Learn Letters, Chain Reactions, Physics, Recycling and more | 7 Cartoons with Max and Friends!

Learn Letters, Chain Reactions, Physics, Recycling and more | 7 Cartoons with Max and Friends!

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Chain reactions then go [Applause] red orange yellow green blue purple my turn go number train [Applause] [Applause] one Two three four five six seven eight nine ten [Applause] one Two three four five six seven eight nine ten it’s your turn bill Bye Sphere cylinder cube cone pyramid Guys i need your help bubble the robot is stuck in a basketball hoop no problem alex let’s go help bubble Don’t worry bubble we’re going to help you look we’ve made this large chain reaction set to help get bubble out of the basketball hoop we will use colors shapes and numbers to help bubble Okay alex release the spear Red orange yellow green blue purple [Applause] [Applause] Go boat Red orange yellow green blue purple And now we have fallen dominoes of different colors i see red orange yellow green blue and purple dominoes Look out bill One two three four five [Applause] six seven eight nine ten go number train Foreign [Applause] look the cars are now going around 3d shapes [Applause] [Applause] Go buses They are going through different paint colors [Applause] And now the balloons are carrying the ball up into the air get ready bubble you are almost out Don’t worry bubble you’re safe now thank you for helping us it’s great to have friends like you Toby the garbage truck okay race cars lineup Today i’m going to show you what you’ll do during your race first you’ll go really fast so [Applause] Next you’ll go around these obstacles you’ll go around loops and jump over ramps bill show them how it’s done no problem pay attention cars Hi guys we’re here to watch the race good morning everyone hi we’re so glad you came to watch the race by the way meet our new friend hello it’s very nice to meet you my name is toby and i am a garbage truck [Applause] Let’s continue after the land race you’ll race over the lake then the boat will be in charge Activate your boat mode Next you will race in the sky alex the helicopter will help you activate your wings The final race will be underwater kai the submarine will be in charge enable your submarine mode [Applause] Uh Hmm So [Applause] This was a great race time to clean up after ourselves that’s my favorite part This was a great race what was your favorite part phil i liked when the car is raised on water and what was yours toby toby toby where are you toby i’m here what happened toby oh no This is what happens when you don’t clean after yourself and when you dump trash anywhere [Laughter] Okay guys i’m calling back up let’s help toby clean up this pond [Applause] george thanks for coming out to help us you are welcome Hey [Applause] We’re all finished let’s come back later to see if the pond looks cleaner and the grass is greener Wow it is so clean and pretty now thanks for helping us remember we have only one planet earth we must take care of it read with us it’s here wow the word machine is finally here Today we will learn animal words dogs are my favorite animal let’s read d o g dog now you read dog that’s right this is so cool now it’s my turn ducks are my favorite animals d u c k duck now you read duck Okay guys i have to go now don’t worry though you can continue reading and creating toys My turn i like frogs f r o g frog now you read frog that’s right The war machine made two frogs instead of one now it’s my turn to read bears are my favorite animals b e a r bear now you read bear wow the machine made five bears Let’s help bubble create a toy rabbit are bubbles favorite animals r a b b i t rabbit now you read rabbit all right I hope this machine is working properly this is so fun i want to make another toy i also like elephants let’s read the word elephant E l e p h a n t elephant now you read elephant wow that’s a lot of elephants maybe we should take a break i don’t think the machine is working properly let’s read one more word and make one more toy okay one more how about a turtle u r t l e

Turtle now you read turtle Do So did you make your favorite toys Thank you for reading with us let’s pretend Sorry i’m late here it is what is it remember when we talked about how imagination can help you dream up new inventions things and places with imagination you can pretend that the ceiling is full of clouds and you fly through them or that this floor is

Lava and you have to walk very carefully well this holographic device can create any object or any place you imagine we call it plate how does it work j5 just say what you want to create or where you want to be and then walk through this holographic sphere when you

Are ready to deactivate the hologram just walk through the sphere again i want to create a tree Wow this is amazing This is so cool let’s pretend it’s windy And we are in the field of flowers My turn let’s pretend we’re near the railroad and a big steam train is passing by [Applause] [Applause] look out [Applause] What now let’s pretend we’re underwater It’s moving I almost forgot to mention the more you use the device the harder it’ll be for you to catch it in order to turn it off don’t use it after it turns red or it’ll start creating holographic worlds on its own i have to go now but have fun and keep

Imagining and creating things in places wait i want to create things too Guys meet my friend cube7000 the robot we just call him cute okay have fun cube it’s your turn i always wanted to sleep on ice let’s pretend we’re inside a giant icy glue Go Skating is so much fun Wait My turn let’s pretend we’re in the sky and have clouds around us More You so Boys Let’s pretend this floor is lava Wow this is amazing careful Uh Let’s pretend we are on the moon [Applause] what Wow we’re in space we’re on the moon I cannot fly on the moon because there’s no air gravity on the moon is much weaker that’s why i can make long jumps What’s up Look guys plates eyes turned yellow it’s okay max they are not red so we can still imagine places this is so much fun let’s pretend we’re on a roller coaster So So so My turn we’re on the island and there’s a pirate ship full of treasure So Wow so much treasure Foreign well i guess we are done the lights are red and now we’re on a mine train going through a dark mine cube wait don’t activate it oh Foreign Let’s go We need something fast to catch blake let’s pretend we’re in a rocket Oh it’s Our rocket is broken what are we going to do Don’t worry let’s pretend i have a jet [Applause] got you You did it cube great job we all did it you see imagination is a powerful tool what you make out of it is up to you oops i accidentally turned plate back on physics hello friends and welcome to our lab here we study physics what is physics you may ask

Physics is the study of matter and how it interacts with energy and force at this lab we study gravity magnets light heat and energy buoyancy friction simple machines and much more wow this is great we’re excited to see how all of this works by the way meet our new robot friend c9

We call him clam when he gets scared he closes like a clam shell can you please show him some of the physics activities you do here of course you and clam can watch me do some physics experiments unfortunately our chain reaction machine is not finished yet so i’ll show you

Using these small test activities Don’t worry clam this metal sphere fell because of a force called gravity gravity is what pulls everything toward the ground without gravity there wouldn’t be life on earth everything will fly up to space gravity is the reason a ball comes back down when you throw it into the air

Instead of just traveling higher and higher next let’s look at magnets a magnet is a rock or piece of metal that can pull certain types of metal toward itself magnets can’t pull things like paper plastic glass or cloth only things that are made of iron or that contain iron Clam got attached to a magnet it’s because clamp is made out of metal and bubble didn’t get attached because he is made out of plastic Here we also study about light light is a form of energy made of photons depending on the type of matter it comes into contact with light will behave differently Light can pass through transparent objects such as glass or water opaque objects block light like this wooden wall translucent objects allow some light to travel through them if light gets blocked by an opaque object it creates a shadow come on clam the chain reaction machine is not working yet

Here we also study about heat and energy heat is the transfer of energy from one object to another because of a difference in temperature matter can change state based on heat or temperature for example if water is cold and its molecules are moving very slowly

It will be in a solid state we all know as ice if it warms up the ice will melt and water becomes a liquid if you heat water even more it will turn into a gas called steam and it’s not just water this solid piece of metal turns into a liquid state when

We give it a lot of heat speaking of liquids let’s take a look at buoyancy in physics buoyancy is the force of an object that makes the object rise or move upward Why do some objects sink and some float objects that float are less dense than the water they pushed aside being a heavy object doesn’t mean it will always sink look i have an apple and a metal nail the apple is heavier than the nail let’s see which one will sink and which

One will float the apple floats because it has a greater volume of air than the nail even though it is heavier we have two more stations left now let’s look at friction friction is the resistance of motion when one object rubs against another different types of surfaces create different amounts of friction

Now let’s test it ourselves accelerate and try to stop really fast on this concrete surface wow the concrete surface helps me stop very quickly now try on ice [Applause] Oh slippery Heist has very low friction it takes me so much longer to stop And the last station is simple machines simple machines are basic mechanical devices for applying a force and doing work They include the lever the wheel and axle for instance using wheels and axles we can create a wagon that can help us move a heavy load pulley [Applause] inclined plane wedge And screw [Applause] Where did clam go clam clam where are you oh no claim is inside the chain reaction machine and he’s activated it we have to help him let’s use physics to help clam activated Look flaming spheres are falling because of gravity [Applause] Look the middle balls are attracted to the magnet and the glass balls are not [Applause] Look we can see shadows created by the chain reaction objects Now flam is going through tunnels made out of different materials the first tunnel is opaque and it doesn’t let light through the second tunnel is made out of translucent material some light gets absorbed and some goes through the third tunnel is made out of clear glass all the light travels through the tunnel

Walls ram sank because he is much denser than water on the other hand the plastic spheres are floating because of low density the magnet picked up clamp and is carrying him over hot water it is so hot it turns to steam be careful clam never touch hot water

This is the final part of the chain reaction simple machines Do You did it clam thanks for learning with us Animal rescue come on bill go pull i can’t max poor turtle we have to do something to help it guys guys i’ve just gotten a message from roboj5 she said she can help us unfortunately she is about 10 miles away she told me we can get there by taking

This small old mine train no time to wait all aboard what is this meter oh yes i almost forgot roboj5 said it’s called a good deeds meter the more good things you do the more the arrow moves to the right wow i saw the era move because we are

Helping the turtle i hope we can do more good things on the way to see robo j5 Look guys someone left trash and it’s caught on fire [Applause] I can’t believe someone just left the trash in the forest look what almost happened i know and it caught on fire that’s why you should always pick up your trash Stop the train i see a fish that’s out of the water and can’t get back in So [Applause] the fish looks much happier now all aboard Stop the train look it’s a fawn i think it’s lost let’s move slowly so it can follow us Great job I see small insects that are stuck on a leaf in water let me help them I hear baby birds i think they need our help Oh no the nest fell off the tree no problem i think i can help them Great job we did a good deed let’s continue I see a fox that can’t cross the bridge the bridge is broken Help me push this wooden plank so the fox can cross Push push push great job Wow It’s so windy there’s a squirrel right under the tree that’s about to fall max go go go help the squirrel Watch out the tree branches are falling yes we’ve saved the squirrel It’s raining cats and dogs we have to speed up because this creep will get flooded soon oh no smack go go go hold on toys nothing will stop us now oh no there’s a small snail on the railroad we have to do something quick hold on max go Hello friends and hello little turtle let me help you Finally thank you j5 you’re welcome thank you for helping us look at the good deeds meter arrow you did so many good things that it points all the way to the right thank you remember the more good things you do for others the more good things will come to you learn letters

Hi i am max the globe train when it is dark you can see me glow look Today we are going to learn the alphabet let’s go find the letters and take them to the zoo on top of that playground ship [Applause] so hi letter a let’s go to the zoo hi max sounds great i am landing the airplane [Applause] A is for airplane Look the letters b and c are fixing the bridge Hi max i am b and i operate the bulldozer Imc and i operate the crane Let’s go to the zoo i am almost done the bridge is complete b is for bulldozer c is for crane [Applause] hi dee do you want to go with us sure let me get my dog [Applause] d is for dog [Applause] Hi max i am the letter e let’s go to the zoo e i’m almost finished [Applause] e is for excavator [Applause] [Applause] Hi f hi max we are going to the zoo do you want to go too just one second let me help the shapes okay shapes circle oval triangle square rectangle octagon [Applause] f is for fire truck Wait for me i want to go to the zoo too [Applause] hi g let me dump this garbage and we will go [Applause] [Applause] G is for garbage truck now which way should we go left or right i can help you max do Do We need to go right thank you h let’s go to the zoo H is for helicopter Who wants ice cream i have yellow orange red purple blue green and who wants jam hi i hi jay i want both ice cream and jam Thank you i and thank you jay I is for ice cream and j is for jam Hi letters Hi max let’s load the fruits and go to the zoo [Applause] K is for kiwi l is for lemon m is for mango n is for nectarine o is for orange Back Oh look the letter p in the police car pulled over the letter q for going too fast i’m sorry p i won’t be going so fast anymore i was late delivering the quilts please slow down next time we are going to the zoo can you go with us yes max

P is for police car and q is for quilt Looks like the letter r is fixing the row [Applause] hi r do you want to go with us Hi max i’m ready to go [Applause] r is for road roller hi s are you going to the zoo sure let me finish sweeping oh no my sleeper broke down I will help you s i drive a tow truck thank you [Applause] So [Applause] S is for sweeper and t is for tow truck Hi you have you seen bmw Hi max let me see Yes i see and w coming this way u is for umbrella look the letter v is in the van pulling the letter w in the wagon Hi v hi w let’s go to the zoo thank you max V is for van and w is for wagon Hi x nice music let’s go to the zoo Thank you max X is for xylophone Nice yacht letter y thank you max let’s go to the zoo y is for Yacht hi z hi max we are finally here and ready to see the animals in your zoo okay max let me show them to you here we have bear cow duck elephant Hedgehog mouse pig giraffe zebra we found all the letters z is for zebra Run it’s a tiger Do It’s just the cat we are safe Thank you for telling us c it is getting late let’s repeat the letters one more time A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z see you next time Wow You

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