Today we’re going to read It’s  Christmas, David by David Shannon. At Christmastime, everyone always said… No David! It’s David again and he’s wearing a santa hat!  But what’s he holding? It’s a lump of coal.   That’s what you get for Christmas if you aren’t  good. I hope David doesn’t get coal for Christmas.

No Peeking! David is balancing on a stool on top of a chair to  peek into the closet. That can be dangerous if he   falls. In the closet there are jackets, shoes and  a vacuum cleaner. And on the top shelf next to a  

Purple lamp is a box with Christmas paper wrapped  around it. David is trying to see what’s inside. No Snitching! David is trying to steal some cookies. He’s  reaching for a green Christmas tree cookie.   Many families make lots of special cookies  for Christmas. Some people choose one day  

And bake all day long. Here you can see some  cookie dough, this might be vanilla extract.   Here are 3 eggs: one, two three. And this  is flour in a flour sifter. Do you also make   Christmas cookies? What’s your favorite? I like  to make gingerbread cookies and decorate them. Those are not toys!

David is excited about Christmas, but  those aren’t toys that he’s playing with.   They’re ornaments. That’s why they  have these silver hooks at the top,   so you can hang them on the Christmas tree. This  one is a sleigh attached to a blue starry ball  

With presents in the back. David has the Santa  Claus ornament on the same hand. Next is a white   horse ornament and the other two are reindeer.  David is playing with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ornaments. Santa’s watching, David! Uh oh! David is running around  outside without any clothes on again.  

At least he has boots, gloves, and a hat on.  It must be cold out with all that snow on   the ground. You can see that the house across the  street has decorated their house for Christmas.   There are lights around the windows and along  under the roof. They also have a wreath above  

The door and red garland wrapped around the  pillars. They look like giant candy canes. Be Patient! There is a long line to see  Santa. Sometimes it can take   hours before you get to tell  Santa what you want for Christmas.  

Maybe David can count how many ornaments are  on the big Christmas tree while he’s waiting. Hurry up! Wow David sure has a long list. But he also  waited a long time to speak with Santa.  

He has more than 27 things on this side of his  list. And look at the back, this number says 119.   Okay maybe David’s list really is too  long. Let’s see if we can read some of   the things he’s asking for. At the top it says  bicycle, fire engine, spaceship. On the back  

It says a tank, parachute, big foot, candy, hmm  I can’t read these. Then comes a cheeseburger.   I can’t read all of David’s writing. Then it says  a sled, baseball team, suit of armor, ferrari,   he can’t even drive yet. A lightsaber, a big  dog, a rocket and the list goes on and on.

Naughty list, naughty list, naughty list… Hmm David’s been peeing in the snow  instead of going to the bathroom inside.   He wrote his name this time. D   A V I D, David. The dog doesn’t look too happy  with David. It’s not nice to play in yellow snow.

Santa’s going to bring you a lump of coal! Uh oh, what happened here? All the  kids are running away except for David.   It looks like one of the snowballs broke  a window. I hope David didn’t throw it. Don’t start yet! Seat your grandmother. No  yawning at the dinner table. That’s the wrong  

Fork! Sit up straight! Don’t reach. Put your  napkin in your lap. Get your elbows off the table! David is all dressed up at the dinner table. He’s  wearing a white button down shirt, a blue jacket  

And a red, green and yellow bow tie. He  has a nice plate of salad in front of him.   But there’s so many directions he has to follow.  When you get dressed up for a special dinner,   there are certain manners you’re supposed to  follow. He’s supposed to wait for everyone  

To eat and helping his grandmother is not  only nice, but polite. Yawning at the table   is not good manners. You should always try  to sit up straight, but reaching over other   people’s plates is not very nice. What if your  sleeve ends up in their salad? Sometimes when the  

Dinner is really fancy then you have more than  one fork and spoon. It can be really confusing. No, David. You may not open one early. David is wearing his snowmen pajamas. I  think it might be the night before Christmas.  

Some families open one gift on Christmas  Eve and then the rest on Christmas Day.   It looks like David’s family doesn’t do  that. But he still has nice presents to   look forward to tomorrow. And did you see  how nice they decorated their Christmas tree?  

They used colorful lights, yellow garland and  different types of ornaments. Here’s a gold star,   a red bow, a blue car and blue and yellow  bulb and a red and white candy cane. Go to sleep, David! David is looking out the window at all the houses  with their Christmas lights on. Everything looks  

So pretty. I bet David is too excited to  go to bed and wants to wait up for Santa. No Christmas for you, David! Oh no! The Christmas Tree doesn’t  have any more lights or ornaments   and there’s a lump of coal on the floor.  The note David has in his hand says;  

“Dear David, Sorry, you were naughty.  Love, Santa Claus. That’s so sad even   David is crying. Do you really think that  David isn’t getting any presents this year? Wake up, David – you were dreaming! Oh good, it was only a bad dream. It’s  Christmas morning and it’s time for presents!  

David even has Christmas decorations in his  room. On the windowsill are snow globes.   One has a gingerbread house, the one in  the middle has a Christmas tree inside   and the last one is Santa riding on a reindeer.  Let’s go find out what David got for Christmas. Yes David! It’s Christmas!

Wow David got a lot of presents, but  probably not as much as his long list.   He’s checking his stocking, reading a new book,  he’s eating Christmas cookies and candy canes.   Do you remember what the first thing  on David’s list was? That’s right,  

A bicycle and that’s exactly what he got. Hurray  for David. And he still has more presents to open. Dear David, Merry Christmas! Love, Santa Claus. David also got a firetruck  and nice letter from Santa.

The end. I’m glad David had a nice Christmas and  I hope you do too. To read other books, subscribe   to this channel by clicking on the red subscribe  button. This way you can always find this channel   and listen to more stories. Keep reading and  until next time, on Miss Sofie’s storytime.

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