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What the fight ninjas we are inside a PC Knights part he’s passed out in the back Regina what did you do you got into a battle royale with a bunch of huggers and they did this to him oh so if you saved him Regina yeah I saved him why

Would you say PC I know he’s a bad guy yeah guys I’ll explain everything once we get to the safe house please leave us we’ll bring it behind or safe house he doesn’t remember where we live we need to keep it that way oh we’re here already as always didn’t

See the entrance and he just wakes up inside the safe house okay I think that’s blindfold him with this perfect okay we’re just bringing into the safe house we’ll use a room that we haven’t really used that much so he won’t recognize him maybe he won’t even know

Where he is yeah this guy weighs more than I thought okay okay great yeah just drag him into that room over there perfect okay night money helped mop the floor a little bit yeah yeah thanks b9 not on the chair did you do this Regina did you

Beat him up beat him up guys hey I got beat up by a bunch of hackers he took my parents we tried two different houses already I gotta make sure he doesn’t get loose puss I need to find out that information this looks so bad guys we

Have like an unconscious piece down in the house and we technically stole pz9 scar what’d the cops say this or something yeah do it to stay alive staying alive but Daniel take the camera okay weird you know why are we even trying to wake him up right now what’s

The purpose of this he has answers and I have questions I just want to get some information out of him it’s like regarding your parents yes okay so that’s pretty important oh I have an idea remember when I was passed out you try waking me up with hot cheetos my

Favorite snack that works – yeah thank you I don’t you like hockey I don’t know maybe he likes hockey too I think he definitely spicy that could wake someone up definitely they could have whiff of that whoa-oh-oh I’m awake let’s see the works breathing it’s not working I don’t know

What if he never wakes up this is really looking really poor condition okay I’ve got an idea we’ve tried this before you take some water you splash it in their face it always wakes people up right yeah okay three two one oh but did work hello

Should we just ask him mmm you know I don’t think we should I want information out of pz9 I’ll just get mad if he knows that we unmask if he wakes up unmask never tell you about your parents it’s working it’s moving wait blind guys what do we

Do young blind follow if we unblind follow who’s gonna see the same house well I know we lose yeah as long as he doesn’t look through the windows at the door we’ll be fine yeah you’ve never seen this room before so I think we can unblind fold in here I also handcuffed

Him to the chair so I think we’re good all right we’re gonna unblind pulled you got you blindfolded just stay in that chair don’t look around too much it’s bright where am I yeah we brought you somewhere you’ve never been before just fine in John we just gotta ask you a few questions

That will let you go okay damn do you remember Gina saved your life yeah yeah I helped you project circle betrayed you I beat you up and Regina saved you yes well let you go just answer some questions yeah yeah whatever I got it fine in chess I think

I got this beauty night is very very angry right now I saved his life I think he liked me most right now and if I could just stay in this room with him just me and him ask him some questions I think I’ll get some answers that way take the camera

Gosh are you sure we should leave what you alone in there with PC nah maybe we just stay really close why don’t you have the security cameras there we can watch keep him at all you’re right we just make sure nothing goes wrong okay here we go all right

There we go Regina easy 9 perfect let’s have this up at all times in case ez9 decides to battle her we just go on in there and stop it ok ok pz9 I know you took my parents why do you keep setting me on this wild goose chase first I thought my parents

Were at this apartment building and then you took them to like this abandoned house what is going on maybe I’m not the goose what does that even mean you’re not the goose you said wild goose chase I’m a human being I don’t know you’re talking about how did you save me

Anyways from all those Packers what move did you use on anything I taught you I don’t think so oh just answer the question ok silent treatment you don’t want to give me answers right now huh well then at least tell me what the heck is going on with you pz9 why did where

The hackers so mad at you what did you do well it looks like they’re kicking me out of projects or go lie though oh I don’t know because it’s an organization filled with sharks and didn’t like how I was doing these fun challenges with you guys and giving up clues and stuff about

Your past and whatnot oh that wasn’t projects or goes orders you just did that yourself yeah well thanks for the clues pz9 though or things I like you guys way more than I like projects or go do you like us how about you shut up and then it’s my turn

To ask the questions blueberry okay what’s your question all right do you remember ever taking a baby photo in a plaid shirt with your signature bear on it yeah yeah that’s one of my favorite photos I hold it very near and dear to my heart I love it so much

Projects are go stole it from me I think goodness I got it back yes that’s very scary ha ha ha that picture is near and dear to you is it not well yes it’s me as a baby there’s more to that picture I swear to Bob there’s more to the picture well

What do you mean where’s the audio Daniel we can’t hear what they’re saying there’s no audio on a security camera oh man but it looks like they’re talking about something that Regina’s sake know where she looks really taken aback by that oh it’s that picture frame why is

She studying it so hard what did he tell her about that picture it’s probably live Enid whatever he’s saying don’t trust it ok just a picture of you and you’re a kid yeah you know what it looks like she has everything under control I think she’ll be fine while we’re waiting

For her to do her job why don’t we test out the code for the state because once per day we get to test a code in the safe if we get that safe open apparently what’s in there is the thing that’s gonna destroy projects are forever the client went undercover for

Three months straight in order to get this safe yes only high-ranking project circle members are able to see the safe and I was able to take it away from them so we can try this out so we can destroy practive circle forever you guys always tell us some really good

Guesses for Fatima combination is Mason jokes says I think the code is 9 9 6 6 I’ve seen him put in that cedar code into gadgets it’s a virus pon his channel so let’s try that 9 9 6 6 and try again in one day we’re gonna get

It one day we’re gonna get yes so keep leaving comments for us which code we should try next is not 2009 2018 or 2020 it’s not a year yeah it’s not 2019 I already try that so don’t comment that again okay we’ll try another code tomorrow’s gonna pull the beast you know

What I have a great idea guys let’s barge in there and do the good cop bad cop routine me and you Chad it’s like where I pretend to be a good cop you Britain to be a bad cop so everybody in there like is mad at you but they like

Me and then they’ll tell me everything yeah yeah yeah good idea right yeah yeah I’ll be the warden let’s do this ready good cop Mac so you’re the backup you should barge in no David don’t go in there it’s invasion of privacy hey Regina I need you to get out of here

Real quickly all right so I apologize for Daniel he’s in a bad mood me and him one-on-one I got some questions for you okay I’ll take the camera hey sit down Wow Daniel acting like a bottle of sriracha yeah you’re darn right I’m sorry piece of that I apologize that

Daniels in such a bad mood just crazy he’s gonna just tell us whatever he needs to know just tell us and he’ll let you go you know just trust me oh yeah you wish pz9 oh what’s that smell you smell extra horrible today he doesn’t really mean

That pz9 he’s just in a really bad mood who peed in his Cheerios we know you captured Regina’s parents so tell us where they are right now oh the high go happen to this guy ha ha ha I’ve always been this way man I’m had enough of your

Crap just tell him what he needs to know man I don’t know what he’s gonna do he’s going crazy I don’t know what he might even hurt me I don’t know yeah you think you a were fun like this he’s playing the bad cop right now and

That’s the good cop wait why is Daniel the bad collar I don’t know why he thinks that but anyways sweetie look bad what didn’t I tell you I was so close to getting information from him and then they just busted in the room what did he try to

Tell you he did want to see a baby picture of me and he said there was more to the picture than I think did you give attempted to have it no ma’am does he have it I think so yeah we need to get that back I just don’t know

Speedy nine okay we gotta get the picture back in the room somewhere okay when we go back in there just remember that okay but let’s see what’s going on in there okay how did you guys do that so what Daniel did is he hacked the security camera inside that room so can

You do the same yes yeah that’s too bad there’s no audio though you know how I know you are the better hacker thanks me this is not going well we just barge in there and help them maybe we should be good cop bad cop yeah

Well what we do better than boys this is the last straw you don’t answer I’m gonna punch you really really hard oh no no don’t let him do that just just tell him what he needs to know it trust me last straw first of all you shouldn’t be

Using straws you should be saving than fire bits ha ha ha ha you know if pz9 you and your dumb little mask and your your stupid little nose oh actually you shouldn’t make fun of people’s noses in their physical listen I’m sorry I said I know it’s a mask

We can’t just keep up the bad cop sorry jeez I mean I I mean hey yeah busy night wha what are you doing just said like an idiot say it where is Regina’s parents yeah oh I spit all over there sorry about hey Wayne I mean now I’m not sorry

Ah I hope you like the taste of it I’m so sorry to keep spitting on you just tell them where we’re due his parents are so we stopped spinning on both of us oh okay Wow what energy you really want to know well can I use the bathroom first absolutely not

No bathroom come on it’s right there I think I couldn’t convince Daniel to let you use the bathroom let me go open that door real quick over here right here’s the bathroom just go in here wait a second PC not how did you know that this was a bathroom

Yeah I just assumed come on I mean you just got a lucky guess so you thought that was a bathroom I mean I just figured it in most bedrooms you already have the closets on this side shut up shut up already B no bathroom for you okay just answer

The question this is the peasy one that projects Fargo is looking for that’s good yeah yeah that’s good that he’s mean that yeah he’s getting into his room yeah job Daniel his tone of voice is kind of actually really scary yeah if he’s a matching easy ninth level angry

If he’s no I’m pretty sure Daniel is gonna let you know the bathroom just tell us about reaching his parents that’s all you need to do and the bathroom is all yours okay well it’s kind of a long story okay it was a couple of weeks ago projects

Are go away you got a stuttering problem spit it out put the whole cave oh wow Chad come on Daniel just let him finish the sentence man he’s gonna tell us right now they gave me this dossier which means full what the heck does that mean

Daniel he just said it beats folder come on Sean open up this dossier which how do you have to say such weird words that nobody understands that don’t even exist yes it’s kind of working yeah pz9 seems like he’s gonna tell him some information you keep interrupting

Him Danny let him talk I think he’s too into it right now okay this folder said it had something to do with P Z force Aaron cz4 but she has a name you know it’s Regina okay he’s the greatest Wow just let him finish what a fanboy and so of course I

Accepted this mission knowing that I have a special connection with a spy ninjas if you know what I mean hahaha those challenges bail no not another one of your boring stories again where do you sneak her parents Wow okay I took Regina’s parents to a location

Well what is the location spit it out come here man Daniel what are you doing dude he was about to tell us the answer and you interrupted him on the bad cop man I’m doing a good job no no you’re blowing it some worse for your man you’ll do coming

What a battle royale come here man coming up yeah I’m gonna talk about baby kill this baby yeah you talk to the girls here he’s being way too Bubba bad cop I’m gonna go talk to PC now myself no Chan did you can see here on the hair

Her dad was the good cop I was it back I think you were a little too bad wouldn’t be too bad yeah Emily ruined it he was gonna tell us information he keep interrupting him really yeah I think you’ve got way into your old animal it was so much fun I wasn’t concentrating

On what these and I was saying I was just like it feels kind of good to be bad don’t get me cookies annoying your spine in Joe Daniel not projects are going to have your rights remember Daniel we have a mission and that mission is to get information

Okay pz9 I want a really apologize for Daniel there I don’t know what’s gotten into him but the good cop bad cop routine yeah that’s pretty good but anyway you were telling us about Regina’s parents you took them somewhere there is an address that project zargo

Disclosed to me all I had to do was just take them there whoa okay what was that address well it was know your blood is about to tell me she likes me bad for some reasons yeah I think it’s work oh no it’s not working Daniel okay let’s just all go in there

Maybe he’ll tell us all okay I guess I’m sorry for being so annoying can you just tell us we took her parents that’s a mood swing oh you guys anymore what has been such a huge and convenience I reserve the right to not speak anymore

Oh yeah had enough of you pz9 let’s just call the cops right now Daniel call the cops well just tell me you you kidnapped me and stole my car oh wait wait hold on p9 we didn’t do that we saved you yeah yeah oh god I’m handcuffed to a chair Oh police officer

Fogel he makes a really good point we look like the bad guys almost this is crazy keep happening to us guys come here what I think we need to reassess their plan I was doing great before you guys came in I’m sorry if I could just have some time

Alone with pc-9 I think I got it under control he was about to tell me something really juicy I could see it he was really opening up to me you handle it by yourself Regina I’m sure you’ll get more information out of him the Daniel could no okay excuse

Me now you saw it’s just us now you have something important to tell me remember about this baby picture of me yeah you could tell me I saved you remember we care about you about your well-being – can I get those tacky stuff if that’s what it takes takis a friendship

Regina if you really did save me back there I owe you one not that I needed help anyways but you know I appreciate it well yeah peasy night I didn’t want to leave you there all alone you don’t deserve to have me do all this crap to you or Gina it’s not fair

Taking your parents and putting them someplace that’s not cool well I’m surprised you’re actually admitting this pz9 usually so angry and mean but Wow yeah you know I didn’t deserve it and I appreciate your apology thanks pz9 so are you gonna show me where my parents are I’ll tell you

Everything you need to know Regina but not here what why not here well this is the spy ninja safehouse right okay would you just gonna do great I don’t know what to think it’s really gonna work it’s like really quiet in there now I hope they’re okay should we just go in

You better go in there here’s you know what where they go

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