then they’re like okay time to go back to Jeff’s house his parents might be home soon it’s like is there no one that can drive

You can’t you see that there’s a strong correlation between walking from one house to the next and get him attacked by bullies with knives we heard sirens and saw a cop car drive by lights flashing I wonder where they’re headed in such a hurry Jeff said I shrugged and

Rounded the corner I feel like we’re about to get some bad news okay so not what I expected it turns out that the police went to Jeff’s house to arrest Jeff I guess they heard about the encounter with the bullies this morning how Jeff stabbed them in self-defense

And so they’re here to arrest Jeff but instead Jeff’s little brother took the fall and is now going to jail I’m not confident they told us the age of Jeff’s brother but I thought he was like 11 Jeff tries to tell his mom that he was the one responsible and she like doesn’t

Believe him maybe she’s like pretending that she doesn’t believe him because his brother is younger and he’ll get the lighter sentence I mean if you want to be that mercenary with the lives of your children it does technically make more sense so Jeff goes upstairs crying and

Now this is like Naomi’s awkward first encounter with her boyfriends mom like one of her son’s just got taken away in handcuffs and her other son is like crying in his room and it’s like hi I’m Naomi first school I’m mrs. woods she took my hand and shook it could you go

Comfort Jeff for me I wanted to be happy for the birthday party for Billy tomorrow who was Billy also given the circumstances asking to get him into like a birthday party kind of mood sort of a tall order we switched to Jeff’s point of view and Naomi kisses

Him and he kisses her and that does actually cheer him up it works pretty good I have to go back home now my mom wants me rested for this kids party tomorrow I said you’re going to that – Naomi asked okay we have second two questions firstly I guess it’s not a

Question but Naomi knows he’s going because his mom told him that second I guess also not a question but he just said he had to go home and they’re at his house in his room yeah I said when we moved here the day before camp convenient the kid’s mom came over and

Asked if we could come Naomi said the little guy thinks I’m his sister or something because I always babysit for them okay and then Naomi walks outside to go home which again apparently yeah Naomi was the one that had to go home that was just a straight-up typo or

Logical inconsistency which I wouldn’t have expected from this novel also you gotta love that he’s allowing his girlfriend to walk home alone in the dark given the events of the day chapter five Naomi’s perspective I guess she did get home safely because it says i sat in the bathtub and messed with

Some bubbles and saying welcome to the show a song from the movie Equestria girls rainbow rocks I love that movie I love that song I will never judge Naomi’s taste in music again she is daydreaming while she’s in the bath that she’s in a ballroom with Jeff

And he’s in a suit would you like to dance with me he asked and smiled I took his hand I’m not a good dancer just so you know I think your dancing is as good as your singing that could be a really skilled veiled insult the next morning

My mom came upstairs and put a box on the ground what’s in the box i asked and opened it i bought it for you to wear to the party i pulled out a red dress and gasped thanks mom I said I put on the dress with my black boots and headed

Downstairs the descriptions are so detailed again it’s it’s really like I’m there isn’t this maybe an appropriate outfit for the birthday party of a little kid she babysits for I walked out and down the street three houses to the gray brick house with balloons I walked into

The backyard and saw a ton of little kids ages 5 to about 8 it’s a good thing she dressed to impress Jeff was dressed his white hoodie and black dress pants I dig ‘old what’s so funny he asked oh what you’re wearing it’s your usual hoodie and black dress

Pants I didn’t want to wear anything fancy he said why is he even wearing dress pants are they gonna hop in the bounce house in their formal attire oh snap Bailey get your friends in the house now Billy ran in the house with everyone else Randy and his duo of friends jumped

The fence it’s payback time Randy said Jeff’s point of view we’re here for your little boyfriend Randy said Randy came at me first and tackled me through the glass door shattering it he punched me in the jaw and threw me off of him I staggered back and fell I

Looked over and saw Keith and Troy with guns preventing the grownups from helping or from calling 911 when did the bullies get guns how does everyone just have weapons I picked a piece of glass off the ground it cut into my hand but I didn’t care good thing you weren’t slicing lemons in

Line so that would really hurt I threw my body at Randy knocking him over and slitting his throat with the glass stabbing him repeatedly happy birthday Billy Randy cracked a bottle of vodka vodka over my head before he fell oh I was there vodka at an eight-year-olds daytime birthday party in his backyard

The liquid tripped over my body Keith dropped the gun you’re in so much trouble now boy I ran up the stairs and into the bathroom I like that this is a full like action movie fight like they’re knocking through windows running through the house picking up props to

Hit each other with I understand the adults are being threatened by guns but honestly no one has intervened at this point Keith tackled me into the shower curtain and it fell I grabbed the rod and hit him over the head I stepped out of the shower and he punched me I hit

The medicine cabinet and a bottle of bleach fell over and opened on top of me it burned a little but I didn’t care Keith laughed he threw a lighter in my face lighting my whole body on fire this time it really did hurt yeah Jeff I looked over to see

Naomi in the doorway then I blacked out I woke up to hear the beeping of a heart monitor okay okay he’s already at the hospital well it was a quick escalation but it’s all better now I heard a woman’s voice where am i I asked you are in the hospital you suffered severe

Burns she said her bedside manner leaves something to be desired okay okay so Naomi and Lew and his mom are all there I guess Lew got out of jail all right Jeff it’s time for those bandages to come off I forgot he’s like wrapped up like like in that

Episode of The Twilight Zone his whole face is in bandages so he doesn’t know what he looks like yet and neither does anyone else there’s gonna be like some horrifying reveal of his scary face that probably looks like that picture of Jeff the killer I blinked a couple of times

To adjust to the lighting and gasped I stared at my reflection my skin was completely white and my hair had turned black I like that this is like some campy old movie where they’re doing like a face reveal to him like they’re not gonna take the bandages off and assess

Things a little they’re just like okay we’re taking off your bandages here is your Victorian hand mirror to view yourself in horror when we look at your disfigured face I stared at my reflection my skin was completely white and my hair had turned black probably

Like Oh Jeffrey it’s not so bad my mom said what are you talking about it’s perfect I love it okay I grabbed Naomi’s hand and placed it on my cheek you like it too right no I don’t like it she said with a serious look on her face what why I

Frowned I don’t like it I love it um I get that she’s doing like the cutesy fake-out thing but maybe the appropriate time to do that isn’t when your boyfriend has been disfigured by fire all right I’ll get your mom to fill out some paperwork and then you’re free

To go the nurse said I guess the bandages were the only thing that he needed in the way of care and he’s just ready to go I can’t believe everything is still intact Naomi said while playing with my hair I’ll tell you what’s not in tach

Not tactful she’s being rude is what I’m trying to say Jeff your skin feels a little like leather she said but like she’s into it oh I brought you some clothes she said and pulled away from me to grab a bag that was on the floor and

Handed it to me I opened it and pulled out a white hoodie in black dress pants I thought this stuff burned I said a little confused oh it did I just went out and bought you some new stuff thanks Naomi for reminding me by buying me the

Exact outfit I was just horrific ly attacked and then burned in this is an ensemble I’m gonna want to go back to a lot so I am willing to suspend my disbelief on his appearance which is why I’ve kind of glossed over it but like in

Case you’re like Jenny don’t you find it odd that he was burned head-to-toe and instead of his hair burning off it instead turned cool and black like a seen kids hair from from being burnt to a crisp and isn’t it odd that being covered in bleach and then burned alive

Instead of disfiguring him just bleached his skin and yes I do find it odd so okay now we’ve said it and now we can move on Naomi’s perspective I was glad Jeff was okay but something seemed a little off about him I think you can cut

Him a little slack in this case oh you should know that keith was caught but Troy got away I said thanks how can you lose a fat kid he sighed like I said they are not kind we walked into the large underground parking lot this will

Go well my vision clouded over and I got lightheaded I let go of Jeff’s hand and started to lag a little behind I tried to keep walking but it felt like my legs wouldn’t move I started to breath heavily I fell to the ground vomited a

Little blood and passed out I guess the hospital’s the best place to do that I woke up in my room with a cold rag over my head oh you’re awake my mom came in you fainted in the hospital parking lot and Jeff’s mom brought you home instead

Of to the hospital she vomited blood they were right there she took the thermometer out of my mouth and looked at it it’s ninety nine point nine two Cree’s you still have a little bit of a temperature but that doesn’t mean you can’t have visitors Jeff’s here to visit

He brought her chocolate I guess their relationship is just gonna be a constant tango of one of them doting on the other after a weird insane injury I walked out and headed downstairs into the living room and sat at the piano Jeff came down and stood behind me you play the piano

He asked yeah I used to take lessons when I was really little I picked up a piece of sheet music and put it on the stand it began playing I played vector to the heavens from the game Kingdom Hearts 358 two days wow that’s amazing I

Looked at Jeff’s face and saw he was stunned could you play something else he asked he doesn’t sound stunned of course I can I chose to play Kingdom Hearts sanctuary naomi’s like I got you I can play whatever Kingdom Hearts track you want me to Wow Jeff said I honestly have

No words to describe how amazing that was you are beyond good you’re amazing come to think of it I taught myself something on the piano once Jeff said and took my place at the piano if you know it you can sing to it I recognized the song instantly it was sweet dreams

Are made of these Sookie plays and she sings along and it’s very haunting we switched to Jeff’s perspective he ditches the piano and starts playing and Evanescence song from his iPod and he and Naomi dance Jeff she said yes Naomi you made one of my imaginations come true just like okay I

Have to go back home I put my phone and speaker in my pocket I’ll go with you she said and took my hand if you want to that’s fine with me I said if there’s one thing we know it’s that only good things come from walking home hey you

Two idiots almost cost me my life I heard someone yell behind us I turned around and saw Troy standing a few feet away from us he was holding a gun of course he was this won’t turn out so well I said oh it’ll turn out well for me but not for you guys

He said he’s a little snappier than them Hey look an ice-cream truck he looked behind him and I took off dragging Naomi behind me who I don’t see no ice-cream truck Keith said Keith I think she meant Troy and he turned around but we were gone I laughed

That’s fat guys for you I said and walked up my driveway we need to talk about this Misha I looked behind me what’s wrong I have to walk back that way I could get killed she trembled I froze an images flashed in my mind if blood everywhere

And her dead body you can stay here for a while until he leaves can either of them just call their parents and get a ride home maybe get an uber at this point I know it seems extravagant when you’re only going to street down but I

Think it might be worth it they hang out for a little bit and then they Omi’s like okay I think I’m safe to go she opened the door see you later yeah I guess sure it’s probably fine she walked out and down the street and disappeared

Around the corner it began to rain hard she was right I said and then I heard it a gunshot rang throughout the neighborhood whoa what in the world was that Lou peeked over the couch Lou sounds a little bit ash Ketcham in my head I grabbed the biggest knife I could find

In the knife drawer and ran outside in the rain it’s about to get real well what do we have here another one come for killing I presume Keith pointed the gun at me I thought they caught Keith I thought Keith was in jail well Lou got

Out quick so he shot the gun but nothing came out only a puff of smoke Keith dropped the gun and ran not so fast I threw the knife as hard as I could and it lodged itself into his head I ran into the yard and knelt in the grass

Naomi’s mom came running out I heard a gunshot and called the police in an ambulance she said convenient she looked down and cried out oh please not my little girl the ambulance pulled up and two medics jumped out of the back and put Naomi on a stretcher

You know if the authorities are this quick in this town I wish someone had like called the police at any of the occasions where it would have made sense to do so Jeff close them to the hospital and he’s very concerned but then Lou runs up to him I

Don’t know where Lou is getting this information you didn’t hear the news did you he asked I shook my head they got the bullets out it missed her heart and brain by a millimeter it’s a long wait for one bullet to travel I walked down the hall and looked into the room she

Was sitting up in the bed with a bored expression on her face oh um this is really important you guys Naomi’s mom picked them up Del Taco or something they’ve got a chicken quesadilla two tacos and two cinnamon twists looking things so I’m just I’m sure you were

Curious she took the food out of the bag and handed me my portion of stuff I ate and looked in the mirror the room do I look beautiful to you I asked without thinking what she asked I said do I look beautiful to you I mean

The way I look now I looked into her eyes yes you do I stared deeper into her eyes good you aren’t lying to me I smiled widely okay next chapter Naomi’s perspective so Naomi’s basically like that thing that he just said was odd and then that’s that’s it the chapters a

Page long there are like maybe 10 pages left we are truly in the homestretch Geoff’s perspective I walked out of the room and walked with my mom and brother to the car I heard a voice inside my head hey Jeff did you like killing Randy

And Keith I mumbled yeah I liked it a lot you also think you’re beautiful right what I nodded and whispered like I was talking to someone yeah yeah I do think that but every time I close my eyes I can’t see myself then do something about

It the voice said I nodded we drove home and I walked upstairs and flopped on the bed it was getting late I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night I feel like we’re on a roller coaster the voice was right I can’t see myself when

I sleep I snuck downstairs and rummaged around the kitchen and took out a knife and a lighter I snuck back upstairs and shut the bathroom door I licked the lighter and burned my eyelids off I cried okay in fairness I believe this is true to the legend of Jeff

The killer this was not Nisha Nicholson’s call but one would think that having such an extreme thing to build to and the whole book in which to do so you would build to it you want to just be like and then I did that I took

The knife and slid it into my mouth cutting my cheeks from ear to ear in a permanent smile blood dripped down on the sink okay now the mouth cutting thing the eyelid thing she tried real hard to think of a justification she had the little inner monologue about seeing

Yourself and being beautiful but if he already thought he was beautiful why did he cut his mouth I need answers I heard the door open and I heard someone gasp I turned around and saw my mom standing there Geoffrey what did you do I couldn’t see how beautiful I was so I

Burned my eyelids off and I cut a permanent smile into my cheek so now I can be happy all the time Doug I smiled some yeah you smiled a lot I’d imagine tell me mommy am i beautiful I asked hopefully yes you are dear let

Me just get your father so he can see how beautiful you are – she’s playing it smart I like this she ran out of the room and back to their room honey get up and get your gun Jeffy’s wait a second his dad also has a gun and could she

Have been a little more subtle mommy you lied I walked in you lied to me I held the knife and slit open her neck and stabbed my father did his father have even one line before this moment lose perspective we’ve not had to lose perspective the whole rest of the story

I was having trouble sleeping oh no just go to sleep Lou Jeff said I felt something sharp go into my chest I coughed up blood I slipped away into nothingness well thank God the child murder was granted the most detail me shaft girl do your parents know about this book now where

Shall I go next I walk down the street in the pouring rain it would actually be really funny if the bullies on skateboards showed up now I don’t think they will there’s only like three pages left so is he gonna kill they owe me like is the self insert character

Gonna just get murdered by him and then she’ll be his tragic backstory he’ll he’ll kill her but he’ll never forget her and that will be a flattering fantasy I stepped my knife in the crack and pried open the door I stepped inside I heard a quiet piano playing I walked

Toward the sound of the piano and stepped into the room hello there Jeff how are you this fine rainy night Naomi turned around aren’t you scared of me I asked oh she couldn’t be scared she loves him she shook her head of course I’m not scared of you

Why would I be she blue hair out of her face and I noticed that there was a cut along both of her eyes and a heart cut into her cheek how very Harley Quinn of you Naomi you’re like me now I said don’t you love when couples they like connect on that

Level like they both got the same vibe at the same time it’s actually kind of beautiful I heard a voice talk to me it said kill so I killed she said what did you kill I asked I want it to be like she took out an entire underground

Crime organization and she like shows him all this and he’s a little put out like like he wants to be proud of her but he’s like this makes my murderers look really tame oh my god I’m embarrassed a little emasculated to be honest she took my hand and led me to a

Room I looked and saw two figures on the bed you killed your parents like I did I said is he like a little disappointed that she like took his idea she nodded it was so fun I want to kill more people she laughed wait a second so Naomi our

Main character killed her family and it just happened off screen like her thought process was not important it’s just like I’m crazy now too we can go kill as many as we want I said I want to kill everyone who made my life miserable this is concerning okay now it looks

Like a POV switch but we’re actually switching to something that just says news report so now we’re just you know third-person this just in we have news that two teens Geoffrey and Naomi have gone missing from the same neighborhood we have police on the scene now and the

Houses are empty except for the dead fish of these teens I like again it’s just first names on the news this is like if there was a breaking news report and they’re like Scott is that large and you’re just like who one boy was lucky enough to survive one of these attacks

Did lose survived the screen switches to a boy about ten years old all so tell us can you describe these two killers for us the woman asked yes there was a teenage boy and a girl about the same age the boy had black hair and black circles

Around his eyes and a permanent smile cut into his face he had a white hoodie on the girl had two cuts on her eyes and a heart-shaped cut on her cheek she had a great hoodie on his memory is remarkable for this stressful situation oh wait a second

So if Naomi was there too then this wasn’t Lou this is a different little boy the boy told me to go to sleep before he stabbed me my dad came in with his gun his dad’s also got a gun at the last minute but the boy threw his knife

And it went into his shoulder he was killed by the teenage girl the little boy cried a little you heard it here everyone the lady said this is a very sensitive response from the news anchor it’s like just kids recounted the horrible murder of his family and she’s like folks you heard it

Here first an exclusive report the door to the news room opened hey you two can’t be in here we are shooting the latest story the lady stood up a boy and a girl stood in the doorway oh and what story would that be the girl said it’s about these two killers and

This young boy here was telling us about them read the room lady the little boy screamed we have to get out of here now I can’t you see these are the two killers I was talking about yeah they do have extremely distinctive physical attributes that he just described in

Remarkable detail the girl walked around the camera and jumped on the table in front of the little boy don’t be scared sweetie all you need is pain nice was she thinking of that one on the drive over the knife was thrust into the boy’s neck and heart like impressive Shh go to

Sleep the boy in the white hoodie slit the woman’s neck making blood go everywhere don’t worry everyone will be coming for you next and I’ll make sure to carve a heart in your cheek to show that you were loved yeah I know they’re new at this but they really have to work

On their snappy dialogue camera shutter and everything is quiet next page epilogue it’s out expelled the girl and boy have moved on and traveled to a new place to kill they enter some woods and come across a mansion at the end of the woods there is a tall man

With long arms and legs he is so tall that he blends in well with the trees welcome to the mansion of killers I imagine that Slenderman is constantly you know we have been awaiting your arrival Jef and Naomi the two killers look at each other and entered the house

Where they were met by a group of teens a little girl and a dog a boy with a mask covering his mouth walked over I’m Toby the boy said twitching I’m Sally wanna play with me the little girl asked i’m masky and that smile dog a boy with

A white mask said why does smile dog get to be part of the pantheon I’m hoody the boy in an orange hood waved a boy that looks like link from The Legend of Zelda games came over and he had brown hair and blood was dripping from his eyes my

Name is Ben he said it’s Ben drowned from the haunted Zelda creepypasta like he’s I guess when he manifests as a ghost he’s dressed like the Zelda like the Linc sprite 4 bludgeoned of Zelda I’m eyeless jack but call me EJ a boy with a blue mask that covered his eyes

Said I’m not familiar with a lot of these I dunno smile dog and Ben drowned and I’m very tickled to see them here and I am Slenderman there are other killers but they are followers of this vowel go and sometimes they may want to fight you the tall man in the suit said

So we’ve met everyone now what Jeff asked and that is the last page it’s over ok the ending was honestly the best part like the last page and a quarter made it all worth it in a way ok so I feel like there’s a lot to unpack here I feel like every tweet

Is entitled to their embarrassing fanfic like they’re young it’s not their fault what’s stupid things they’re into or what weird fantasies they have they can like a bad boy it’s fine but the sheer amount of murder in this story does disturb me especially since Naomi is

Taking an active part in it which in a way it’s kind of nice that she’s not just the passive girlfriend that she wants her character to have equal power to Jeff the killer but on the other hand I feel like she’s taking some positive energy in a very negative direction the

Fantasy of murdering both of their families who were never depicted as anything less than kind and considerate is especially insidious I know that weird kids like this they’re just gonna outgrow it this is gonna be their edgy phase and they’ll turn out totally normal kids in that awkward middle

School ballpark or at this weird age where they’re old enough that they want to like edgy things and feel grown-up and powerful and cool but they’re young enough that they still have trouble grasping things like empathy and the permanence of death murder is like this abstract thing in movies and if you

Aren’t bothered by it you’re cool and and dark and mysterious and they’re not thinking of like a human life ending so it’s creepy it’s disturbing but I guess it is a kid’s creative outlet it’s fine no harm no foul except oh yeah there was that one time those girls actually

Stabbed their friend because they didn’t have time to outgrow the phase before they decided to do an impulsive thing and it was because they wanted to go to that Slender Man mansion that Naomi goes to in this book as a reward for killing her family I mean that whole case is its

Own discussion this book was published in 2015 so I’m sure Nisha Nicole Nicholson has already moved on to writing fanfic about like I don’t know what’s popular with the young uns these days okay who’s on the front page of Wattpad Joe sugg okay and I’m willing to

Bet that 95% of Joe sugg fiction doesn’t involve murdering your family or your peers but he does probably have a creepy mansion cuz it looks like he’s a vine star yeah you know what darling but basically what I’m saying is as soon as one kid in a demographic decides to

Stab their friend with a knife to impress creepypasta characters suddenly I’m throwing some serious side eye at everyone else in that category sorry kids somebody ruined it for all of you you can’t be doing that stuff anymore pack it in and perhaps most offensively of all this story ended on a cliffhanger

Like it literally ended mid-thought with an unanswered question I mean they’re at the slender mansion kid from the haunted Zelda game is there Slenderman is a Chatty Cathy welcoming them in it honestly sounds like whatever happens next is way more interesting than anything that happened in this book so

What happens next how are we gonna know hey look You Joe Suggs okay yeah see he is eight million subscribers how is it like that that like every week I could discover five new YouTube channels I’ve never heard of before and they have like as many followers as people in a country he has a Wikipedia Oh

Oh he was in spongebob but only like okay only the British version of the spongebob movie what did they go out of their way to dub him out in the US release like somebody’s gonna be like that fish doesn’t sound American I’m completely taken out of it now but

Actually though that would be weird I don’t know if spongebob has ever had a British character yes that would take me out of it yeah but then he’d also be jarring in the British version of Spongebob like what did they dub spongebob to be British is there a whole

New world out there to discover

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