Jock vs Nerd Student in Prison

Jock vs Nerd Student in Prison

#Jock #Nerd #Student #Prison

Holy smokes this is a poppet from the 10th century bc don’t touch it it’s not allowed don’t be a buzzkill just one finger huh you’re under arrest hello beautiful hi you’re going to jail right now i got huh i’m not resisting oh guys you’re here subscribe to our channel and click the bell

And hit the thumbs up and hit the thumbs up stand over here handsome melanie move oh great smile can i get a picture too hug me gorgeous inmate i also want a selfie we don’t get hunks in here very often okay go back to yourself come on you shrimp stand somewhere

You can smile or not i don’t even care oh the pictures are awesome But that nerd looks awful Hey melanie wanna flirt [Applause] oh no okay how about these shades no again Oh steve why are you so handsome call me hmm hey melanie hello do you like my shade alex you’re so hang on those are my handcuffs give them back lights out go to sleep hey alex wake up it’s time for scary campfire stories this one happened at a college

Alex the nerd got a bad grade and failed his exam I know another scary story It was a regular morning handsome steve looked into a mirror and saw that his whole face was covered in pimples That’s way too scary good night Come on in your clients are waiting for you already Hi guys so who wants a tattoo pick it out macho man i know what i want got it done Now everyone knows i’m the boss can i have the same tattoo sure i’ll do it make it as cool as me coming right up melanie do you like my awesome new tattoo alex you are such a loser huh what user nerd what see plato it’s important to work on your abs

A real philosopher works on his abs with the power of his mind come on bro test my abs hit me come on ouch nice work good job hey play-doh don’t give up whoa look at those zabs it’s gonna be a hot boy summer i’m kind of hungry

I wish i could have an orange huh where could i get an orange now whoa magic this window makes wishes come true i want a new phone wow it worked what else should i wish for a key Awesome huh wow now i have a key oh it’s a perfect massage tool steve you can open the lock with your key and escape yeah it worked good luck and now let’s turn the alarm on are you trying to run away handsome go back oh steve stay here with us a little bit

Longer if i turn here i’ll end up straight in nice let’s check the final version here then there then straight ahead and down yeah it works this is a perfect escape plan huh let me think hmm right i’ll get p-shaped muscles and open the bars myself it’s a perfect escape plan

This door is so narrow all right hi babe what’s up i love correctional officer chicks awesome where’s my friend in the first cell nice Hi bro look who’s here ouch my brain what are you doing back here look what i found [Laughter] oh a nerd Oh i have a date i totally forgot I have an idea hang out in here instead of me thanks for saving me bro evening inspection let’s check the sketches the nerd is here The jacket’s here it matches yeah that’s right you won thanks so much for covering for me bro No peter don’t go we were getting so close boys here’s your lunch bon appetit but i deserve something better than noodles melody babe okay but just for you steve here what about pizza i made it myself i hope you like it Let’s get to work oh no my sock it’s not that far Hey piper i have a huge crush on you true loves kiss and now will you let me out what you wish put the bars back oh miss i love you me really come on i wasn’t talking to you i’m in love with my angelica i can’t take this anymore

I’m gonna die in this jail No did you forget how to count or what we already served our sentence right hey guard let us know We’re done see oh nope guys do you want us to let steve and alex out then we need 3 000 comments under this video or at least two hey three thousand and then the jack and the nerd can be free and you guys subscribe to our channel

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