Do [Applause] Oh What foreign Yellow [ __ ] mozart oh So Hey hi hi oh sorry it’s okay oh it’s okay i speak english she’s nice to me too hi nice to meet you come this way please wow you must be loaded excuse me uh you have a lovely home well i work very hard to make sure my son has the best

Can i ask you a question of course why is this job a full-time live-in position that’s a lot of english studies thank you this has been difficult since my wife pacified last year my son has also struggled so in addition to tutoring i could use a little help at home i understand

My condolences please come on meet your new children hi it’s you it’s a pleasure to meet you hello it’s to me pleasure for your mead show some respect it’s okay just give him some time my apologies no need to apologize so what’s the plan i have a new job in mind joe

I need you to fly there with you set up the house and guide him into his new school as soon as i wrap up a business here i will join you a few days later when you want me to start tomorrow tomorrow mm-hmm uh okay okay okay thank you so So Foreign huh g more thing how much well there’s been evidence huh in the caves right here in this region not just by your farmers but by scientists and we just found this huh foreign a little better i know it’s like nothing i’ve ever seen before once while life

Two million two million us us dollars yeah sure [Laughter] Ah see you some help have you ever been on a plane before i fly one um and what flight simulator it’s a computer game same thing oh not exactly it must be destiny yeah joshua ridley energy consultant i’m his business partner belgium it’s nice to meet you i’m denise nichols

And this is syria so what hotel you guys stay in it Should you get out your english grammar book no please get it out chapter six thank you where chapter six here [Applause] foreign Hey it’s an interesting necklace where’d you get it i knew her business it was my mother’s my friend teased me and said that is that girl’s like this they don’t know anything and i think it’s very cool to read the newspaper okay hey did you know that we’re flying over

One of the most mysterious places in all of china where you see mystery i see opportunity hey yuri is leaving on our plan whoa what kind of energy business are you in anything that burns baby responsible of course um those green mountains are home to some of the rarest animals

On earth you know golden monkeys giant salamanders how many jobs has a salamander created Foreign Foreign voila are you okay put on your seatbelt honey i fly over 250 000 miles a year nothing to worry about is this something to worry about what’s wrong oh stop screaming you’re scaring him great Ah [Applause] we already crashed you Let’s idiots them up held them in help get them in here You got him yeah All right listen you’re gonna be fine okay just sit tight you’re totally safe now did anything else hurt on your body does anything hurt um i think you’re gonna be okay okay so let’s get out the plane whoa nice flower fire fire fire [Applause] So we gotta get out of here [Applause] where i see you this is fine he’s over by the by the tree what do you think where is he the kid the kid like that tall girly necklace where are you he’s in shock and like wandered off

Don’t go anywhere i’ll take care of it my responsibility i need to go and find him no you don’t you need to stay here and wait for them it’s gonna be fine i’m gonna call a rescue copter i have my phone it’s fine and it has no signal great So you if you can hear me make a noise mr thumb you’re a little bit cut up but nothing that looks really serious you’re probably going to need some stitches but we can’t do that here so we’re going to bandage you up first okay [ __ ] cow go get a first aid kit sit

Tight i got to see if i can find the pilots okay Do you Uh foreign Foreign Uh Your mom is anybody there Hello Palace we have e-lt we’ll be okay you mean the emergency beacon right yeah yes see you see you uh Drew Denise so so hmm Oh god okay you’re okay you’re okay ah what happened how did you get here i was in the plane yeah and then i woke up in this cave okay we need to go State no stay there go go uh so uh so Hmm Um don’t look at him keep your eyes on the floor okay you understand me keep your eyes on the floor Um Um Hmm Who are you where are you where are you [Applause] yeah and we think that you’ve made a remarkable discovery yes yes yes uh please why are you doing here we would like to hear about your encounter with the urine even will pay you yeah for your trouble sit down sorry to disturb you then

That’s it you keep me up so easily on the count of three one two hi three be at the river behind our house in the morning and i take you to find the year let’s make the fire really big because i want the rescue helicopters to be able to see us

That’s weird these are no medicinals and so we’re like assuming that the the animal did this he’s not an animal okay what is he a human who can like come out of the forest and help us he says some people believe that iran is stupid halfway between man

Other people think they’re very smart they’re protective of the forest i think he’s very intelligent i don’t care if he’s a yeti a sasquatch or like a mutant hillbilly we are the most intelligent monkeys on the planet that’s what allowed us to conquer it that’s what allowed us to invent

Modern 21st century medicine so let’s take the twigs and the dirt and the mud off the kid’s leg and give them some real medicine okay you’re mean yes i am mean stop we’re in a forest with a creature after a plane crash so i apologize if i hurt your feelings

But let’s put some antibiotics on your leg so that it can get better okay joshua calm down piano get the first aid kit yeah pow piau took the emergency kit he took everything the food the supplies everything is gone that’s ridiculous why would he do that i guess he saw an opportunity wow

True is so you hold it here foreign So Uh So Me to go Deal You seriously don’t remember what happened last time you left the plane your memory is like that straw What do you mean what am i doing he’s not hurting us he’s right he wasn’t hurting us oh well well i apologize then for misunderstanding what the nice monster wanted yes that’s okay don’t thank me for saving your life twice yep bad joshua always coming in saving the day [Applause] Foreign hello my friend uh you’re late huh yeah well the high altitude was a little bit of a challenge man yes not for me i’m okay Oh good well you can lead the expedition then yeah you are in charge come on So there’s a plane there’s a plane hell it’s a plane hello we’re over here Stop the fire is not going to work fong is in bad shape we need to get him to a doctor right exactly he’s in bad shape he’s in no shape to make a big mountain hike then we will carry him we will follow the stream until we oh

That’s a great idea we have a big monster waiting out there to eat us we’ll have to take it says in every survival manual stay by the plane stay by the plane stay by the plane it’s like survival 101 yet you want to go wander off into the wilderness that’s the plan

To risk everybody’s life that’s exactly what we’re going to do [Applause] ah right [Applause] Wow you finally found your albino salamander huh Do Music oh i think we should stop and rest i’m tired too okay okay uh we should um we should build a shelter it’s definitely gonna get cold tonight so i’ll go get some uh some branches Denise that thing i saw it it’s tracking us he is protecting us Look So foreign Foreign Hello Don’t worry i’ll handle this oh my god are we happy to see you guys you survived a plane crash did you yes we did is that alive no dead as a doorknob mate okay uh we have an elderly man with us who may have a punctured lung

Uh which one of you is the medic ah yeah okay we’ve got a first aid kit first aid kit so you guys aren’t like the like the main rescue team then ah yeah no no no no we’re just uh researching rare animals up here in the shenandoah

Duke darwin mate and this is my uh my friend dr joshua ridley energy consultant nice to meet you this here is denise and this is true we don’t care where you guys are from what you do we just want to get the hell off this mountain yo your angorama anybody hungry

Hey so how did you um survive the plane crash we were over a meadow and the pilots tried to land there but they didn’t make it and we got lucky we were attacked by a beer but he was no match for the yelling uh we screamed and it scared the bear away

So um what university did you guys say you’re with privately funded love corporate gravy train it’s where the money is i’ll take him some water thanks dude what’s it got i’d love one i’m a bit of a connoisseur actually i need the best mate i’ve got to go um calibrate some equipment How’s your man doing he has a fever he’s a tough old coat he’ll be all right that’s gu isn’t it isn’t it i want to talk to you about something oh come on son you’ll be okay hello it’s all idea oh thank you so much thank you very much no brand

Excuse me i’m going to make sure the equipment is calibrated okay see you soon see you okay i’m going to tell you something laugh after i tell you okay they’re planning on killing us laugh [Laughter] Because i speak chinese what yeah it’s really useful in business to not let on and like when people are going to kill you secretly laugh again You know how we’re here to study and protect endangered species it’s not like that beer that you saw all right i guess so i just wondering whether you’ve seen any other unusual creatures around here yeah like i’m thinking extremely rare mating like uh maybe uh two two and a half meters tall

Long red here like a big ape on steroids i remember you’re level with me kid you’ve seen the year and haven’t you no i need a newspaper you want that old man to get medical attention or not okay we saw one who says he’s the guardian of the forest and is he close

By no many miles away if you’re lying to me kid tiger he’s been here all along isn’t he has been falling following or chasing here is my friend he’s your friend is he no Exactly come Oh on at the hazel it’s easy old man eh you’re in bad shape peg you’re a hun of the boy i’m afraid i can’t do that so this creature is the last urine on earth well i’m gonna be the one to catch it hey come on we’ve got other plans for you

Let go for me hey do you want the old man to live or die because as soon as we get your urine the sooner fong gets medical help you got it because he’s the fish yeah and you my friends are the bites hold this for a sec okay not so fast You have no idea what you’re dealing with yeah all i know is we’ve got a weapon come on move it little man yeah you know what that’s very touching come out you bloody big baboon you saved them once didn’t you so why don’t you give it a second go

Ah come out you bloody big gorilla i need backup i’ll be right back hey i’ve got it got it at 12 o’clock ciao Why Foreign oh don’t move you’re in danger [Applause] Huh um oh no i’m gonna take him alive Over here [Applause] Um Wow Oh oh yeah oh yeah You’ve said your last goodbyes you’re wasting time Oh we’re gonna make history doctor sai more importantly we’re going to be very rich i technically did kid i gave my men a beating look if you take him out of his natural habitat he could die his his immune system could be covered enough out of you

You know i think that we might have had a little bit of a misunderstanding as you know i’m a businessman i have a win-win proposition for you right hi okay professional opinion but i think that you guys are going to have a little bit of trouble selling this monster got it sorted mate

Okay what are you getting 10 million 2 million really that’s all smart ass well listen actually wait yeah the men speak i think i can get you in the neighborhood of 20 million dollars why are you gonna do that mike i do landley steals with this casino owner in macau now his

New casino it’s going to have a zoo like an endangered species you’re joking right you may be willing to risk your life for this oversized orangutan i am not he’ll be in a zoo he’ll be well taken care of your pigs all of you i get ten percent you get five seven and

A half Deal Hold on hold it just hold it a minute put it Down mousing are you okay wanted me to protect the urine i felt it sweetie look you cannot give up okay marshall why don’t we go that way instead watch me we are going that way dave is dangerous we could get lost whatever let’s go come on Hello hurry up my feet the kids got 10 seconds to decide his own fight duke i’ll calm down i’ll make the call we do the deal all righty then okay okay leeway give me one shot tranquilizer give it a try Foreign disable the phone bye Oh Oh Me Do you know Oh Hey man you put your little stick down you want a hostage take as dead i got your boy you do as i say hit the boy you can handle it man do it my way tell the cops to back off and nobody leaves the forest until daybreak you got that

Yeah just don’t hurt the boy uh ugh yeah i’m a tough guy Uh yeah sure you not again um to show a little bit of human kindness You will never be one of us you’re an animal you will never understand the difference between revenge and justice Hmm Hmm um Um [Applause] You

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