James Patterson Finishes Michael Crichton’s “Eruption”

James Patterson Finishes Michael Crichton's "Eruption"

James Patterson completes Michael Crichton’s Creation

James Patterson Finishes Michael Crichton's "Eruption"

James Patterson Completes Michael Crichton’s ‘Eruption’


James Patterson, one of the most successful authors in history, has completed Michael Crichton’s unfinished novel, “Eruption.” This posthumous collaboration has generated significant buzz. Patterson, known for his prolific writing, took on the challenge to bring Crichton’s vision of a catastrophic volcanic eruption to life. The result is a thrilling tale that promises to captivate readers and possibly transition to the big screen.

The Legacy of Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton was a literary giant. Known for blending scientific facts with fiction, he authored bestsellers like “Jurassic Park,” “ER,” and “Twister.” Crichton’s unique ability to transform complex scientific concepts into engaging stories made him a household name. His fascination with natural disasters, especially volcanoes, is evident in his research and unfinished works found after his death in 2008.

James Patterson Finishes Michael Crichton's "Eruption"

Discovery of ‘Eruption’

Sherri Alexander Crichton, Michael’s widow, discovered the manuscript of “Eruption” among his papers. The novel centers around a massive volcanic eruption in Hawaii, threatening to unleash a stockpile of toxic waste. The storyline, abruptly ending, left Sherri determined to find a way to complete her husband’s work. She sought someone capable of matching Crichton’s narrative style and vision.

James Patterson Steps In

James Patterson, with over 400 million books sold, was approached by Sherri to complete the novel. Despite his busy schedule, Patterson was intrigued by the opportunity to finish Crichton’s work. Known for his fast-paced storytelling, Patterson accepted the challenge, aiming to seamlessly blend his writing with Crichton’s.

“I had read everything that Michael Crichton wrote. So, I think I had a sense of the voice,” Patterson said.

James Patterson Finishes Michael Crichton's "Eruption"

The Writing Process

The collaboration between Sherri Crichton and Patterson was intense. Sherri, fiercely protective of Michael’s materials, was initially nervous. However, she trusted Patterson’s experience and commitment to honoring Michael’s legacy. The result is “Eruption,” a novel that combines Patterson’s pace with Crichton’s meticulous research.

Plot Overview

“Eruption” is a page-turner set in Hawaii. The plot revolves around a massive volcanic eruption, the likes of which the world has never seen. This eruption threatens to release a stockpile of toxic waste, potent enough to destroy life on Earth. The story delves into the scientific and human aspects of dealing with such a catastrophic event, maintaining Crichton’s trademark style of combining fact with fiction.

James Patterson Finishes Michael Crichton's "Eruption"

Reception and Anticipation

The anticipation for “Eruption” is immense. With studios already vying for film rights, the novel is expected to be a blockbuster. Readers and fans of both Crichton and Patterson eagerly await its release, curious to see how the collaboration turned out.

“There’s a quote – ‘My time here is short; what can I do most beautifully?’ And I felt with ‘Eruption’ and Michael Crichton, I thought I could do it beautifully,” Patterson expressed.

Key Takeaways

  • Michael Crichton’s Legacy: Crichton’s ability to mix science with fiction remains unmatched. His fascination with natural disasters, especially volcanoes, was evident in his works.
  • Discovery of ‘Eruption’: Sherri Crichton found the unfinished manuscript and decided it needed to be completed.
  • James Patterson’s Involvement: Patterson, a prolific author, was chosen to finish the novel, blending his style with Crichton’s.
  • Plot Summary: The novel focuses on a catastrophic volcanic eruption in Hawaii, threatening global devastation.
  • Anticipation: “Eruption” is highly anticipated, with film studios already interested in its rights.

Quotes from Sherri Crichton

  • “I feel his energy around all the time.”
  • “I waited on this manuscript until I felt that the time was right.”


Q: Who is James Patterson? A: James Patterson is one of the most successful authors in history, with over 400 million books sold. He is known for his fast-paced and thrilling novels.

Q: What is ‘Eruption’ about? A: “Eruption” is a novel about a massive volcanic eruption in Hawaii that threatens to release toxic waste capable of destroying life on Earth.

Q: How did Sherri Crichton decide to complete the novel? A: Sherri found the unfinished manuscript among Michael Crichton’s papers and felt it deserved to be completed. She chose James Patterson for this task.

Q: When is ‘Eruption’ being released? A: “Eruption” is set to be released on June 3, 2024.

Q: Will there be a movie adaptation of ‘Eruption’? A: Given the interest from film studios, a movie adaptation of “Eruption” is highly likely.

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