LIBRARY TOUR #1 / SCIENCE FICTION / FANTASY / HORROR / Brian Lee Durfee (Book Shelf Tour)

LIBRARY TOUR #1 / SCIENCE FICTION / FANTASY / HORROR / Brian Lee Durfee (Book Shelf Tour)

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Welcome everyone i am brian lee durfy author of the blackest heart the forgetting moon the lonesome crown all published by simon schuster saga press we are going to be reviewing my libraries this this video is going to be science fiction fantasy horror i’ve got other videos

Where i show my library that’s got my historical fiction my thrillers and my mysteries and then i’ve got another video where i show my non-fiction biographies historicals some of the classics my libraries are too big i just can’t fit them all into one video so let’s get started with science fiction fantasy

And horror let me take the camera here get you situated here in the room let’s just take a look at the library this is my this is my entire science fiction fantasy and horror section right from there all the way to there now if you want to know over here that is my

Mystery thriller historical fiction we will do a tour of those at some point let’s get started though just with my fan let’s get started i’ve got these organized ins it goes from science fiction to fantasy to horror or somewhat like that so let’s just do it here

Up top on the top shelf we’ve got of course the red rising series by pierce brown and the death stalker series by simon r green and then the chung cow series by david wingrove that’s a pretty rare series there that came out in the late 80s 90s

Hard to get and then up here we’ve got larry niven’s ring world and ring world and the integral trees look at i’ll show you some of the covers that i really like that michael whalen painting is dope the snow queen and the summer queen also with some amazing michael whalen paintings

Hugo award winning then here we’ve got my friend christopher rocchio’s empire of silence series that’s rocky oh christopher rocchio then we’ve got the expanse and don’t you like how they’re numbered one two three four five why can’t all publishers do that on the shelf below we’ve got my dune section

Now these are my kevin j anderson kevin j anderson he also wrote some of the dune stuff with brian herbert kevin j anderson he does his own works i do have his hidden empire series his saga of the seven sons i’ve got these dune books that just came out these

Collectibles i’ve got of course the great great and then i’ve got my old paperbacks that i bought back when i was in high school down below we’ve got w michael gear one of my favorite science fiction writers of all time the spider series and then below him we’ve got his wife

Kathleen m o’neal she also wrote some great science fiction we’ve got some more michael gear more michael gear and then down here we got three body problem i have not read those yet we will get to them over here we’ve got the uh edgar rice burroughs john carter of mars

And then of course john scalzi’s old man’s war red shirts down below we’ve got my orson scott card collection let’s pan out that’s my whole orson scott card collection of course ender’s game we all know that over here we’ve got mike brooks dark run series again with some great cover

Artwork down below we’ve got my ben bova my ben bova series that’s the grand tour the martian ready player one brent weeks brust you’ve heard me talk about steven brust a few times on my channel some great books that is my entire terry brooks collection right there boom another great cover

Robo tech so here we had some little a little bit of fantasy down here but now we’re getting back up into some science fiction robo tech i don’t know if you remember the robotech folks but i bought these when i was a kid actually pretty cool might be reviewing

A few of those soon my stephen r donaldson collection another great michael whalen painting catherine kurtz if you haven’t read the dirini series you got to read durini okay now we’re back up into some sci-fi red mars green mars blue mars kim stanley robinson of course we got the hitchhiker’s guide

Then over here we moved to peter f hamilton love peter f hamilton then my good friend uh brad torgerson wrote these science fiction novels published by bane and then we’ve got my aleister reynolds collection more great science fiction oh and then my guilty pleasure the star wars legends will pan out

I don’t think i even need to say more up above that we’ve got my david webber collection his safehold series and then his honor harrington series got them all jumped back over into a little fantasy with my david eddings master of grim dark joe abercrombie down below we have got

Oh one of my favorite fantasy writers guy gavriel kay got all of his stuff down below that we’ve got all of neil stephenson look at that next to neil stevenson we’ve got nicholas ames king of the wild buddy rose then we’ve got jade city jade war

I have to shout that every time i see those books this is my king arthur section where we’ve got mary stewart’s crystal cave we’ve got steven r law heads pendragon then we’ve got the great series by jack white one two three four five six seven eight nine

Ten books that ten one two three four five six seven eight nine man i can’t count nine books all king arthur down below that we’ve got of course the crystal shard r a salvatore with the great larry elmore cover i’ve got the old school drizzed novels then some katherine kerr

My good friend catherine kerr michelle west if you have not read michelle west kind of a lesser known fantasy writer but she’s done this great series for daw i’m not gonna bother counting those books because i’ll get it wrong then we got my robin hobbs where are they where did they go oh

There they are my robin hobb series more great michael whalen art we all have raw we all love robin hobb then mr terry goodkind down here we’ve got david gemmell all the david gimmels then my good friend david co my other good friend david farland then my michael moorcock elric collection

Then my mickey zucker reichert you got to read these i might be reviewing some of these soon too and my c s friedman c.s friedman oh and here’s a special shelf we’ve got kate elliott jennifer roberson get all of kate elliott and jennifer roberson and then melanie ron

Got all the melanie ron books and then my special special collection my special it’s going to be it’s going to take a minute the golden key with another great michael whalen painting collaboration between melanie ron jennifer robertson kate elliott i’ve got all three of those authors there i’ve even got this book signed

By all three of the authors now i will be doing a um another signed book tour where i uh show you all my signed books i did one once before but i left about half of the books out oh yes look at there jay kristoff oh what is this

My own novels you know that’s pretty cool when you can put your own novels right there on the same shelf as all of these awesome books look at that george martin todd williams robert jordan brandon sanderson and brian lee durfy here’s ken liu’s book oh look at these covers

These are some more books published by simon and schuster’s saga press and look at these totally awesome covers then we got lies of lock lamora a little mark lawrence up above we’ve got some kristen catherine rush some ann mccaffery some james p blaylock and then a couple then some standalone

Novels that i’ve been you know ninth house bone shard daughter black son you probably saw me review those my george r r martin collection then we’ve got john gwen our scott baker jv jones gosh like i said most of this stuff is signed i’m gonna do another signed

Book tour where i show you all of well everybody asks me about gene wolfe those are the gene wolfe books that i have i will review those eventually up here we’ve got bradley bailey good friend john marco josh josiah bancroft evan winter oh and then my tad williams shelf look

At those tad williams books isn’t that glorious one of my good friends one of my best friends in the business todd williams right below him all of the wheel of time books isn’t that magnificent and then right below that all the brandon sanderson books along with

My good friend peter arulian now just so you know my good friend peter arulian who wrote these wonderful epic fantasies the unremembered is collaborating with brandon sanderson on a big epic fantasy series and i know brandon has announced that on his youtube and website so that’s not

Anything i’m not it’s not breaking news stephen erickson got the malazon books along with my good friend pat rothfuss below that we got some raymond feist raymond feist some margaret weiss tracy hickman dragon lance dave duncan oh this shelf is full of stuff that i bought when i was in high school most

All of this stuff dennis mckiernan who’s since become a good friend of mine all of that stuff that whole shelf there is pretty much stuff i bought when i was in high school let’s go over here to ve schwab another good friend got the fritz lieber for fart in the gray mauser series

Oh and then thieves world another one of my guilty pleasures thieves world i do have a video of thieves world and then my conan the barbarian stuff the robert jordan conan’s and then all of the robert e howard conan’s oh and then my good friend dave butler who wrote the uh

Witchy eye which he winter you should get those oh and of course everybody knows jim butcher those are all my jim butcher books up here we’ve got my good friend larry korea monster hunter son of the black sword okay and now we’re moving into a section that’s a little bit of a young

This kind of my young adult fantasy section my good friend james artemis owens wrote these here and he illustrated all of them i’ve got them all signed when i do my signed book collection tour i will show you those because he did personalized artwork on each of them up here we’ve got the

Chronicles of narnia golden compass sequels to golden compass and then my good friend james dashner who helped me put on the first ever history of the world prison comic-con that’s right me and james dasher put on a comic-con in the utah state prison got james dashner’s books

We got my uh red wall series ursula le guin lloyd alexander and of course harry potter then up here we’ve got a little christopher paolini all of these are signed because christopher is another good friend of mine and that takes care of the sci-fi fantasy section and the young adult stuff

Now let’s move to the horror my horror stuff peter straub joe hill and then my charles d lynde collection another one of my great friends in the business if you haven’t read charles de lent start getting his stuff he does some great great supernatural thrillers and then of course jonathan mayberry

His ghost rose ghost road blues trilogy of horror books and then oh look at this it even gets better robert mccammon robert mccammon at the top and then we move over here to dan simmons i consider dan simmons a horror writer because the first books i read of his were these uh

Carrying comfort summer of night winter of haunting children of the night these are all horror books these are all horror books i have my finger i can’t they’re they’re they’re horror books i promise you i promise you but he’s also done some uh you know the terror

He’s also done some uh space opera okay now we’re getting to the end we’re getting to the coup de gras the coup de gras of the collection and that is every single stephen king book in publication order we panned down got them all got all these bad boys oh my gosh four

Four entire bookshelves just for stephen king you know he’s my mainest man so let’s pan back out from that there we got the whole stephen king collection the very right hand there we go i mean that’s it my horror collection there starting over there with

Let’s see let’s see if i can do it with the pointy finger okay horror horror horror young adult young adult young adult some fantasy some fantasy fantasy epic fantasy epic fantasy epic fantasy epic fantasy epic fantasy epic fantasy epic fantasy epic epic fantasy fantasy fantasy sci-fi sci-fi fantasy fantasy fantasy

Sci-fi sci-fi hey that’s it man that is brian lee durfy’s science fiction and fantasy library tour check out my other library tours of my historical fiction mystery thrillers and of course my classic novels and non-fiction there you go

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