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Hello. – Hi! How are you? – I’m good. I’m running this shop for the last fifty years. But, I haven’t seen any other book in such high demand. What’s in this book? Everybody wants to buy this book. We’ve run out of its stock. Is the book selling so well?

Did you get it? – No. Don’t you’ve the book named ‘Jersey’? Oh! I just sold the last copy. I’m sorry. What’s in this book? It’s the greatest success story till date. It’s the story of a person who didn’t give up even after losing. He’s an inspiration for all of us.

I treat him as my ideal. It’s true that such people are motivational. Excuse me. Hi! You can keep this book if you want. Did we ask you for the book? Why are you following us? Keep quiet. What do you want to say? He’s my dad.

If you read and know about him, I’ll be happy. Yeah. Have a good day. He’s so lucky. – You’re right. Your book is very successful. And everything is sold out. Thanks. I got the same information through all the news channels. BCCI will call you. For what? You’ll soon find out.

But, I want to share good news with you. We’ve organized a function in memory of Arjun. You’ve to come. And also remember to bring your mom along. Of course we’ll come. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Okay. Meet you at the function. – Yeah. Bye. – Bye. You’re very lucky that he’s your dad.

I feel like kissing your hands because your dad was a great man. Tell us something else about your dad. I’ll go and enquire. Johnny.. Look there. I think we should go this way. Excuse me. Sarah, how are you? Hi! Hey Johnny! Thanks for coming. – How are you, my dear? Coach sir..

I’m fine. Hello, uncle. – Hello. How are you, my son? You’re sporting a beard just like your dad. You went to New York to study and settled down there. You also took away my daughter Sarah with you. Don’t you like staying with us? The project will finish next month.

After that I’ll shift to Hyderabad. Hey Johnny! How are you? – I’m fine. Hi Sarah! – Hi! How are you? – I’m fine. Your dad was a very nice person. – Thank you so much. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Some personalities can never be forgotten. We keep them alive through books.

We had a great cricketer amongst us.. ..but we couldn’t recognize his talent. A book was written to help us know him better.. that he always stays alive amongst us. She’s the one who wrote the book. On behalf of the cricket association I would like to thank her. – Thanks.

Arjun was a precious gem who was present amongst us.. ..but we couldn’t recognize his worth. He started his career at an age when players retire. He set an example and left his indelible impression. Everybody is not destined to be successful. One in a million gets to taste success.

Arjun’s story is not the story of a successful man.. ..but it’s the story of an unsuccessful man.. ..who didn’t give up despite failing repeatedly. Unfortunately the person who should’ve played.. ..with the legends of his time disappeared suddenly.. ..after helping us win that match. I’ve the permission to access old BCCI documents.

Therefore, I took out the list of the players who were selected.. ..for the England tour after the 1996 Ranji final. And you’ll be surprised to know that Arjun was selected in the team. If he played then he would’ve been the first player.. make his international debut at the age of 40.

But unfortunately, his world fell apart. I would like to invite Arjun’s son on stage. The Indian cricket board wants to give something to his family. Son, go. Thank you. Hello, uncle. This is for you. Jersey. Teacher said that stealing is a sin. I don’t want people to call me a thief’s son.

You stole in your own house. I hate you, dad. You’re not a good father. Dad, please forgive me. Come on. People are waiting for your speech. Thank you. Twenty three years back when I was six years old.. ..I asked my dad to get me the jersey of the Indian team.

But, he couldn’t give it to me back then. My dad was a man of his words. He has fulfilled his promise even when he’s not in this world. I miss you, dad. I was my dad’s world. But, I feel that I killed my dad. I made him angry.

I insulted him by calling him a thief. His world shattered because of me. I’ve realized my mistake now. He started playing to prove himself hero to me. My son was proud of me after the match. Sir, let anything happen, I want to play again.

If anyone else would’ve been in his place then he would’ve gone into depression. But my dad was a fighter. He knew to face adversities very well. By returning to the field at the age of 40 he proved himself to be a real hero. He was not well and yet he played for me.

Like a brave player.. ‘This is for you, Johnny.’ ..he risked his life and won the Ranji trophy. Come, I’ll introduce you to my dad, a great player. Two triple centuries. Seven double centuries. Thirty six centuries. Seventy eight half centuries. This is the record of the then famous player.. dad, Arjun.

Sarah, my mom loved my dad a lot. – Arjun! I love you. Dad.. Dad. You don’t even let me sleep peacefully. I’ve to go to work at 8. Please let me sleep for an hour. Johnny, please stop making noise. Enough. Do you want me to be thrashed?

Dad, do you know what’s going to happen this Friday? It’s a Friday. – I know it. What’s the date? – 10th July. It’s the birthday of my champion Johnny. Dad, I’m the highest scorer in the school team.. ..yet Murti sir has made Vishal the captain. Really? – Yes, dad.

He has the Indian jersey. He has full support of the team. He wears the jersey and shows off in all the matches. Dad, can you hear me? If I had the jersey I would’ve been the captain. Isn’t it, dad? If I was in the Indian team you wouldn’t have longed for a jersey.

Johnny.. ..a good player should always focus on his game.. ..and not on what someone is wearing. Focus on the game. The team’s captain should not only be a good player.. ..but also a good leader. The coach always looks for a good leader. Got it? Go and play well. Go.

Walk fast. You’ve to go to school after this. We’ll have to spend some time at the sports shop on the way. I’ve to buy a birthday gift for you. Will you get the jersey for me, dad? Johnny.. – You’ve placed your hand on my head. So, it’s your promise.

My fingers are also crossed. If you break the promise then both God and I’ll be angry with you. You never dishearten me. I must do something to get the jersey. I’ll think of something while I watch the game. ‘Go. Go.’ C’mon, Indu. Isn’t he playing well? He’s my boyfriend.

There was a time when someone was crazy after my batting skills. Fantastic! Well-played. One more boundary. Why are you shouting, girl? I’ll throw you out if you shout again. To hell with him. He should’ve been a watchman instead of coach. Your boyfriend lacks in technique. His footwork is not right.

He may get easily out on a leg-spin ball. She’s taking me lightly. How do I tell her that I was a champion? He thinks he’s a great player. Are you sure? He has got out. You said evil words and he got out. He messed up everything.

I thought he would take me for a long drive after playing.. ..some cover drives. I’ll have to hire an auto now. Let’s go. I’ll tell you why you got out. Kneel down and play the bouncer. If it’s a fast delivery then lift your leg and hit hard.

What? Who told you all this nonsense? I know it. Okay. Loser. Let’s go. Hello champion. How are you? – I’m fine, sir. You know that it’s been years that I gave up playing. Yet you taunt me by calling me champion. I’m not taunting you.

Can you tell me any other batsman in our club who bats as stylishly as you? You should be a part of the Indian team. Forget it, sir. Why are you reminding me the past? How can I forget you? You’ve triple century in first class cricket. Three double centuries. Twenty eight centuries.

Sixty five half centuries. – Yes. Let’s go. How is your wife? – Like any other wife. She’s a nice girl. She loves your game. Hello, sir. Has all the goods been delivered? – Yes, sir. Take the keys from the watchman and keep it in the storeroom. Okay, sir.

New Zealand team is coming to India. Before they play the Indian team.. ..they’ll play a charity match with the Hyderabad team. We’re making the required arrangements. You scored five sixes when you played on behalf of India. How long will you keep me reminding of the past? Memories keep a person alive.

I’ve forgotten those memories. You haven’t forgotten them, you’ve just run away from them. It is not over yet. The post of the assistant coach in the club is vacant. You’re perfect for the post. I want you to get selected for this post. Sir, it’s been ten years that I gave up playing cricket.

I couldn’t be a cricketer. I don’t wish to become an assistant coach now. Think of it once again. You’ve a bright glow on your face when you’re in the ground. I saw that spark in your face the last time when.. were batting on 94 runs.

You hit the last ball for a six. He has hit the ball over the head of the bowler for six runs. What do you say? No doubt. You’ll definitely get selected. – Congratulations! You’ve been selected. – Thank you. Congratulations! – Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Congratulations! You’ve been selected. Fantastic!

Go and hit fours and sixes. Congratulations, friend. We want a party tonight. Only recommendations and bribes work here. The list was changed overnight. Do you know that you were selected in the Indian team? But the son of the sports minister was given your place.. the team by those scoundrels.

Hey! Have you gone mad? Why did you behave crazily? You were rejected earlier too. Do you want to ruin your life? Son, it’ll take some time for you to play international matches. You’ve to cross more hurdles now. Sir, I’m already 30 years old. My wife is pregnant.

If I concentrate only on cricket, she’ll starve to death. I can’t wait for one more year, sir. They’ll reject me again. Try again if they reject you next year. Don’t think of giving up cricket. I’m not thinking about it, I’ve already left the game. Arjun.. Arjun.. Arjun, stop.

What do you keep looking for in these photographs? Your smiling face looks very good in these photographs. That’s why I keep looking at these photos. Dad, are we going to the sports shop? – Yes. Yeah! Go and check if a new bat has come.

I’ll buy the jersey in the mean time. – Okay, dad. Arjun, how is Johnny’s practice going on? You’re coming from the ground. Right? Do you’ve Indian team’s jersey? – Yes, I have it. It’s exactly like the original one, limited edition. It’s in great demand. How much will it cost? – 500 rupees.

It’s Johnny’s birthday day after tomorrow and he wants this jersey. I’m short of money right now. Please give me the jersey, I’ll arrange the money. Arjun, I pay 10,000 rupees as rent for this shop. I’ve also taken a bank loan. I’ve to pay my workers and for the maintenance.

Everything adds up to 20,000 rupees. Place yourself in my shoes and think if you’ll be able to afford it. You’re a good player and I respect you. That’s why I’m feeling embarrassed to refuse you. Dad, did you buy the jersey? Johnny my son, we don’t have a jersey of your size.

We’ll get one tomorrow. Your dad will buy it for you. This poster is your birthday gift from me. Thank you, uncle. – Live long, son. Thank you. C’mon, get up. Go. Go. – Come on. Johnny, let’s go. Do I’ve to tell you daily to pray? God, Johnny shouldn’t trouble me.

Johnny, hurry up. – Go. Let’s go or we’ll miss the auto. Bye. – Bye. Go inside. Bye, dad. – Bye. Sarah’s bus has also arrived. Sarah.. I’ve kept 100 rupees near the TV for the electricity bill. The due date is already over. They’ll disconnect the electricity connection if you don’t pay.

I wanted money for Johnny’s gift. – How much? 500 rupees. Did you go to the lawyer? No, I didn’t get time. What keeps you busy? You keep watching cricket matches on TV and.. ..are busy smoking and damaging your lungs. What other work do you have? Will you take up a job or not?

The roof has been leaking since a month. You’re at home and can at least mend the roof. I want 500 rupees. Don’t spoil him. I don’t have money to waste. Sorry. Gift him something else. Why are you lying to me? You’ve money in your account. So, you know?

I won’t give it to you. Okay? Remember to pay the electricity bill. Meet the lawyer and tell him that you’ve been trapped. No one understands my emotions. From where will I get 500 rupees? Hey Rajesh, I’ve some work. Not today. If you’ve work you can give us the keys and leave.

Come on. – Hello. Hello. She was angry with me this morning. Let’s sit and share our problems. Please cancel today’s plans. If she comes home early then.. Arjun, will you gamble? I don’t have money. Playa game, if you win you’ll get 500 rupees. 500. The money for the jersey.

Rajesh, I’ll also join the game. This is it. I’ll play so well that I’ll get all the money. Arjun, if you win then return the 100 rupees I gave you. Move. – Move. Sit here. I didn’t get anything and the robbers are already here to rob. Distribute the cards.

Arjun, the house looks like a government quarter. So many medals and trophies. Did you win them or buy them from the market? He won all of them but he’s soon going to sell them. I didn’t get you. Brother, gave up playing cricket and he lost his job. Show it is. – You’ve won.

Give the money you’ve won to Arjun. We’ll buy liquor with the gambling money. Arjun, one more game? – I don’t have any money left. This evening Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.. Dad, didn’t you get the jersey? Dad, I told my friends that you’re going to gift me a jersey.

Will you get it for me? ‘They will decide the new ministers who’ll join the ministry in this meeting.’ Dad, jersey.. I want the jersey. Will you buy it for me? Is there something on your right cheek? Come here. What’s this? Naughty fellow!

I told you that I’ll get it for you. Don’t you understand? I want to buy the Indian jersey for Johnny. I told you in the morning about it. Did you talk to the owner about the leaking roof? Did you meet him? No. I’ll meet him tomorrow.

My son asked for something for the first time. Did you meet the lawyer? – I’ll meet him tomorrow. You didn’t even pay the electricity bill. Show me. – How can you be so irresponsible, Babu? You know the condition we’re going through at the moment.

It’s been three months that we didn’t pay the rent. We’ve taken lot of loans. We need to pay Johnny’s school fees next month. How can you be so irresponsible? Oh no! Dad, an uncle removed the electric fuse. Let’s light candles. – Yes. Stand straight. Go to the left. The stick isn’t reach it.

Dad, press it hard. – No. No. Smile nicely. I need to train you. – A little to your left. Check if it is okay. A little down. – Click the photo. Go to your left. This will be the best family photo we’ve had. Press it. Here we go. Everything happened because of me.

I’ve hurt you a lot.. ..and I’ll heal you. Our family will be a happy family once again. You won’t have to work. I’ll fill your life with so much happiness that there’ll be no sorrows. This is my promise to you. I love you, Sarah. I can’t live without you.

Our family will become a happy family once again. Sarah, I’ll get lost in your fragrance. Even the most aromatic flower doesn’t smell as good as you. Oh no! Arjun, you’re next. Where is Arjun? He has gone to the washroom. How can he go to the washroom now?

He is next in the batting order. – I’ll call him. Is he joking? Why are you going there? The washroom is over there. – He has gone to a different washroom. Arjun come out. , Arjun, you’re supposed to go for batting. The coach is shouting. Come out quickly. He’s calling you. Go.

One good luck kiss. Okay? Go. What are you doing? The coach is shouting. Hurry up. She got a sprain I was helping her. So, this is the secret of being a good batsman. I’ll also play well if I get such a warm up. Speak softly. He’s short-tempered. Why? Will he beat me?

Arjun! Hey Arjun, leave him. Don’t beat me. Let him go. Leave him. What are you doing? The coach is shouting. Let’s go. Move. Arjun.. Arjun, leave him. The coach is shouting. Leave him. It’s your batting now. Let him go. Leave him. Leave him, Arjun. Leave him. – What are you doing, Arjun?

Come quickly. Leave him. The coach is waiting for you. Arjun, will you kill him? Leave him. – Spare him. Leave him or he’ll die. What are you stopping him? He rarely fights for me. – Leave.. We are getting late. – Leave him. Let Arjun beat him.

Arjun, leave him. – Let him beat him. What nonsense are you speaking? – I said, leave him. Let him beat him. Come on. Is he mad? The coach is furious. He forcefully interfered. Meet you in the evening. He’ll never change. He’s a good player but he should be disciplined.

You always support him. Tell him something. I agree that you’re talented but you also have many vices. I’ve never seen careless people become successful. I won’t spare you if I find you involved in anything like this again. C’mon go. What’s up, friend? Where were you all this while? Move. Wonderful!

It’s normal for talented people to have some vices. It’s okay. I never saw a player like him in my career. He has got the talent. Dad.. ..I’m in love with somebody. I want to discuss something important with you. Chotu! – Yes, brother. Get the sauce.

I’m discussing something serious and you’re bothered about the sauce. Okay. Tell me. I’ve told dad everything about us. You told everything? What’s this? Such a casual reaction? What? You told him everything? Don’t overreact. I’m serious. You must speak with dad or it’ll be difficult for us to meet.

I can’t lie to him daily and come out to meet you. I don’t have the courage to convince him to get us married. He’ll agree if you speak to him. The samosas are hot. Have it with the sauce. Have it. You can never be serious in life.

You’re worried about samosa and tomato sauce when.. ..we’re discussing such an important matter. Look at me. – No. Look at me. – No. Listen to me. The samosa is getting cold. Let’s eat it. – Arjun.. Come close. No. I can’t get you married to this boy.

Dad, you don’t even know him. Give him a chance. Sarah, what will our society say if you marry a boy from.. ..a different religion? Mr. D’Souza, we’re educated people. Religion and society are to save people from loneliness. Don’t take a wrong decision in a fit of rage.

How can you say that Arjun doesn’t have a family? I’m like his father. Tell him to convert. – Okay. – No, dad. He won’t. I like the way he is. – Sarah.. I don’t want him to convert. Why are you so angry? Your dad’s point of view is also right.

Why are you crazy for him? He’s a local player and nothing much. – Look.. If he was talented enough then he would’ve been in the national team. What are you saying? – What nonsense are you uttering? Have you ever seen Arjun play? Are you in your senses?

What do you know about cricket? – What’s all this? Sir, let’s go. – Leave me. How could he insult me? Sarah, where are you going? Wait. Here you go. Yeah! Lovely! Yeah! I won’t play cricket anymore. How can you give up cricket? It’s your life?

No Sarah. It’s not cricket but it’s you who is my life. Go and check this. – Okay, sir. Whom do you love more? Him or me? – You. “Happy birthday..” He’ll wake up. Thank you. Go to the lawyer. Please don’t forget. I’ve received a lot of complaints. What’s going on? Good morning, sir.

What’s your shift timing? – 8 o’ clock, sir. What’s the time? – I’m sorry, sir. There was no electricity in my house last night. I’m not bothered about your personal problems. If you can’t come on time you can resign. I don’t like excuses. – Okay, sir. All of you get back to work.

Forget it, Sarah. You know how sir is. – Yes. Come. What’s the matter? Why do you look depressed? Nothing. I’ve started fighting with Arjun on the smallest issues. I get angry and then I shout at him. Later I repent for my behavior. Cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, raisins.. There’s everything in the spicy milk.

You’re very lucky. I’m out of work for the last two years. I’ve sold off my underwear doing the rounds of the court. I’m not at an age where I can start something new. You consider me lucky just because I’ve few pieces of dry fruits?

What else shall I tell you? I got nothing but the peels. Okay.. I need some money. I’ll return it next month. Don’t have any expectation from me. You’ll get money from the beggar but I don’t have a penny. Don’t you have the money for this spicy milk?

No, I don’t. Why will I lie? Has my dad planted a money plant at home? Dad is right. Friends just want money. You didn’t return the previous loan yet. Lawyer sir.. Did you arrange it? – No. Then why did you come? For help. Do you see her?

She has joined as my assistant from today. The previous assistant is pregnant and on leave. I didn’t do anything. I don’t even know if she was married or not. I’m telling you this because he brought this case to me.. ..the day the girl joined me. I told him to arrange 50,000 rupees..

..and I would help him get his job back. I’ve been telling him for the past two years. But, he’s an honest man. Keep doing the rounds. Sir, he has nothing except honesty. Please help him. – Why will I give you money? I’m innocent. – You think I’ll take all the money?

Nothing will be left. I’ve to pay the police, auditor, inspector, clerk. I’ll not even be left with small change like a beggar. All the people who were with you are doing jobs now. Honesty is condemned and corruption is hailed. Understood? – Yes.

What did you understand? – He lost his job on charges of corruption. He’ll have to resort to corruption and give bribes to get his job back. You may not have money but you’re very smart. I need a job. Our country had three Prime Ministers in the past ten years.

Even their job is not permanent. Who do you think you are? Brother, you asked me to give you 500 rupees in the morning? Why do you need the money all of a sudden? Brother.. Tomorrow is Johnny’s birthday. He wanted a jersey as a gift. I wanted money to buy him the gift.

By jersey you mean the t-shirt that cricketers wear. Isn’t it? You’re too much. Why did you ask for 500 rupees? You should’ve told me what you wanted. Let’s go to Chapra Bazaar. Why do you need to spend 500 rupees.. ..when you’ll get a nice jersey for 50 rupees.

Even Sachin Tendulkar won’t be able to tell if it’s original or fake. Let’s go. – Get down. What happened? – Get down. Brother… – Don’t utter such nonsense again. I agree that a jersey is a very ordinary thing.. ..but it’s not in my nature to deceive. Okay. I’ve another idea.

Start the bike. I’ve a good idea. Start the bike. Tell him. Ask me what you want to ask. I’ve left my work and come here. I need some money. I’ll return it next month. How much? – 500 rupees. 500? Why are you feeling shy? It’s Johnny’s birthday so..

Did I ask you anything? I don’t know when you’ll grow up. I don’t have 500 rupees in cash. Go home and take money from Paro. I’ll call and tell her. – Don’t drag your wife in this. She created a ruckus the last time. Forget it. What?

She didn’t know that we’re close friends. Don’t worry. Go home. No, friend. I’ll take the money from you. It’s okay if you give it to me tomorrow. I’m going to Rajasthan in the evening. Take it when I come back day after tomorrow. Not day after tomorrow.

Call Paro. We’ll go home and take it from her. Bring dal baati for us from Rajasthan. – Okay. Bye. One more problem. There’s only one person amongst us who can get the money. Why are all three of you staring at me? I won’t go inside. – Please go. Aren’t you my dear friend?

You always make me the scapegoat. Taking money from her is like taking money from a witch. Brother, please go. Do you remember what happened the last time? We went to get money during diwali. She served us stale snacks with.. – Why do you always think negative? Everything may be good this time.

Okay. I’ll go. But, all of you will go with me. She seems to be in good mood today. She served us mangoes. I’m very happy. We don’t have money for snacks these days. Let’s eat the mangoes. It’ll help us in the evening. Isn’t it? No, I won’t eat it.

Which mangoes do you like? Will you eat it? Give it to me. You never have money for me. But, you always have money for your friends. If your friends don’t return the money this time.. ..I’ll snatch Rajesh’s watch and sell it. When will you return the loan you took from my father?

Do you remember that Rajesh took 5500 rupees? He took it on his wedding. He has a child now and he hasn’t returned the money yet. When I asked you to gift me a sari you bought a cheap night dress for me. Why should we give money for his son’s birthday?

Let him hear. I’m not scared of him. If he had any self-respect he wouldn’t have borrowed money. Come back from Rajasthan and I’ll deal with you. Yes, I got the money. Disconnect the call. Why did she say I took 5500 rupees? I took only 5000 rupees.

Has she added the 500 rupees they gave me as wedding gift? C’mon contribute some money. How much do I have? My pocket seems to be empty. Let’s see if I get some money from it. Hey you millionaire. Take this. – Brother, your problem is sorted.

We can buy a quarter of rum and a packet of cigarettes with it. Get drunk and forget everything. Take it, bro. It’s Murthy sir. Where were you? I’m tired of searching you since morning. You’re very fortunate. His fate has gone to sleep. What do you want to say? Hyderabad club versus New Zealand.

I told you about the charity match. I told you about the match when we were drinking tea yesterday. Hyderabad team needs a good batsman. I’ve spoken about you. I didn’t get you. You’re playing tomorrow. I respect you a lot but I don’t wish to play cricket again under any circumstance.

What did you say? You don’t want to play? You won’t get such chances easily. These chances become significant. I could become a coach’s assistant in all these years. But you can become a successful assistant coach with your talent. I know how to convince him. Come with me. Come. – But..

Have you arranged the money? I’ve an idea. I’m sure that Murthy has the money. Borrow money from him. No.. what will he think? – Let him think anything. What will Johnny think if you don’t give him the gift? Ask him for 600 rupees. Why 600? – 100 for me.

I’ve been wandering with you since morning. It’s a golden opportunity for you to show your talent.. tomorrow’s match. The other team members play so that they’ll earn 1000 and party hard. But, this is the chance to prove yourself. Murthy sir, he has agreed to play. He agreed so soon?

What did you make him drink? – A magical potion. Why are you thinking so much? Do as I said. Hit a couple of fours and sixes and then get out. You’ll get 1000 rupees. 500 for you and 500 for me. Shall we go? – Yes.

Get ready with your kit. We’ll have a drink and join you. Do you have money? Dad, mom and I are here. It’s my birthday so we’ve come to invite auntie. Wow! SG bat! This is yours. Isn’t it? Where is your mom? – She’ll soon come home. Where are you going, dad?

I’ll come back soon. Dad, hurry up or mom will catch you. Dad, come back quickly. Johnny, will you drink almond milk? – No, I don’t want it. Dad, shall I come with you? Please.. No, son. I’ll be late. Dad, please take me with you. I haven’t seen you bat. Please, dad. – No.

Sarah, I’m going to watch a film with Rajesh. You’re going to watch a film. Wow! I’ll also go with you. It’ll be great fun. Please, dad. – Take him with you. He has a holiday tomorrow. Please, dad. Please, dad. Please.. please.. Okay, come. – Yeah! Who is the moron?

What did he mean? He is stupid. Carefully. Thank you, mom. Good morning, birthday boy. Happy birthday. Did you love the gift? Go and brush quickly. I’ll keep it. Wow! Happy birthday, son. – Thank you, dad. After the match today we’ll go to uncle’s shop and buy a jersey for you. Really? – Yes.

I’ve cooked lentils and veggies. Cook rice after some time. Okay? All the best. – Thank you, sir. How are you, Johnny? Son, stay with sir. What are you doing? Enough! – Stop it. Stop! Arjun, you don’t know him. He’s Nandu, the best batsman of our club. He’s Arjun, an ex-Ranji player.

You must’ve heard about him. I never heard about him. Arjun is going to be the future assistant coach of our club. Oh! Is he that good a player? Uncle, where were you all these days? Were you waiting for Gavaskar to retire?

Murthy sir, your job will be in danger if he becomes the assistant coach. Don’t worry about me. I’ve played my innings. Think about yourself. You’ve to face a tiger. What’s all this? Why do you start all the time. Stop it. Enough. Johnny, stay with uncle Rajesh. – Okay. Come with me.

It’s a very important match for the Hyderabad team. Hey John Spearman. This match will be telecast live from LV stadium. It’s time for the toss. Shall we go for the toss? – Yes. Tails. It’s tails. You won the toss. – I think we’ll bat.

Both the teams have entered the field with great enthusiasm. John Spearman is ready. He’ll face the fist ball bowled by Nivas. Well-timed shot. The ball is rushing towards the boundary. New Zealand team scored with the very first ball. It’s a massive hit. The ball has gone out of the stadium.

The Hyderabad team doesn’t look happy. They haven’t tasted any success yet. Pay the band and send them home. We won’t need them today. Andrew is playing aggressively. Andrew completes his half century with this boundary. It’s a lovely shot. I haven’t seen better timing. But, this time there’s a fielder there. Good throw, dad.

Arjun has fielded well. He has hit the ball for a single. With the single Spearman completes his century. It’s a very easy catch. For a moment I thought he missed the catch. The first wicket taken by Hyderabad team. Very good attempt. Another wonderful shot.

They’ve posted a good total at the loss of one wicket. The ball goes for six runs. Hyderabad has a challenging target of 332 runs to chase. Their inning is over. Shall I play the drum? – Not now. Hi! Thank you. – Mention not.

It looks like a batting pitch. Our boys will also hit hard. Boys, we’ve to give them a tough fight. – Okay, sir. Think before playing your shots. – Yes, sir. We need to maintain a run rate of 6.5. Very good. Well-done. Sir.. – Yes, tell me. Arjun is a very good player.

Shall we send him first down? Oh! So, you’re trying to teach me? Boys, get going. Don’t ruin your coach’s name. Hyderabad has hit the first ball for four runs. Good shot! Wonderful shot. John Miller’s ball went in and hit the pad. They’ve appealed and the umpire has declared the batsman out.

Shall we send Arjun to bat now? Sir, have you fought with your wife at home? Captain! A wonderful shot by captain Ravindra. Ravindra and Nandan is building a great partnership. Son, are you playing today? – Yes. Wait, I’ll call everybody. One more shot. The ball didn’t connect well with the bat.

He might get out. And it’s an easy catch. Sir, we can send Arjun now. Don’t disturb me or I’ll resign and go home. Please. The New Zealand team is bowling well and they’ve got one more wicket. Hyderabad has lost one more wicket. Send Arjun. – Yes! Arjun, c’mon get ready. Sorry.

Let’s see what happens now. 40 years old Arjun has come to play for Arjun at the loss of fifth wicket. At this age players normally retire from the game. Will he be able to stop the bowler from getting a hat-trick? This is Wheeler’s next ball. Will he be able to score a hat-trick?

He has played the ball well. A lovely shot. The ball has raced towards the boundary for four runs. Arjun has started off well. Good shot, dad. It’s not easy for a batsman to perform like this.. this age and under the present circumstances. But, he has proven himself.

Wheeler is trying his best to get a wicket. Arjun has played another wonderful shot. The ball has kissed the boundary. If you’re brave enough then hit me for a six. Wheeler is known to handle these situations well. This is the last ball of the roller coaster Wheeler over.

He has hit the ball with all his strength. He stepped out and took full advantage of the ball. It’s gone for a six. The ball went out of the ground like a rocket. Yeah! Very good. Terrific shot. He has hit the ball hard. Brilliant.

What a shot! What are you waiting for? Play it. Any young player will feel shy before him. The ball is in the air and it has gone out of the boundary. It’s difficult to say if Arjun is twenty years old or forty. Hyderabad has added four runs to their total.

A bowling change and a hurried shot has led.. the batsman being stumped out. Chakravarthy has gone back to the pavilion. They’re doing their best to keep Arjun out of strike. A great ball by Austin Ash and they get one more wicket. Off goes the middle stump.

The first ball of the new over. Praveen is facing the bowler. It goes up in the air. This doesn’t look safe. And caught out. They made no mistake. Hyderabad lost their ninth wicket. This game is at a stage where anything can happen. Eighteen runs needed of nine balls.

Arjun is on strike and has kept the hopes alive. He has stepped out and hit the ball for six runs. This was needed at this moment. Hyderabad need twelve runs in eight balls. Two balls left in this over. And he hits the ball for another mighty shot.

The ball has gone out of the boundary for six runs. This is the last ball of this over. He has stepped out and hit the ball for a big shot. Will they get six or four runs? Oh! It’s a boundary. The Hyderabad players are rejoicing.

They need two runs in the last over to win. Wheeler is going to bowl. The captain has increased the pressure on the batsman. The first ball of the last over. It’s a dot ball. Wheeler has got his smile back. This over will decide the fate of the match. Good ball.

The ball has go extra bounce. They still need two runs in four balls. Both the teams are under great pressure. The third ball is also a dot ball. Only three balls left. It seems like Hyderabad might lose this match. We need only two runs in three balls.

Try to give me the strike. Don’t stress. Will the new player be able to score a run and give the strike to Arjun? The batsman has hit the ball and is trying to take a single. Stop. Stop. – He’s sending him back. There’s lot of confusion.

The New Zealand players have missed the ball. They lost an opportunity to get the batsman run out. The last two balls. Let’s see what happens. It has connected well with the bat. They’re going for a run. But, Arjun is sending him back. I don’t know what’s the confusion about.

Arjun has started off to take the run. Will he be able to reach? No. Run out. Hyderabad has lost the match they could’ve won. Wonderful bowling performance by Wheeler. I can’t believe that Hyderabad lost this match. They had almost won the match. Hyderabad lost the match despite Arjun playing such a good inning.

Yes. Arjun came out to play when Hyderabad had lost all hopes. Hey! Good job. – Thank you. Very nice batting. – Thanks, guys. He deserves the applause. Well-done, Arjun! Yeah! Dad, you’re my hero. My tiger! Let’s go and meet the committee members. Arjun, I think they’ll give you a cheque.

It’s okay if they pay you 200 rupees less. But, tell them to give you cash. You don’t have to take any trouble. This was a charity match. We won’t get paid for it. What did you say? – All the money will go to charity. Charity! – Sir, you’re joking. Right?

You’re pulling my leg. Why will I joke with this idiot? You got 3000 rupees for wining the man of the match.. ..and 1000 rupees as match fees. I gave all the money to the charity to please the committee members. Players fees, the ticket amount, sponsorship money.. ..all the money will go to charity.

Only then they’ll give you another chance. Or why would the New Zealand team play with our club? Come with me. Nothing has changed. The same technique, the same balance, the same flow. You’re 40 years old but you still have the energy and passion. All the committee members were praising you.

You’ll definitely get the job of assistant coach. You played so well. – Enough, sir. You’re stuck at one thing. Why don’t you understand that I don’t want to play cricket? I neither want to be a player nor assistant coach. The person standing here is not the old Arjun.

I’ve a wife and a son. Arjun, stop. Johnny, let’s go. Dad, kit. Take your kit, dad. Dad, you never told me that you play so well. Your square cut was amazing. Yeah! Dad, we left the shop behind. Dad, we left the shop behind.

Dad, we left the jersey shop behind. Dad, take a u-turn. Johnny, keep quiet – Dad.. dad, the jersey. I want to buy the jersey. Please listen to me. Stop being stubborn. – Dad, the jersey.. dad.. Hello, Kartik. – Bye, dad. Come in. Babu, why are you standing here?

Go and get chairs for the kids. Yes. Really. Sarah has gone out for some work. I’ve no other option. Were you looking for me? Take all these and sell them. Go. You’re stealing in your own house from your wife’s purse. I thought that you would change. But every time you proved me wrong.

I saved money from my salary every month to pay the lawyer’s fees.. that you get back the job you lost. What do you want? You want me to bear your expenses all my life? You would waste your time but now you’ve started stealing. If needed you’ll sell me.

I feel ashamed to call myself your wife. When will you change? Whenever you behave recklessly I feel.. ..I’m the reason behind everything. My life has become hell. I’ve made a big mistake by falling in love with you. I’m tired. What do I do? I’ve tolerated you in this life.

Please don’t come in my life in the next birth. You don’t deserve to be my husband. He was useless and now he has become a thief. Dad, you spoiled my birthday. I didn’t even cu t the cake. All my friends have left. My teacher says that it’s wrong to steal.

And you stole in your own house. People will call me a thief’s son. I loved you a lot. Dad, you couldn’t be a good dad. You’re very bad. I hate you. Forgive your dad, son. Kiran, keep playing. You shout at this old man. If anyone else would’ve misbehaved with me..

..I would’ve made him run ten times around the ground. You’re like my son. I’m your father’s age yet I share the smallest things with you.. ..because I treat you as my friend. Forget what has happened? You’ve won, sir. I can’t stay away from this game. I told you. I was right.

You’re born for this game. We’ll meet Ram sir tomorrow. If you get appointed as the assistant coach… Sir, I don’t want to be a coach, I want to be a player. Player? – Yes sir, player. I want to play again and that too for the Indian team.

Arjun, look.. – I won’t back out now. You’re forty years old. Professional sportsmen retire at this age. There is not particular age to dream.. ..and there isn’t any particular time to fulfill it. I’ve wasted forty years of my life. I’ve become a thief for my wife and son for 500 rupees.

I just want to play now. Your heart wants to play but your body won’t support you. When everybody had their hopes pinned on me.. ..I shattered their hopes. I broke everybody’s trust. I shattered your hope, Sarah’s hopes, my friends’ hopes. Everybody’s hope. I got back my confidence after playing today.

My son was proud of me after today’s match. He gave me a standing ovation. There. Let anything happen now, I won’t let him hang his head in shame. I’ll start afresh. I’ll start from the point I left ten years back. I’m ready to sacrifice my life..

..but I’ll definitely play for the Indian cricket team. Good morning, coach. – Good morning, sir. Hey! He’s not the coach, he’s a player. Sit down. He’s not the coach, he’s a player. C’mon sit down. Your bat is awesome. Has the coach come? – Hi! How are you? – Fine.

I hope I’m not late. – You played well yesterday. Boys, I’m Ramanand Hegde. Your coach and the member of selection committee of Karnataka Board. Hyderabad team, please stand in line. Introduce yourself. Salim, right-hand batsman. – Hello. Ravi, left-hand batsman. – Hello. Srikant, opening batsman. – All the best.

Madhav. – Hi. Ajit, bowler sir. – All the best. Aren’t you assistant coach Murthy? I heard that Murthy is an elderly person. You don’t have a single grey hair. Arjun, right-hand batsman. Oh! Okay. Boys, let’s start practicing. – Yes, sir. Next. C’mon bowl. Next. Good. Next.

Come forward and play the next time. Hey! Not you. Next. Good. This is all for today. We’ll meet again tomorrow. Hi! – Hi! You played very well. – Let’s go. Drinking tea alone? Everybody is busy. They told you to come tomorrow. Okay. Want a smoke?

Arjun start playing again and you’ll earn a lot of money. Don’t give lectures, you lazy fellow. Keep quiet. Everything happened because of you. Complete it. You’ve a disease called arrhythmia. Your heartbeat stops at times. If you stress out physically you can suffer from cardiac failure. I’ll prescribe few medicines.

It’ll give you temporary relief.. ..but don’t take it often.. ..or it can be fatal for you. Keep visiting me for regular check-ups. Okay? Okay, doctor. Sir, don’t waste your time. They’re busy. They won’t meet you. Sorry, dad. – Come with me. He has brought money. Take it.

You wanted 500 rupees. Isn’t it? Take it. I don’t want it. Hi, Arjun! Great! You’ve come at the right time. Come in. No, sir. I’ll wait here. – Why are you being so formal? Murthy told me about you. Come in, let’s talk. We’ve appointed two new coaches this year.

Five years back after winning the Ranji trophy.. ..the Hyderabad team was at the last position last year. So, they’re making a new team this year. Everybody is disturbed about this fact. The person in blue suit is Mr. Atul, the coach of Bombay team.

Bombay team that has won Ranji trophy in the last three years. He’s the man behind their success. The person speaking to him is Mr. Ramanand, the coach of Karnataka team. I’ve met him at the ground. Oh! You’ve connections. I’ll introduce you. Gentlemen, do you remember Arjun? The ex-Ranji player who has retired.

He’ll work with us as the assistant coach. No, sir. I won’t work as a coach, I’ll be a player. What? Yes, sir. I want to play again. Please wait outside. Isn’t he the same guy who came to the meeting yesterday? Yes, sir. His name is Arjun.

He performed very well in the Ranji and Duleep trophy matches.. ..between 1980 and 1985. I couldn’t judge his talent back then. But, look at his records. He has done wonders in first class cricket. He has the highest batting average in the tournament. He’s a very good batsman.

I believe that he’ll perform very well. The team needs him. If he’s as talented as you portrayed him to be.. ..then he would’ve been in the Indian team and not just on television screen. Don’t waste my time. There must be some personal reasons why he failed to get a place.

But, watch his performance in the charity match against New Zealand. Please. Hegde, please stop your nonsense. He’s a middle-aged man of forty years.. ..and you want him to be in the team. Have you lost your mind? We can take a youngster instead of him.

A player who can play in the national team and make or country proud. Do you want to ruin the team by taking this old played? Why are you laughing? Do you remember a dialogue from Rajesh Khanna’s film ‘Anand’? It’s a wonderful dialogue. I’ll tell you. Okay, go ahead.

Mister, life shouldn’t be long it should be large. Therefore, age doesn’t matter. One’s playing skills should be good. What are you saying? I guarantee you sir that he’s a mind-blowing player. Arjun, you’re next in line to play in the nets. Get ready. Sir. Hey! Increase your speed. He’s a very good bowler.

Where is the other glove? I kept it here. Very good. Keep it up. – Can I use your glove? No, sorry. Arjun, don’t delay. Come on. Where is it? Where is the other glove? – Go and bowl. Sir, I kept it there but I’m not finding it now.

Do you think you’re here to have fun? Get out. Hegde, what’s this? Superb, my friend. It was great fun. Hold on. What was his dialogue? Sir, I’m not finding it. You must’ve seen the poor fellow’s face. You can snatch away my gloves but not my lines of destiny.

If you repeat such lowly action again..’ll be buried alive. – Leave him. If both of you continue this behavior.. ..I won’t let you step inside the stadium. Go away from here. Come on. Do you know Ramya? The journalist.. she has written this article.

People were appreciating you in the association meeting yesterday. Sir, but this article.. Sir.. hey.. Hyderabad team is very serious about the Ranji trophy this time. Atul and Ramanand has chosen the 35 best players. After two months of training fifteen players will be chosen.. ..out of this thirty-five players for the Ranji team.

Don’t be so happy. Anyone can be thrown out after training of two months. Sir.. have I been selected? Why are you smiling? I told you that anyone maybe thrown out any moment. What’s this? Don’t be too excited. Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Fauja Singh created a record in athletics at the age of eighty four. Adeleke. Kayaking Age forty. Oscar Swalin. Shooting. Age 60 years. All these players started playing in their middle-age or old age. They got success too. Listen to me. Age doesn’t matter. A person should be strong from within.

You’ve to put in double efforts. You’ve to work harder than the new players. I want the Arjun who existed ten years back. One who was strong like a rock. If you want to play in the Indian team you’ve only one option. You’ve perform well in Ranji trophy matches.

Only then selectors will recognize your talent. Don’t’ worry, sir. I’ve understood what you mean. Why did you have to write that article? It’s just an article. – Shut up. Are you my girlfriend or his girlfriend? Go and apologize. What is it? Thank you. He is.. What’s this? – Well I..

He kissed you. Was that apology or what? You wanted me to become like the Arjun that existed ten years back. I told you something but you did something else. Where are you trying to escape? You’re in trouble today. I won’t leave you. Shall I serve dinner? I’m not hungry. I’ll eat later. Cut.

Dad, I want to tell you something. I told you that school coach selected Rahul as the captain.. he had a jersey. He’s no more the captain. I felt that I could be the captain if I bought the jersey. But that’s not true. I told you to give me the jersey.

But, I don’t want it anymore. Having a jersey won’t help. Buying a jersey won’t make me the captain. Vishal.. – What? You said Vishal had the jersey and not Rahul. Sorry, dad. Only weak people lie. I won’t repeat it the next time. My child. Come. Don’t feel scared of telling the truth.

Got it? Boys, the training of two months is over. It’s time to select the top fifteen. But you’ve to wait for a day to know the names of the fifteen players. I congratulate all of you for playing well. All the best. – Thank you, sir. We’ll get the list in the evening.

We’ll find out if you’ve been chosen or not. Are you tensed? Are you tensed? Yes, a little but not much. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get selected this time. I’ll again try next year. Are you trying to console me? I never trusted my own son as much I trusted you.

I can’t stress at this age. I won’t be there. You go and check the list. I’ll be at home. I’ll buy a big bottle of liquor. We’ll celebrate. Remember one thing, Arjun. Even if you’re not selected I’ll always be proud of you.

I never saw a more talented player than you in my career. Not even in the Indian cricket team till date. Did you use reference? – I don’t have to. I will be selected. Look he’s so happy. – He was happy. Look there, keep quiet. Look, the list has come.

Come on. Let’s check it. Move. Your name won’t feature in it. It’s been five years and I haven’t got chance yet. I haven’t got chance even this time. Dad told me that I’ll have to do agriculture now. Why didn’t I get selected? I’m really unlucky.

Whose number is this? – I’ll have to try in my next life. Yes! I’ll leave. Okay. Bye. Bye. Yeah! I’ve been selected. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ravindra, lots of best wishes to you and your team from me. Play well. Congrats! Look.. I’ve been selected. Sridhar, get in the bus. Come on, boys.

C’mon quick. Quick. Get inside. Hey Johnny! Bye, dad. – Bye. Have your food on time. – Okay. Bye. Bye, dad. – Bye. Happy journey. Bye. Bye, dad. ‘Will you take up any job or not?’ ‘I hope you know what kind of situation we’re going through at the moment.’

‘It’s been three months that we haven’t paid the rent.’ ‘We’ve taken lot of loans.’ The match between Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad will be played here today. I think Hyderabad has taken the wrong decision by opting to bat. Absolutely. The ball swings a lot on this pitch.

They’ve lost three wickets for seventy eight runs. The pitch has lot of bounce. Raghu and Vijay have been sent back to the pavilion by Tamil Nadu. Balaji is in form. A beautiful ball that beat the batsmen. There were chances of him getting out. Hyderabad’s captain Ravindra is struggling hard.

The wicket keeper has appealed for caught out. And he’s out. Tamil Nadu has got one more wicket. The captain of Hyderabad is going back to the pavilion. Arjun, get ready. It’s your turn next. – Okay, sir. Let’s see which batsman is able to stabilize their innings now.

Arjun, don’t leave the crease. I don’t care if runs are scored or not. Stay on the crease until the game gets over. Remember that you’ve to take maximum advantage of this golden chance. Okay, sir. – All the best. One more wicket may prove dear to Hyderabad.

Arjun, play carefully. The pitch is not favourable. The batsman next in line is Srikant. Oh! It seems they’ve sent somebody else. Hyderabad’s Arjun is on strike. Play this bowler carefully. I don’t understand this change in the lineup. Forty years old Arjun is the oldest player.. the 1996-97 Ranji trophy matches.

His experience will definitely benefit the Hyderabad team. Arjun will face Balaji who’s an experienced bowler of.. ..the Tamil Nadu team. Tamil Nadu has played very well today. The Hyderabad team is already under great pressure. Arjun takes a look at the field and is about to face Balaji’s fist ball.

He has played a shot, the ball is in the air. Will the ball be caught? No. it’s a six. Good job. Come on. It’s rare to see a batsman hitting the first ball for six runs.. a four day long match. Let me tell you that Arjun scored the highest runs.. the 86-87 Ranji trophy matches. Arjun has pulled and the ball is in the air. The ball may go for four runs. No! It’s a six. Yes! Will he be able to make a hat-trick? We’ll find it out in the very next ball. Balaji doesn’t look too happy.

That’s it. He has hit the ball over the head of the bowler for six runs. The confidence with which he stepped out and played the ball.. really commendable. What a shot! Great! And he completes fifty runs. What a shot! Another lovely shot. Four runs. Arjun is four runs short of his century.

He’s playing a brilliant innings. After this single he has three runs left to complete the century. He stepped back and hit the ball beautifully. The ball has crossed the boundary. Well-played. Well-played Arjun. – Fantastic! He’s making the youngsters sweat out. C’mon Arjun. Keep playing.

He has taken the match in favour of Hyderabad. Even Tamil Nadu’s supporters must’ve enjoyed Arjun’s fantastic innings. Arjun has played a fantastic innings. – Well-played Arjun. Awesome! I’ve become Arjun’s fan, Sashi. Great innings, Arjun. – Well-played. Congratulations! Fantastic! Good job. – Thank you, sir. Well-played. Congratulations! Thank you. Well-played Arjun.

That was great. You must be thinking that you did wonders. But, you don’t know that our team would’ve been in danger.. ..because of you. Do you remember what I told you? You told me to stay at the crease. Well-played. Thank you. Second day of the match. One more boundary.

Arjun is in great form. He has hit the ball hard for four runs. Arjun needs only two runs to complete his double century. And with this shot Arjun completes his double century. He has great energy even at this age. Mom! Mom! Dad’s photo. – Come on. Read what’s written here.

Hyderabad’s player Arjun scored a double century.. ..and helped Hyderabad team win. Thank you. The next match is between Goa and Hyderabad. Hyderabad has won once again. Fantastic! He changed the angle for Yorker. Bihar versus Hyderabad. Arjun has helped Hyderabad get a historic win.

‘This pill may give you relief but it may turn out to be dangerous for you.’ ‘You may suffer from cardiac failure.’ Haryana versus Hyderabad. Great energy. Hyderabad has been wining matches after matches. Keep quiet. Increase the volume. Arjun has scored two double centuries and two single centuries.

Arjun has played brilliantly. – Yeah! Our team has reached the league. – Yeah! The real fun will begin now. ‘After the match today we’ll stop at uncle’s shop..’ ‘..and buy the jersey for you. – Really? ‘ All the best, guys. The Hyderabad team rocks. Hello, Hotel Taj. How may I help you?

Hello. Hello. Do you’ve any player in mind? – Yes, I do. His name is Yuvraj. He’s from Punjab. He has a record of three consecutive centuries. Okay. Three centuries. That’s good. That’s not all. He has also taken twenty wickets. Hello, sir. What’s the news? Mumbai is at the top spot as always.

One more point, sir. There’s a player from Hyderabad who plays brilliantly. Who is he? Arjun. He’s a right-hand batsman from Hyderabad. Johnny, your dad’s photo has been published in the newspaper today. Yes, I know. Go and field. Yeah! What do you say, Ramanand? My super hero dad.

Dad.. dad.. I saw your photo in the newspaper. Listen to me. I can’t do this. – But Nandu.. Why don’t you understand? I’m tired. Okay? It’s not your fault. It’s Nandu’s mistake. Yet support him. Don’t leave him alone. Adversities are a part of life.

But, if we get the support of our near and dear ones.. ..then it becomes easy to face the adversities. My wife Sarah may be angry with me but she always supports me. But, I could never do anything for her. I never bought flowers for her, yet she does everything for me.

I’m useless and yet she supports me. She shoulders all the responsibilities of our family. If she didn’t trust me, I could’ve never played again. Believe me. He needs you badly. I love your game. You play really well, Arjun. Actually, every shot of yours is perfect.

I may be able to play like you if I practice. But.. I couldn’t have been able to convince Ramya the way you did. Thanks. Arjun.. I’m really sorry, bro. Let’s play for the team. Today’s match is between Uttar Pradesh and Hyderabad. Arjun has again played a brilliant innings. Yeah!

Arjun and Nandan’s glorious partnership of 201 runs. Sir, your client’s photo has been published in the newspaper. Arjun.. Pay attention to your fitness. Hitting fours and sixes won’t help. Singles are also important. Build your stamina. Run five times around the ground. C’mon, run. Go. Hyderabad versus Maharashtra.

Here is the record of centuries scored by Arjun in the Ranji trophy matches. In nine matches he has scored a triple, four double and four centuries. Hyderabad team has played brilliantly.. ..and they’ve reached the semi-final. Hyderabad team has reached the semi-final. C’mon friends, let’s party. – Yeah!

Boys! Calm down. Hold on. It’s not right to lose your senses while celebrating. When will these old fellows feel young? I’ll change and come and then we’ll go out. – Okay. What shall I get for you, sir? Two cups of tea. Do you remember this place? – Yes.

I even remember the table. Babu, please forgive me. I’ve been very rude. I’ve hurt you a lot. I’m very sorry. Doesn’t matter. There won’t be any more problems in our life Everything will be fine. There’ll be lots of joys in our life. Dad will come tomorrow to give us 50,000 rupees.

Take the money and give it to the lawyer. We’ll manage our family together. I’m tired of doing everything alone. Enough of all this. I want to get back to my old life. Did you take the money from dad or are you going to take it? Babu please don’t be angry.

I didn’t ask him to give me the money. Dad offered the money as he wanted to help us. If you’ve any problem then I won’t take the money from him. Just leave it. It’s not a big deal. – No. It’s not just about money. You also think I’m useless. Right?

How can you think so? Don’t you dare say that. I left my family for you and now you’re saying this. You’ve hurt me. You haven’t understood me yet. I want a simple life. You, Johnny and me. That’s it. I want my old Arjun back. That’s it. I don’t care for your game.

You may try as much you can. You can never attain success now. I’ll prove you wrong. I’ll prove that I can be successful. Instead of encouraging me you’re discouraging me. When you married me you vowed to support me in seven lives. But, you’ve left me alone in this life.

For the first time in life I’m angry with you, Sarah. This match is between Delhi and Hyderabad. That’s a brilliant shot. The ball is in the air. And it went out of the pavilion. One more grand six by Arjun. It has become impossible to stop him. He’s hungry for victory. I’ll definitely win.

That’s a powerful shot. The ball is racing towards the boundary but the fielder has stopped the ball. A wonderful performance in the semi-final match. One more century by Arjun in this tournament. Congratulations, Arjun. – Hey congrats, man. Hey Arjun! It seems that Arjun is not well. – Physio.

He needs a physio. It seems that Arjun is not well. This can happen due to dehydration. It’s difficult to perform like this in the present weather conditions. What’s this? Arjun has refused help. It seems that he’s okay. Arjun has lifted his bat in the air and answered the appreciation of his fans.

He is strong willed. He has played brilliantly. After winning this match Hyderabad has reached the final. Well-played. One more double century. Arjun is the batsman with highest run in Ranji matches. My champion. – Well-played. Come with me. – Very good. I’m feeling weak. Will you take me to the doctor?

As a doctor I would advise that you don’t let him play. You can see his condition. He needs bed rest for at least two months. If he plays it can be risky for him. Get his MRI and 2D ECO tests done. Doctor, we’ve the Ranji finals with Mumbai next week.

Will he be able to play that game? It’s very difficult to say that right now. Is it necessary for him to play under the present health conditions? Don’t worry, Sarah. He’ll soon get well. The selectors will attend the match next week. The match is crucial for Arjun.

Or all his efforts will be wasted. You can see his condition. He can’t even get up. How can you plan for the next match despite seeing his present condition? Sarah, please.. – Babu, please keep quiet. I don’t have money for the tests prescribed by the doctor.

I’ll have to wait for next month’s salary. I don’t know what he is up to at this age. Please don’t give him false hopes. Babu, it’s time to decide. Either choose Johnny and me or cricket. If you want to play cricket then you must forget us. Take a decision. Did he leave you?

It’s okay. What’s wrong? Impress my man. Hi, Arjun. – Hi! Come in. He’s Nandu. Hi! – Hi! Hi! Does your family always keeps smiling like this? Dad, my paint brushes are in the cupboard. Will you take them out? I can’t reach them. Let’s go.

I gave Sachin’s poster to Raju. He was asking for it. None of classmate’s father’s photo has been published in newspapers. You’re my hero, dad. So, I gave him Sachin’s poster. Dad, will you play cricket again? What do you say? Should I play? – You should play, dad. Your batting is awesome.

You are my hero. Sarah madam, you’ve reached home. Sarah.. Sarah.. Johnny has gone out to play. I can’t live like this, Sarah. I can’t do this. I’m not saying this in a fit of rage. I’ll tell you something. No one asks me to return the money I borrowed.

Do you know why they don’t ask me to return the money? That’s because they know.. ..that I can’t return the money. People pity me as a loser. A once renowned cricketer is pitied by everybody today. Life has given me lot of chances. But, I failed. If there’s anybody who loves me selflessly..

..then it’s only my son. It doesn’t matter to him if his dad earns more or less.. ..or if he’s successful or not. He only needs his dad and nobody else. But, he asked to give him something only once. It was nothing big, only an ordinary jersey. But, I couldn’t give it to him.

He called me a thief on his birthday. But, today he has put up my poster in the place of Sachin’s poster.. his wardrobe. Do you know what he told me? He told me that he treats me as a hero when I play. Sarah, I don’t want to fall in his eyes again.

No, I don’t. Please don’t’ stop me, Sarah. Let me go. Don’t think that I don’t value you. I don’t value the person who sat on the sofa and smoked.. ..and never did any household chores. I don’t value the person.. ..who couldn’t fulfill a small wish of his child. I don’t value the person..

..who left his wife crying in the kitchen. The short-tempered man. You tolerated me a lot. I’m nothing without you. Flight tickets? You would’ve got tired if you went by train. The flight is scheduled at 5 am tomorrow. I booked it from the hotel travel desk. Please spend tonight nicely with me.

Whom do you love more Johnny or me? You.. Don’t lie. Sarah.. Sarah.. Welcome to Mumbai Wankhede stadium. Today is the first day of Ranji trophy final match.. ..between Mumbai and Hyderabad. This is the final match. The stadium is chock-a-block with people. – There’s my dad.

It’s a unique match in Ranji trophy. Mumbai has won the toss. They’ve decided to bat first. This is the first ball of the match. Mumbai have scored their first runs. The ball is racing towards the boundary for four runs. The fielder got no chance to stop the ball.

One more good shot went for four runs. The Hyderabad team hasn’t got a wicket yet. And he’s bowled out. The first wicket for Hyderabad. A great innings by Bhavesh. Second day of the match and Mumbai has scored a huge total. Good shot. Mumbai is scoring runs easily.

Mumbai has scored 454 runs at the loss of six wickets.. ..and have declared their innings. All the best. Let’s do it. There fielders posted in front and one in gully. Shami is ready to bowl the first ball. Bouncer! The batsman failed to judge the speed of the ball. And he’s bowled out.

Hyderabad has lost their first wicket at the beginning of their innings. And there goes the second wicket. And that’s the third wicket. Yorker bowled by Shami and the bails have fallen apart. Wonderful bowling. Hyderabad’s condition is very critical at the end of the second day’s play. 45 for 4.

Third day of Ranji final. Hyderabad needs a miracle. Will Arjun be able to help them win? Bowled. Arjun has been bowled out on the first ball. Hyderabad in deep trouble. Dangerous batsman Arjun is going back to the pavilion. Hyderabad has received another severe blow.

Hyderabad team fell apart like a pack of cards. And he’s bowled. Caught out. Out. Umpire has declared him out. Back to pavilion. It’s the fourth day of the match. Wonderful batting. One more boundary. Mumbai has set a target of 568 runs. It won’t be easy for Hyderabad to chase this total.

You fielded very badly. They scored so many runs because of your bad bowling. It’s useless discussing all this. You saw how they hit all our bowlers for runs. We don’t stand a chance to win. We worked so hard. All our efforts seem to be wasted. It’s a great achievement to reach the final.

How will we win tomorrow? It’s time to prove myself. I don’t want to lose the love and respect that I got from my son after years. I’ll be his super-hero. I’ll win and prove Sarah wrong. We need to score 568 runs in 90 over to win.

We must play at a run rate of 6.31. Even if the match is a draw Mumbai will win the match.. ..after the score of the first innings is considered. We need to chase the target to win this match. The pitch will deteriorate tomorrow. It’s tough to score 568 runs in 90 over.

Yes, it is. Sir, I’ll open the batting. If you have these tablet often it can lead to brain hemorrhage. Hyderabad has changed its batting order. Arjun has come out to open the innings with Nandan Reddy. Mumbai’s performance is commendable. They’ve set a big target. Hyderabad needs a miracle to win this match.

They need to score 568 runs in 90 over. It’s very tough to attain this target in this pitch. Arjun is on strike. Shami is ready to bowl the first ball of the second inning. Oh! That was a dangerous bouncer. Shami is bowling aggressively.

Bowling, good bowling. – What happened? Can’t see the ball. Have you forgotten to wear your specs? He’s distracting the batsman. Will the batsman be able to answer him? ‘Dad, play for me and not the world.’ He has used his wrists beautifully. Wonderful shot! Hyderabad is answering back strongly.

Arjun and Nandan’s partnership of 73 runs. Wonderful shot! The more singles he takes the better for Hyderabad. Great understanding between the batsmen. He has hit the ball in the off-side. He has run to take the second run. Great understanding between the batsmen between the wickets. And Arjun completes his century.

He’s playing like a 26 year old batsman today. Congratulations! Dad has scored a century. When will dad lift his bat? When he completes his double century. They need 340 runs in 210 balls. He stepped out to play and missed the ball.. ..but the keeper didn’t miss this chance.

Nandan is going back to the pavilion. Hyderabad has the run rate in control. The ball kissed the score board and went for six runs. The ball is in the air. The fielders are below the ball. And he’s caught out. Hyderabad lost a wicket. Ravinder completely missed it. That’s a majestic drive.

A beautiful shot. It went out of sight for six runs. Arjun has proved that there’s no age for playing. It’s a historic moment for Arjun. He seems to have come here with a purpose. He has brought in new hopes. Arvind Chopra is ready to bowl.

Let’s see if Arjun gets a double century or not. That’s a majestic high shot for six runs. Arjun has created history. He has scored double century. My tiger! A wonderful performance by Arjun. He’s playing like a 26 year old. Well-played, Arjun. He’s the man of the tournament. The youngsters should follow Arjun.

Hyderabad team is inching towards victory. Mumbai is under great pressure. Hyderabad team is playing sensibly. What a shot! Off goes the ball for six runs. The ball has found its way. Shami is blocking his way but Arjun has easily completed the run. Arjun looks tired after taking so many singles.

I think he has some problem. But, today’s story is different. And there goes the helicopter shot. One more boundary. The umpire has pointed both his hands towards the sky. Arjun knows how important it is to take singles. Every run is important at this stage of the match.

Every run is taking them towards the target. He’s running really hard. But, it seems that he is not well. I never saw anyone so dedicated towards the game. The ball is high in the air but it’s an easy catch. And he’s bowled out. One more wicket goes down. Very good keeping.

Mumbai has appealed and the umpire has declared him out. Hyderabad has lost six wickets. 501 for six. They need 66 runs in 36 balls. Anil has played a shot. Will they go for the second run? No. Arjun is not happy. Anil, we need to score runs in every ball.

Keep taking singles. Okay? He has found a gap between the fielders.. ..but Shami is again obstructing his way. Arjun stumbled but he reached the crease. And the situation is tense. Mumbai is resorting to foul ways. The umpire is trying to pacify them. This is not sportsmanship. Shami shouldn’t behave like this.

And he’s bowled out. One more wicket. If Hyderabad loses more wicket it may go against them. Anil is going back to the pavilion. The score is 505 for 7. The required run rate is going out of control. Will they get one more wicket? Yes!

Shami’s wonderful bowling. He’s on a hat-trick. Hyderabad is in trouble. 505 for 8. Hyderabad needs boundaries. The second boundary of the over. One more shot going through the fielders. Shami is again standing on Arjun’s way. But this time Arjun has taught him a lesson. And a pull shot with full energy.

The ball has gone to the spectator stand. Will they get one more wicket? Yes! Hyderabad is in trouble. 532 for 9. Hyderabad needs twelve runs every over. Mumbai needs one wicket to lift the Ranji trophy. Wajid Khan. The last batsman of Hyderabad. He’s under great pressure. That’s a dangerous bouncer.

The batsman couldn’t see the ball. One more dot ball. Will he take a single in this ball? He has started off to take a single. But no. He narrowly escaped. Wajid Khan is nervous due to pressure. – Relax, Wajid. The last over was a maiden over. Arjun is on crease.

Shami is bowling the second last over. He has played a shot towards the square leg. There’s no fielder there. And it’s four runs. Let’s see what Arjun does in this over. Will he be able to change the course of the game? He has found a gap between gully and point.

One more boundary. Very good. Hyderabad is inching towards victory. They need 24 runs in 9 balls. He has stepped out of the crease and hit it straight in front. It’s six runs. One more boundary. Hyderabad’s hopes for victory has again been aroused in this over.

Arjun would like to take a single in this ball. Fielders are coming close. Will he be able to take the run? Hurry up. – No. This is what Mumbai wanted. What tactic will Hyderabad team apply now? Don’t panic. Don’t get out. I’ll handle the rest. Wajid.. Wajid.. We must win, Wajid.

Just give me the strike. We never witnessed a game like this in the history of Ranji trophy. Arjun is very close to his triple century. Hyderabad needs fourteen runs in a over. Wajid is on strike. Will he be able to take a single and give the strike to Arjun?

Oh! That was a narrow escape. Wajid has missed. There’s no chance of going for a run. C’mon. c’mon. – They need fourteen runs in five balls. He has missed the second ball too. Mumbai has strengthened their grip on the game. The pressure is mounting on Wajid.

They need fourteen runs in four balls. This is their last chance to take a single. Abhay is ready to bowl. The tension is mounting. Third ball of the last over. Hyderabad needs a single. Will they be able to go for the single run?

He has missed the shot but they’re going for the run. Will they get run out? The keeper has thrown the ball but the ball missed the stumps. He has thrown gain. The bails have come out. A strong appeal. Are Hyderabad’s hopes over? The umpire has declared not out.

Hyderabad needs thirteen runs in three balls. Will Arjun help Hyderabad win the match? They need a boundary now. ‘You’re stealing from your wife’s purse.’ ‘You don’t deserve to be a husband.’ ‘You can never be successful.’ Abhay is going to bowl the fourth ball of the over.

Will Arjun be able to hit the ball for boundary? The ball has gone past the fielder for four runs. My son-in-law is rocking. Fantastic! Will Hyderabad be able to snatch away this match from Mumbai? Mumbai is in trouble now. Will they lose the tournament? The situation is tense here.

Nine runs required of two balls. C’mon. ‘Dad, you’re very bad.’ ‘You stole in your own house.’ ‘I hate you.’ A big shot. The ball is in the air. It’ll go and fall in the stand of the spectators. Fantastic shot! Awesome! Aggressive batting. There’s some secret behind Arjun’s powerful batting. That’s my dad’s magic.

Hyderabad needs three runs of the last ball. The team has faith in Arjun. They need a boundary. Will Arjun be able to score the runs? Let’s watch. Mumbai is tightening their fielding. They don’t want to give Hyderabad a boundary. Arjun is on 298, just two runs short of his triple century.

Hyderabad needs three runs to win. ‘Dad, you’re my super-hero.’ Hey! Run, Arjun! Run! Catch it. Throw the ball. Throw it. Arjun, come on. Run, Arjun. Run. Hurry up. Throw the ball quickly. – C’mon Arjun. Run. Throw the ball. Run. Run, Arjun. – C’mon Arjun. Run. – Run. Run.

How’s that? Will the umpire declare him out? The umpire has declared him not out. And Hyderabad has won the match. Arjun has completed his triple century. The credit of this victory goes to Arjun. – Dad has won. Arjun has proved that there is no age limit for playing.

If you’ve the passion then you can succeed not only in Ranji matches.. ..but in everything in life. Fantastic! I salute you, Arjun. The people who think that they’ve aged and can attain nothing.. ..should learn from Arjun. If you’re strong willed then no obstruction will stop you. Success will be yours. Johnny, I’ve won.

Your dad has won. After the final Ranji match with Mumbai.. dad was admitted in the hospital. After two days he died of heart failure. The truth is that my stubbornness snatched away my dad from me. I could never realize his love for me.

If I could then my dad would’ve been with me today. The doctors said that he was suffering from a heart disease.. ..called arrhythmia. The doctor told me today.. ..that my dad knew about his condition ten years before his death. He played only for me. In fact, when he was thirty years old..

..this was the reason he stopped playing. ‘I won’t play cricket again.’ ‘You’re my life and not cricket.’ ‘Dad, will you never play cricket again?’ ‘What do you say?’ ‘Should I play?’ ‘When you play you look awesome, just like a hero.’ I’m sharing this with you so that you know the truth.

We thought that my dad passed away while trying hard. But, that’s not true. He was fighting with death and trying to win over life. He was a fighter. My dad is an inspiration. I’m proud of him.

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