Join kids hat family [Applause] today our teacher spoke to us about putting others first before our own needs that’s very nice tell me something tia even if it makes them unhappy do people put others before their own needs some people who have a really nice heart too i remember the story of the happy prince

Do you wanna hear it tofu yes Once upon a time a beautiful golden statue of the most beautiful smiling prince stood in the town center it was covered with gold leaves and had eyes made of blue sapphire It had a huge red ruby on the hilt of its sword everyone who ever saw the happy prince fell in love with it the baker whose flower had just fallen on the floor saw it and said oh happy prince i wish i could always be happy like him from now on i will

The school girl whose mother wouldn’t buy her ice cream saw the happy prince and said oh the happy prince i wish i could always be like him from now on i will At the same time in the forest near the city a swallow asked his new bride my love all our friends have left for egypt for the winters then they will see the pharaoh’s palace and bask in the sun in the royal gardens They will enjoy many fruits and berries of different kinds we must join them there but his bride just nodded her head to say no we will come back after the winters you must let go of your attachment with this home and dwelling bride again not snow

You are being foolish my new bride but i must go my friends wait for me and so the swallow flies away after a whole day of flying he is halfway through the happy princess city and then begins to feel tired i think i will rest the night here

And start again for egypt tomorrow this golden statue is very beautiful I will rest between his feet just as the swallow was about to sleep a large drop of water fell on him what when did this come from the sky is clear just as the swallow was getting ready to sleep again another large drop of water fell on him when he looked up

He saw that the prince was crying who are you i am the happy prince why are you crying then i lived in the city palace once i was always happy i had no reason to be sad because i knew my people were happy too when i died they made a golden statue of

Me and put me here from here i can see the sadness of my people and my heart though it’s made of lead feels sad what do you see a golden prince far away i can see a seam stress her fingers are red and bloody from endless stitching

Next to her on a bed is a little boy he is sick with fever and is crying out for oranges but the seamstress doesn’t have anything other than river water to give him oh swallow take the ruby from my sword and give it to her no no

I have to go to egypt i cannot stay and if i go to the seamstresses house i won’t be able to reach egypt please swallow the child is very thirsty um well okay i will go so the swallow took the ruby from the hilt of the prince’s sword and flew to

The seamstresses house by the time he got there the tired seamstress had fallen asleep on her working table So the swallow kept the ruby on the table Then he flew around the sick boy’s bed flapping his wings ah i feel so much cooler i think i must be getting better By the time the swallow returned it was the next night I will now go to egypt but the prince was crying again I can see a hard-working man filled with despair he is a writer and must finish his next play soon but he’s tired because he has no food to eat won’t you stay another night and help that man okay one night it is should i take another ruby to him alas

I have no ruby to give him now but my eyes are made of sapphire take one of my eyes no no i cannot do that but i order you to do so and so the swallow plucked out the prince’s eye and flew away to the rider’s house

By the time he reached there the writer had fainted out of hunger and cold The kind swallow put the sapphire on the writer’s desk and collected dry twigs and lit a fire for the writer before he flew back to the prince when he returned to the prince it was the next night again And once again the prince was tearful what is wrong prince in the square i can see a match girl crying all her matches have fallen into the gutter and got spoiled no one will buy them now she is afraid her father will be angry when she goes home without any money

Please swallow take my other eye and give it to her no no i cannot do that you will become blind but i order you to do so and so the swallow plucked out the prince’s other eye and took it to the little girl The girl became very happy when she saw the stone And went home skipping The swallow returned to the prince Now you can go to egypt my friend no now i cannot go my friend i will stay here and become your eyes so the swallow stayed by the prince every day he would fly over the city and tell the prince the sorry tales he saw the prince would then tell the swallow

To pluck out a gold leaf from his body and give it to the poor people of his city soon there were no leaves left on the body of the prince all that was left was his cold gray body it kept getting colder as the winters kept setting in and the weather kept

Getting chillier the swallow knew that he will not survive the season much longer my friend it is time for me to go finally you’re going to egypt not egypt but towards death isn’t it like sleep after all but before i go can i kiss you I will once again be sad without you kiss me before you go and so the frail swallow kissed the prince and fell at his feet dead Suddenly there was a loud sound like a crack it was the sound of breaking of the prince’s lead Heart in the morning the mayor of the city crossed the statue What an ugly statue and it has a dead bird at its feet too break it down immediately and put up my statue instead a few hours later when the mayor’s men broke the statue apart They found the two pieces of the prince’s heart and they threw it into the bin next to the dead swallow that’s when god said to his angels bring me the most precious two things in the world and they took the dead swallow and the prince’s broken heart to god well chosen my angels

From now on the swallow will sing in my heaven and the prince will praise my voice So you see tofu even if you forego some happiness by putting others before you there are always better things waiting for you yes tia now i understand what my teacher was talking about tia and tofu are going on a school trip while traveling in the bus i am so excited to you

This is my first school camp it’ll be so much fun tofu i know you are excited but you should remember what parents told us we have to be safe and careful throughout tia i am a big boy and this is my first adventure i’ll be cautious throughout i promise

I am so happy we are going together it’s a camp tofu so i don’t want you wandering around alone at all we’ll have lots of fun but we’ll stick together and be like a team like batman and robin like hansel and gretel hansel and gretel i haven’t seen that movie

It’s not a movie little one it’s a story of two siblings just like us i think this is the best time for me to tell you this story so sit tight Hansel and gretel once a poor woodcutter had a son and a daughter named hansel and gretel One day they get an evil stepmother One night the stepmother tells the woodcutter the kids eat too much we’ll be starving soon so let’s leave the children in the forest and get rid of them what are you saying no but the wife was very persistent and she kept talking until he was convinced hansel overhears their conversation

So that night hansel goes out and collects shiny white stones We’ll find our way back home stop crying gretel hansel tomorrow we are going to die what do we do don’t worry we will survive good night gretel hansel hides the stones and sleeps The next morning the stepmother takes the kids to the forest Hansel keeps dropping stones on the ground thinking we can follow these stones home Children wait by this big tree just sit quietly here and i’ll be back to get you But she never comes back to get them let’s wait for nightfall gretel i dropped a trail of white stones all the way here so with the moonlight shining on them we could get back home i am so scared So at night hansel and gretel follow the shiny stones out of the forest The stepmother was secretly angry a few days later the stepmother again tricks the children let’s go have a picnic in the forest here take this bread to eat later we’ll go in the morning this time the stepmother locked their room at night and so hansel couldn’t pick up any shiny stones Next morning on their way to the forest hansel crumbled his bread and left a trail of crumbs instead Deep in the forest this looks like a good spot you both can take a nap here while i go and cut some wood hansel and gretel knew she wouldn’t come back again They slept And waited for nightfall again When they woke up the birds and wild animals had eaten up all the crumbs now we will never find our way home i am so upset for us gretel hansel don’t lose hope let’s walk and maybe we find our home After walking the entire day They find a small house There a cookie house wow oh the house is made of chocolate with a roof of cake and sugar windows come come The hungry children didn’t even stop to think i want a big piece of the cake roof yum suddenly they hear a voice children come inside you seem hungry i make you yummy food right now the lady was an evil witch the kids go in the house with her It’s a trap I like to eat kids i made this house to lure you in now i’ll fatten the boy up and make a tasty treat for myself her eyes were red she had terrible eyesight but a good sense of smell she locks hansel in a cellar she makes gretel do all the housework

All the chores hansel and gretel cried and begged but she had no mercy on them Come on girl cook something delicious for your brother you should be fat enough to be cooked by the end of this month a week passed hansel ate delicious food while gretel was always hungry Every morning the old witch went to hansel’s cellar and shouted show me your fingers boy let me check how much fatter you’ve gotten but hansel would always stick out a little bone for her to feel because the witch couldn’t see very well she was furious that hansel was staying so thin One day she lost her patience and shouted at gretel i don’t care anymore i’ll cook thin hansel today and eat him anyhow and start the oven gretel had no choice and she started doing what the evil which told her now get in and see if the water is boiling enough

How can i get inside the oven please show me so that i can check the water stupid girl what is wrong with you it’s so easy Look you just need to step here and ah gretel cleverly pushed the old woman in the oven and shut the door the vicious witch burned to a crisp gretel rushed to the cellar and set hansel free hansel my dear brother the witch is dead now let’s run out of here and find our

Home how happy they were while running out of the house they saw wooden chests all over in the witches room they were filled with gems and gold The children fill their pockets with as many gems as possible And lift the house Hansel and gretel walked for a few hours when they got to a bridge that they knew well and was close to their house look father hansel and gretel could finally see their father at the porch looking miserable because his wife had died My dearest children i’m so happy you both are alive i am sorry for letting you go the three hugged and precious gems started to fall out of gretel’s pockets both the children emptied their pockets in their father’s lap they told their father about the evil witch and how they got her treasure

Oh my god i am happy my kids came back safe i will never leave you alone now finally they could have a carefree life and lived together happily ever after oh witches are scary we are about to reach the forest camp very soon don’t leave my hand when we go

Hiking in the forest i want us to be like hansel and gretel i promise not to go anywhere alone does this forest have a cookie house or a witch tia tofu it’s just a story hansel and gretchen shared an adventure like a team don’t worry about any witch it’s just a camp

I hope we find a cookie house like hansel and gretel cookie house yum that sounds wow i am hungry now give me the chocolates from the back tear please [Applause] [Applause] um [Applause] Tofu stop throwing snowballs at me stop but that’s how i play with snow i love making snowballs tofu it’s five days to christmas come i’ll help you make a snowman no we made a snowman last christmas also harry will be upset then tofu don’t you want harry the snowman to be happy harry

The snowman who is he i’ll tell you harry’s story if you help me make a big lovely snowman okay tia tell me the story and let’s start making harry also Harry the happy snowman five days before christmas eve santa was working out in his gym practicing his technique of dropping down through chimneys without getting stuck Santa has quite a possibility of that [Applause] suddenly one of his reindeers jonder came running in He seemed rather distressed and worried santa santa harry the snowman has run away i am panicking calm down donder there is nothing to worry about i will personally sort out harry’s problems and bring him back home safe and sound Donder alert the elves and begin a search whilst i head back to my sleigh Santa took off to the skies to find harry one place as he looked down he saw harry alone in the snow heading away from santa’s village harry hurry can you hear me santa pulled down and landed just beside harry but harry ignored santa and kept walking jump aboard harry get back in harry

But harry kept on walking away santa shouted again harry please listen to me talk to santa harry slowly turned around looked at santa with tears in his eyes harry my dear there comes a point in everybody’s life when you feel like running away but that is not the answer that’s not

The right thing to do Please tell santa your problems harry looked at santa and broke down no one ever listens to me no one has time for me why me i am just a stupid worthless snowman nobody loves me Hurry my boy you are not worthless dry your eyes wipe your face come i want to show you how important you are Jump aboard harry looked at rudolph he had his head hung low rudolph my boy take to the skies i ordered let’s prove to harry how important he really is And off we go ho ho As they traveled around the world santa showed harry millions of snowmen all built by children having fun with the help of their family and friends Look harry building snowmen bring people together harry imagine a christmas without a snowman it’ll be incomplete no fun imagine our family without you Rudolph take us home i come on let’s go While the mood changed in the sleigh and everybody was happy they approached the north pole look hurry they looked down from the sleigh and could see written in the snow in huge letters welcome home harry we love you [Applause] Everybody from santa’s village was there too to welcome harry back home This made harry so happy everyone clapped for santa Hmm harry could have made a big mistake by running away but that is not the answer just talk to someone and you’ll find the ones who have time for you and who truly care merry christmas [Applause] merry christmas tia merry christmas harry we all love you always be happy now go inside and get some carrots let’s give harry a big nose let me call all my friends to play and tell them to make more snowman more friends for harry [Applause] head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes eyes and ears and mouth and nose head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes eyes and ears and mouth and nose head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes eyes and ears head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes eyes and ears and mouth and nose head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes Our gardener is so rude i’m never going to talk to him again maybe you should try to be nicer to him tofu perhaps he has no friends and feels lonely yes he doesn’t talk to anyone hence he has no friends why would anyone talk to someone who doesn’t talk to them

That’s not what heidi did who is heidi Heidi There lived a little girl called heidi She lived with her aunt in the village Once it happened that heidi’s aunt had to go to the big city for work she would be gone for a long time so she decided to leave heidi with her grandfather who lived alone on the mountain Heidi’s grandfather a carpenter named arm wasn’t a friendly person because of some experience in his past he didn’t like to talk to anyone and that is why he lived all the way up in the mountains and now heidi had to live with him bye bye heidi be a good girl bye auntie hello

My name is heidi heidi waited a while hoping that her grandfather would talk to her when she realized he wasn’t going to she decided not to disturb him and instead she went out to see the mountain side She had never seen such vast lands of green she fell in love with her new home immediately she lay down next to a bed of daffodils under the open sky and smiled to herself that’s when she hurt the goats with bells around their neck Oh hello where did you come from i brought them here to feed like i do every day where did you come from hello my name is heidi i have come here to stay with my grandfather hello heidi my name is peter old grandpa arm is your grandfather

He often helps us with furniture and maintaining the barn in turn my grandmother bakes bread for him you live here with your grandma is it oh can i meet her yes come with me and so heidi went with her new friend to his house to meet his grandmother peter’s grandmother was very loving

And although she was blind she loved to talk and cook she was very happy when peter told her about heidi oh that’s wonderful come here dear heidi and give me a hug are you hungry well come i will make you some special soup Heidi spent the rest of the day at peter’s house and learnt how to make special soup from his grandmother heidi asked her if like peter she too could call her granny and she was delighted when she agreed When it was evening she said goodbye to them and went back to her grandfather’s house when she reached there he was still working in his workshop so heidi went into the house sometime later heidi called out to him dinner time grandfather come let’s eat together old arm looked up in surprise

No one had made dinner for him in decades he closed his workshop for the day washed up and went to eat Heidi had made the lovely soup she had learned from granny They ate in silence and although her grandfather liked the soup very much he didn’t say anything when dinner was done and the kitchen had been cleaned up they both went out in the yard and sat under the stars quietly After some time heidi started feeling sleepy and so she kissed arm good night and went to sleep um had not experienced so much love in many years and so he sat there with tears in his eyes for a long time Next morning by the time heidi got up her grandfather was already in his workshop she decided to go and be with him good morning grandfather hmm heidi knew she wouldn’t get an answer so she decided to make herself busy she swept the workshop filled fresh water in arm’s jar

And to surprise kissed him and went out to feed the hen when it was about afternoon she served a lunch of mashed potatoes which she had learnt to make from her aunt later she went to peter’s house to spend time with granny and returned in the evening to serve dinner This went on for many days every morning and night she would kiss her grandfather on the cheek and wish him She would clean his workshop and fill fresh water in his jar all this love and care that heidi gave him changed arm’s behavior He loved having heidi around and enjoyed it very much when peter and granny came by to visit her One day upon heidi’s insistence he even took her to the village they bought a pair of shoes for heidi on the way back they bought candy floss throughout the trip arm laughed and played with heidi all the villagers were surprised to see this change in the old carpenter Two years went by and heidi and arm were very happy in each other’s company Till one day heidi’s aunt returned she wanted to take heidi with her to the big city the man whose office she worked in had a daughter clara who couldn’t walk clara always needed a wheelchair to go anywhere hence she had no friends clara’s father wanted heidi to be clara’s friend Grandfather tell her i do not wish to go i want to live here with you but arm didn’t say anything he knew that heidi would have a much better life in the big city And so heidi left her grandfather peter granny and the mountainside to live in the big city she was straight away taken to the mansion where clara lived there she met clara’s father he was a very kind and loving gentleman who loved clara very much but often had to travel a lot for business

During these times he left clara in the care of her grandmother and a rather stern housekeeper [Applause] hello heidi i am clara’s father i wanted to thank you for coming here i am sure you will like living here with clara if you ever need anything please let me know

Now come i will take you to clara’s room when they entered clara’s room heidi saw a beautiful girl maybe two years elder to heidi sitting on a wheelchair she was very pretty but she was frail and seemed sad the housekeeper pushed the wheelchair forward towards hiding clara this is heidi

She will live with us now i will see you both in the evening now bye bye Saying so he and heidi’s aunt left to attend their business for a while heidi didn’t know what to say to clara my friend peter has many goats sometimes i can’t make out whether he controls the goats or they control him hearing this clara also broke into giggles and heidi immediately knew that

They were going to be very good friends She started spending her whole day with clara she would tell her many tales of the mountains while clara would tell her about the different cities she had stayed in after her mother had passed away While the housekeeper was very stern and always stopped the girls from enjoying themselves too much clara’s grandmother was very nice she even taught heidi how to read everybody who met clara now noted how happy she looked one day the girls went out to the market as heidi pushed the wheelchair forward

She saw a vendor selling daffodils she was immediately reminded of home her grandfather peter and granny when they came back from the market clara asked heidi wasn’t today fun heidi what do you think of my new bracelet Yeah it’s lovely and so it went from that day heidi didn’t want to play or sing with clara and she wouldn’t read with clara’s grandmother she wouldn’t even eat unless was forced to she would just keep doing her work quietly she missed her home terribly and her heart broke every time she

Looked out of the window and saw buildings and towers instead of mountains and sky this went on till one day she felt terribly ill clara’s father called the doctor right away well i am afraid she is homesick she misses home no medicine or treatment can make her better unless she goes back

I will immediately make arrangements to send her home true to his word clara’s father made sure that heidi was back in the mountain at her grandfather’s house in two days Just the news of going back home had made heidi feel better and when she reached her grandfather’s home she ran to him and hugged him even um was very happy to have heidi back i am never going away grandfather you don’t have to grandfather this is clara

She is my friend from the city she has come to stay with us for a few days And that is clara’s father as the two men shook hands peter came over The children were very excited to see each other you must be peter heidi has told me all about you you must take me to your granny yes yes come i will push your chair granny would love to meet you after some time clara’s father said goodbye to everyone He would come back in few weeks to take clara back to the city the children waved him goodbye in the next few days the children had a lot of fun peter and heidi would take clara along with them everywhere Peter would pluck fresh fruits for them and they even showed her how to milk a cow With the good food air environment of the mountainside clara grew stronger so much that she even learned to walk by herself Soon it was time for clara’s father to come and take her away When he came she surprised him by walking up to his carriage oh my darling i am so happy as they left everybody was happy there was no sadness in anyone’s heart bye-bye i will visit you soon i will too goodbye take care so you see tofu when you are kind and

Loving towards someone you can change their whole life yes tia thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson perhaps i will take some chocolates for the gardener For your favorite rhymes stories and more join kids heart family subscribe here You

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