Lucas The Spider – Jumping Spider, The Best Pet Arachnid?

Lucas The Spider - Jumping Spider, The Best Pet Arachnid?

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Well hi there I am here today with something that might be difficult for you to even see but this is my jumping spider and her name is Lucas she’s named after Lucas the spider who they’ve got a channel on YouTube called Lucas spider and my wife discovered it and she loves

Lucas and so when I got a jumping spider and decided that Lucas was the right name and we love little Lucas but it might seem strange and that I am here with a jumping spider today because this is Clint’s reptiles you know recently we branched out a little bit and talked

About amphibians and you know amphibians are not reptiles but they’re at least fairly closely related jumping spiders they’re not even vertebrates I mean to be perfectly scientifically accurate even sea urchins are more closely related to reptiles and spiders are so from a phylogenetic standpoint this animal does not belong on our Channel

But much like amphibians spiders seem to appeal to a lot of the same people that like reptiles and some of my favorite spiders perhaps my very favorite spiders of all are the jumping spiders for starters they are adorable they’re little and cute and they explore and they’re inquisitive and they’ve got

These big forward-facing eyes that just make them adorable there’s a reason that Lucas the spider is a jumping spider and not any other kind of spider because no other kind of spider is going to make you fall in love with it in quite the same way that you can fall in love with

A jumping spider and they have definitely won me over I adore jumping spiders much like a tarantula they’re very handleable yet they’re not nearly as intimidating as a tarantula they’re very interactive and you can actually spend a lot of time handling them and watching them explore you as anime

Using giant just jungle gym for a jumping spider when you get past all that cuteness and fun nests they’re actually super duper hardcore one of the things that I think is the most hardcore about them is their prey choice most most spiders will hunt things that are much smaller than they are jumping

Spiders will hunt things that are even larger than they are and they just like tackle them and they’ll jump from across their enclosure and just nail that thing and it is amazing they are hardcore cute little guys they can also jump like many many many times their own body length to

Tackle those giant prey items that they’re willing to attack they’re just amazing but are they the right pet invertebrate for you help you figure that out we’ve broken down the jumping spider into our five categories which are we’ll just do it over here handle ability care hardiness availability and

Upfront costs when it comes to handle ability we give the jumping spider a score of four out of five the main reason that they lose that point for handle ability is just because they are tiny because they’re small they could easily get squished or lost while handling and that’s that’s definitely

Not ideal obviously though for their size I mean they’re a lot better to handle than tarantulas they’re much better at holding on to you and they can take a fall better than a tarantula it’s just you could easily crush one and you could easily lose track of it of course

Even if you do lose it it’ll turn up on your wall in an hour or so so you’ll probably find it again like I said they could easily get lost nice thing that they do is they provide a tether for themselves so they will kind of cover

You in web a little bit while they walk around on you but they’re constantly giving themselves a lifeline so dropping them isn’t even a major concern other than that they’re absolutely awesome they’re bold and they explore they’re great jumpers which should come as no surprise given that there

Jumping spiders they may even eat while you’re holding them if that’s something you would like to see if they’re also not nearly as intimidating as a tarantula we said they’re easier to hold than a tarantula you know they’re also just not as scary as it tarantula because the tarantula even though

They’re most of them are not very venomous they got big fangs these guys have tiny little things and also mild venom all spiders have some venom but this venom is not gonna do any more than basically like a mosquito bite even people that are afraid of spiders are

Usually only afraid of them until they see those adorable little eyes and then they usually get over it like I have seen a lot of people that hate spiders and still like jumping spiders because they’re great the one thing that I should mention is they’ve also got a lot of personality and individual

Personality I have two of these and one of them I’ve had a bit longer than the other they both appear to be females and both the same species which is a bold jumping spider and yet their personalities are completely different one of them likes to jump all the time and and then the

Other one the one that I’ve had longer which is Lucas here she hardly ever jumps and just explores patiently in calmly honestly I find her to be a bit more fun to interact with but they’re both pretty fun when it comes to care that should come as no surprise we give

The jumping spider a score of five out of five you can just build them you mean it could be a very simple enclosure but you can actually build them a really pretty little enclosure and the main thing is just to make sure that it seals

Up well because if you’ve got a hole big enough for your spider to fit through you don’t know your spider will be on your wall in an hour you could even use something like a jar or a plastic container as long as it’s got a good

Fitting lid and just provide them with a lot of places to explore which will make it potentially more fun for the spider definitely more fun for you when you’re observing them you’ll know that it’s time to feed them when their abdomen starts to shrink and I gave her a pretty

Big meal last time so you can tell her abdomen is enormous right now it’ll be a while before she needs to eat again abdomen is actually the back body segment the one that no legs come out of in the front they’ve got what’s called the cephalothorax which is the head and the

Thorax fused that’s where all the legs come from this where the eyeballs are most people when they draw a spider though they think all the legs come out of the abdomen and they don’t they’re gonna eat small insects like mealworms and as they get bigger they

Can eat up to full size mealworms fruit flies are also a great option small crickets small dubia roaches just about anything that’s around their size are smaller because they seriously can take down things their own size now I would be careful about things like beetles or other insects that might be able to

Fight back because if you start giving them things that are on size I mean you’re you’re getting sort of an even fight and an even fight isn’t usually what you want whenever you’re feeding your pet if you choose to feed them wild caught insects just be careful about

Pesticides if those insects came from a place where pesticides might have been used don’t use them a drop of water might also be appreciated by your little jumping spider from time to time but be careful not to overdo it because you don’t want to drown them on accident in

This little web you’re just such majestic little creatures quite frankly pets just don’t get any easier than this if you can’t handle the difficulty of keeping a jumping spider pets aren’t for you when it comes to hardiness we give the jumping spider a score of 5 out of 5

That is assuming you don’t squish it if you don’t squish them they should thrive for you for months up to about a year which is a long time for a little spider they honestly would make a really excellent first pet for a child I mean you know there is the risk that with

Handling horrible things could happen to your spider but the good news is it is a spider and some people squish them just for being spiders and you wouldn’t do that because their way do gute you’ve seen them too close you can never go back when it comes to availability we

Give the jumping spider a score of 5 out of 5 I caught mine in my reptile room she already lived in there now I just know where she is in the reptile room and I make sure she’s dead she’s got her own little enclosure and I feed her quite

Well she was a lot smaller when I when I caught her and she’s molted a number of times for me and she’s just a beautiful now I love her some people are even captive breeding jumping spiders for pets which I love that and that is a

Really fun way to get your feet wet with breeding stuff and you know if it’s a wild cut spider you can release most of them outside so you’re not stuck with hundreds of spiderlings to try to re-home but what amazing little creatures when it comes to upfront costs

We give the jumping spider a score of five out of five I mean honestly the spider is probably free you probably already own a big jar sticks from your yard should be fine assuming there’s no pesticides on them and you’re done enclosure complete that’s pretty much

Free and that is why we give the jumping spider the highest score we’ve ever given anything a four point eight out of five they totally deserve it really I mean they only lost a point for being tiny you can’t help being tiny it’s one of your best features if you’ve been

Keeping track that ties the jumping spider with the corn snake for the highest score we have ever given any animal ever and they deserve it they’re awesome in conclusion jumping spiders are amazing they are fun easy and basically free if you can’t handle a jumping spider as a pet then you are either

Crazy afraid of spiders or pets aren’t for you at least not right now because doesn’t get any easier than this hopefully you’ve been okay with our little expedition into pet spiders pet jumping spiders let us know what you think about this if you want us to cover

More pet invertebrates let us know if you want us to stick to you know at least vertebrates and maybe just stick with the reptiles and you’ll tolerate the occasional amphibian let us know that too yeah all this feedback is really useful but I just thought this is a really cool

Pet but almost nobody talks about as being a pet and I I mean I’ve always loved them and I’m actually a member of a few Facebook groups that are about people who keep jumping spiders and I just love seeing the pictures these people take of their pet spiders that’s

Part of what inspired me to go ahead and and keep Lucas when I found her during the winter in my reptile room I love her she’s been just great I mean they’re they’re more fun than I imagined this is it’s just such a fun pet and you mean you see them

Scurrying around you don’t even think about it as always like and subscribe click that little Bell so you get notifications in case we come out with any other spider videos or invertebrate videos or if we never come out with a spider video again because yes does not

To also thank you to those of you on patreon we actually didn’t need any patreon support to buy the spider or the enclosure for it but we needed a lot of patreon support to have the equipment necessary to film a jumping spider well enough that you can see how adorable

They are so we really appreciate you guys this video wouldn’t be possible without you we hope to see you real soon Will’s gonna be stolen William William yes oh and Jason’s back to be in the director so I’ll have some direction oh this is a grand day I know

Look at look boo Mike I know we got these lights we got sound-deadening blankets we’ve got an amazing boom mic all this big equipment for this dating the spiders and we got well the best day ever it’s one of your best features it’s one of your best features they lit and

With all those little about no fishes she’s a tethered around me that I didn’t know about do you see her mm-hmm Emily if you can’t handle a jumping spider you are either crazy afraid of jumping or sorry if you can’t handle the jumping spider you are easy Trott’s didn’t say you were

Easy and please I’m so scared dropping a camera on it a night in Java that would be doors giving clue I’m terrified of dropping this camera honestly I’m really terrified of dropping this on him things are like movies I like little butt things literally little things

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