LQDFX broker updates and Tech Savvy Versus VLoad Fees

LQDFX broker updates and Tech Savvy Versus VLoad Fees

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What’s up YouTube appreciated by that uh watching me follow me but let’s let’s get to another episode another little update here what’s going on with the broker ltd FX sorry i said l q d FX o people call it liquid i don’t know why i call it liquid

But let’s get on here let me share my screen here those that i don’t want to say that that doubted me on non-farm payroll I wish them much a lot of success for those that that did not see why I was gonna sell the dollar for non-farm payroll so I really hope that

They bought the dollar and that they bought their pairs or u.s. dollar pairs and soldier or whatever I saw on them not just a little insight but I mean you guys already saw that little analysis that I made on off our pill but let’s get into LT FX here so he’s got this

Email this morning yeah they’re a are of an upper up they are gonna update their infrastructure their website platform any new cares this was the AG crypto those that were wondering they are adding crypto says coming soon they were moving all a lot of commodities here stuff that I don’t

Mean trade anyways but they were moving a lot of commodities here and then yeah and crypto this is a pretty important of people have been waiting on this I’ve been waiting on it as well and so I had never seen this is pretty interesting what I’m seeing is that you can trade

Bitcoin today euro you can trade Bitcoin to the yen you can trade Bitcoin to the pound like going to Euro like on the tippy Japanese yen at their into Japanese yen my name at their areum to the pound this is pretty pretty interesting stuff to see what I’ll get

Stewart keeping all this you can clearly see that there’s no change they’re adding all these crosshairs and a lot of gold and silver a lot of gold and silver fares you can see if I were to look down here you can see that at X AG is silver

So they tell about silver compared to the Australian dollar I don’t know what X P is it could be platinum that’s one thing at X P is platinum UST the copper US dollar oh no no that’s tied I’m sorry so silver T Swiss francs over to the

Pound silver to Japanese yes over to New Zealand so over to was I seem to pour dollar cancel it go to the Australia or go to Swiss franc go to the pound go to Japanese yen go to New Zealand go to Singapore me this is something that I

Wanted this e because III like to trade gold and usd/jpy with hot so very interesting to see you can trade go to and compare go to an ounce of gold to whatever the currency is I like that crypto has been coming in real soon I’m probably thinking at the end of this

Fall to probably implement that I don’t know what servers are gonna use but they haven’t even told me anything so let’s see here what they got going on if you have trades open all the products that will be removed they must be closed by Friday the 10th of August at 1300

Eastern times let’s go until Easter time and that is next Friday so next Friday by 1:00 p.m. Eastern time here in the United States they’re gonna fully do a full sweep on upgrading their the whole web platform and all those others fellas here please note that the infrastructure

Enhancement you will be prompted to reset your password you will receive link to reset all your trading account passwords this change does not impact your account number and new download link will be sent upon and the password change for the new mt4 server to be jolly also please keep you might have access

To the L key the effects wall account login services will be temporary unavailable throughout Saturday the 11th of August due to the upgrades these changes will also affect demo accounts but not Pam master accounts finally please keep in mind if you are using expert advisor you

May have to update your settings as a suffix on the symbol if you remove in the server time will be changed to London currently BST times are GMT +1 don’t care that so sounds like they’re going to do a whole lot of upgrading I had a couple questions and a lot of people

Let’s get the TLT VFX website here a lot of people were kind of speculating and asking if you know are they a fully licensed they’re not fully licensed the only thing that they do have let me see here legal documents nope that’s not it I don’t care about their Ward’s Curia funds That’s interesting excellent they heard something that said they were part of natural condition regulation right here click on this oh so there’s not seeing click you can clearly see I’m clicking on regulation the only thing when I clicked on regulation back then couple months back

Even when I first looked at them it says that they were part of the financial Commission’s for security of funds but that was last year so I don’t see it here they are fully operated and running the Marshall Islands if you don’t know where that is

I would suggest googling it and I mean I don’t have an issue with them I mean I did have a couple issues with them with fees not being reimbursed on time and right now so the bank wire isn’t really going through it so I mean things are

Changing with them if you do oh yeah here I got I got a dozer trying to withdraw if you try to withdraw I want to talk a lot about lke effects because a lot of people were asking about this because I’ve been promoting the for quite for almost six months no more than

Six months since September so I’ve been promoting them a lot and now they have fees for credit cards Visa and MasterCard all don’t even do it because if you do it you gotta get email if I told my email here you know let me pull

My emails I’d show you guys you know I want to show you guys that this uncle my okie effects folder here water show nope that’s not it recording you early pause it nope I don’t care about it aha so this omelet I’m going to show you my email from them

This is Derrick you I trust this email finds you well please note that due to recent issues that we had with our card payment service provider refunding our clients in the time frame of 5 10 business days guess what they said right here we have stopped processing card withdrawals as

We as we do not wish risking their refund to be very delayed more than a month those who are using credit card withdraws with J of text they say you can take up to 60 days it can take more than 60 days credit card companies can

Take up to 180 days if they wanted to so it’s just like the scheme process takes about a higher 80 day 180 days in six months I mean if you want to wait that long for a credit card withdrawal good luck but I mean the what I don’t

Understand is that they’re willing take your money right away right they want to take your money right we using your credit card in a matter of seconds but then when it comes to withdraw money they just also in processing just takes forever other than just blows my mind

And so I’ve done refunds before it doesn’t take that long to do refund and as well I’m kind of confused on processing departments here I don’t know s so that’s all that well let’s go back and finish our just even though therefore we cancel the car withdrawal

With request and return your funds into your Ltd effects wallet so you may request for a withdraw if you wish this time choose a Bitcoin or you pay car with draw will be more instant I don’t have you pay card with them and so I mean I

Do have you pay Clark on cam but I’ve been doing Bitcoin Bitcoin takes of all the cooler draw has been taking about less than 24 hours into my coin bears account and then when I saw them when I sell the Bitcoin then that’s like instant and then you just have to pay

Like up for me almost every fee that I’ve been paying for is like twelve or fifteen bucks and then and then once you get once you sell the Bitcoin I’m told coin days then you can do the it goes into your USD wallet and then you can

Withdraw into your bank account which I would recommend and that actually just takes a day for me so it’s I’ve been doing that for almost almost two months now so I really it’s just a faster way of a withdrawal and I want to give you guys a heads up because

If you do use the credit card option like I said that you deposit your credit card and you’re expecting to withdraw with your credit card not happen I’m just letting in flat out right now they say there’s a ten dollar withdrawal fee but then all of a sudden all of a sudden

They send you an email stating that they can’t give you the withdrawal and they don’t do it anymore it makes no sense they should just wipe this all up so I really hope that they really upgrade their withdrawal or the or their funding options tab on this

Website because I guess it just gets confusing because as a United States citizen we can’t even do Squirrel Nut tiller or all these other stuff so I have done a bank water if you do a bank wire more than five hundred you have to get the take if you have to transfer the

US dollars into euros they paid more I’m just be honest you’re gonna pay more because the currency the value of euros worth more than a dollar then but they’ll reimburse your fees if you’re if you’re if you’re if you’re minimum the men won’t deposit I’m gonna let cynical bacteria deposit

Past be they’re sending 250 but they were here says Ltd effects covers deposit fees four or five right which I recommend because you’re gonna be paying fever girls and you came for the amount of euros not us often so no other than that I mean oh yeah let me run into

Another thing here Nickelback yeah I’m gonna make I’m just gonna make this one full video a lot of people say that by using their credit card the fees are less than be low no the V load those you have not used V low the fees are actually cheaper than

Funding with your credit card I’m gonna show you guys that difference right now a lot of people say that say that the fees of you are are too hot hold it up I’m gonna show you guys my stick my baking statement always a left here hold on bear with me guys almost

Sure you guys my Becky statement of these transactions though where is it what is it said I want to show you guys because yeah I’m gonna show you guys this one first what is it that takes when you do a debit card or credit card purchase

Through um your any bill Korea I’ve seen they’re using tech savvy tech savvy is one of the biggest processing departments for billing and eat payments and all this other stuff so now I’m showing you guys a $319 47 cents deposit and at 532 and 46 cents deposit and the

Nineteen dollars and forty-seven cents is the fee from from tech savvy and I had to dispute this with ugly effects and also with JAF ex as well because they’re promoting zero deposit fees you can’t promote zero deposit fees if you’re already charging the fees off the bat from the third-party vendor that’s

Actually charging fees for a process inside so a lot of false advertisement has been going on now one gift I want to show you guys this because a lot of people are saying that the load is too expensive so they just bare all just doing credit card and debit cards but

They don’t realize that if you don’t look at your bank statement always be honest for now you don’t look at your bank statement you’re gonna you’re not gonna get your fees back on time so I would suggest with me your bank statement you might think it’s a 300 apposite but

Guess what you can charge nineteen dollars and forty-seven cents off the bat from tax out not trying to broker a book from because you’re using them the broker is using them that’s crossing apart so you have to understand that five thirty to forty six oh you get a five hundred our

Deposit and then all of a sudden I checked my thinks payment and then they’re like and then they’re like I mean you’re like oh well you got you know you got charged 32,000 to 46 says no I did not want to highlight this I’ll

Show you guys it is this is the V low purchase for five hundred and you can see the difference from going a $500 deposit will you credit card you with that Forex broker reverse is doing it five hundred are zero transaction it’s a five-hour difference I mean most you can

Do with the most I can do as if he will purchases 500 I’ve done multiple $500 purchases before I like four and five purchases already and you can see the difference and so the higher you’re a mom is like I’ll show you to mind my 1000 cause it know how much they charge

You let let me stop this I want to show you guys there’s a huge difference a lot of people don’t see it but I’ll show you guys right now so so you can see that the $1,000 deposit and they charge $67 and three cents it’s

Crazy it’s crazy and I want to go back and you can see me load here if you do this is overrated the 250 they charge the 13 dollars and then you do the 500 charge at $27 70 cents I was told 750 that I did I had purchased he would fall

Defeat and then doing $1,000 deposit straight through the broker with tech 7 in charge 67 dollars and 30 cents that’s crazy if you did if you actually did let me stop this if you actually did you know if you actually did it – here let’s do our medieval right now

Hey daddy’s doing this video okay daddy back okay sorry daddy back oh all right apologize about the my daughters having a bad day so let’s up yeah let’s share my screen here and talk about deal oh dear what not your oh okay so you guys saw a thousand

Dollar deposit and they charge $67 and three sets and let’s say I plead by here let’s just buy two five Hardart okay let’s add is the nice beat – lets confirm this and it’s go k1 the way I got 1500 I had won most of it hang on so

Let’s go back and to confirm and let’s go okay it’s cool pay place – credit card so by this you get to see this so with this a thousand and forty five dollars compared to a thousand and sixty seven dollars that’s a seventh yeah that’s a seventeen dollar difference

Wait no that’s a twenty two dollar difference I’m sorry with that I’m map is way off okay sorry $22 difference so and it’s if you can see the difference if you if you bought two five hundred dollar V low payments or deposits versus doing a thousand dollar debit or credit card purchase

Through tech savvy on the Forex broker so I just want to show you guys the difference because a lot of people are saying that it’s cheaper to do it on the Forex broker I would recommend checking your your bank statement and I would recommend getting your fees reimbursed because they’re they’re advertising that

Saying that theirs knows there are zero deposit fees but then you’re getting charged for the fees anyways so the the best way around it is is either going with Bitcoin and if you really trust them then test the bank water that’s it pretty soon they’re gonna make the Visa

And MasterCard and they’re up you know those credit card companies are probably gonna not they’re not going to try and deal with I mean you just love there’s been a lot of fraud attempts and identity attack going on and so remember when you put your debit card out there

On an international transaction your debit card is open opening the opens of floodgates is not protected and if you if you think your basement and protect you I would recommend calling your bank I mean this is what I heard this is what I learned from my finance class and

Debit cards are not are not are not are not like credit cards credit cards have more they have a fraud protection and they are more secure so you don’t believe so call your bank and ask your debit card is secured or covered if if someone were to come in

And take all your money to your debit card I guarantee you if I say no and so it’s very important to I mean like I said this is very important I want to show you guys this because if you if you are you know using you know these payment methods and you’re not

Understanding the fees you gotta look at the fees and you should get reimbursed or the fees then that broker is so if they’re gonna promote a zero zero zero zero zero deposit fees they have to they have to reimburse you forward I can just

I guess they can be a dick too but I don’t really see that so far so I haven’t seen that but I got my fees back and I would recommend you to take a look at that especially you’re doing this I would rather do vivo then do my doing a

Debit card or a credit card purchase through the Forex broker I’m just being flat-out honest about that and so other than that um oh no I don’t think I know someone lets them track see what else I want to talk about back to y’all Kia folks yeah they’re not regulated on maybe like

A part of Marshall Islands I mean I don’t really see them again they’re not really I mean cuz when you send a bank water goes straight straight to a UK so I know that I don’t really foresee anything I was like I said holy I mean we just talking about the quit update

Here and then I was gonna make a separate video to talk about the V low fees versus the tech savvy fees because this is something I mean like I said this is something that everyone should look at if they are planning to use V low or you’re gonna try and use the

Forex broker payment that they would Tex out you want to pay more fees go ahead I mean by all means if that’s what you want to do go I mean that’s more power to you in the animal well you can see the difference in what I show you guys

And if you don’t think five bucks as much or ten bucks as much or wherever twenty bucks as much and you can go ahead and take more feasible as what you want I’ll be showing you guys a difference there’s a lot of people were saying that they they see that there’s

That that tech-savvy fees are are less than the V level and I had to really do my comparison on this so there you guys have it like I said those that made money off on payroll I mean you guys already know what to expect I mean not

For me but it I mean those that didn’t believe what now Pompey was gonna do I mean I just keep doing what you’re doing so still gonna keep doing what I’m doing I got I got her things I want to work on it or YouTube videos are coming out so I

Don’t Avenue yeah this is something I want to share you guys and I you feel free to comment like it dislike it share it if you want to I mean that’s publicly it’s a public video so not banging oh by here well I know you guys have a great

Friday I appreciate you watching this

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