Latest Science and Technology News | Emerging Technologies | Tech Innovations | Medical Innovations

Latest Science and Technology News | Emerging Technologies | Tech Innovations | Medical Innovations

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my YouTube Channel. I have been uploading the latest Science and Technology News videos for more than 10 Years on this YouTube channel. I have already uploaded more than 1000 Science and Technology news videos here.

If you are interested in watching the latest tech news, subscribe to my Channel so that you can get notification whenever I upload new videos. Remember to press the bell icon after clicking subscribe button. I have arranged the videos into various playlists.

You can find the links to the playlists in the description section of this video. Most of my news videos are about Emerging Technologies such as 3D Printing, Robotics, Drones, Graphene, Nano Technology, Gene Editing, Desalination Techniques, Virtual Reality, Wearables, New kinds of Batteries, Driver-less Cars, Solar Power Improvements, Quantum Computing,

Brain–computer interface, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) related things, like Machine Learning, Deep learning, and AI hardware. Apart from Technology videos, I upload some Motivational Videos and Videos about Google Doodles or any other trending topics. And this channel has few videos about the General Knowledge quiz, Puzzles, and Brain Teaser also.

I frequently upload new videos and take a lot of care to make sure that I am reporting only the news from genuine and reliable sources. Let me know through the comments if you find any issue with any of the videos.

You may refer this YouTube Channel to the people who are interested to watch technology news videos. Currently, a major part of my YouTube earnings comes only from the Trending Topic videos. But still, I prefer to spend significant Time and Effort uploading Science and Technology News Videos regularly.

I do this as part of my long-term strategy of connecting Scientists and Business People. Moreover, I feel some satisfaction when uploading videos related to science and technology news. Let me explain the reason. Many Scientists and Inventors are inventing many useful things by putting in a lot of

Hard work, and they are publishing their findings in many Journals. But the benefits of their inventions are reaching the end-users after a very long time only. The reason for this unwanted delay is, the latest science and technology news is not reaching the Entrepreneurs who can bring it to the end-users.

I believe this YouTube Channel can help to fill this Gap. So, I will continue to upload Science/Technology News Videos even if they are currently not helping me to earn much comparing to the trending topics videos. I believe you are aware of the benefits of doing any kind of new business related to

Emerging technologies. I realized the benefits of doing business related to emerging technologies from my personal experiences. Let me explain it now. For many years I had spent lots of Time, Money, and Energy trying various things like doing Software development business, writing and selling Books, running websites, and doing affiliate marketing.

But they haven’t given any significant benefits. Surprisingly, I started earning significant money from my YouTube videos without spending any money for doing it. I used to think about why I could earn from YouTube easily comparing with my other initiatives like Software Development.    In fact, I am NOT good at video creation. 

  I realized that it is related to the fact about why I couldn’t build a strong software Development Team even when I was working very hard to achieve that mission. The answer is simple. I couldn’t compete with the already established software development companies in terms of retaining skilled developers.

Those companies easily attract our team members by offering higher salaries. But when those companeis were started their businesses a few decades back, they didn’t face these problems. Because they were at the beginning of the software development era. For them, it was easy to succeed in Software Development Business.

I understand that I am experiencing the same thing with YouTube.    i-e Succeeding in any Emerging Industry/Market is easy comparing to competing with an already saturated industry. I believe Video is   Emerging now. When Printers were invented, there was a business opportunity for putting all the knowledge and experience of humans in Books format.

Once Computers were invented, there  was a demand for converting the Books into Digital format by doing Data Entry tasks. Then there was a demand for Software Developers for putting those digital data into websites and into mobile apps so that people can access them from anywhere.

Now people are preferring to consume those content simply by watching as video instead of reading the content by themselves. The fast growth of computing power, increased network bandwidth, and accessibility of Mobile Phones are contributing to the growth of video content.

And, this kind of fast growth of Video production and consumption is changing the entire business system. That’s why it is easy for me to earn money from YouTube channel comparing to my Software Development business. I hope the same thing is applicable to any kind of emerging technology.

So, if you are planning to do any kind of business in the future, it is important to be familiar with the latest updates of emerging technologies. Not only for starting a new business, it is important for the existing businesses also. Because emerging technologies have the power to destroy any existing businesses.

Not only business people, professionals, and students also need to know about emerging technologies to make sure that they can survive in the job market. So, if you are interested to be familiar with the latest news related to emerging technologies, subscribe to this YouTube channel.

And, I hope Scientists can also use this channel for checking any similar inventions related to their research. Doctors may also find this channel useful as I upload many videos related to medical innovations also. I believe Emerging Technologies will change our Life and Businesses entirely very soon.

I would like to make my YouTube channel as a bridge connecting Scientists and Business People. Thanks for watching this video and remember to subscribe to this channel. Let me know through the comments if you have any questions.

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