Jim Jones, Migos – We Set The Trends (Official Video)

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Jim Jones, Migos - We Set The Trends (Official Video)

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– Migos. (mouths gun sounds) – Talking at me crazy nigga. Been having that shit on nigga. Dripping to the floor, to the door nigga. You hear me? – [Take Off] Yeah. We set the trends, trends. Bringing in ends. Bringing in cash. I’m gonna have to call my accountant to make sure that shit came in. – [Jim Jones] (mouths gun sounds) – [Take Off] It’s just me and my gang, gang. Fuck niggas. We don’t do friends. Fuck them.

What he say he want smoke, smoke. We gonna spin. – [Jim Jones] (mouths gun sounds) – [Take Off] Spin again. – Take off (rapping) I’ve been trying to get that money. I’ve been trying to feed my fam. Cause these niggas they don’t wanna se me win. I was thinking bout the Rollie,

But I went and copped the Richard. Then I went and put my Mama in a Benz. – [Rapper In The Background] Mama. – [Take Off] I get it in. – [Rapper In The Background] Get it. – [Take Off] In the Pent-suite fucking two twins. I thought about the Glock but I went F&N

– [Rapper In The Background] Bow! – [Take Off] And a niggas spin that shit without a pen. – [Rapper In The Background] Spin it. – [Take Off] I call Jimmy, kick it with the billies – [Rapper In The Background] Billy. – [Take Off] We already ran up a milli’

– [Rapper In The Background] Milli’. – [Take Off] So that shit ain’t really interesting – [Rapper In The Background] Nah. – [Take Off] He out of line, he get a penalty. – [Rapper In The Background] Penalty. – [Take Off] Said he started, and I’ma finish him. – [Rapper In The Background] Finish him.

– [Take Off] Stomp a nigga, fed up, in my Timberlands. – [Rapper In The Background] Timberlands. – [Take Off] Hanging with the vampires and gremlins. – [Rapper In The Background] Gremlins. – [Take Off] Got them hoes lined up, assembly. – [Rapper In The Background] Assembly.

– [Take Off] Not yo’ average nigga in the industry. We set the trends, trends. Bringing in ends. Bringing in cash. I’ma have to call my accountant, to make sure that shit came in. – (mouthing gun sounds) – [Take Off] It’s just me and my gang – [Rapper In The Background] Gang. – [Take Off] Fuck niggas, we don’t do friends

– [Rapper In The Background] Fuck them. – [Take Off] What he say? He want smoke? – [Rapper In The Background] Smoke. – [Take Off] We gon’ spin. – [Rapper In The Background] (mouthing gun noises) – [Take Off] Spin again. – First I did the Chrome Heart, then I give them BB’s. First nigga come through in True Religions. – [Rapper In The Background] Facts. – Cut my money back up, put a kilo on my neck. Man, this shit is worth like two bitches – [Rapper In The Background] What? – Come through dripping.

– [Rapper In The Background] Uh! – First nigga move, I’ma hit them – [Rapper In The Background] (mouthing gun noises) – The next nigga move, you go with them. – [Rapper In The Background] shh – But I ain’t here to talk no middleman shit.

You got a boss, then you should go get them. – [Rapper In The Background] Shh. – We hot, ’cause we set the trends. Big F&N when I step out the Benz. – [Rapper In The Background] I got it. – My little boy did them, he just been trapped in six.

Now he’s fresh out the pen. – [Rapper In The Background] Now we acting bad! – You know what’s up, we going up, we are not coming down. – [Rapper In The Background] Not at all. – Your bitch don’t trip, better watch for the crown. All these rocks in my watch, with the crown, I chop a nigga down.

– [Rapper In The Background] Go! – Chop a nigga down, chop a gang – [Rapper In The Background] Chop! – The 30 holding up the wallet. – [Rapper In The Background] (mouthing different gun noise) – Moving like the fucking president. – [Rapper In The Background] Move! – Ten car hogging up the lane.

– [Rapper In The Background] (mouthing tire skirting) – Trapping at the house before the fame – [Rapper In The Background] Trapping! – Diamonds do the flash like I’m walking, taking pictures – [Rapper In The Background] Flash! – He’ll do it for the cheap, when you send him on a mission

– [Rapper In The Background] Cheap! – Quickest wipe down, wipe his name off the list. – [Rapper In The Background] Wipe! – Flip the switch on it. – [Rapper In The Background] Switch! – Then the stick started glitching. – [Rapper In The Background] Stick!

– If I’m gon’ smoke it, then we raise a ticket. – [Rapper In The Background] Smoke! – My pinky 140, my watch is 350. – [Rapper In The Background] Ice! – My bitch like to scissor, she came with three bitches. – [Rapper In The Background] Six!

– We don’t fuck with snitches, we protect the bidness. – [Rapper In The Background] Bidness! – We straight out the trenches, the mud was sticky. – [Rapper In The Background] Whoa! – It too many real niggas, we don’t fake kick it. – [Rapper In The Background] Real!

– We set the trends in the city. – [Rapper In The Background] Trends! – We came to fuck up the city, just Migos and Jimmy. – [Rapper In The Background] Uh! (singing) – We set the trends (trends) Bringing in ends (bringing in cash) I’ma have to call my accountant,

To make sure that shit came in. – Offset. – 150 on a Panamera – [Rapper In The Background] Panamera! – When I’m pulling up, they staring. Put a Richard on my wrist, it be retarded like LaDarrell. Nigga want the smoke, I told him, “Try me, nigga” dare him. – [Rapper In The Background] Smoke!

– White Lamborghini, yeah, I call that bitch a Karen. – [Rapper In The Background] Karen! – When I hit that Draco, that bitch sounding like a snare. – [Rapper In The Background] (mouthing gun noises) – The way the diamonds hitting off the Patek, it ain’t fair. – [Rapper In The Background] Woo!

– I’ma hit your bitch and give her back, I like to share them. – [Rapper In The Background] Share them! – Fucking with Diego, man, Diego served the mayor. – [Rapper In The Background] Diego! – Automatic, when I get to spinning on the block – [Rapper In The Background] (mouthing gun noises)

– Bought a Glock and then I bought a switch, I call it mop – [Rapper In The Background] Go! – I don’t know the time, but it’s three hunnid for this watch – [Rapper In The Background] Three hunnid! – I’ma put a thot up on the opp and get the drop.

– [Rapper In The Background] Drop! – Niggas try to plot and we gon’ hit them like the Wop. – [Rapper In The Background] (mouthing gun noises) – I’m thinking like I’m Roddy Ricch, a stick up in the box. – [Rapper In The Background] Stick! – I told the bitch,

“No feelings, I just really want the top.” – [Rapper In The Background] Top! – If you ain’t talking millions, there ain’t no business, ain’t no talk. – [Rapper In The Background] Shh! – 25 racks, you can buy some white chalk. – [Rapper In The Background] 25!

– Ferrari looking like a caterpillar when it walk. (skrrrt) – Swimming with piranhas, we were swimming with the sharks. – Like he seen the flash when the chopper start to spark (bow) 200, the dash on the Coupe I just bought. – Two milli’ in cash, I done saved up in the vault (hey) – Started in the bando, now we trapping out a loft (bando) First three letters of my name, he got offed (hey) We set the trends Bringing in ends I’ma have to call my accountant, to make sure that shit came in It’s just me and my gang Fuck niggas, we don’t do friends What he say? He want smoke? We gon’ spin (brrrt), spin again

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