It’s Obvious We’re Omnivores but Vegans and Carnivores Won’t Listen

It’s Obvious We’re Omnivores but Vegans and Carnivores Won’t Listen

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The Joe Rogan experience how did you get linked up with Sean but Sean is such a polarizing figure because yes he’s the carnivore go-to guy and he’s like a full-on carnivore zealot as it were yeah I mean he doesn’t even he thinks vegetables are bad for me so I think

Sean sometimes gets misrepresented and part of it is just like you know way he interacts on social media and stuff but he’s uh you I met Sean like before he I think went full carnivore but on Twitter and we I thought he was an interesting person not because of what he ate so

What’s he doing back then was he was he was kind of more like high fat low carb I think something pretty similar to what I’m doing maybe maybe less carbohydrates since his activity levels are like really short and fast and you know I just thought he was an interesting person because of his

Background I mean he’s you know a Highlands game athlete professional rugby player he’s doing this high-intensity gigantic yeah yeah I mean he’s twice my size like it so it’s like my thought is like okay here’s a guy who’s has a similar nutrition plan that I do but he’s doing the exact opposite

Athlete type stuff he’s twice the size of me like it’s what kind of tunes that expect ends of the spectrum from like an athletic standpoint so like I was just interested in kind of like you know what he was doing and what he was up to and

That’s kind of why we started the podcast together and but yeah I mean when you one of the things that Sean always says on the podcast I think is is a kind of a better reflection room he’ll say I don’t the only thing I know for certain is that I’m wrong about

Something so it’s like you know it it gets I think it gets tough for someone like him who gets identified as the like the face of the carnivore movement because then like you get all the positive and a negative coming your way too and I mean you can feed into that

But I mean when we when we record our podcasts and stuff is he I mean he’s a very open-minded person we’re looking for answers and we’re asking questions and things like that and it’s it’s it’s you know it’s a learning experience I think for me anyway so well he clearly

Enjoys [ __ ] with vegans well yeah and it’s he’s been on this fruitarian kick lately which is kind of hilarious I didn’t know there was that many those people out there yeah one of them just died when one fruitarian doctor died during a fast really yeah and Sean was talking

About it on his youtube channel yeah there’s people out there that think that you could just get by by only eating fruit mm-hmm Jesus Christ folks you know I’ve got a theory with like social media and that stuff in general is that like

For a lot of a lot of the people who are most active on it it’s like they’re they either take it 100% serious or it’s like kind of a joke or a game and then when those two polar ends meet it’s that’s where you get the big kind of like you

Like blow up interactions and then yeah and then it becomes a like kind of a game of like well the vegan told me that like I should die or something like that so now I’m gonna go tell that vegan that you know this that and it goes back and

Forth back and forth back so stupid this is such a waste of time but the most interest the one I always get a kick out of though along those lines is someone will come up with like a picture of like here’s here’s the humans you know jaw system and this clearly means we’re

Frugivores and then someone will say well look at the the digestive tract of a human being is clearly designed more to be eating meat or animal products and you know they go back and forth with different like parts of the human anatomy to try to like prove that were

Vegetarian or vegan fruitarian organs are so stupid and then I’m thinking the whole time I’m like so what we have here is people who can have to have specific traits that are good for eating fruits and vegetables and some specific traits that are good for eating animal products so we’re omnivores biologically it’s

Been established not there’s no real controversy the controversies fake look particularly from the vegans where they say they were herbivores and our jaws are designed to crush you know right roots and [ __ ] like no no no we had tools and fire yeah for [ __ ] hundreds of thousands of years you knuckleheads

You know who one of them my favorite podcast we’ve done was with this guy dr. bill Schindler he’s an archaeologist I would hope I think his Washington University and he’s such a cool dude he like totally what he said something I was really resonated with me where he

Said you know humans were unique in that like we we’ve we’ve like over time developed ways to use like tools and things like that to liberate nutrients so to look at anything in this raw state is kind of the missed the point of why humans are the way they are sure we’ll

Like lentils mm-hmm like I’ve seen this argument that human beings aren’t supposed to eat meat because if we were we would be able to just wrap it apart and eat it with our own teeth and go go eat a squirrel with your face well guess what you can’t eat a squirrel with your

Face if you’re so inclined if you really wanted to do that you could do it without tools uh-huh you know you can’t do you can’t eat a lot of beans if I’m cooking them like we have we’ve figured things out folks I mean cassava in the jungle they

Figured out that you have to cook this stuff and strain it and it’s a primary staple of the diets of many people that live in the in the jungle you know and it’s [ __ ] toxic as [ __ ] if you don’t do that I mean it literally produces cyanide cyanide is produced by cassava

Which is like one of their primary foods they just figured it out just like you figured out you have to boil lentils just like you figured out you have to cook beans uh-huh I mean you can’t eat most of these things that we eat are not good to eat if you just eat

Them in their raw state some things like fruits are some vegetables are but some just are not and this is the same with meat and it’s this idea that you’re supposed to be where we’re clearly an herbivore because of the fact that we you know we’re not supposed to be you

Know killing animals with our teeth like that’s so dumb like we we kill animals with tools and we’ve done it for so long that our bodies have adapted we’ve adapted to the fact that we have clothes that’s why we’re not covered in hair you [ __ ] idiot like this is not this is

Like real clear obvious stuff people who live in the coldest climates of the world aren’t covered in hair you know yeah you know and it was interesting because like what you’re saying to when when we had Bill on the show he he’s got this unique experience what he’s

Actually gone in and visited these indigenous tribes have been relatively untouched by modern society to basically with the one question level how do you eat so he’s been he’s seen like a variety of different stuff I think even had a show on National Geographic for a

While that looked into some of this but he like just to show you the polarization of what humans can kind of do he he went he visited the Sun burrow which is a branch of maasai over in africa you know they’re they’re basically drinking blood and

Milk for the for a huge portion of their nutrition and you know so you have this this this tribe that’s basically on a primarily animal-based nutrition plan and they’re super healthy he said that there maybe one of the most healthy groups of people he’s seen from just like a physical stature like toothed

Health and that sort of thing but then he also went down to I think was in South America camera the name of the tribe but they found a way to basically liberate nutrients from a poisonous potato and Sabah is that what it was me that’s what we’re talking about okay

Yeah um yeah so I think it was maybe was cassava or maybe there’s other ones yeah I think there is a purple some weird purple potato that has a similar sort of a toxic profile yeah and what he said was this this tribe they’re a basically mostly potatoes what they would do is

They’d literally dig like a pit and put like some like like thousands of pounds of these potatoes in there and let them sit there and like ferment I guess for like up to six months oh and then they would actually make this a clay that they would use and because there was

Still a toxin or something in there that they needed to kind of prevent from like interacting totally different yeah so they would they take that as clay and as potato and when they dip the potato in this clay its it like binds to that toxin so it becomes it doesn’t become an

Issue when you eat it so like by itself that potato could potentially kill you I guess but with the clay it doesn’t and so I was like how the [ __ ] did they figure that that’s what I want to know I’m thinking like how much trial and error goes into that

Like oh this guy dropped dead this guy dropped well this guy lived I guess there’s so many things like that in the jungle you just have to really wonder how do they develop all these different medicines and all these different ways of eating thing it’s just fascinating

When like your I guess when your only goal when you wake up in the morning is to find your next meal yeah and you know kind of build build enough around so that you can kind of survive like you put a lot of time and energy into it but

Yeah it is interesting to think like how they all got passed along from generation to generation and how it got fine-tuned to where it is today but I think it’s it’s cool to look at that stuff when it just comes to your own nutrition too and kind of when you

Understand like it’s less about like this food is net bad for me or this this food is this particular food item is bad for me across the board and this one is great for me across the board more so about well this is what this food does well this is what this

One does well so let’s find like you mentioned mix and match to where you get get the profile that you’re looking for yeah I think the problem is what we’re saying before is that people are entering into these conversations with this this goal that they want to achieve this goal being

Plants are bad for you or meat is bad for you or we’re supposed to be only eating meat or we’re supposed to be only eating plants and here’s why and you know you have this confirmation bias you’re not looking at any other piece of evidence and particularly the biological

Variability of human beings is pretty incredible yeah I mean I can eat peanuts all day long if you’re allergic to peanuts you’re dead if you eat one it’s it’s uh we’re we’re strange creatures and what does this change what do you got here Jamie the ancient oh here it is

The ancient and ancient Andean tradition of eating clay may have helped to protect health I think it goes back to ancient Egypt I was just trying to oh wow how far back this goes and probably you could still buy clay dust right now it’s my kind of looking that up too so

Eating dirts good for you yeah for this I found a way to like package the dust and right Peruvian clay dust this is a whole history on potatoes here it is the world and like while potatoes are laced with solanine and Toma teen toxic compounds believed to defend plants

Against attacks from dangerous organisms like fungi bacteria and human beings we are dangerous organisms cooking often breaks down such chemical defenses but solanine and toma teen are unaffected by heat in the mountains Wow say that word Guang Guang echo in the Cunha like llamas wild relatives of the llama lick clay before eating

Poisonous plants the [ __ ] llamas figured it out the toxins stick more technically absorbed to the fine clay particles in the animal stomachs passing through the digestive system without affecting it mimicking this process mountain peoples apparently learn to dunk wild potatoes in a gravy made of clay and water eventually they bread

Toxic potatoes though some of the old poisonous varieties remain flavored for their resistance to furrow favored for their resistance to frost clay dust is still sold in Peruvian and Bolivian markets to accompany them Wow interesting it’s crazy but it tastes like [ __ ] though still dirt street and dirt with potatoes [Applause]

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