Jannie Ellie and Maddie Useful Stories about Good Behavior from Their Lives

Jannie Ellie and Maddie Useful Stories about Good Behavior from Their Lives

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Welcome to the best jumper great but first we have to check your height okay uh You can play yeah next one hmm sorry you cannot play I’m so sad I cannot play it ah you can play yeah with this one oh it’s not cool yeah but but it’s for small kids Ellie let’s go to another place okay but first we gotta check your height okay okay again you can play yeah next one whoa you also passed there wait a minute that’s cheating Ellie you cannot play oh I really want to play Danny come on let’s go to another playground Okay but first I need to tell you hi okay you’re back you can play this toy thank you oh sorry you cannot play Oh I’m so sad I cannot play anything don’t be sad Ellie let’s go to a different playground Jenny come on Come on Uncle I want to play me too but I have to check your height first I can play for sure you have to pass this in order to play uh oh wow your turn Jenny uh okay oh sorry Jenny you can’t play only Ellie can Have fun what a fun day well Jenny and Ellie had a good time I’m sorry Ellie I’m not tall enough look oh foreign I’m Tabby the tablet I’m here to help hi Tabby hi Ellie what happened oh I’m so small I cannot do anything even though you are small you can do a lot of things do not compare yourself to anybody really yeah trust me Ellie see you

Happy so they could do a lot of things okay we have to make a strawberry cake for Miley she loves strawberries but Jamie we don’t have any strawberries we don’t have any eggs either we also don’t have flour I got an idea we can go to the strawberry party get more strawberry

That’s a good idea chicken bar for eggs I’ll go to the grocery store for more flour Foreign Don’t worry Ali we can pick more strawberries foreign [Applause] Let’s go it has all the chickens too um it’s sleeping um I can get the chicken and the eggs back I just want my chickens back no these are my chickens now so we really beat the chickens back please okay yay we can get this chickens back yeah I want to be past my challenges you have to complete the obstacle course that looks easy I can do it I cannot it’s too small how can we get her chicken I’m his mom let me try Yay You win you could have the chicken back all right all the chickens are back we have a lot of eggs for the birthday cake yeah time to stir everything up And now the Final Touch strawberry We’ve lost the strawberry already and now we get to call Miley strawberry cake my favorite time for the day Great job Ellie thanks Debbie I got it no problem remember do not compare yourself to anybody okay Maddie let’s check your eye let’s go here I’m right here okay Mary let’s turn around let’s see um seems like it’s a little bit too high the marks so can she play no because

She’s not tall enough look um yeah I’m sorry hi do you want to play with the unicorns unicorn wow wow so cute I want to play Oh first let’s check your height okay foreign What happened Uncle Sam how do you get tall Auntie because I drink milk every day while she drinks milk to get tall ah Maddie you just have to drink milk to get taller here just drink your milkshaking and ride the unicorn Maddie foreign you want to play with the Unicorn tour

Hey Uncle George can you check out hi let’s check her hi wow you’re taller good job Maddie you can play now adays ready can play unicorns too awesome Wow look at her look Baby just like I said milk makes you taller now you drink milk there you go What happened Maddie you want some of these noodles if you want some noodles we gotta check your height come on let’s go oh it looks like you’re not tall enough Maddie you can’t have any of the food Maddie sorry ah let me pour it in now let’s have the milk There’s some more looks like Maddie likes cereal and milk did you know milk has a lot of calcium Maddie here you go here’s one more Hold on guys what happened George if Maddie wants to play we need to check her out okay come on baby let’s go check your height Sorry Maddie you’re not tall enough for this life oh really ah Maddie drink some milk you may get taller Maddie Jake if you want to play yay wow man are you drinking milk come on let’s go check your heart sorry Maddie you can’t play on this slide Oh Daddy look

This Kitty pool is perfect for you let’s play here here we go guys um Oh My God huh No no no no oh no Okay You okay Ready okay hmm you can play Um Mm-hmm [Applause] Here Would you again really let me check Perfect you can play Remember it drain your milk bye

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