“It was UNFORGETTABLE to ride with you!” 🙌 | Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi swap seats!

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I’ve been watching motogp for a long long time because i actually i wanted to race bikes a lot of people always ask me about formula one for a motorsport fan is something special because i don’t know how many people really drive formula one in the world but it’s something different

This is the camera that’s the actual cap okay do you do you think you can drive like that or do you want the pedal a bit more forward for me it’s okay [Laughter] Instead of pulling and coming back up like this yeah you can you come out pick up and then feel this but yeah because anyway with the acceleration you go back with your ass a day thank you so for having the patients with me today Yesterday yeah and how is going it is okay yeah pay me i mean i have so much pain in my arms today you make a lot of lap 59 oh okay yeah sorry you enjoy it i love it yes i love it you love it

I love it but i can’t get my the body in the right position i saw one video you are a little bit like all the stuff this is also yeah i try to stay in your seat in the formula one and for me it’s impossible i am bigger than you no yes

How much do you weigh my weight is uh 70. i’m less than you and but here in your seat for me is not enough really in fact yeah he’s like my chief mechanic yeah he’s the leader you speak with him yes exactly yeah so yeah i’ll be the man on the radio tomorrow

I think that the most difficult is this is exit from here i find it easier to go left than going right ah this is normal but for me for me i prefer right okay but um are you right-handed or left-handed no i am left okay so that’s weird yeah it’s

Normal but also also the moto gp riders really yeah a lot of riders are better on the left i saw the pictures this morning and i was like damn it i thought i was i thought i was doing better do you have the pizza yeah yeah yeah pictures

This is good show me some of these really you have the first of all you don’t use the leg you see no look your leg competition because but this is you can do better yeah i will try this tomorrow I think we will enjoy will be very interesting i cannot wait to see luis on my bike i think also lewis will we will enjoy a lot it’s going to be a big emotion for me big very emotional day i think um to watch you weekend in weekend out on the

Uh even on my grand prix we come in in between the meetings we’re watching qualifying you know i follow the bikes and what you do so much so to now get the opportunity to just to be on track with you and see you ahead is it’s gonna it’s honestly it’s gonna be

Crazy and i don’t think i’m gonna sleep tonight you know um i i got to ride the bike a couple days ago with the my my own bike the superbike but your bike is i could i’ve only dreamed of it so it’s going to be a dream tomorrow

Thank you so much for being here thank you This is a great honor It’s a very good car this one so excited for you to try it it’s so awesome to see a legend get into the car and just i can’t wait to hear his voice when he comes back in and see what he what how he felt uh He’s fine [Applause] [Applause] Like you push fast forward Uh difficult because you don’t see very much in the beginning of your life yeah but i enjoy very much yeah it’s beautiful yeah and what happened here you you pressed the dress yeah i tried the dls in the longer left on the long left yeah so i go wide and i touch the

Throttle and sleep okay One minute Wow What do you think i think it’s beautiful yeah you like it yeah yeah but it’s it’s uh the wind is really difficult through 13. it’s going the whole way yep but wow wow just before i get to power i guess yeah like this yeah yeah that sounds so cool yes So [Laughter] thank you so much dude that was perfect that was awesome thank you so much So cool to just see the legend ahead of me that’s so cool wanna see like the best day [Applause] it’s been such a fantastic day congratulations man it was a real honor to get to to ride with you and experience a special special day thank you so much for your time thank you thanks a lot julie uh for me it was unforgettable to ride with you

To drive your car it’s a great place and for me buddy [Applause] today has been honestly such an honor to to arrive with valet and it was honestly was a real dream come true it was a great pleasure [Applause]

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