LAST Life Changing Seminar – By Sandeep Maheshwari I Dubbed in English

LAST Life Changing Seminar - By Sandeep Maheshwari I Dubbed in English

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Please give an energetic and warm welcome to the one and only Son deep Maheshwari [Applause] good morning in the money it seems there’s a slight problem let me check and this is budget of India how much is the text on being happy and excited let’s try it once again with

Full of excitement and a lot of happiness good morning everybody two and a half years ago an MBA college in Pune invited me to give a speech I prepared the speech mocked it up for a month and was fully confident about it no problem I went there and when I saw

For five hundred people sitting in front of the stage I forgot everything blank didn’t know what to do then I took that page out the one with the speech written on it and entered a room right behind the stage and started mucking it up quickly as quickly as I could just then

A girl entered that room she asked so what are you doing here you have a speech to give I said yeah I know but I’m just fine-tuning it she could sense what was going on she has saw you nervous I said nah did I look nervous what are

You saying she just folded her hands like this and us so you’re not nervous then what are you doing in the ladies toilet I looked on the other side and said after that somehow I got out of there and went onto the stage I went and stood behind the podium now just suppose

You can imagine the situation over there this is the podium and Here I am fully prepared good morning everybody my name is Sandeep Mishra and today I am going to talk about black one second pass by two seconds ten seconds every second seems as long as a year people in the

Audience stare at you as if you are an alien just the way you are staring at me right now as if I have got to do something different but I have just one of you know so just keep standing there completely blank for almost one and half minutes a student of that college

Sitting in the audience shouted come on sir you can do it they shook me up I said if he’s saying maybe I can do it finally I started speaking somehow finish that speech and got down so this experience taught me two important things about

Life that if I can do it a guy like me whom people in the family shed was shy and confident I was a complete recluse with no friends in school and lonely so if a guy like me who was an introvert back then can come on the stage and

Speak in front of thousands of people let aside those two hours even for five minutes then anybody in this wall can do anything this was the first thing and the second thing I learned made me swear to myself never to mug up anything so everything I’m gonna speak today I have

No pages in my pocket no mug that matter no preparations I have no clue what I’m gonna speak about I’m not gonna do this seminars from here but from here from my heart [Applause] anything that feel will be coming out directly no filters in between nothing are you all excited now your excitement

Level that was here has reached here I’m gonna make three such big commitments that your excitement level will surge from here up there right through the roof okay the first commitment that this day is gonna be one of the biggest days of your life and you won’t be able to forget it

Never and I’m not only saying this I’m making a commitment in front of thousands of people whom I don’t even know and even if a single person says that this day was not that big or was not that good then he or she can let me

Know at the end of the seminar and I am going to apologize to that person in front of everyone for wasting his or her time this was the first commitment now the second commitment a lot of you people sitting here would be thinking okay there must be something in it for

Us but tell me what’s in it for you why have you doing all this what’s the catch where ever you would have seen the word free written it has a small airstrike on top of it really small the one nobody notices and at the bottom it is mentioned conditions of life similarly

There is a small estwick that you missed but at the bottom it is mentioned no conditions of life which means beat today or any day I’m never going to talk about or even ask for a single penny from any one of you no prophet of any kind neither direct

Nor indirect not now not ever never there is no prophet but there is a reason which you will know as the seminar moves further that what is it that what it is and it’s a big one final commitment the third commitment it’s less of a commitment and more of a

Surprise that today this seminar this is the last seminar of my life the last life-changing seminar and there is a very big reason behind it which I am going to share with you at the end of the seminar for this being my last seminar now after making these big big

Commitments let me tell you in brief what’s going to happen today how many of you want to be successful now out of these how many believe that they are already successful that’s it what’s going on I can prove right now right now that all of you are very

Successful how many of you know driving driving out of you how many ride a two-wheeler so all of you who ride a two-wheeler like you said where do you write this to wheeler in Delhi and many of you in different parts of India now what I can

Make out of this is that all these years you have been driving two wheelers on Indian roads and I stare alive is this a success yes it is and if somebody has a doubt then just ask a foreigner to come here and write her to

Villa ask him let me tell you what will happen the very next day not even 10 days the very next day then the candles lit in front of his photograph they don’t put garlands no and so everybody would come and ask his mother I’m so sorry

How did this happen and his mother would say he made a big mistake he didn’t jump the red light she would say it’s simple here nobody stops at the red light people keep driving till the time the person from the other side whose signal is green doesn’t make a gesture like

This yeah isn’t that time don’t stop sign don’t stop just keep driving keep driving but he did it understand all this he applied brakes and stopped in the red light he stopped but the bus behind him did it and took him along switch means that in his own life back

In his own country he might be very successful in many things but driving in India he failed and failed miserably but you all are successful so what is the problem the problem is that with time the definition of success changes there was a time when driving was a success now

After learning how to drive definition change getting a degree was a success right after that it was to get a good job or do a business that also happened then success was all about getting married it’s not right to laugh at other people’s mistake well anybody can make a

Mistake so marriage also happened which means that if I start making a list of things you all are successful in the day will pass here itself even of a single person you all are so successful but the only problem is that you don’t believe in it believe in it and you will realize

It only one person can help you or make you successful and who’s that can somebody tell me only you exactly so this is what’s going to happen today all I’m gonna do is make you remember that in those 90 percent things in which you already successful what did you do at that time

And once you recall those methods the remaining 10% things in which you are stuck all you need to do is simply apply these methods there also and you will succeed in them as well that’s all it’s that easy now there is a slight problem before we

Take the seminar forward which I am NOT going to tell you but show you and you will tell me what the problem really is now this is a box and I want to put these balls in it now let me give it a try oops sorry sorry sorry I didn’t notice it so

You know what’s the problem this box imagine this box to be your mind closed by a lid a lid of your beliefs everything that you would have heard and believed since childhood so the moment I’m gonna say something that’s against those beliefs suppose I say something and you believe in

Something else you think he’s crazy crazy let him speak speak so nothing’s gonna enter inside so what to do open up your mind so that something enters inside so I request you all to open up your mind for the next one and a half hours let it fill up with

What I say then sit back and analyze what’s useful and what’s not if you think something is just trash just throw it out and if you like something keep it but at least for the next one and a half hours just try and understand what I’m trying to say

Only then will something happen only then it will be worth it so can I expect that all of you sitting here have opened up your minds yes or no yes or no if opening up your mind was so simple there wouldn’t have been any problems let me

Ask you a simple thing who all have open minds by default who are ready to learn anything always kids exactly let’s give a big hand to all those who said kids see why we clapping for him let me tell you not because he spoke something extraordinary but because he at least

Spoke something I asked and he answered this is a very big quality of being successful that it’s not just about thinking but doing it as well so let’s do one thing I have a simple idea that let us all become kids for the next one

In Arthas I am a kid and like me you are all kids so are you all ready to be kids yes or no yes or no now that you’ve said it you can’t step back now you will see for all strange things are going to

Happen here now we play a game let’s go pay attention it’s really funny sparrow flies parrot flies dog flies car flies body flies piss flies now some of you are nothing the ones who are have already become kids and the ones who are not laughing they have to be kids kids

Enjoy such silly things only kids enjoyed this only they don’t enjoy mature talks if somebody expects the seminar is about some complex lectures so my friend you have come at a wrong place if I want I can make this seminar so complicated that often listening to

It you will say reading it it must be something nice [Applause] but no what am i doing I’m just sharing my life’s experiences with you my life is easy so I’m going to tell you how is it easy why is it easy and how can you make your life easy not complicated so

I’m going to ask you a simple question and if your answer is yes then put your hands up if it’s no keep your hand down and if there is a doubt then stick it up till here all right simple first mission how many of you mean who somewhere not

Raise their hands till now [Applause] what is going on I ask the simple question that how many of you are male they’re not listening to me they started looking at the person next to them they’re looking at his mustaches that he also has mustaches this Luxan

Egg is also made why is this hand stuck here maybe it has to go up to layer only it’s a simple straight question nothing complex that for whom have you come here for the person next to you for me or for yourself for whom so my dear brothers

And sisters except my wife so anything you do has to be for yourself not for me not for the person next to you just forget about him and don’t think about what he is thinking the biggest problem is that we keep thinking about the person next to me is thinking and the

Person next to you is also thinking what he’s thinking exactly oh let’s try it once more this time faster a simple question ready how many of you are female there is a gentleman sitting over there his hand went up to here and then turned here

Well then I make a mistake there is no doubt I’m not a human has still not become kid no still there is something inside once more we will do it again fast real fast how many are male female male female female female male male male female male female male female [Applause]

Now we all are enjoying opening up a bit everyone this is what needs to be done so if you like something laughs for yourself not for me the problem is that a lot of people when at home while playing with kids are fine but outside don’t know what happens in seminars at

Public places and then there are a lot of people who don’t even laugh at home they laughter struck by the hard times of life get stuck it stops so I have given a name to such a laughter and that’s constipation smile really stuck-up smile they feel like laughing

But don’t want to open their mouth how will it come out let it out don’t suppress a laughter let it out how there is no point stopping it no point so do what you feel like doing because this day is not gonna come back this day is not gonna come back

So now I’m going to narrate a story a story that has a deep impact on my life today whatever I am the story has played a pivotal role in it and later when I’m gonna tell you the story of my life that Who am I where ever come from what I did

What all problems were faced then you will come to know that this story had a big role to play in it a story of King Akbar and his ministers beatable once King and burr some people already laughing as I said don’t laugh unnecessarily sir King Akbar and Birbal

Story once upon a time albarran people were going for hunting and adverse lettuce thumb while pulling out his sword he cried out in pain start screaming soldiers go and get the first aid I slipped my thumb it’s bleeding hurry up seeing what has happened read will comes in with a smile then says

Relax my lord whatever happens happens for the best at what says people have you lost it what are you saying I thought you loved me soldiers do one thing leave the first aid take this group beautiful hang him upside down for the entire night lash

Him up with hunters and hang him by the neck in the morning so be well is taken away and asthma goes for hunting alone now he goes to hunt and it’s caught by a few tribal men they hang him upside down now there is this tribal dance going on

Whoo-hoo-hoo come on guys you don’t expect me to dance suddenly a tribal man looks at those injured thumb and shouts she’s impure we can’t sacrifice him to the gods free this impure being he’s impure so Akbar is freed nobody’s crying this morning he thinks people would have been hanged by

Now shouting and screaming people ba ba ba ba running towards the palace and he sees that beer ball is about to be hand about to thee he runs and holds people by his feet says Bibble please forgive me you were right whatever happens happens for the best that’s why I’m still alive

And look at me I’m such a chief fellow I look at me I’m such a cheap fellow what have I done to you but we will all rise to have still insists no my lord whatever happens happens for the best then adword it’s not a way it then adver

So albury shocked he says be by are you nuts what are you saying what could be good in it for you he says that if I would have gone ahead with you they would have sacrificed me instead [Applause] now a lot of smiles here are transforming from constipated smile to lose motion smile

Flowing flowing let it flow let it down let it go they never want to so what’s the moral of this story that whatever happens happens for the best so how many of you believe in luck how many of you believe that destiny plays a major role

To move ahead or be successful in life many me too I also believe in luck I also believe in destiny but I only believe in good luck I believe there is nothing like bad luck in this world because whatever happens happens for the best right it means that even if something bad is

Happening it seems to be bad it is not actually bad it seems bad at present but in future we realize that it was also for the good so are you all ready finally to see something to listen to something that could be beyond your thoughts yes or no

Now see what could possibly be beyond your thoughts this is the thing that I am talking about can all of you see it No how is it possible man how is it possible in my hand I’m holding a row of fifty feet tall trees with thousands of leaves countless fruits and you can’t

See it some people can call them seeds also if they want to did I say something wrong are the tallest of those trees not hidden in the seeds hidden inside but not visible and this seed will become a tree if it gets water if I put these

Seeds in water will they all become trees land and that too for a tile and if I take a thousand of these and sew them in a barren land nothing will happen but sowed in a fertile land all these seeds are trees simple just like this similarly all of you who are

Sitting over here I have already told you that you all are already successful in a lot of things and offer remaining few things that you want to be successful in the seeds are inside you that tree of success is hiding within you only all it means is a fertile land

Exactly now will somebody tell me what that fertile land is anybody environment Oh a lot of people over here are saying a lot of different things but most of you as I can hear are saying thinking it’s not thinking it’s not positive thinking we keep talking about positive

Thinking thinking if we have positive thinking we will be successful in a single day in everyone’s mind it has been proven scientifically more than 60,000 parts emerged so anybody no matter how big how powerful or how evolved he cannot control his thoughts even if he wants to so it doesn’t make a

Difference what you think it doesn’t make a difference what you speak on listen to all that matters is what you believe because what you believe sooner or later you become [Applause] and if someone believes that he can’t do anything will he be able to do something

No never and if someone believes that I can do it then nothing in this world can stop that person yes or no so simple so simple so what am I saying I’m saying something big that might hurt a few people that all of you who are sitting

Here more than 90% of you don’t even have a land that’s fertile enough to sow the seeds of success in that very land is infertile strange to hear now okay I will not comment on you rather share my own experience then the time I turned 18

As a kid I believed I could do anything but by the time I started growing a grew up there came a stage in life where I believed that I am good for nothing which means my land became infertile so why did this happen where did it all

Begin it all began in childhood so here’s a short film that you will see that will explain why did that land become infertile and how to make it fertile again since childhood don’t know how many times you would have heard that you can’t achieve your dreams like your

Dream or piercing through the clouds in open sky but that dream ended the very moment you woke up because you were doing that no matter what you do you cannot fly just like me you would have heard it a lot of times that life is not easy

Rather it’s very difficult it’s not a child’s play what if I tell you that all those people who told this to you were intentionally or unintentionally lying about it and in this whole world anybody who has been successful has done so by keeping that little kid inside him alive

And not by killing him that kid who’s not afraid of dreaming who learns to walk by falling again and again who believes that he can do anything who not only flies in his dreams but in reality as well so how you ready to become a kid once again

Because being successful is not a man’s task rather it is a child’s play [Applause] isn’t this film a bit strange what we hear in our daily lives is a lot different there anybody who’s successful or not successful says the same thing that being successful is very difficult

One has to go through a lot of hardships not off pain like success is very very hard to achieve that he who is successful must have done something radical but what am I saying here that being successful this is a child it’s play what will happen if within the next

Few minutes all of you believe in it because you already know it I am saying believe in it not doing it if you believe in it that being successful is a child’s play what will happen you will become successful right so let me tell you what happened that made my land in

Fall time which means I wanted to be successful I wanted to do something but believe that I can’t do anything as a kid I dreamt of flying in the sky but by the time I grew up I was even afraid of walking there was a stage in life when I

Thought I can’t do anything what was the reason the root cause the root causes somewhere in our childhood how many of you are from a middle class background a lot of you I also hailed from a middle class background my family we used to live in a small house just a two-room

Said we had limited income with a rented accommodation I had a friend in the neighborhood by the name of Cooney aid they were well-off and his dad got him a brand-new red bicycle imported cycle earlier when we used to go to the park we used to race and I always won but now

Since he was on his cycle and I was on foot I used to lose so one day I went back home after losing again and demanded the same cycle from My Father at any cost that too the very next day I don’t know anything my dad said it’s not like this

It’s a birdie after six months I’ll get you the cycle then but I was unmoved the next day tired when my dad returned from office my mother went up to him and said that Sandeep has not eaten since morning and he’s really angry adamant about the cycle why don’t you get him

One she went it out on died and my dad was furious to hear all this he said that I am no Tata Bella who would fulfill all his demands I can’t get him a cycle do whatever you wanna do and leave me alone dad was really angry and

I was standing outside and after such a heated conversation I prefer to stay out of the room the next day I walked up to my mom and said I would be around five or six I asked mom what was dad saying Tata Birla what in Stata Barilla so my

Mom replied that they start up with now people who are billionaires with a lot of money so became really happy and asked so why re not Tata Birla and my mom got irritated and said I don’t know why you just go out and play go don’t read my brains just go no I

Went out there was an auntie living next door I went up to her and asked auntie who is the startup Willa heard about them the next day I came to my mother and said said it mom when I grow up I’d become Tata Birla till there it was fine

Like every mom she also encouraged me saying why not and she said you will become Tata Birla you will become that abuela you will you will one day you will but the mistake she made was right now her mother sitting here so what she did was she told everyone in the family

All my uncle’s aren’t friends and relatives that you know Sandeep will become Tata Birla my son will become Tata Birla now what happens like if there is a marriage or an even to the family when people get tired of singing and dancing know they need kids for entertainment

True right kids are called come here kid come come come recite a poem okay tell us do you like your dad more amo [Applause] and everybody enjoys in my family they used to call me so my aunt used to call me or something come here come here come here

Yes auntie what is it and she used to tell everyone just wait look look look he’ll speak now with everyone eagerly looking at me then she used to ask something what will you become when you grow up and I stood there feeling shy looking down really

Shy she prompted me again speak a baby speak up don’t be shy speak up Dada Barilla and they used to laugh and call me later kissing me again me and they used to say I is such a cute kid why not he will become that Haggadah one

Day you know once he grows up in the same kid if a kid from a middle class background says that he will become a millionaire what will happen people even laugh at him no because we can’t accept these things and that’s what happened everybody used to make fun of me all of

Them they thought he’s just a kid what difference does it make to him he’s just a kid no they were wrong because the kid understands everything he doesn’t understand a joke but he understands when others are making a joke out of him I didn’t know what started my love but I knew that

Everyone is making fun of me and who are these people the same people who are my family the ones I trust who are dear to me so I thought that if all of them are saying then maybe they are right how would I know I am just a kid

And by the time I grew up there were many such incidents and talks so by the time I turned 18 all I desired was a salary of ten to fifteen thousand rupees that’s it I still remember when I was 18 or 19 I went to someone for a suggestion

Every family has a person or two whose advice everyone seeks right isn’t it some of you are laughing it seems they got the same advice as I did so I went fully prepared thinking that I am going to this influential person and if I goof off anywhere then

My family is not gonna support me so event fully prepared for it fully prepared taking what he might ask he asked me 10 things saying what if this happens what is this what is this what is this since I was fully prepared I said that if this then this if this then

This if this then this when I answered all his questions he said that listen kid all this you are saying is very impractical and it can’t be done and asked why can’t it be done can you please explain why can’t it be done he got here irritated cause he was

At a position where a kid who wasn’t nobody came and questioned him that why is it not possible so his equal took a hit and he said then listen boy you don’t know anything about it it’s easy to say but very difficult to do how many of you have heard this dialogue everyone

And that too how many times have you ever wondered the impact of the simple dialogue on our minds or on that land that I was talking about this one difficult is also a seed just like the seed of success that I was talking about this word is the seed of failure

Anything in life if you keep saying it’s difficult difficult difficult then after some time you will end up saying it’s impossible it can’t be done the end so this word difficult what has it done it has tied down it has tied down each one of us like a rope does just like an

Elephant because who was tied with the roof when it was small so that baby elephant is very hard to snap that row it keeps trying keep trying keep trying but can’t break free it doesn’t have the power to do so can’t snap it so it believes that

It’s really difficult for me to do it impossible and now when that elephant has grown bait if it wishes then not only one rope it has the power to stop thousands of Tropes but it has stopped trying stop dying if someone sneaks in and we suppose in

That elephants here that dude you have the path just give it a shot you can do it so how long will that elephant take to snap that rope one year two years ten years one second not even one second this is what happens all those believes which are based on a

Lie take years to be formed but snap in a second second so I’m giving a few examples of how these false beliefs are broken for centuries man believed that the earth is flat it’s flat flat for thousands of years people used to say it’s flat then suddenly a few is back a

Scientist discovered that the earth is round and what did everyone start saying that the earth is round which means that belief took centuries to be formed but collapse inner a second the moment it faced the truth it was gone similarly all such beliefs are based on lies all our lies

The moment they face the truth all of them will collapse and sometimes when they collapse no when they face the truth some people get shocked while others take pleasure and it has been like it happened with one of my uncle’s he had made a belief of his own of his

Own that my son is going to marry a girl of my choice [Applause] the sun’s hot clapping but fathers hanya now what happened it was his own belief but it’s not true this is not truth so what’s the truth what’s the difference between truth and lie the truth is that

Fire is gonna burn you no matter whether you are an Indian American Australian or whoever fire will burn you and that’s true but every son will marry a girl of his father’s choice is not true not true [Applause] he just formed it so what happened he

Made a complete plan that as my son grows I’ll do this this and there is to find a suitable girl and there was another thing in it that I’ll make him do MBA from London and once he does MBA from London it will look nice on his

Bio-data for marriage that the guy has done MBA from London so that guy was sent to London to do MBA and when he came back to India he got married and that too to a guy [Applause] this is all false belief snap like this I’m not talking about right or wrong but

I’m just giving an example how these beliefs shatter and in the same way all your beliefs formed by you which are stopping you from moving ahead that have made your land infertile are gonna be shattered in the next 20 minutes all of them all of them all of them because

You’re gonna witness the truth that hope is about to snap a few minutes so are you all ready to make a land for tile yes or no so how many of you are into a job okay how do these how many of you find giving job interviews difficult

Going for an interview gives you nightmares Okay so many of you and how many of you find job interviews easy again so many of you it seems there is some confusion how many of you find dancing difficult really difficult how many find it easy out of you all with your hands raised how many of you

Can come on the stage and dance with me right now very now why did I ask this just to show you a contrast for some of you dancing is difficult even when alone and for some it’s easy to dance even in front of thousands of people it’s easy

What are contrast what are contrast similarly how many of you find doing business difficult business as the name sounds difficult difficult how many find it easy easier now there is an interesting saying in India that I cannot relate to that in today’s time doing business is very difficult now I

Don’t understand that when did this today’s time start and will attain [Applause] what time is this finished I’m gonna go on there’s a simple thing that’s clear now absolutely clear sometimes we are so busy with our lives that we don’t have the time to think about these my new

Things we keep waiting that someone from somewhere will come and tell us a big secret a big secret or lightning will strike us giving us that idea which will make us successful overnight and we keep looking for that idea we’re hanging by the secret of success is hidden in these my new things

And not in big philosophies if you understand small things big ones will also be understood automatically and what is that small thing that I am talking about that need a job interview be dancing be it a business or meet anything in the world it just seems to

Be difficult in reality it is neither difficult nor easy for those who believe it to be difficult for them so today or tomorrow it keeps getting more and more difficult for them and for those who believe it is easy for them it keeps getting easier for them [Applause]

There are a few things that seem easy to you so they are easy for you no need to do anything because they are easy but a few things are difficult for you if somehow you start believing that all those things which are difficult for you are also easy then what will happen they

Will become easy easy in reality so being successful will actually be a child’s play right now let’s get down to the basics the roots and see what is really happening down there that all these beliefs from there are these being formed all these false beliefs how are they formed till the

Time you understand this how will you break them now out of you how many of you have heard see no even say no you’ll hear no even everyone I believe that if you really want to be successful then you have to do something else and not

This but due respect to Gandhiji I don’t agree with him why I’m saying such a big thing why don’t I agree with him why not can you please close your eyes for a few seconds all of you eyes just above your nose all right now do as I say do as I

Say don’t think about your mother please don’t think about your mom you dare think about your mother and your mother’s photograph should not flash in front of your eyes what I was happening how many were thinking about the father I was saying don’t think don’t think but even then

You were thinking just about her see here is an interesting fact that how does a mind work see our mind cannot think in words it can only think in images it can only think in pictures for example I’m saying terrorist whose image comes in your mind Kasab Osama bin Laden

Nobody’s saying wife right don’t give their such images come to your mind mother Teresa what came in the mind a good image piece right Zook top any image in the mind is an X Y anyways in the mind zxy any image no nothing it means that our mind can’t think in

Alphabets it can’t think in words it can only think in pictures pictures so nothing can be changed by just speaking about it whether it’s easy or difficult anything we want to do has a good image in our mind we find it easy and if it’s bad we find it difficult now

I tell you about a very interesting experience of my life when I was a kid I didn’t know about all this because of which which created a lot of embarrassing situations for me as a kid I loved beating up my younger sister she’s also here today hi there so

I enjoyed beating her up a lot very much and whenever I would beat her up she would exaggerate and tell my dad about it means she would say I got a real beating Oh dad he hit me hear it with her I got a real beating that would have just returned from

Office all tired and irritated and he would start every day regularly almost every day I mean idiot is your mind full of trash or what don’t you understand how many times have I told you not to hit your little sister not with your leg she is considered to be the goddess of wealth

But I never got it at that time when Dad will be scolding me I would look down in apologize sorry and the next day again so there wasn’t a problem till the time dad was scolding me problem began when moment at the scene mom came and she

Used to pamper me a lot she used to get scared looking at my dad’s high temper and she used to come and dad would be scolding me she used to come and say don’t get angry don’t get angry poor kid spare him don’t get angry and

As mom started saying this dad would be scolding me till then would suddenly start beating me up I used to think mom why did he have to be here why did you have to wear the most she used to say don’t get angry dad would say don’t get angry

Tom he deserves it Tom told you they’d never do it again I couldn’t understand it back then but today I can understand the problem problem is that our mind doesn’t think in words but in images the moment mom said don’t get angry so what happened the image of anger came in

Don’t any image of don’t nothing get yes do it [Applause] she’s given to save me but got me beaten up instead similarly if we see two guys fighting involved in a heated conversation you don’t know me man you don’t know me you don’t know me man you don’t know me and somebody would

Come and say don’t hit him don’t don’t you know not this week not this brick know he picks up the brick and bang bang bang so I say see now you will say no you will hear no even if this is not to be done then what else needs to be done

Very simple just say see good say good and hear good [Applause] but it is also not something new everyone knows about it and this is called positive thinking everyone is talking about it anywhere you go to think positive think positive think positive does it make a difference to some extent yes to some

Extent because positive thinking is like allopathy and not Ayurveda it’s a temporary relief what does Ella beta say if you have a problem take a medicine and cure it medicine and cure what does the air with us say that you make your body so healthy that you don’t need to take

Medicines at all that’s the difference you will read a positive book or go to a pleasant place the effect will last for some time it’s absolutely true and it applies for this seminar as well then its effect will last only for some time a few hours a few days or maybe a few

Months and after that back to normal life back and what’s the reason I’ve already told you that anybody no matter how evolved he can’t control his hearts because in a single day more than 60 thousand thoughts crossed by and if you seriously want to do positive thinking practically see here is an interesting

Fact then either you have to go to a mountain and leave this world no newspaper no television no talks nothing at all just go there and control your thoughts this one is positive nice this one is negative oh no no no negative negative negative so I do believe in positive thinking but

Not that much it has its own role but a very small one it can’t remove problems from the roots the second solution is that there are a lot of negative words in the dictionary remove them all from a vocabulary means you don’t have to speak them because if you only speak positive

Words something good will happen with you but are these two things practical practically doable is this someone who says I can control all my thoughts anybody so what needs to be done what’s the solution is simple if I tell you to let those negative words in the dictionary be don’t remove them don’t

Control your thoughts as well just take one word that is the root cause of all your problems and failures the root cause take that one word and throw it out of your dictionary can you do this much yes or no okay for anyone beat us in India

Or someone in America or Canada or anyone in any one of this world what is the biggest success of life for them the biggest name fame money happiness hell absolutely let’s give up began for him no success is bigger than health a man with a lot of name fame and wealth but

Without health is he any good all is raised no use no successes because then health and we all know it nothing new in aired so how many of you genuinely want to stay healthy everyone out of you how many know that the best way to stay healthy is to get up early

Go to a park do yoga or do jogging everyone knows so now how many of you are actually regular that’s it hardly 1% or 2% people now see the problem is that we all know these things but when do we remember them about health to stay healthy the time we are

Sick and visit a doctor or visit a relative or a friend in a hospital when the doctor wanders that either you do something now or the almighty will do it cholesterol levels man right and then suddenly we wake up saying something needs to be done now and from that very

Day you make up your mind that from tomorrow morning 6 o’clock I’m going everything is planned left office on time thinking I have to go I have to go have to go have to go have to go it’s sound 10:30 in the night when you’re feeling sleepy trying to sleep lying

Down eyes closed you know to wake up early you need to sleep early just then you heard your famous TV soaps tuned [Applause] the mine bot note the words that you got out of bed okay you got out of bed saying – ah hardly matters let me watch it and sat in front of the TV lacks a relaxed mood changed all that health mantra is gone forgotten it’s around 11

O clock now again surfing channels got freshened up and by the time you came back in bed it’s 12 a.m. it’s 12 o clock now when you lie down to sleep and you’re about to sleep what’s going on in the mind the thoughts that it’s 12 already getting up early is really

Difficult and as soon as you think this the mind what it does is it starts working as branches of trees you give it a signal it will make four branches come out then 8 then 16 then 50 it means that the moment is signaled that getting up

Early is difficult the mind will bring forth a thousand reasons as to why is it difficult a thousand reasons which will not be true self made by you only created by your own self like for example the mind will be saying that dude I have tried it earlier as well

Nothing has changed nothing is gonna happen now as well so no use the second thought will be I tried getting up at 6:00 a.m. earlier as well I somehow woke up but the eyes didn’t open got hit by a side table and this me still hurts strange thoughts will come to the mind

Strange thoughts that if I wake up early like I’ll feel sleepy throughout the day in office and then what will you do change the alarm from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. saying getting up an hour later will hardly make a difference now you remembering because you have said it’s

Difficult so the mind is giving you reasons that you read an article in a newspaper which said that a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep is a must apart from this some people’s reasons are even stranger like one of my friends I told him that from tomorrow morning

You come along with me and let’s go jogging he said I don’t go in the morning I ain’t go in the evening I said why why not in the morning he said I go to the park in the morning and I see that man and I don’t like his face

I said what kind of reason is this now the solution of this problem and it’s really simple that very moment when this thought comes to you but he just lying down lying down all you need to say is that no matter how late I sleep in the

Night getting up early is easy for me this is now you know what will happen really the moment you will say it’s easy a wife’s inside you will say are you crazy or what how is it easy because we aren’t used to it then you will say it for the second time

It’s easy then for the third time it’s easy getting up only is easy the moment you say it three four times your mind will give you a thousand reasons that will prove it’s easy it will go in the opposite direction at that time mind will be filled with some other reasons

Which will be completely different from the previous ones for example the first one will be come on do it I just have to get up at six not drill through a mountain earlier also so many times so many times I have caught a train and to

Catch it I woke up at 4:00 in the morning 4 a.m. and that too on my own 5 minutes before the alarm went off I woke up myself I can catch the train again even if I may say it but where will I get this body from once the health is gone [Applause]

Can you make out the difference the difference between positive thinking and this in positive thinking someone from outside is trying to make you positive and the negative thoughts inside you are stopping him the moment you say it’s easy you’re still trying to be positive nobody from outside is doing it rather

Your own mind is doing it now this is what came to your mind and apart from this the second thing that came was that earlier you were thinking that you will feel sleepy in the office there is nothing wrong in it let’s just see how the perspective changes your mind will

Think so what even if I feel sleepy I’ll have three four coffees extra and can we get closer finally the biggest of problems the one that my friend had maybe you also relate to it the one my friend had then if I go to the park in

The morning and I’ll have to see that man’s face so now when you will say it’s easy you will not see the neighbors face but his beautiful wife [Applause] it’s that simple this is it be the smallest to the biggest of problems of your lives just

Take these two words and stick them up with all these so-called problems the date starts coming from within that it’s easy that day everything will become easy and this is the biggest secret of my life the biggest [Applause] there was a stage in my life when I thought that I’m good for nothing

I can’t do anything I can’t do anything nothing at all when to a call center for an interview don’t know where all I went did whatnot but didn’t get a job it was the stage that if someone would have offered me 6000 rupees for which I would have to work for 12 hours

Longing for the entire day doing heavy loading jobs I was ready there was such major problems in my life at that very time an exactly similar woman came in my life the same movement that’s gonna come in your life in some time when I watch someone just the way you are watching me

Now I saw someone who appeared to be just like me exactly like me two eyes one nose two years I said he looks just like me and when I heard him speak a voice came from inside inside me nobody said anything it came from inside that if he

Can do it so can i if it’s easy for him that is easy for me as well [Applause] finally the moment has come to decide because I believe that if nothing has changed then nothing will change although you all have come here but if you don’t make a commitment to yourself

Or don’t try to change yourself then nothing will change when you step out of here nothing different just a good time pass and finished so it’s time to make a commitment to yourself take a decision to change yourself you have two options – first there are a kind of people in

This world who themselves keep making the smallest of their problems their troubles bigger and bigger and keep complaining there are a lot of such people and there is nothing wrong in this all we need to do is understand that if we are like these people only

Then will we be able to change ourselves but if you don’t accept it and say no I’m not like this then you will be like this only like you have always been second option this was the first option second option is those people and there are millions of people like this who

Themselves make the biggest of troubles of their lives really easy thinking of them as nothing and always be happy [Applause] so what have you decided that from now on will you be happy or just complain now the moment I was talking about has arrived I’m going to ask you a question

From the bottom of my heart and the ones whose inner voice comes out for them the land has become fertile fertile anything that was anything that was past has passed let it pass but today but today do you believe you can change your future yes or no yes or no yes or no

[Applause] let’s celebrate this is a very big moment [Applause] [Applause] and I’m not just saying this I can give it to in writing signed if you want that life will not change for the ones who said yes or decided from the bottom of their heart yes for them life has

Changed already changed already changed the land has become fertile dan there are people in this world whose problems could be a hundred times bigger than yours but then also their success is also a hundred times bigger than yours which means that problems and success don’t have a direct connection it’s all

About what you believe in something we have just realized now just a small task to do the land has become for a time but no matter how fertile a line if you don’t take good care of it what will happen it will be barren again

Back to being in for time so what we need is a flow to keep drilling that land applo and now what is that flow it’s easy exactly don’t underestimate its power it has changed my life what needs to be done is that anything you want to do in life but

Believe you can’t do it just attach these two words it’s easy and then see what happens I’ll give you an example what happens how many of your students students okay many would be engineering students also how many are engineering students engineering students a lot now what happens is inside an engineering

College leaving the top engineering colleges like IITs other topologies number one number two but not many students get admissions in these and they get admission in a college which is not highly ranked now what’s the general discussion in that college and after taking admission yourself you’re cursing

That college all the time this college has this problem that problem you told about so many things while taking admission and now they’re not doing anything this is bad that is bad that is bad and the worst is the placement cell of this college all the students all of

Them are saying that a degree from this college leave alone any MNC will hardly manage to get us a rupees 6000 job right this is what happens such strange talks are going around everywhere and we also start doing it what you need to do is leave aside everyone else whatever they

Do if you want something different something good to happen to you then you will have to say to hell with the world I’ll pass out from this very college and to get a job in India top multinational company for me it’s easy [Applause] right let those 99% people say it’s

Difficult let them do a six thousand rupee job let them fight over it I’ll get into a top company now what will happen when you say this from outside you will say it’s easy but the inner voice will say it’s difficult again from outside you will say it’s easy but the

Inner voice will repent saying it’s difficult difficult the day your inner voice says it’s easy in a way from here that yes it’s easy for me to get a job in that company within some time I can guarantee this you will be sitting in that company [Applause]

And this is not something to article that I am saying practically you pick up any big company any big company of india or world for that matter have all the people working there pass out from top colleges no more than eighty percent of them have passed out from colleges

Ranked lesser than your college or similar to your college so my dear friend if eighty percent people can do it then why can’t you do it right when you say it’s easy then you will see millions of people who have passed out from even lesser grade colleges and have

Opened up massive companies in their own names now till here it’s clear a line is for time we’ve got up low but if you keep sitting and just say it’s easy easy will something happen nothing will happen means something needs to be done it’s time to do something to decide what

Needs to be done without this nothing will happen now this is where a lot of people get stuck some say there are a lot of options what do i do they say there is a confusion what to do what not to do many of you and then there are

Those who say we don’t know what to do we don’t have an option zero option right two kind of people and now to decide what to do and what not to do saying it is easy but doing it is some of you say is difficult it’s easy right

See there are only two options only two options very simple first to listen to you out of voice and what is this out of voice what others say what others do what did he do that made him successful what is he doing or asking for advice from someone like

What should I do what career to pursue once a guy came to me and said please tell me our interesting business to start I said these days space tourism has great scope I said it very seriously he asked what is it all about I said nothing

You just buy a rocket take people in space and take them to moon you said by joking man I said who started it first so what’s the second option the first one is outer voice and the second one is listen to your inner voice inner voice whether you

Call it your soul’s calling your desire or quality anything but listen to your inner voice and the day you listen to it no that’s it you don’t need anything a simple example real life incident of every house there is a kid who is just one passion to open up and reassemble

His toy cars open up and reassemble open up and reassemble that’s it and that’s all he enjoys nothing else now gradually as he grows up now he’s fond of computers he keeps opening and reassembling them TV electronics now he turns 18 and it’s time to take a call what to do and what

Not to do now his inner voice says go for engineering engineering but everyone around said that son don’t go for engineering there is no scope in it and he was told that listen son you go for chartered accountancy CA but why CA an interesting point it’s a very interesting point

Nobody analyzed what that kid wanted what was his talent or interest no CA because someone in the family did CF 15 years ago and today he’s making good money what will happen now this is not as you know voice the problem is not that everyone said the problem is that

He also got scared he said let me do what everyone is saying no why take a risk why danger is if something goes wrong then who will take the blame right so he opted for CA now he’s doing CA but completing it is a big task for him

Because he has no interest in it and on the other hand if he would have done engineering then today or tomorrow just the way he was reassembling computers he would have reassembled an aeroplane as well now we all have understood that we can do anything we have heard our inner

Voice internally we know what we want to do but then also after having a fertile land and seeds in our hands if we don’t so these seeds will something happen nothing if we don’t take an action worldwide a lot of researchers have proved that 90% people who sailed have

One big reason one common reason and that is that they don’t even try they don’t even try it means that they have the seeds in their hand and keep on thinking too so or not to so so or not to soso or not to so I wait for the

Right time to sow and they keep on thinking so they don’t fail because they did something but fail because they wanted to but never did it throughout life right now we understand that the problem is not taking an action let me ask all of you why don’t we take an

Action we know we have to do this still we don’t do it why it’s one word one word fear risk and that’s completely genuine I’m not saying it’s wrong it’s completely right because we are not alone today our inner voice says I must do this we also have your family your

House kids and everything how will you do it there is a risk involved rubbish all rubbish I don’t buy it why so because there is nothing known as risk in this whole world God or whoever created this world didn’t make anything by the name of friends it is man who is

Creating risk for his old self we are artists creating discretization for ourselves and I getting scared of them a little kid who is just born we tell him impatiently everybody encourages him to run run kid run what will happen to the kid he’ll break apart if all right it’s

Risky but if that kid is given time and he’s told to start by crawling slowly slowly then walk holding a finger then walk and then run is there are then not at all yes or no no here is an interesting thing that happened with me five years ago one of my friends came

Who had an mba finance as what’s up man he said nothing man it all looks fit but life is he was actually very tense he said I’m not happy to 9 or 10 oz in office are so suffocating I have no interest in this finance field no and

It’s really bad and by the time I come home I take all my frustration out on my wife and everybody I just lose it and get irritated I said okay it seems that you need to do something else or think of something else so he said that’s why

I have come to you master what have you thought of he said man but will you be willing to help me I said come on man just say it I’ll do whatever I can so he said I think I should learn photography just the way you did will you teach me I

Said that is fine I’ll teach you but why do you want to do photography leaving finance aside via photography any reason he said because you do photography and stay very happy I said great so it’s decided you come to my studio from tomorrow I teach you photography but do one more thing from

Tonight start eating bitter gourd as when some fresh bit of God’s nicely cooked he said what are you saying man I said it’s clear no it’s clear I stay happy by eating bitter gourds as well so do everything that I like to do I said listen man you were about to make the

Same mistake you did many years ago I said I’ll make you see one hundred thousand photographers one hundred thousand who do photography like me and I’m not happy at all for them photography is just work nothing else and I said I’ll show you 100 thousand people who do what you have been doing

From the field of Finance and are very happy very happy it means that no work is interesting or boring in itself it all depends on your interest what do you like anything that is from inside is good for you and if not then it’s always

For you and so he got it somewhat he said and he said that I don’t get it all this inner voice thing and what all you say how do listen to my inner voice there is no inner voice inside me it’s a genuine problem now there is no wise

What will you do I said look I’ll make it simpler for you that how to listen to you and a wise any such work that you can do without getting tired non-stop twelve out of 24 hours in a day without bothering about money whether earning

More or less and still be happy about it that is Joyner voice [Applause] they smile a bit I saw his eyes lit up he smiled and said this great man but there is only one such work that I can do for 12 out of 24 hours I said what is

It he said I am very fond of eating I walked up to him and touching his bulging tummy I said well I can see that I said I would have known it anyway he said come on man I’m serious I said okay tell me now he said what I mean to say

Is and I’m not just fond of eating but cooking as well cooking is something I can do for 24 hours everyone at home makes fun of me why do you keep roaming like a cook but I just love cooking I said cool so do something related to cooking what’s the problem do it

He said yeah man thanks for the idea I said I didn’t give it to you you gave it to yourself so I said now what I’ll do is you wait and watch no nope on a big restaurant in a big shopping mall so I

Ask how will you go about it by a space or take it and rent he said come on man you know I don’t have that much money to buy a space obviously rent is the only option I said okay take it on rent still it’s not a big investment no just

Assume the rent of a big restaurant or big shopping mall like 200,000 rupees has rained just 5 million rupees is all you need you must be having that much on you just calculate know he started calculating all my savings from here and there taking from dad borrowing it from

Friends three to four thousand hundred rupees I can manage I say great man you just about there great man okay three to four hundred thousand rupees from here and what about the remaining money he thought our Lord and said I think dad won’t mortgage the home for it I said

You lost it man just think of something else man he said I’ll make a proposal of my restaurant and go to a bank for a loan and I’m sure I’m gonna get one I smile I smile and said my brother bank only lends money to those who actually don’t need that money [Applause]

On what basis will you apply for a loan on what basis he said yeah man I think you’re right I won’t get a loan so what to do I think it’s really difficult leave it I said why is it difficult he said no money nah I said why you just

Said you have the money he said no I didn’t I said no you said there is money what about those three to four hundred thousand rupees he said but they are not enough to open a restroom I said who told you to open a restaurant out of these three to four hundred

Thousand rupees you can keep aside one hundred thousand rupees and open a nice stall with the remaining money a nice stall he said come on man i’m mba finance i won’t put up a stall I said why what’s the problem put up a nice tall he said no man I can’t put up

A stall try and understand I said I am understanding it but you are not let me explain that why you don’t want to put up a stall you know if you put up a stall you will be happy you’ll enjoy it you will cook food serve it and people

Will pour in and today or tomorrow you will open up a bigger store as well from that stall and you know it but then also you won’t do it you know why because you are thinking that what will my father-in-law say that I got my daughter

Married to an NBA finance and he has put up a roadside stall [Applause] I said this is the reason know that what will he think what will your family thing what will your wife think what will everyone think great keep thinking he said yeah man you are right but still

I can’t put a post on not a stall now this is a big problem everyone’s falling prey to what will people say I asked do you remember what happened when I started photography at that time the whole world laughed on me the whole world including my family my relatives

Even my friends wherever I went people used to say look at him man hey man take ten rupees and click my photograph there was a stage when you would remember what you said to me that I have already booked photographers for my marriage but you can also come and

Click a few photographs if at that time I would have thought that what will you think or others like you would think then I would not have been here today [Applause] I said those people can go to hell whatever everybody thought of me I didn’t care that’s why I’ve reached here

And it’s not me alone there have been a lot of people in the world who did the same thing as I did they followed their heart that means they listen to their inner voice and took small small steps small small steps didn’t take a big leap

But we all try to start with a big jump that I’ll do this and I’ll do that what’s the problem man do whatever you want to do today and that too from the smallest possible level and then see who stops you nobody will be able to nobody

What we want is that here is the seed in our hand and somehow it should grow into a tree overnight a fully grown tree within a year that’s it is it possible no so what’s the right way to sow the seed take small steps in the beginning

Don’t never try to force it out take small steps that is neither to run nor do stop just keep walking keep walking [Applause] now there will be only one glitch in your way ahead where a lot of people get stuck which means that if you do I stole

Then you’ll earn money for sure in anything you do you’ll earn money but will you be successful and for that there is a final step that you must follow and this is also wanna sound strange to some people because it is just the opposite of what people say

About success but this is true with proofs you made your land for a tiny sword of seed that seed has grown into a tree with a lot of fruits on it now if you lose it and say that I’ll eat all these fruits alone not give them to

Anyone not share it with anyone what will happen either those fruits will rot or you will die trying to eat all of them simple now here’s a story that has a deep impact on my life two farmers in a village used to do similar kind of work both died and went

To God when they reached God asked them so tell me sons what do you want to be next what do you want so the first farmer full of frustration and anger started complaining what God what a pathetic life you had given me I had nothing on me nothing look at what

You did to me whole life past working like that ox in the field working working whatever I are and people used to take it from me nothing stayed with me nothing stayed with me so God in my next life please make sure that I don’t have to give anything to anyone

Rather everyone should give me money from everywhere everywhere God said so bead son though the second one came God asked what do you want he said God you gave me so much I have nothing more to ask for a good family a nice work a nice

Village no shortage of food ever I never slept hungry but there was just this one thing missing in life at times a few hungry people used to come to my door asking for something just do something that nobody should go home from my daughter [Applause]

God said so beat son go son both of them were reborn in the same village both of them grew up the first men who said that everyone should give me give me and I don’t have to give anything to anyone so this man became the biggest beggar I’ll

Not give it to anyone everyone should just give me give me give me give me give me and the second man who said he didn’t want anything but just to feed the hungry he became the richest man of that village the richest it’s simple if you

Want to stay happy then there is only one way read happiness spread happiness it’s so easy there is no other way you keep staring at someone with anger and expect him to give you happiness how is it possible how is it possible how will anyone make you happy how will he if you

Keep on fighting then the other person will also fight with you out of all the husband’s sitting here how many want their wives to respect them all of you then there is only one way respect your wife that’s it there is no other way no other way we one day but we don’t

Give it we want love but we don’t give it we want everything we want that we must get everything now I’m gonna say something that’s gonna shake up a lot of people really shake them up now how many people wish to have a lot of money over

Here then there is only one way to get it give money [Applause] some of you are not clapping looking at me very seriously thinking that I’m gonna come up with the box and rupees 10 rupees 10 rupees 10 rupees giving money how can someone give money there are

Strange things that we believe about money and that do rooted deep in us no father no brother only money together Hey and some people actually think it’s true they’re fighting with their parents with their brothers and sisters only for money for money I’m not saying that money is not important that would be

Impractical to say it is very important very important but money is only as important as fuel in a car neither more nor less [Applause] without money the car of your life won’t go on this is true but how many of you drive your real car or bike just for

Fuel just to collect fuel take the car to the palm buy few keep it inside take it in the car take it in the car from here in the car how many anybody so what happens when it comes to money why are we stuck there and that’s where we make a mistake why

Because a lot of people in the world are doing it so we think maybe this is right when everyone is doing it then it must be right we know this is not right filling every corner with fuel fuel fuel fuel so much fuel that there is no place

For anyone to sit in the car no place to even breathe one day a slight spark will burn everything up and we will perish in that fire it’s going on people are burning they might be successful in everybody’s eyes but not in their own

And this is no Theory if on one side we have somebody for whom money is everything who is very selfish and he has a lot of money a lot but he has only money nothing else no happiness nothing at all neither does he give happiness nor gets happiness and on the other side

Is someone who might not have that much money but he believes in just one thing spreading happiness in this world so men like him who is spreading happiness in this world even if he has less money he’s a thousand times more successful than all those millionaires a thousand times

This is called real success and on the other hand make those people come and stand here who might have a lot of money but don’t have the courage to give courage to share to be happy to give happiness and smiles they can’t look into anyone’s eyes and say that they are

Successful they can’t the world says they are but they’re not now let’s talk about how it works practically the sharing logic there was a stage in my life when I was doing photography and I used to do everything myself I was the office boy I was the cleaner and there

Was a small studio in one corner of my house had put a table chair over there used to serve water to people did photography counseled people talk to them and I realized that I won’t be able to do it all by myself so I recruited a female on somebody’s reference and a

Female join now when the female came for the job she asked for 10,000 rupees as salary I can’t give you 10,000 rupees but 8,000 rupees is fine with me so she joined and within two months of when she joined what started increasing at a good pace after two-three months I thought that

Presently I own 20 to 25,000 rupees a month otherwise this girl only takes 8 thousand rupees I have no sense so I told her politely that I can’t give you eight thousand rupees but six thousand rupees is fine with me do it or not your choice and she left

After she left for one complete year after that I was stuck where I was couldn’t move ahead a single step even a single step anybody anywhere in this world if he say that he can do everything alone then he’s lying he needs people to help him out but why

Will anyone help somebody else before helping his own sense so he will help you only if you will also think of helping him simple let me ask you a very simple question if there are two companies sort of those two companies the first company when taking your interview makes false

Promises by saying that we will give you there’s there’s this don’t worry all will be good but when you go and join it’s completely opposite like there was nothing about paying extra for overtime no this won’t happen that won’t happen this won’t happen you have to do this

You have to do that if you want to do it fine or leave the job making you work for 12 hours 10 hours for an eight-hour job and not even paying overtime there are such companies on the other side there is a second company that does exactly what it promises an eight-hour

Job means an eight-hour job work extra and overtime is paid everything said will be done apart from this it also thinks about you so which company will you join first or second now should I tell you something honestly that all of you who said they will join the second

Company those very people if decide to open up their own company they will end up being like that first company they’ll forget about it now when they will have their own company their wish to get an employee worth eight thousand for just five thousand what am i doing man

What are we doing there are two kinds of people in this world those who believe in sharing and those who don’t now the ones who don’t will today or tomorrow have their hands and legs cut then we have stage when everyone will leave them and go away to join those

People who believe in sharing by their heart today they have two hands gradually they will have four hands in hands then 100 hands and then thousands a day will come and he will have countless hands and that day success will be a very small word it will be a miracle miracle [Applause]

People would say and say possibly how did this happen how can this happen how could this happen how can he in such less time how can he do it again how can it’s simple man he knows about sharing and you don’t the day you do your life

Will also be full of miracles everywhere [Applause] now the tree of success has a lot of fruits and we are sharing them knowing more fruits will grow we are sharing so you have become successful but now the question is Who am I what’s my story as a kid I thought I

Could do many things but as I grew up I thought I couldn’t do anything and there were a lot of reasons behind it out of which the biggest reason was that when I was in 10th standard some major problems hit our family my dad had a business of

Aluminum from 20 years in partnership with someone that closed down overnight because of age a financial condition became critical we had no clue what will happen now nobody had a clue and my father went into a bit of depression as well and there was a strange atmosphere

In the house everybody was worried what will happen now I was studying what could I do now there are two things that happen in these kind of situations one there are families that break apart fall apart they start fighting within themselves and two there are families that come together a family chose the

Second one me my mother my younger sister we all came together and said this is not only my father’s problem but our problem and we will find a way out we will do some things something will happen so now I wanted to do something but believed that I can’t

Do anything because my land was infertile so we tried a lot of things like we did a business in which my mother used to pack handmade sweets and I used to go and give those boxes to people and I took those who eats here and there distribute pamphlets in my friends and

It is everywhere but that didn’t work and closed down after that we opened up a telephone booth for a state STD PCO my mother used to run it at times I also went there to help her and going there my land became even more infertile because I saw people fighting with my

Mother for just 25 paisa I felt angry but what to do such was life that’s when I thought that money is everything money is gone I just want money anyhow I don’t want anything else just get me a job from somewhere so that I get money and solve all these problems

So that telephone booth also closed down after that I went for a lot of interviews and failed everywhere had no clue what all was happening and then came the turning point of my life I went to a seminar it was a multi-level marketing company seminar I was 18 at

That time and honestly speaking in that three hour long seminar I didn’t understand even a single thing everything went through here and I exactly remember where I was sitting it was an auditorium and I was sitting on the third seat from here I was looking

At a 21 year old guy standing right here till the time he kept talking nothing entered my mind everything bounced off but then he said something in the end he said I am 21 years old and I’m earning 200,000 rupees a month what they’re done was had got a big photocopy

Of the check and was showing it on stage and I was counting zero sitting there one two three four five and I was thinking that this guy is actually owning big 200 thousand rupees a month I was shocked my mind blew off because I’d seen that even to reach a level of

Ten to fifteen thousand rupees takes years and here’s a guy who is just like me who once two hundred thousand rupees a month and that was that one second it was that one second of my life something in me shouted out that if this guy can

Do it who looks just like me then why can’t I do it am i from a different planet or what why can’t I do it if it’s easy for him then it’s easy for me as well I can also do it can’t do it at the moment these two words entered my

Life the moment I believed that everything is easy changes started happening inside me from what I used to say it’s difficult nothing can be done bad timing don’t know what will happen I started saying you see what I do now will get two hundred thousand duties checks like

This will start my own companies you just wait and watch you don’t know how what’s going to happen and everyone started saying that Sandeep has gone crazy now this is a very interesting point whenever people start saying you have gone crazy it’s an indication that you are on the right track [Applause]

A tinge of craziness is a must and that’s what happened I became crazy started saying strange things I started feeling from within it’s easy land became fertile take one step complete now the second step to discover what to do now there were two voices out

Of voice and inner voice I saw that man on stage and looking at him I said I want to be like him if he’s doing this then I’ll also do this and earn two hundred thousand rupees a month but it wasn’t my inner voice all out of voices

So I took around 20 25 people to that company and nobody joined in fact the ones I took ready give me saying did you take us and how much will you give us out of your two hundred thousand so I failed badly and there were two reasons

Why I failed one it was not my inner voice and two I didn’t understand sharing I was taking people there not for their benefit but for my selfish reasons as an 18 year old all I thought was to solve my own family problems to hell with these people so I couldn’t

Fool people so back then when I failed was it my good luck or bad luck bad luck no how can it be good as for that time it was bad luck only no but this is the very mistake because nothing is bad in this world because whatever happens

Happens for the best success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences which means that success can only come to you with experience and experience can come to you only through bad experiences not with good experience and this is what I understood when I

Went to that company it was not a waste although I failed financially but I got to know about a lot of good things and started understanding them different things entered my mind that I understood that yes I understood that even failures are useful so I didn’t feel sad after

That I heard how to voices once again again I made the same mistake I was told by my relatives family members don’t know seriously or not they told me that’s indeed you have got looks of a hero man and I thought so many of them couldn’t be wrong I heard the other wise

And men to become a hero to be a model I said I will if everyone is saying I will so I went and saw that heroes like me thousands are standing in a queue and eating roadside burgers I said to myself and he there you go do it but I didn’t

Lose hope I was determined to do something easy easy easy it’s easy one work till the time it doesn’t come from inside and that’s what happened I told myself many times that I’ll do it I well I well but it wasn’t from within to become a model or a hero

Or do acting used to go for additions but went blank forgot everything didn’t enjoy it from inside did some music videos as well such music videos that if I make you see them you would die laughing when my five-year-old son is troubling everyone ransacking the house

Then my wife just plays that video and my son sits there looking at the screen and says dad what do you mean so this time also I failed I believe like I just told you that you can only be successful because of your failures not because of your

Success so this big failure of my life was about to be the reason behind a very big success of my life that I didn’t know realized that later how during modeling days a friend came to me with some photographs he got clipped from somewhere and when I saw them I was

Surprised I said what photographs man great there were no digital cameras at that time so I said man this will be great I want to learn this for the first time in my life my inner voice said that I want to learn photography man I want

To be a photographer I saw an ad in the newspaper went there and joined the shot to be course of photography I didn’t know what was I doing why was I doing a didn’t think about it just listened to my heart you know from inside that feeling comes

This is what I wanted got it just went to my mother took 12 thousand rupees went and bought a camera started clicking photographs of my relatives friends everyone for free didn’t have a clue what I was doing kept on doing it doing it now what happens is that even

When you listen to your inner voice that you will move in that direction you will take a step take an action and what you want we’ll go and clash with the reality which would be very different I wanted to become a very good photographer but the reality was that thousands of

Photographers in India who had learned photography for one to even four years and even they were not able to do much and what had I done just a two week course so I wasn’t a very good photographer bang this was the turning point there one of my failures turned

Into success for me between all those photographers and me there was a small difference what I mean is that I had failed in modeling but they had not when I used to struggle as a model I knew that 90% modeling agencies were fraud so

What I did was I made a list of 70 80 fraud agencies and 10 15 genuine modeling agencies and started circulating it to everybody that this one is fraud for our and this one is genuine genuine genuine and people started liking this after this I give a small ad in the newspaper

Three portfolio and everyone came a lot of people came I told the truth no tricks no lies straightforward I said look I am NOT a very big photographer or a great photographer I have just finished my course from here of two weeks so one option is that you get your

Own film role get the processing done and your cost will be this much three thousand rupees or the second option is that I do everything for you now if I go to any wholesale market so the same film roll you get for 150 rupees I get it for fifty rupees and in

This complete exercise I will get fifteen hundred rupees so I said we can do it as you wish that way or this way so they said we don’t have any problem you only do it we will be spending the same amount see this is what I have always believed and will always believe

That if you want to do anything in life tell the truth don’t confuse anyone [Applause] and beetle game I still remember that had spent 48 hundred rupees on that first ad because of its seven or eight people got their portfolios done from me and the first income of my life 15 to 20

Thousand rupees came from here this was the first successful now the second big failure of my life a guy came to me and said that let’s do an event together let’s do a new year party there in fashion these days everybody’s doing it

Now I know I said that I wanted to do an event for a long time I said okay I’ll do it with you no worries it’s just that I don’t have the money on me he said you don’t worry about the money I’ll take care of that you just executed I said

Okay it’s a deal I’ll work for a month organize the party and do everything investment will be yours and you’ll share the profit equally he said okay Danny he gave me fifteen thousand rupees and I distributed those fifteen thousand rupees to everyone I paid to the banquet

Guide the DJ cater all of them knew me I went myself and paid some advance to the printer got the prints made like stickers posters went to some universities and put them around like banners and all now the problem occurred when just three days before the event

That guy came to me and said that I can’t give you any more money I said but we have to give the money because I have to make all the payments or else they know me and we’ll catch hold of me only he said it’s your problem drop the unit

I said no so then I arranged the money from somewhere borrowing it from my friends five thousand from year 2000 from there I collected all this money and made all the payments the event was executed and it was a big success it was the night of 31st December 1999 this

Even was named disc 2000 the new era of 2000 was about to begin all the money was inside a bag I went to that guy and said ok man let’s do one thing let’s calculate how much you and me spend and divide the profit equally he said what

Calculation which money he just took that bag and went away with his friends since that day I haven’t I’m around in my entire life what would have a normal human being and not any alien done in such a situation in such a condition would have cried become for it

I felt happy because somewhere inside I believed that life’s experiences comes from bad experiences and I felt happy and said wow man this is it such a bad experience what else could be worse than this I felt happy and my mother who is sitting here would remember when I came

Back home at 1:30 I put the music on full volume in my room on full volume and started dancing alone dancing my parents came in and said what’s up son seems like your even was a hit I said don’t ask how big a hit – and

When I told them that this is what happened I got a lecture for 30 minutes they said you are very innocent dumb you trust anyone easily anybody can make a fool out of you and why do you believe in what anybody says I said no they must be a

Reason behind this failure maybe today I am NOT getting aid but someday I will and the day I’ll get it life will change for sure one year passed by two years passed by I didn’t get it didn’t know what was that failure for until in 2003 I’d reached a

Level in photography where I got stuck the problem was that in photography it’s not only the work but the name that sells it means that no matter how good I was but because I didn’t have a name so all those people who got their photos clicked by me were rejected by modeling

Agency is saying what – what an amateur shoot who is this and eventually lives in a cave of what from where is he can’t yourself click from a good photographer so they used to come back to me saying what what have you done what a match

Who’d here ever look so I said I have to make a name somehow how to do it I don’t know but I believed it’s easy an idea came from somewhere to make a world record in photography I went to Limca Book of Records met the chief editor and

I remember I was sitting me this side and she on that side of the table I had already taken an appointment she said yeah tell me I said that I want to make a world record in photography she said okay so what have you thought

Of I said you tell me what needs to be done because somehow I managed to he’s there they could not throw me out so she said that look it’s not that easy you have to do a lot of things so it has to be something very big I asked like she

Said there are two options either you make India’s record or world record I said forget about India tell me about the world record how will I make it so she narrated a list to me she told me what all is needed at least 10,000 photographs need to be claimed no two

Photographs should look similar all should be different our moderators will be present there a minimum of 100 models need to be hired and this must be done within 12 oz and after that when the film rolls will be made we’ll check the contact sheets and if everything is okay

Then your name will come in Limca Book of Records you will get the certificate I said okay anything else it will be done I gave her a date saying that on this date of the next month this world record will be made I had no clue what will I do

As I was leaving her office she said something just one second I said yes ma’am she said I recommend you to hire any even management company fellows the moment she said an even management company talk I said madam here is an even management company in front of you this 2,000

So that big failure of my life was about to turn into a big success and from there I got the confidence that I will make the world record and when I told my friends about it they said what are you saying man you will create a world record you will hire an even

Management company spend three four hundred thousand rupees I said no even a management company I’ll do it myself they said okay models you need 100 models and one model will charge at least 5000 rupees do you have that much of money five hundred thousand rupees to give to the models I said I

Don’t even have ten thousand rupees I don’t know how or what will I do I don’t have it but I said this world record will be made they said no I said yes it will happen I kept saying it will it will it will and when he asked from

Within we get answers and I got the answer a modern was sitting in front of me it was a very interesting moment he said I don’t have this much money for the portfolio but I can give you 500 rupees I said no issues no issues minor I said

I said I’m making my world record and he just gave me 500 rupees your photos will be claimed my world record will be made and you will get a portfolio in just 500 rupees any problems he said no problem I spread this message across people queued up after that somebody is making a

Portfolio in just 500 rupees a portfolio otherwise made in 30 thousand rupees is being done in just 500 a total of 122 models came more than 10 thousand photographs were clicked in 10 hours and 44 minutes no to Schwartz were similar the whole even was managed by me and at the end of

The day my world record was made [Applause] now I’ll show you the biggest failure of my life I’ll not tell you about it rather show it to you that what was it at the age of 21 after I made the world record it came to my mind that I want to

Write a book on marketing and I was a college dropout and left college in third year now I went to the publishers that this is how I have written a book on marketing and I want you to publish it so they used to talk very formally

Saying yeah have a seat so where have you done your MBA from I said listen I have no MBA I have a college dropout so they said no this is not the way we can publish it and all the publishers refused wherever I went but I said I’ll

Do it myself I will I will publish this book come what may I got it published and here’s that book right in front of you that I wrote at the age of 21 on marketing now what is so special about this book it’s written on it that it’s one of the most unusual

Books in the world one of the strangest why because almost all the books in English open this way like this but this one opens from here this is the first page of this book this is the second one this is the third this is the fourth one and this is the

Pivot so it’s a reversed book a reverse book reversed the word spread that a photographer has written a reverse book people talk about doing something out of the box something their friend I think it’s all pointless you hang yourself upside down from a tree and say it’s

Different it’s pointless no there has to be a reason so the reason why this book is reversed was written on the first page at that time and the reason was a big reason if you can’t even change the way you read how can you change the way you think [Applause]

That is if you can’t even change the simplest of your habits how will you change your life just leave it this book is not meant for you and that’s what happened people took it seriously they said okay if you don’t want us to read it so be out of the

Thousand copies I got published just 150 Kotzur and the remaining eight fifty copies were taking a lot of space in the house because it was a small house with a studio and all of us back together so my mother gave them to a rag man so a

Decent failure maybe you will see some grams wrapped in the pages of that book failure that – a big one didn’t know why this happened not at that time but today I know this book failed but to write this book I read countless books and while doing so my fertile land got

Blurred so many times so many times that everything became easy for me [Applause] so today everything I am is because of my failures now final points that from where did the biggest success of my life come in the world of modeling we were the only agency that got a declaration

Signed from people that said there is no guarantee of work we will make a portfolio give it to the agencies if you are lucky you will get work or else not and being truthful and honest we became one of the biggest agencies of Delhi though we tried to click the best of

Photos but the model still didn’t get any work in the market so may I know I said I must do something for these models something what I don’t know not to take money from them but to solve their problem somehow and when the question came it was unserved an ad

Agency guy came and said that I don’t have time we will scan this photograph only and printed in the ad do you have any problem I said why would I have a problem I called up the model and said do you have a problem he said what are

You saying sir what problem what else can I ask for that if my photograph comes in a newspaper or an ad the photo got printed that model was happy I was happy and ad agency was happy and this was that turning point of my life that’s

When the calling came that this is what I want to do and this is what I did I’ll explain it to you in brief that all the ads around you that you see newspapers magazines or holdings almost all the brands in India the photograph seen in them are ours

Those companies buy them from us [Applause] so today in the given situation if you ask me that what success for me then here is a simple answer to it in a few things because success is not just limited to one thing but many things in life various aspects of life so one of

My aspects that this company images bazaar was started to do something good for those models six years ago in 2006 when this company started I saw that from that very day I’ll not even take a single penny from any model but we’ll pay them instead and till they thousands

Of models have worked with us and not even one of them can say that we have taken a single penny from him AHA rather we have paid them this is successful this is successful and this is the reason our company has no investors and will never have one because investors

Won’t be able to understand all this what will they say they will say you are crazy being such a famous production house of India one of the biggest doing so many shoots and that to genuine if you ask the models to pay you fifty thousand rupees they will not even ask

Why and put the amount on your table but we will not take it not today not ever never secondly what is success for me I narrated an incident of that female whom I told to leave the one who asked for ten thousand rupees I gave her eight

Thousand rupees and then told her to leave when I got stuck that day I decided that from today onwards if I hire anyone then I will never tell the person to leave never they can go by themselves with the one-two but I’ll never ask them to be 8

Years 10 years 12 years 14 years everybody is still there in our company faces don’t change all are still there so success for me is to share everything with my employees and do all that I can do and go beyond any limit to keep them happy any limit this is success for me

If you ask me that what do I believe today am i successful or not I look straight into your eyes and say yes I am I am successful why say is it because of the work I did in the past no man that was past all the awards I got business I

Did that is all gone that was past it doesn’t matter there are many people in this world who keep on saying that I failed once in the past and keep saying I’m a failure failure failure come on man it’s not that you are a failure you

Were a failure you were on the other hand there are people who became successful in one thing in the past and keep talking about that only keep talking that I am successful I am you know why because 20 years ago I did that back then no man what are you doing

Today are you really happy today you were happy back then but today are you doing what the world expects you to do or are you doing what your inner voice says if you’re following your inner voice then only you are successful otherwise you were a success yesterday but you are a failure today

So I am successful today because of what I am doing today while you will be surprised to know that some people still think of me as a big failure why I’m doing so many good things business is good everything is good those people who were running in a race with me and

Everybody believed that suddenly my age very will become the biggest entrepreneur of India but I stopped running I said continue I am NOT in this race so as for them all this I am doing today is out of their comprehension but I’m a failure for them and it doesn’t make a

Difference to me you’re ready with them it doesn’t matter whether someone praises me or abuses me it’s all temporary today you all are praising me because you are feeling good but tomorrow in media if you read something negative about me then you will be the ones abusing me cursing me you only will

Be saying what man what a cheap fellow so will I be a failure then so will I be saying that I am a failure so I’m not successful because some people think that I am a success or some people think I am a failure I am successful because I

Believe that I am a success yesterday I met one of my friends and he was asking that from where do I get the inspiration of doing all this from where it all started when I was 12 or 13 my grandmom used to narrate a story to me

And I liked it so much that I listened to it daily and cried daily my grand mom used to say I’ll not narrate it again because you cry and I used to say please please it was the story of a man who used to be very happy with his family

Friends very happy enjoying then a stage came in his life when greed krypton and because of that greed he started fighting with his parents brothers and sisters with the whole world started thinking just about himself and got separated from everyone he even started fighting with his own wife and kids so

In the remaining last few seconds of his life when he was about to leave this world tears were pouring down and he was crying crying and crying and the last words he uttered oh that I made a big mistake I made a big mistake and he left

This world saying this so when I used to listen to that story something happened inside me I don’t know what it was but I always used to think that when my last moments will come what will I say what will I say to my people I didn’t know it

Then but today I know that during those last few seconds of my life tears will be pouring down but I’ll be crying out of happiness and while crying I will not say anything to anyone but smile I say to myself that wow man what a life [Applause] whoa [Applause]

This is life this is life I did it saying this within me only not saying anything to anyone no regrets whatsoever now the final moment of this seminar I told you in the beginning of this seminar that I don’t want anything from you and we’ll never talk about my

Benefit I lied to you I’ll ask for something won’t let you go like this I’m going to ask for something so I’m going to ask for something from you from the bottom of my heart if possible give it what else don’t so I fold my hands and request you all

That today all of you have a hunger to do something to become someone that has brought it here what a day will come in your life then you will have much more then you need that day that day if you find someone with a hunger just be off a

Little help to that person that’s [Applause] [Applause] today this was the last life-changing seminar of my life one thing is ending here but another thing is taking off I’m gonna keep recording all my experiences one by one and videos record them record them record them today I told you it’s easy

So why is it easy in every situation of my life how did I make the smallest of problems and the most complicated problems easy for myself I’ll tell you all in those videos I’ll open up everything I just open it up my heart my mind so that tomorrow if

Someone will need to know something or do something he will just go to that place and will do whatever he wants to do for free and I’ll go from this way but millions like me will come forward millions millions out of you only millions like me where I am standing

Right here someone else will be here some other crazy fellow somewhere else will be doing something like this and this world will change this world will change [Applause] today I can say that my life’s mission is fulfilled and even if God comes and says it’s over then I’ll say let’s go

Let’s go let’s go anywhere you say I did what I wanted to do get it till today millions of people have attended my seminars and if I continued further another few million would have seen it but now it’s video recording this video recording that’s going on will be

Watched by billions in near future our of them a few people will be there whose conscience will call out not from here but from here that I have to share with those people who need me and the day this happens the day this happened that day not only

In India but across this whole world nobody will be hungry nobody will be hungry this one will change because this is all so it’s easy it’s easy this white ain’t face change [Applause] [Applause] you

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