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If the current MLA passed away, the chief minister should be here. Instead, why is the home minister coming here? Is the chief minister really busy or does he not need us anymore? Nothing of that sort, Rajan. There is an urgent meeting, otherwise he would have come.

The death of your father has not left your family but even… the party with an irreplaceable. Don’t worry about it. The party will support you. Whether you want to do some business… or take up government contracts, it’s your wish. If you want something, ask for it. When are the by-elections?

Because of untimely death of Narender, there will be by-election. Narender’s son Rajan desires to contest those elections… as a candidate of our party. Will you make deceased MLA’s children and widows the next MLA? What about those party workers… who worked hard for the party for years.

The people there are not mourning the loss of Narender. Everyone is celebrating the death. – Yes, she is right. Because of political backing of his father… Rajan committed atrocities. we will most definitely not get even a single vote in our favour. Though Mr Rajan from Macharla is not from any political party…

He is a leader who has close ties with the people there. If he were to be given the candidature… we will surely win that seat and even the party will rise… Please give him your endorsement for candidature. This CM is a piece of work.

If it was good news, he would deliver it himself. If it was bad news, he would order us to be its bearers. Rajan, the party has met to decide… who to endorse as their candidate… for the upcoming by-elections. I insisted that you be given the candidature. the party decided that this time…

Raghavendra be given the candidature. CM has recommended his name, so now we can’t do anything. We have to obey the party. Minister, after my father passed away… did you guys change the rules within the ruling party? You said what you had to say. I heard it.

I will do what is required of me. Watch me. Long live Raghu Pratap Singh! Long live Raghu Pratap Singh! We thank you all for coming out after all these days… and showing us your support. Even when I didn’t have any authority, I was always with you.

I will always be with you for sure. But given the political scenario of today… you don’t need a tortoise like me. You need some young and relentless helmsman. That is the reason why… I recommend my son Surya in my stead. Brother Surya, long live! Brother Surya, long live! Brother Surya, long live!

Come out. Hey! Don’t spare them. How dare you! Don’t spare him. Let’s go. Come on. Run! Did you think that after my father’s death… his kingdom would be yours? Did you not think that this Rajan exists or did you forget about it? If you are given a ticket…

You should go to the theatre and watch the movie. But why would you contest the elections? The sun that you desperately wished would shine his light on you… It has set, even before its rise. If anyone of you cast vote… your corpse will be next to his corpse.

From now on, Macharla will no longer have elections. Polling will no longer take place. Rajan will rule here. Hey, stop. Nidhi, please stop. Nidhi, stop. Where are you going? Nidhi. Hey, no. Please. Siddhu first, then your turn… Please… – Hey, no one smeared you yet? Shall I do it? – Who are you?

Lovers does not need introductions, honey. A beauty will always attract the youth. Women look much more beautiful… in wet clothes rather than in skimpy outfits. Nidhi, come here. Wow! Just like her name, her body looks like a jewel. I want to rob it. You are crossing your limits. – Oh! Siddhu!

Who is he? Your bodyguard? No, her boyfriend. – Oh! A hero, huh? It’s going to be a little bland if you call for him. Let him come. We will crush him. Siddhu? Siddhu, dear? Usually, when you mess with me, I deal with you my way. But if you mess with women…

This… this is how it looks. You are going overboard. Yes, I am. I have extra power in me. I don’t use battery for extra power. I have the guts. I realise my responsibility. I have a different level. He thinks he is a hero.

It would be better if we make up our minds to be the villains here. It’s a modern times films. At times, the villains win too. Bro… bro, please let us go. I get it. No matter what happens, at the end of the day, only the hero wins.

Eve teasing is not good for health. Warning. What will you do if a girl wants that? Nobody can’t argue with you. Please spare me. Let’s go. People call me Guru. Sorry, sir. Won’t you put the captions? I will write what you are. Check your right side, sir. The father of ego.

This title is good. I like it. I am coming. Oh, it’s you? You are already here. Come. Why do you look like you entered the neighbour’s house? It’s our house, isn’t it? Come in. Goodness! Looks like his ego is hurt. Wow! You are really looking great. Even on the day of Holi…

You look so spotless and shiny like the people… in the ads of washing powder. You are super! How did you manage to do this? How? I will bite you. Doesn’t matter if it’s a collector or even some colour… they must bow down to my ego. Didn’t I tell you that…

I would return without a single drop of colour falling on me? Not even single drop… Thank goodness. All of it fell down, otherwise… You jerk! – Father! Father! If anyone hits, they call out for their mother. How come you are calling out for your father? Who is your father?

Tell me the name your father? – Leave him. Call him here. – It’s you! This is our Bunty. So, what if he is Bunty or a bell? ! Stupid faced woman! Today I must find out who his parents is! Tell me! – Stop it. He is really our son. Here, see this.

“Father is my God.” Where is your Tattoo? – Here. “My husband is my God.” Sorry, darling. Why do you stink?! Brother Siddhu broke an egg on my cloths, father. Couldn’t you have sat on the stove? It would have turned into an omelet! These days Siddhu has turned even more crazy.

I will not spare him. I will crack an eggs on his head. I will crack his ego. – Please, don’t. You come with me! Where are you coming? You come with me! – Listen to me… Hi! – Your legs might break off. Is this the way you raise your son?

What are you talking about? I am in no way related to him. How can this fatty be my son? I am not talking about my son. I am talking about that jerk! His size and his mischief are on the rise. Siddhu broke an egg in my son’s underwear! – My son?

How do I explain? Outside the house, he roams around with girls. And at home, he kills time with little kids… Eat up, dear. – This one here… as soon as it’s morning, he lounges around the house! If your son crosses the limits, I will lose my control. I will deal with him.

Bye, aunty – Bye, dear. Oh! The girl came out of his room. Right? There is neither decency or cultured behaviour. Do I have to learn manners and decency from you? Who else would be more decent? Talk sense into her. Hey, man. What’s up? Oh God! – Bye Siddhu. Bye, aunty. – Bye.

See you. – Bye. Just because the government banned those websites… this man started to get indecent right at home. Forget about making them understand. Get them both married! Green T – Shirt and black pant. Doesn’t look good on old age. Wear ‘Dhoti and kurta’. (Indian dress) – Let’s go!

This is not your age to watch adult stuff. – Let’s go! Does this old man need a colourful T – shirt? – Drat. If I see him ever again, I will murder him. Did you see that? Even that jerk is teaching us some lessons! What exactly is your problem in marrying that girl?

She is okay with it, her family and even we are okay with it. Then what is your problem? Father, she is my childhood friend. I have no such feelings towards her. She is my best friend. That’s all. What’s going on with him? A wife is said to be a man’s best friend.

When will he understand? Why would he do something that the both of us ask him to? He does what he feels is best. I am already here. Why didn’t you come? I’ll call you later… Brother, please stop it. Brother! Catch it. Thank you, Brother. – Be careful. Hello? Excuse me. – Okay…

You forgot your drawing book. Your book. Oh? Sorry. Thank you so much. Do you really like me that much? What do you mean? Then, why did you draw my picture? Oh, this? Sketching portraits is my hobby. Doesn’t that mean you like me? Hello? You are reading way too much meaning into this.

I just drew it on a whim. Don’t cling to me now. Oh? If you didn’t like me, why did you hug me? – Tell me. Hug? What do you mean I hugged you? Don’t be smart. I am always smart. You drew me in a book. But I printed your picture here… right here.

You have disturbed me. What’s going on? Why are you talking without making any sense? As soon as I looked at you, I have gone crazy. And all my senses stopped working. I like you a lot. I am fixated on you. Be my life partner. Let’s fix the wedding date. This is too much.

Let’s do this. If you like me, leave from here quietly. If you don’t like me, give me your address before you leave. Drat! Since you are leaving, that means you do like me. No matter where you live, I will find you. Within a span of two days, I will catch you.

I will be in front of you, when you will open the window. Bye. Bunty, today, the ocean looks quite different. You seem different too. – Why do you say that? You brought me here at night and bought my favourite roll. What’s going on? A miraculous thing happened to me.

What is it? Nidhi left you? – No. There is a new person in my life now. Is that why your face seems to glow? – Yes. The girl of my dreams appeared in front of me. Really? Where is she? She is here in this city. But I don’t know where she is.

We need to search for her and find her out. Brother, you know of alleys even the Google doesn’t know about. If you are determined, it’s an easy job for you. Such a golden boy you are! Cheers! – Cheers! ‘Wherever you are, I am going to find you. Within two days. ‘

My egoistic brother-in-law! Brother-in-law… what brings you by like this? Like this? Fine, give me some women’s clothes. I’ll wear them and come to meet you. – Disgusting! As if I would really wear something like that. Move! Well, brother-in-law, I meant… – Hold on.

You came to my city and instead of staying with me… you choose to stay here. Brother-in-law, I am quite safe here. Really? If you roam around the beaches with that beautiful face of yours… will the young men let you be in peace? Looks like someone is deeply thinking of you.

Have some water, my son. It must be the beauty that I saw on the beach. I know. Self – respect. If your self – respect weighs in kilos, my ego measures in quintals. Pack your bags. Please, brother-in-law. “Please, brother-in-law.” Select a font for the tattoo… that says “My brother-in-law is my God.”

Who’s the tattoo for? Who else? It’s for you. At least with that tattoo, people will stay away from you. Forget about the tattoo, brother-in-law. Let’s just go home. What happened to your self – respect now? Pack your bags! A door has no stature.

I will open with my hands and shut it with my leg. Damn it! I was going in search of that girl… Instead, I ran into this egoistic fellow! What do I do? If he sees me… I will neither get the girl nor her address. I should better leave. Swati.

Are you well? – How are you? I am fine. Hi, Bunty. – Hello, sister. How are our parents? Everyone is doing well. Just go on up the stairs. I’ll get you some coffee. Alright. – Bunty, come here. What are you doing here? Exactly my question. What are you doing here?

This is my brother-in-law’s house. – Oh? Are you really going to use… that excuse to come to my neighbor’s house. You didn’t let me savour the experience to find you. Drat. I am left with no memories for old age. Couldn’t you have waited for two more days?

Do you really like me so much? Hello? Hello? Why are you rushing forward like a train on a single track?! Alright, fine. Since we are together, it doesn’t matter who made the first move. Now I understand how much love you have for me. How naughty. Couldn’t you have confessed your feelings…

For me yesterday itself on the beach? – What? Don’t worry at all. I will never tell anyone that you came here for me. Well, your brother-in-law is an egotistical fellow. I will try to manage the situation somehow. Will meet each other every day in secret…

We will chat lovingly. Its going to be fun. Ok? Hi. – Hi, Guru. Hey. Coming from up there? Having the airport so close to one’s house is such a bother! Paragliding. Oh, you landed in the wrong place, huh? Paragliding isn’t done here. It’s in Ooty. Man, you aren’t as foolish as you look.

Well, my ego is satisfied. But my logic is still not satisfied. Why did you come from up there? Guru, I am your neighbour. How does it matter where I come from? If you are a neighbour, you should come from the main gate. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

You held me by my collar, right? – Yes, very tightly! I will stay here. I will not go home. My ego is hurt! You have an ego too? – Yes. Ego is like a BMW car. It’s easy to buy one but it’s exhausting to maintain it! Your ego is nothing compared to mine.

Get out from here. Do you want to compete with me? Oh, it’s you. What happened? Why aren’t you picking up my call? How many times should I call you? Get in the car. Were you worried that someone kidnapped me? It doesn’t matter if you are kidnapped.

I am tensed just looking at you. What will people think? What will they think? They will simply think it’s romance before our wedding. Try behaving like a girl for a bit at least. Please. Why? Should boys be the only ones to bring up romance? Shouldn’t women talk about it?

Where are you taking me? Today, my father is at home. He wants to meet you. Oh? Daughter and father will bring up the topic of a marriage. No. Just casual meeting. I will not force you if you don’t like it. Despite that, I will never let you go. Hi, daddy. – Hi, dear.

Hi, uncle. – Hi, Siddhu. How are you? I am fine, uncle. How are you? Since I am a politician… I spend a lot more time on the streets rather than at home. Now, I come to my very own home as a guest. Siddhu. Please ask your parents to meet me.

Okay, uncle. But, well… Daddy, we will talk later… Come. Bye – Bye, dear. Sir, who is that boy? If everything works out, he will become my son-in-law. What does he do? He is a topper in the civil services examination. He finished all the necessary training. He’s waiting to be posted.

What about your daughter? He is totally crazy. While she continued to flirt with him and failed the examinations. Hi, aunty. – Hi, dear. What is it, mother? Looks like you are singing my praises to your friend. I do want to show off. When Siddhu will become my son-in-law…

I will show off to the entire world around. He isn’t the kind to agree to things just because I like him… and you wish for him to be your son… He does something only if he likes it. But once he likes something…

Even if we persuade him to let it go, he will never let it go. That is the reason why… I am trying to mould myself according to his tastes. Hello? What’s up? Didn’t you eat? Why are you devouring that book? Goodness. Is my life story printed in the book?

I am reading how to deal with insolent neighbours. What is this, Swati? We are neighbors. We should be harmonious when we are beside each other. Don’t make this wall a border between us. I didn’t understand a word you said. I didn’t say a word.

I am speaking with my mouth whereas you are speaking with your eyes. I can’t see properly because you are too far. Shall I come closer? Are you always up to such nonsense? Don’t you have anything better to do? Hello? I am an IAS officer. – IAS.

Yeah, I know. You are smarter then everyone. No. It means I and Swati. Can I come there? If you come here, I will shout. Go ahead and shout. Let me watch. Hey! What the hell? I will scream. Let’s see you scream. Stop there. Or else… – Scream. Brother-in-law!

Did you climb up with a ladder? Couldn’t you have landed with your paragliding? Right from the start of the morning… that old man keeps talking about manners and culture. And the son is Jumping the fence is manners, huh? As soon as you see women, you are going around like a bull?

How can an innocent woman like you survive amongst such lustful men? I brought her home to keep her safe from the cruel world. Where as you come into the house and started flirt with her. People like you shouldn’t be let scot-free. You should be hanged at the village square.

If you will shout, your brother-in-law’s… reaction is going to soil my character. There’s really nothing new to be soiled here. What does that mean? I am a rotten person? If that’s the case, I will really come there. If that’s the case, I will scream for sure. I will see if that happens.

Hey, this isn’t right. If anyone catches us, it’s going to look really bad. You mean it’s okay if no one sees us? Didn’t you come for me? Now that I want to come there for you, why you are doing drama? Brother-in-law. Swati! What is this?

I saved her the d beasts and brought her here. Now you have started right here. I assumed you were innocent. Though you’ve covered yourself up completely… you seem more dangerous than those dressed in skimpy clothes. It’s because of girls like you… who end up raising men’ temperatures…

And keep saying that they are handsome… and finally ruin their manhood. What do I tell your parents? What about the honor of my house? Disgusting! How much longer are you going to keep dreaming. If you do that, your character will be ruined. To ensure that neither of us ruin our reputations…

It’s best you stay right there. You stop reading that book and take some rest. I will plan for our next meeting. Okay? Good night. Bye. How do I get rid of him! Come on. Catch it. Oh no! We lost the match of 30 thousand!

Dear, did you lose again? Did you lose the money? I bet on a losing horse. Still I won. Well, would you buy me a new phone? Did I ever break a promise? This added expense. Thinking of expenses, we need to pay Bunty’s school fees. Where is Bunty? He is at our neighbor’s place.

If that’s the case, ask the neighbors to pay the fees. Why will the neighbor’s pay our child’s school fees? I mean… Why would the neighbors be willing to pay our child’s school fees? Yes, it’s our child. Even though he was born in this house… he grew up entirely in that house!

Ask them to pay the fees! We lost the match and now the fees as well! The children will be out of the house, if you yell all the time. If I take my son along with me… everyone keeps asking me if he is the neighbor’s kid.

Though we are the ones who gave birth to him… they are imprinting themselves on him. Ask them to pay. What sort of a logic is that? It’s not logic. It’s Law. If someone rents a house… and stays there continuously for a span of 10 years… that house becomes theirs.

The rules are for the house as well as for the kids. Don’t you know that! Such bad karma! His ego is vexing me! What happened, sister? He is putting me through hell because of his foolish ego. Where is the coffee? I am getting it.

Take this coffee and splash it all over his face! Okay… Don’t take me literally. Just go and give it to him. I know that, sister. Alia Bhatt looks hot! Brother-in-law, coffee. I asked her to get it. Why did you bring it? Looks like she’s developed an attitude…

Wait. I’ll go and set it right. All this happens in the open kitchen… Nothing happens behind locked doors. Bring it out. How long should I sit there? Go and sit there. How delicate. Darling, get me some coffee. How does it matter who brings it for you?

You won’t get it. It’s a matter of ego. This is how my fate’s written. One day, I will give her a lesson on it. Did you wear lipstick? Lipstick? Of course, not. Didn’t I tell you that you mustn’t wear lipstick unless it’s… my birthday or our anniversary?

What about the rest of the days? Not good for health. If her lips crack, I will be the one who will end up suffering. Rub it off. With a wet cloth. Why do you wear lipstick when you don’t want to kiss? – Go inside. She is wiping it.

Brother-in-law, I need to talk to you about something. Do you want the tattoo “my brother-in-law is my God”? Please, listen to me. Tell me. The other day, I met someone at the beach. Didn’t I tell you? Guys of this city go wild even for ordinary faces. – So what now?

He said he liked me. He challenged me that he would come to where I lived. . He will definitely lose. I am confident that no one would come here. That is why I brought you from there and made you stay here. The problem is right here. He is coming everyday.

It’s not that easy. To enter into our colony… Aadhaar needs to be authenticated and my phone gets an OTP. Well, brother-in-law… – Shhh! That fellow will not be able to set foot within our boundaries. Not the colony, he came in the house. Who is it? You neighbor Siddhu. Siddhu!

You keep the company of one woman and court the other. Since I am intelligent, I figured this out fast. You don’t worry. He doesn’t have the guts to tease you. I won’t spare him if he hurts my ego. So, you will not have any problems from neither him nor anyone else.

I will make sure it stays that way. I made a mistake, sir. Please let me go. Did the courage that you have… when there were people surrounding you… turn into fear in the midst of these four walls? The monstrosity of Rajan in Macharla. Rajan brutally murdered the district Collector.

Sir, I made a mistake. Forgive me. Did you see me murder the district collector? With this eyes. No. Did you see it or no? Macharla has a history. There was never a man born who pointed fingers… at Rajan nor raised voice against Rajan’s empire… And no such man ever lived.

30 years ago that Macharla is Unanimous?! If you come and want to start the elections… all the men of the constituency will raise up again… Watching your death will ensure that for the next 30 years… no one would ever entertain such thoughts. So? Weren’t you defending this collector?

Do you want to go to hell with him? You saw everything. Now write. Ravi! I don’t like deaths because of hunger. Feed him until his belly is full and then kill. Taking Rajan’s name is crime. Those who commit this crime are given death penalty. Sister? What is it, Swati?

Does brother-in-law know an advocate by the name Satya Murthy? What for? Nothing, sister. It’s just research for my project. He doesn’t know anyone other than that tattoo artist. Please, sister. I really need to meet him. Let’s ask brother-in-law. Do you see that photo?

Just to satiate his ego, he’s put us out of focus. You really won’t get any help from him. Let’s do this. Our neighbor is a well – connected man. He can help you. – Alright, let’s go. Hi, aunty. Hi, Sukanya. Come in, come in. This is my uncle’s daughter Swati.

Greeting, aunty. – God bless you. That means my mother likes her as well. Come, sit down. Sit down, dear. Swati here wants to meet advocate Satya Murthy. We just wanted to know if uncle knew him. That is why we came by. Advocate Satya Murthy? One minute. Hi, Siddhu.

Do your father know of an advocate named Satya Murthy? Murthy uncle? I know him. He is a family friend. Well, call him at once and tell him that I am on my way to meet him. Share his location with me. Okay? Bye. Siddhu? Hello? Who do you have to meet?

I am here. You should have asked me. An advocate called Satya Murthy, Siddhu. Satya Murthy? Yes, Murthy uncle! He is very close to me, you know? – When do you have to go? I will take you there. Come. Not me, Siddhu. It’s for Swati. Oh, it’s not you? It’s for Swati?

Siddhu, she is young. Just take her with you. What else, dear? Problem is solved, isn’t it? Actually, Siddhu himself is the problem. My husband is most surely not going to agree… if Siddhu is going to take her. I have a plan for that. Eat. Again I have to eat an apple? – Dear!

Swati has some work so she need to go outside. Did you see that? She just came into the house very recently… and she’s asking me permission to go out. Did you ever given the permission? Today permission, and tomorrow she will ask for commission.

Why are you pouting like a frog? Do you want to eat snacks? Well, I just said it to make it sound cool. Tell her that permission is granted. – Here. It’s good that you gave her the permission. But when Siddhu was asked to accompany her, he said no.

Good riddance. He is a nuisance! That’s not it. Someone as strict as you gave her the go ahead. Now if he says no, isn’t your ego being trampled upon? The work is done. Yes, it is. Tell him that I told him to go. – He will have no choice.

He said that if you command him… he will most definitely not go at all. How dare him! Siddhu, I need to talk to you. You are already talking to me. Tell me. You said you aren’t going to do something that my wife asked you to. Yes. You are my enemy, right? So what?

I don’t like you at all. But you and my wife do get along, right? If she asks you, shouldn’t you oblige? I won’t go. – You must. I will not. – You must! Say it directly instead of over the phone? If I did it directly, it would sound like a request.

If I did it over the phone, it would sound like a command. You should go! Should go! Should go! I will not go! I will not go! I will go! You will have to go, at any cost. Understood? He’s going? That too because of my fear. Sorry, boss. – It’s okay.

The girl is hot… I didn’t see that. Sorry… Sorry… What the hell is this? Swati! Get down… Leave it. Get down – Leave it. I am going to screw them up. – Go. Let’s go… – Get down. Get down. – What happened? – Leave her with us and get lost. Hey, shut up.

Stop. – Please go on. – Don’t just stare. Move… move… Siddhu, take it easy. Fighting isn’t the solution for any problem. It’s easy to get into fights but very difficult to get out. You are a good person. You are a soon to be Civil servant. It doesn’t suit you.

This is how I am. If something goes wrong right in front of my eyes… I cannot stop myself from reacting. That’s why I chose civil services. Civil servant is not just a job. It’s a responsibility. Mom tell me, what’s up? What happened? You seem very irritable.

Nothing, while getting here, someone on the road irritated me. Did you thrash him? – I would have. But Swati was beside me. Where would that fellow go? I am sure he lives in this city. Someday when the stars are not in his favour… he will cross paths with you.

Can’t you see? Are you blind? Can’t you drive slowly? Sorry, grandpa. Pick up your things. Mom, you are right. Their bad time is started. Go away. I will try my level best. Thank you, sir. Are you done? It didn’t… but I hope it will be done.

“When you walk with a swag, my heart skips a beat.” “I want to catch a glimpse of you.” “When you walk with a swag, my heart skips a beat.” “I want to catch a glimpse of you.” “Your aloofness will take my life.” “Don’t tease me so much, dear.”

“My heart is in love. Don’t make it pine.” “Do me a favour and take my life.” “If you end this story of love…” “you will repent later.” “Your dark tresses set up a trap.” “You know me so well, yet why do you ask so many questions?” “How do I praise your alluring eyes?” “You look stunning, be it day or night.” “I have got my world, after meeting you.” “You are my reason to live.”

“I have given my heart to you. You dwell in my eyes.” “Do me a favour and take my life.” “If you end this story of love, you will repent later.” Do I have to remind all those fools? Excuse me. – Don’t touch. Happy wedding anniversary. Same to me.

This time, let me wear lipstick on our wedding anniversary. Please. – Rub the mud from outside on your lips. I didn’t get any call since morning. Go. At least answer my missed call. Please. Someone wish me. Tell me. Sorry, brother. I missed your call. Yeah, as if you are a Miss **Universe…

And that’s why you missed my call! It’s my wedding anniversary today. Won’t you wish me? Oh? Happy wedding anniversary, brother. Thank you. How nice of you to remember it. Well, brother. You gave me a missed call… Stupid nonsense! Was that necessary to say. I have a lot more calls to attend. – Listen…

Every idiot calls me and disturbs me. Hi! Why would you add such wild moves for just montage song. I am on a small high. All good vibes. Sit down. She enjoyed a few minutes of your company… do you think she has fallen for you? Yeah… Almost.

That won’t happen. I will not let that happen. Why? My ego doesn’t allow that. What does your ego need in order to be satisfied? By giving me respect! Tell me how much of respect do you want… I’ll place the order on – line. – Please go ahead and order.

Half a kilo of respect and a quarter kilo of Pav Bhaji. From which hotel? – From your father’s restaurant. I mean RESPECT. I want respect. Oh! Okay, Guru ji. Just because you address me with respect, is that all? Let me know if have to added something else as well. You can buy me…

You might have bought me with this. But you cannot buy my ego. It’s of my size. What else do you want me to do, Guruji? Generally, what do you usually do… if it was your parents’ wedding anniversary? I will celebrate it. What if it’s yours? I’ll go crazy. What if it was mine?

Oh you mean… hey. It’s your anniversary, Guruji. We’re going to have a party in the evening. I don’t like party. I am a private person. Please… please… Just for me… for me… Alright, alright. – Do a grand job of it. If not, I will return the ring back to you. Okay. – Go.

Come, Srikanya. Oh no! Sukanya. – Yes, dear. Do you still have the lipstick or did you use it all up? How can it be all used up when I haven’t used it at all? Use it. Thank you, darling. – Why did you sit? Get up! Turn that side. Happy wedding anniversary. Hi, aunty.

The girl looks like a goddess. Yes, she looks very beautiful. Do you like her a lot, isn’t it? Are you fixated on having her as your daughter-in-law? Don’t worry. I am there. I’ll go and speak with her. What happened? Why are you sleeping like that? I am feeling childish. Awwww! Don’t say awwww.

You said it was an anniversary party. But you ended up getting me remarried to her. I am really feeling shy. So cute, Guruji. Nothing Cute! Well, what’s everyone talking about? Talk? Guruji, you are a next level stuff. You are looking like a rock – star. What happened, Guruji?

Why are you praising someone else in front of me? Wow! When you don’t let even your shadow overshadow you… I must admit you are the father of egotistical behavior! Now I am satisfied. But I am unhappy. But I am happy. But I am not satisfied.

Fine, what do you want me to do for your satisfaction? The bed is decorated so well. My heart is bigger than this. I am feeling nostalgic. – After all these years? Yes. – Oh my God! Gap? – What do you mean? I mean when children are born…

The parents devote all their times to them . Oh, you mean that. No… no… Yes, there is a huge gap. I have a very good medicine to cure you of your blues… and bring you back to form, Guruji. Is it Red bull? No. It’s bed bull.

Do you really think this will help me regain my vitality? Not back to your vitality. Much more than that. You will knock it out of the park. Knocking it out of the park is really not necessary. I want to perform like Dhoni till the last over.

And I want to finish it in style. Oh yeah, wow! Put it in your mouth and forget everything. What about Bunty? I will take care of Bunty. You go ahead. Listen. It has flavour also. Of course. You need to spread the aroma Enjoy. Go away… go… Swati!

Today I want to tell you something about me. I wonder what that is. Flirting and dating is a waste of time… If you want to know their character… listen to the play list on the phone. You are going to know about my character with only three songs. Is this really necessary, Siddhu…

Of course, they are very necessary. Listen it. Take it. Listen it. Brother… – Tell me. You planned my father’s party just to impress her, isn’t it? Yes, I used betel nut leaf wrap to coax your father. Actually I wanted to impress her. – Oh! 1st song… is from Raariya…

“Feel my, feel my, feel my love.” “Feel my, feel my, feel my love.” You listen to these things? I am a nature lover, right? I did not tell to anyone but this is my inspiration. I get more closer to the nature by listening this songs. Next song, please. Second song is fantastic. “This my abode, my world.” “This my abode, my world.”

“Let’s adore the charm of beauty.” “See the style of blooming youth.” “It is intoxicating.” You listen to these songs? – Of course. It’s my favourite songs. I listen it every day. We get peace of mind by listen this type of songs. One’s mind stays fresh. You should listen to third song.

It will really clear your mind. Please play the final number. The third song is mind blowing. “I am high in love.” “Come and be mine.” Wait. Why is this song being played? This isn’t my phone. It is your brother-in-law’s phone. Where is my phone? This is my phone. Please listen my play list.

That’s enough songs for today, please. Swati! Wait. My plan to impress you with the songs failed. I don’t know how to woo you with my words. But, the feelings for you that you see in my eyes. Understand yourself whatever I want to tell you. I will express in words by some other days.

Bye. Guruji, may I come in? Come in. What about sister-in-law? Even your sister-in-law asked you to come in. Guruji? Guruji? Come. Did you stay awake the whole night? You look like a lion exhausted from making a kill. A lion you say? Ask your sister-in-law. – Sister-in-law? Sister-in-law? Where is sister-in-law?

In the lobby! – What do you mean? You’ve ruined my night… with your eagerness You locked me up in the room! Couldn’t you have called me? When did you give me that opportunity? I will take care of it. You eat it. What about these marks on your body? Strange. Sukanya! The room is locked. What do I do now? You mean to say that the betel nut wrap worked really well. Yes, really well. They asked me to fast and gave me lemon juice. I have upset stomach. I just needed a laxative. Sorry, Guruji. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. Did you bear a grudge against me and plan all this?

Stop it, Guruji. Why will I bear a grudge against you? Was that betel nut leaf wrap or bomb? Would you like me to plan this again for another day? I don’t want you plan nor your betel nut leaf wrap. Guruji. – Don’t touch me. Just go. Please leave me alone for some time.

Please, stay away from me for at least 2 days. I can’t help you in this matter. Please, sir. If you can help me a bit… I am sorry. You can leave. Do you remember this place, Siddhu? This is the place where we met for the first time.

This is one of the most important places of my life. How can I forget it? That day when I met you… I thought I was going to end up with… a lot of problems because of you. But surprisingly, you turned out to be a great help.

You took me to every place where I can’t reach myself. You helped me meet every one. You spent all of your time on me. I will never forget this, Siddhu. Thank you, Siddhu. Too much ego will kill your talent… Right! Who is this? Guruji, I am here. I can see it.

You got both the flowers and the stems. I came to propose. To whom? Who else? Swati, of course! Stop! Take those flowers and tuck them between your ears. And take the stems and shove it down. Why do you say that, Guruji? Swati isn’t here anymore.

She finished what she came here for and so she went back home. Where did she go? “Swati went somewhere…” “Now, Siddhu is all alone.” “Oh, cool breeze…” Did you already know about this? I did. Why didn’t you tell me, Guru? Guru? Where is the respect that should have been there?

I spend time with Swati. Now that she is gone, why would I still address you respectfully? Siddhu, I took revenge of provoking my ego. Where is Swati? Macharla. Siddhu, what did Swati say? Hey, hold on. Why are you leaving without answering me? Did she agree?

Swati wasn’t there to give me an answer, mother. Where did she go? Macharla. She is from Macherla? She is from our village. What are you saying, mother? It’s true. Your father’s holds a great reputation there. Really? My father holds such huge reputation? He might look a little silly…

But those days the way your father carried himself… was huge. As soon as they know that you are his son… her parents are going to marry her off to you in a heartbeat. Go… go… Go and get me my daughter-in-law. Oh, my mother. Thank you, thank you so much. Finally, you are here.

Why are you so late? Come, food is ready. Where is Siddhu? Ask him to join us. Let’s eat together. He is not here. He went to Swati next door. Swati? These days he’s been spending way too much time with her. If Nidhi gets to know about it then? – Make him understand.

No need of making him understand. He has not only went to meet Swati. He’s gone to propose to Swati. Have you gone crazy? When Nidhi is here, why would he go and propose to Swati? He’s decided that he wants Swati as his wife. And even I am okay with it.

If she gets ready. Will soon marry them. You mean that I would die in peace. Is it okay if you and your son decided amongst yourselves? There is no need for me. If Nidhi gets to know about it, she might kill herself. Where exactly did Siddhu go? Macharla. Macharla?

Why are you so shocked after hearing that name? I think your old memories are refreshed. Right? Perhaps you don’t know about me because you are new here. No matter who comes here, they will have to obey me. Pass my tender. Rajan! I seem quite tamed because I occupy this position.

If I set this aside, I am an even bigger goon than you are. Understood. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier? What would have happened if I told you the rest? I would have said no for marriage. That is why I didn’t say the rest.

Given the half – baked truth you told me… I sent Siddhu there. Now, what do we do? Oh no! why is she calling me now? Give her any excuse. Talk to her. Both the son and his mother will cost me my life! Hello, dear.

Uncle, I keep calling Siddhu but he is not lifting my phone. Where is he? – Siddhu… He… Actually… – What happened, uncle? Is everything alright? – Yes. Oh… northing’s wrong, dear. Well, where is Siddhu then? – Siddhu is… Tell me – Tell her! He went to meet our neighbor Swati.

Went to meet a girl? Who is she? Is he eloped with her? No… no… no… Of course, not. When you are still around. – Then… Tell her that Siddhu eloped. But something similar to that. Nidhi, don’t take these things to heart. I will make sure you guys are together. It’s my guaranty.

Are you there? I wonder what she’s going to do. God knows what will she do now. Serve me food. Do you know her? You are young and you are a girl. Are you spying on us? Don’t you get fear of? If anyone loses their fear of us, they can no longer live.

Siddhu, why did you come here? Please leave. Please leave. Siddhu, please. Who the hell are you? Come on. How dare you to touch her? If you are that brave, deal with me. Come! Come! Burn me! Come on. Who the hell are you? Who are you? Ravi! Our issue is with her.

Who are you to interfere? What did she do?! She is his granddaughter! She wants to go to Vizag to file cases against… us because we killed her brother. No matter what you do in the entire state… we will surely know about it.

Is that the reason why she took me around the whole of Vizag? Oh! I understand what your problem is. It’s better you understand that… I am in love with that girl. I came here just to tell her that. I am there for Swati. After that, it’s your wish.

How foolish of you to propose your feelings at this place. There are thirty of us here. A total of three have already fallen. There are 27 left. And including me, it’s 28. Someone or the other amongst us will kill you. This isn’t your place, neither is it your village. Why are you interfering?

Just leave the way you came. If we talk this out, it would be the decent thing to do. But if you want me to use my fists… your bodies are going to be couriered. Don’t you understand me? You have come here seeking death. Go ahead and kill the both of them. Siddhu!

Tell me, dad. I am busy. How can you get busy already? Just tell me. What is it, father? We got the letter of your posting. Posting? – Where I have been posted? It’s in Guntur district. Where? – Guntur district. Guntur district. A while ago someone asked me ‘Who are you’?

There’s good news for all of you here. From now on, I am the district collector for you all… this village and the entire Guntur district… Siddhu… Siddharth Reddy, IAS. Why do I care who you are? I am Rajan’s son! You came to Macharla and dare manhandle Rajan’s son?!

Rajan or whoever’s the bloody fellow you are! There is only one treatment for you all! No issues if it’s 30 or 300 goons. I don’t care at all. Since I got posted here as the district collector… I tamed my fists a little. Or else I would hit with the full force. Listen, Ravi…

Go and tell this to your father. Until now, beasts have hunted humans. And now, I am here to hunt the wild animal like you all. From now on, things are going to be operated at a different level! Despite having her family with her…

If a girl fights hard by putting her life at stake. There could only be two reasons. She must have a strong desire for hiding it. Or else, she must have lost trust. Who is Rajan? What is the issue between him and your family? This issue is not something that’s recent.

It began 30 years ago. My grandfather supported his son in the elections against Rajan. On the day of the elections, they killed him. Rajan would be elected unanimously and made sure that no voting… in the elections took place. Every one here is used to living with a constant fear of Rajan…

My brother wanted to end that fear… and stood against him in elections. ‘Please try to understand. ‘ ‘Just as you desired, you became a civil servant. ‘ ‘Instead of enjoying yourself… why would you want to pick a fight with Rajan? ‘ ‘Please don’t do that, son. ‘ ‘Father, the fear inside…

Us is even more dangerous than the fear he instills in us. ‘ ‘Any case, I am not targeting Rajan. ‘ ‘I am just targeting the fear within the people. ‘ ‘It’s not that easy, son. ‘ ‘It’s not that hard either, father. ‘ ‘If free and fair elections are conducted here once, ‘

‘the people here will be filled with courage. ‘ ‘Elections are not a five… year affair where ink is smeared on the fingers. ‘ ‘It’s about the future. ‘ Even though my brother died… I came to Vizag to keep his ideals and vision alive. You said that you wanted to study.

Instead, you brought death along with you. She lost her husband right in front of her eyes. That kid lost her father and she became widow. Can’t you see them and their state right in front of your eyes? He is devil and your are a weak girl.

Did you forget how Rajan killed your brother? I didn’t forget it, father. I am doing all this because I didn’t forget. Have you gone crazy? Sir, she wants to do something that you couldn’t do for your son. Let her do it, sir. Young man, since you are new here…

You don’t know the situation and the environment here. I am happy that you came for my daughter. Listen to me, dear. If possible, take her back with you. At least then, the both of you will stay alive. Should I run away and save myself? Or else, should I save justice by staying back?

One minute, sir. Rajan doesn’t tolerate anyone hitting his men. And now, this guy goes and bashes Rajan’s son! Do you think Rajan will stay quiet? He will kill him. He will kill everyone. Who did this? How many was there? It’s not “They”. It’s just one person.

It must be because he doesn’t know it’s us. He knew who we were. Shut up! Have you lost your masculinity! All got beaten up from one guy. Hey! He didn’t hit you. He hit the reputation that I built for the past 30 years. Where is he? Father, I love you.

I don’t know why… but whenever you tell me that you love me… my heart beats even faster. – Don’t say this. I came here for Swati and you got me posted here. You are indeed superb, father! Oh? Is that how you understood this? Do you know what happened?

Even the water in your house tastes delicious. What is this, dear? Marriage card? Hold on. What did we agree on? I remember it, dear. It’s my responsibility to get him married to you. And you would convince your father first. Nice coffee. He doesn’t get posted to Guntur district. Isn’t that right? – Yes.

Now, take a look at that. So, you are feeling shy to say. Why didn’t you smear the corners with some turmeric and saffron? That’s the posting letter of your son as… the new collector of the Guntur district. This is unfair, isn’t it? If what I did is unfair.

What you did to me is unfair as well. The deal is cancelled. How can you break it off so easily? Why does the water taste weird? A little while ago, you said that the water tasted delicious. I did say that. I would say, if the posting would be according to me.

I would have praised falsely. Shall I tell you something else as well? The coffee served at your house is disgusting! Go and tell your mother that! That is exactly what happened. She is my true friend. And you! Have you ever helped me with any such favors? You don’t know actual meaning of friendship.

She is ready to do anything for friendship. Listen, no matter what you listen to… do you always end up twisting it in your favor? You are still appreciating her! Alright, fine. Cut the call. I’ll call you back. He has come. It means someone will surely die today. Turn around.

I must appreciate your courage… that you are still in Macherla… after raising your hand on Rajan’s son. You have lots of courage! Oh, you are Rajan? If you are thrashed, you should turn into a patient. I was wondering why is it that you turned old.

The father and son look pretty much the same. Same as printing machine. But you both look very weird. No, sir. Would – be Collector. It’s a public place, sir. We would find it difficult to control it, sir. Sir, please… listen to me. You are new to this district.

But district administrative officers are not new to me. Fear in this town was born even before you were born. For 30 years, there hasn’t been… a single person who revolted against me. Usually, I am not the one to give chances. But you have good fortune today. I am going to flip a coin.

If it’s heads, you are going to meet your maker. If it’s tails, leave this town. You are lucky. It’s tails. Leave Macherla and run away today itself. If you want yourself alive! You are extremely lucky. No one in this entire city has gotten a chance like you did.

He would always flip a coin. And this is the first time that it’s tails. I wish I would have bought a lottery today. Never mind. Pack up… pack all your bags. And start immediately. Yes, pick up the call and talk to your boss.

Ask him to change your posting. And get out of here immediately. Sir, are you always like this? Or you in a state of constant fear? Young man, this is Macharla. Only those who fear will be able to survive here. Aunty, it’s you? Please come in. How are you? – I am fine.

How are you? I am also fine. All of a sudden, why did you get here? What’s with all those injuries? – It’s nothing. Just small scuffle. Why would you dismiss it like it’s nothing? Why did she get here? Well, apparently you weren’t picking her calls. That is why, she came along with us.

Hey, Nidhi. How are you? Oh, wow! It is scintillatingly hot! Hey, Narender! – Surender! How long has it been since I last saw you? – Right. What made you come by so suddenly? There… I came for my son. He’s your son? Yes. – Are you guys already acquainted with each other?

He is… – You didn’t tell her anything about us? He’s someone who keeps a lot of secrets. I will tell you. Lady, we were… To tell you the truth… I was partially paralyzed by fear. People like me who are born here have no choice… since we were born and raised here.

But why did you pick a fight with him? It just happened. How would I know how dangerous a fellow he is?! Tell me what do I do now? What’s there to do? If you want to stay alive, you better run away from this place. Father and son are opposite from each other.

That day, you listened to my words. But now, your son doesn’t heed my words. What happened? As soon as he came to town, he picked a fight with Rajan. You came at the right time. Knock some sense into him. My son was stubborn like him and I ended up losing him.

Why all this fuss? Siddhu. – Father. I desperately hoped you wouldn’t be posted into this district. But you ended up getting posted here. No matter what the reasons is but it’s not good. This is enough. We don’t need these fights. Please listen to me. Let’s get out of here.

Yes, Siddhu. Let it go, son. Alright, father. Let’s go. But look into the eyes of Swati who lost her brother. And the little girl who lost her father. And then, we can leave. This isn’t the problem of a family. It is a problem for the entire constituency. There’s no going anywhere.

I am going to take charge as the District collector here. There was no opposition here. But it’s there now. Sir, every time there is an election, I donate money. But the party has never given me… an opportunity for their candidature. This time, I need a ticket to contest.

Sir, no matter which constituency you ask me to be a candidate. All the seats for the state have been confirmed. We’ve already given ‘B – forms’ But there is an opportunity for one seat. Where? – Please, tell us. Macharla. We love our life. We will try next time.

This time again, Macharla is unanimous. Today the new collector… of the district will come to the office for the first time. Police and Administration are eagerly awaiting. It’s like setting up a canopy for a wedding that would never happen. The Collector won’t come!

Before coming here, he had a tiff with Rajan in his place, Macherla. With the warning that Rajan gave him… he would have run away from the state itself. Oh no! He came here. You said he ran away. Alright, alright. What’s this bouquet for? Just a formality, sir…

They look fresh. Put them in the fridge. Anyway, he will be killed by him. Keep this for a tombstone for his grave. You can same your money like this. Come on. Congratulation, sir. I am Jay Shankar. I am MDO here. Thank you. Sir, I am Kailashpati Congratulations, sir. Thank you. – Welcome, sir.

Narayan, MRO of Macharla. Macharla? I have a lot of work with you. Keep in touch. All the best. I wanted to wish him luck? Why is he wishing me? Sir, a civil servant needs to deal with things delicately. You have made quite an impression at the beginning. I shall take my leave, sir.

What’s up, Mr Narayan? He seems to be pretty fired up. Now its between you and him. Your logic is correct. When the CM uses violence, you applaud it. When it comes to civil servants… everyone expects them to deal with things delicately. But I am born a bit violent. What do I do?

Sir, this is your first positing and you are still so young. What changes can we expect in the district? Your reputation precedes you. Any comment? Neither comment, nor likes, nor shares. Nothing. Direct action. This is awesome, Rajan. Private place, liquor and meat. all the arrangements look brilliant.

Here… here… I was expecting this reaction. Before someone else tells you about it, I will tell you this myself. I have taken charge as the district collector… It doesn’t matter if you are a collector or a chief minister. I will always rule here. Aren’t you scared of death?

This is what fear of death means. That you all have spread in Macharla. But since I am not from Macharla, I am not scared. I didn’t come here to fight. I came here to talk about something else. With proper way. As I told you that, I am new to this district.

That is why from now on, Rules and regulation will be new too. My task is to make sure… that elections take place in this constituency. Why are you still looking at me? I said what I came to say. It’s true. Believe me.

If you tell me what needs to be said, I will listen to it. Assume that this is people and this is fear which I instilled… It cannot be separated. Oh my God! What a dialogue delivery, Mr Rajan! Too good! The oldie seems to be a big film junkie. Hold on… hold on… Stop.

Go back. He keeps talking like the prose of villain… You guys are the followers of villain. What do I do now? I should too present myself as hero. Since all of you are very enthusiastic… I would ask the most accomplished amongst you to come forward.

Just one punch. If I don’t get your hearts racing… I swear on Rajan’s son. I knew it. One must be over smart among you. You are losing fear which you had create. Stay within your limits or else you would be cut loose!

There is only one king in a forest. The lion, and not the wolves. I will deal with your wolves. Shall we start hunting? Recently appointed new collector of the district… talked to the reporters about the law in the city. Listen, Siddhu! Yes. Siddhu, I am sorry. I didn’t really grasp the gravity…

Of the situation here and got you posted here. I did all this in anger. I will speak to my father and get you posted elsewhere. Don’t do anything like that. I am sure you always have the best of intentions for me. Anyways, why have you changed your personality so suddenly?

This isn’t really you. Just be yourself. I am really sorry. Direct that sorry towards me… and I shall leave on my way out of here. Welcome, son-in-law. Who told you to speak? Move away! Go away. Take it… Go… Wait. Go. Hey, Guru. What a lovely surprise!

Why do you keep talking about leaving when you just got here? What’s so urgent? It’s not an urgency. It’s an emergency. I want a sorry right now. You came this far for a sorry? Swati! Bring him a ‘Sari. ‘ I am talking about sorry not sari. Understand? Come, dear. Come. – Brother-in-law!

How wonderfully annoying! Here your romance is going and, and revenge there. Why would you need to be romantic at your age, Gurunath? It’s not Gurunath. – Call me Guru. You are a live-in son-in-law. Can I call you a pet? He assumes that everyone is exactly like him. You already got one here.

If you really want to pamper him, go ahead! What happened Guru? You seemed to be fired up, what happened? Here he comes in green T-shirt! Has your whole family arrived here? Siddhu, even my wrinkled shirt also hurts my ego. And you stripped me off my shirt and hit me!

Unless you apologise to me… there is no question of you ever getting out of here. Guru. And you have come here after a long time. Why don’t you enjoy the hospitality? I need a shower. Narender. Tell me, Surender. Will your son submit to his ego? He won’t care for Rajan’s ego.

What do we do about Rajan? We will deal with him in Macharla. Oh! Mr Narayan. Such expensive breakfast. Now I understood the secret of your health. Nothing like that, sir. I am a bit health conscious. Aiming for six pack? No, sir. My wife keeps saying that. But I am finding it difficult.

Election notification has arrived. What about the update? Hey. – Sir. How many times do I have to tell you? There will be only one nomination. Throw the other forms. How did you decide that there’s going to be only one nomination? Apart from Rajan, no one’s going to file a nomination.

No body is courageous enough to nominate themselves against him. Maybe. There might be someone new this time. Will something that hasn’t happened for so long happen now? Just a minute, sir. Hello? Sir, I was born and brought up here. I am going to retire after three months.

There hasn’t been any election here for 30 years. Before I die, I would like to cast my vote at least once, sir. But I might die before this wish is fulfilled. Hello. – Where is Rajan? Out of town on business for work. Tell me. I wanted to talk about the nomination.

I will call you after he returns. Okay, all right. With the upcoming elections… the state is gripped with political buzz. Breaking news. There will be elections in Macharla again. The Collector appealed to the people to submit nomination. The candidate will be given adequate security from the government. What’s wrong with him?

As soon as he took charge, why is he asking people to invite death? It’s because he is new. Elections in Macharla? Democracy? And here? Grandma, do you want to nominate yourself? Why? So that I can die? Good morning, sir! – Morning. Hello? Narayan, brother Rajan is here.

It’s the last day for the nomination. Bring the form. Okay, I am leaving right away. Yes, tell him. Yes. – Alright. Okay. You have come? You said that somebody would file their nomination. Today is the last day, I haven’t got a single nomination. You go home and relax. I got a work.

I will go to Rajan’s house… and get him to sign the nomination papers. Why would you go? The candidate has to come here. He doesn’t come. We will have to go. That’s Rajan’s rule. He must come to the office and file his nomination. This is the government’s rule.

Government rules are only on the papers. If you follow them, you end up losing your life. I don’t mind if you suspend me or dismiss me… from my job or even transfer me. I am going. Bloody rules? Who cares about stupid rules? Sir? – Yes. I don’t have the stature…

But still I want to say something. – Go on. It’s time to fear Siddharth… and come out of Rajan’s terror. Do you want me to die? You do your work. In a few days, he is going to leave this place. He isn’t a coward to leave this place.

As soon as he came here, he thrashed Ravi. Did you expect it? – Why go that far? Do you remember what happened when he confronted Rajan twice? You know everything. Sir, he is an educated man but he isn’t a saint. I heard that before he became an officer, he was a goon.

Sir, look at that. He seems to be in a totally different mood. But what does he want to do? Thank God he threw the rod on the rock. What if he had hit someone? Mr Narayan. Come. Let’s have a cup of tea. Here, have it. – No thanks, sir.

It’s quite fresh. Have it. Sit down. Can I say something? I have a problem. Generally, I speak after I use my fists. Tell Rajan to come. We give him a treat. Call him. Sir, think again. You are too shy. Oh? Rajan brother God?

If the devotee calls for God, won’t he make an appearance? He will come. It’s ringing. Talk to him. Call him. Hello! Why didn’t you come here yet? We are running out of time. The boss is waiting for you. I need to talk to Rajan sir. Please give him the phone.

Brother, Narayan is on the phone. Yes, tell me, Narayan. Sir, sign here. Congratulations, Mr Narayan. At last, you have called him here and made him file the nomination. In time. I am an MLA even before you were born. You cannot stop me from winning. You were talking about elections and nominations. What happened?

Not one person came forward. I will become the MLA for the seventh time. This legacy will never be stopped. Brother, it’s Mr Sharma. Yes, Mr Sharma. Send me the advance. The work will be done. There was a deal worth a crore of rupees. Here, I am going to be elected unanimously.

Both of these things happened at the same time. Now you can congratulate me. By the way, Mr Rajan! If there is only one nomination, the victory is unanimous. How can it be unanimous if there are two nominations? Look there, not here. His nomination form was submitted a while ago.

Now whom am I going to congratulate? Well, between the two of you, whoever wins, I really don’t care. The only thing that’s important to me is these elections happening. Only a lunatic will confront me. No matter how fast the deer runs… it lives only until the tiger catches it. Same conditions apply…

Until you are not in the reach of my clutches. Stop telling me the jungle book stories in my office. Get lost. Rajan! Rajan! I am Rajan. He is Narayan. Murthy. What is your name? So what? Raising your hand on… the Collector is equivalent to raising… your hand on the government. Get lost.

Hello, Raghvendra. – Hello. For the first time there is election in the village. On this happy occasion, we are organizing a fair in our village. You must honour us with your presence. Why won’t you come? I am have phobia of crowd. I will not come. Awesome, baby!

“I am fair and beautiful. I will show you sights of heaven.” “I will set the whole city on fire with my charm.” “I will make you high like a liquor.” “I won’t spare anyone. I will floor everyone.” “Be ready. I swim like a fish.” “Be ready. I fly like a butterfly.”

“Be ready. I fly like a butterfly.” “Be ready. I swim like a fish.” “Be ready. I fly like a butterfly.” “Make merry, my buddy.” “Make merry, my buddy.” “Make merry, my buddy.” Wait. Wait for me. “O damsel. Serve me drinks.” “First buy a diamond ring for me.” “I will buy it for you.”

“Oh so sorry. First buy me a golden chain.” “You won’t get anything, if you come with an empty pocket.” “It is not your cup of tea.” “So many admirers wait for me.” “I will give my heart to one of them. I am so sorry.” “Be ready. I fly like a butterfly.”

“Be ready. I swim like a fish.” “Be ready. I fly like a butterfly.” “Be ready. I fly like a butterfly.” “Be ready. I swim like a fish.” “Be ready. I fly like a butterfly.” “Let’s exchange hearts.” “This is a deal of love.” “Let’s exchange hearts.” “This is a deal of love.” Unidentified assailants have attacked… the district collector on the day of nomination. Our sources believe this to be the work of Rajan. The district Collectorate issued a statement that… the district collector is unharmed. The association of IAS officers have issued a harsh criticism… of the attack on the collector.

This IAS showed his other side. You saw that it became a breaking news, didn’t you? We cannot do anything now. Even what happens in the bedroom are telecast on the TV. No political party in… the opposition would dare put up a candidate against you. Everyone knows that.

Even though we are in power, we didn’t do that either. And we will never do that either. That is the kind of respect we have towards you. But the issue here is that girl. I mean Raghav and his granddaughter. She went to Vizag and took this issue to the court.

If Supreme Court takes cognizance of your case… it will be a problem for you. Your entire political career would be jeopardized! Once the court starts dealing with this… forget about me… no one else can do anything else either. And it’s the time of elections. We don’t have power right now.

Are you scared that you will lose if the elections take place? Can anyone dare to cast their vote for another candidate? Please heed my words and this time, let the elections happen. I am telling this for your good. You will surely win. I did exactly as you asked.

Looks like Rajan agreed to elections taking place. That is enough. I will take care of the rest. Even though we were in power all these years… we were never able to stop his atrocities. But looking at you, I believe that you can stop him. Whatever be the case, the elections must happen.

My party and my support is always with you. All the best. Did you back down just because CM convinced you to? You should have killed that collector the other day. The matter would have been closed. There wouldn’t have been any election. If we get scared of the law, people will start opposing us.

Do you want us to go and beg people to vote for us? Hey… Being a goon and being a politician are two different things. To be a politician, you must know exactly what to do and when. Just this once, let’s do as the CM asks.

If anything goes wrong, we have our ways, don’t we? I wonder where you are off to. The elections are close by, are they not? I am going to campaign. Why? It’s only through campaign that people vote for us. Ram Kumar, come here. Yes, sir. Apparently, they are going to campaign.

Would you vote for them? Oh goodness, no. If I vote for them, Rajan will kill me. – Understood. Go and do your work. Yes, sir. Not just him… no one in this entire village is going to vote for you. Apparently, they are going to campaign. You are right, uncle.

Even on collector’s behest, people didn’t file for nomination. Will they really vote for them on our behest? Thank you, Siddhu. After so long, you have understood me. Narender, looks like your son changed his ways to ours. In the current situation, you have to campaign not among the people. Then where should we go?

In Rajan’s house. Narender. – Tell me, Surender. What can you see on that wall? Two photographs. But I can see four photographs. What’s the discussion here? Won’t you tell me? Five photographs. High five. The change has begun. Sir. Even a kid can win if he plays chess without an opponent.

Only if there is competition… one would get to know your talent. If anyone wants to win against Rajan, he must be Rajan. That’s why I don’t allow anyone to compete with me. Strange. People are exactly talking about this. That elections mean fights, and riots. But it won’t happen this time…

Conducting peaceful elections is our responsibility. The only thing important for a kingdom is a king. But no king can rule a kingdom without people in it. The people should see their king as their strength. But the king should never be the thing that people fear. Hi, bro. How are you? Long time.

I wanted to say something. Mr Raghvendra. Come, sir. Sit. The latest trend is for opponents… in the competition to wish each other all the best. I have brought them here to follow these trends. Is this revenge? Revenge? Bro, are you around 30 to 35 years old?

Ok, let’s assume you are 35 years old. Beating up a man is worth mentioning. Beating an old man isn’t called bravery. There’s no revenge here. Only election is a must. Mr Raghvendra, wish your opponent all… the best and start the campaign. Hey! I don’t need anyone’s wishes.

Everyone with ego is in my life. Your campaign is yours and his campaign is his. He will ask you to vote for him, and vice versa. These are friendly elections, sir. You are an experienced politician and he is experienced in life. Are you scared of elections, sir? Campaign.

Go ahead and campaign. Organize meetings. People here shudder at the thought about voting. No one here in this constituency is going to vote against me. That’s settled then. You campaign with fear, and he will do it with peace. Elections here are being conducted after 30 years. It’s only an election in name.

No matter what happens, the victory is mine. Who said otherwise? Please win, sir. Wins and losses are not important to me. What matters to me is the polls being conducted. Mr Raghvendra, please start the campaign. Applause! Applause! Mr Raghvendra, congrats. Your election symbol is a torch, which he has lit.

It’s a great start. You are super, sir! Let’s go. Come on. Sir, I have a small request. It’s not an official matter, but a family matter. He is looking at me like he wants to kill me. Please get him married, sir. – Please, sir. I cannot take that look in his eyes.

Okay, bro. You get busy with that. Okay bye. Get married. You will learn to see with love. Sir, can you please give me a pen once? Here. The elections are taking place after 30 years. Go ahead and campaign. Organise your meetings.

The newly appointed collector is doing a good job. – All the best! Rajan agreed to the elections. He has agreed to the elections?! He asked to vote for the first time in 30 years. Rajan agreed to the elections? We will also cast vote this time. Did you hear? Rajan spoke of elections.

Looks like Macharla is headed for good days. Why did brother Rajan say so? These people? Hello. – Hello. What happened? What brings all the esteemed people here? After years there will be elections in Macharla. All because of this collector sir. But you deserve all the praises. You have revolted against Rajan’s rule.

You are great. From today… we are going to walk with you in this fight. That’s great news. Welcome. Brother Raghvendra. – Long live. Hail Miss Swati! Brother Raghvendra. – Long live. Brother Raghvendra. – Long live. Brother Raghvendra. – Long live. Narender. Tell me, Surender. Whatever be the case, your son is truly great.

He is managed to ignite the doused flame. Look at the people’s passion. Look at this sort of publicity. I never imagined such day would come. – Narender. Tell me, Surender. I was the one who called you. When did you come? What, Gurunath? You are shrewd and he is your boss.

You keep calling each other Narender and Surender. No one cares about how frustrated I am. What happened? Your son stripped me and beat me. Instead of apologising to me, he just keeps escaping. At any cost, I am going to get an apology from him. If I don’t get it tomorrow…

I am going to leave this village and go back home. That is when you will know my worth. These old drunkards are useless. Surender and Narender. I am the Alexander. The world conqueror. Crazy fellow! It is so noisy outside the house. But it is so quiet inside. Should I celebrate my increasing following…

Or should I mourn… as the one I follow doesn’t give me any importance? I don’t understand. Brother, because of that old man, people no longer fear us. Brother Ravi. Your father is silent. If it continues, we will be ruined. Break everything. Hey! Raghavendra, come out. Demolish it. Demolish everything. Come on. Remove them.

Remove them all. – Demolish it. Brother, there is no one inside. Come out. Where is that old man? Where? – I don’t know, sir. She is the wife of the old collector. Tell him and make the list. – Okay. What happened, ma’am? Those goons are trying to kill us. Who is it?

Please save us. Come here. Ma’am. Please get out of that way. Boss, she is running away in a rickshaw. Sir! Go out. Everyone go out. We have started an investigation sir. Why investigation? We all know who the killer is. We need witness. He was murdered in broad daylight. Sir!

Nobody saw anything. No one complains against them. There won’t be any evidence. If we file a case, how can we prove it? It is of no use. Send the dead body for post-mortem. I’ve only known him for ten days. And yet, I feel I lost a friend.

All his life, he worked only for you. Someone killed him right in front of your eyes. Don’t you really have even a bit of feeling towards this? Today Ravi’s audacity made him barge into your office. Tomorrow, he is going to enter your house.

Something like this is going to happen to your wife or kids. Are you going to just keep staring and doing nothing even then? All these days I thought you were not courageous. But there is no human being inside you! Sir! Somebody came to see you, sir. Send him in. Hello, sir.

My name is Ravinder. I am an out-sourcing staff at the Macharla MRO’s office. Mr Murthy was the one who helped me secure that job. I was there when the incident occurred, sir. Sir, I have recorded everything in my phone. You said that he wasn’t arrested… because of lack of evidence and witness.

Here is the evidence. He should not be outside. File the FIR. This is my order. Sir! – Hey! You are making a mistake. You are making a mistake. Yes, brother. I will surely come. Hello? – You are coming here? Yeah, Uncle. I will be there tomorrow morning.

Yes, brother. We are leaving tomorrow itself. Raghvendra is enjoying massive backing from the public! The new collector has changed the youth’s opinion. Sir, all the students have come. Hello, sir! – Hello, sir! Sir, we work in different locations… and return home only during the celebrations.

But this time we came here for a change. We have total faith in you, sir. What should we do to ensure a fair election? We will change our future with this ink… We have to change the society. Vote for the change! Hope for a future! – Yes, sir!

Vote for the change! Hope for the future! Please vote. – “Vote is your right”, says the Collector. Lay the red carpet at every polling booth. – Why, sir? Not for the ones who will wins… but for the ones who make them victorious. Brother, tomorrow we have the elections…

The collector did what he claimed to do! Votes will be cast everywhere. He gathered all the voters of the town from various places. You were too lenient. It’s time to show him your power. Beef up the security at every booth. – Okay, sir. Hello. – Sir, Rajan is planning to disrupt the elections.

Hey! I underestimated you. Not only the people in the town… but you have also made an impact on outsiders. A 30 years old young chap ended the 30 years of my terror. I will remember it all my life. There won’t be a single vote…

That would be cast in this Macherla until this Rajan is alive. If that happens… I will commit suicide. I will kill those people whom you gave hope. Hello? – Swati, where are you? I am near Durganagar temple. What happened? Where is grandpa? – He is with me. Okay, stay right there…

I am sending the police force. – Hello? Siddhu? Hello? – Sir! Ravi has escaped. Sir! They got Ravi out. What happened? Are you stressed out? You thought that I would kill Raghvendra. 30 years ago I did the same thing. If I repeat it people won’t fear this time… they would instead sympathise.

I already gave you a clue but you didn’t understand that. I would kill the ones who trusted you. I would kill the ones who listened to you. I will shatter all your dreams. I would kill the hope… that you have given to them. Do you understand?

He is going to do something. He is going to do something big. What is that message? The same thing that our boys forward… “Vote for change, Hope for future” I will break all your hopes. Do you understand? What should we do to ensure a fair election, sir? Hope for future! Oh, no!

We will change our future with this ink… We have to change the society. Do you think you can cast a vote? You want to vote? Come on. You want to vote? Tell me. Sir, we want a change. What should we do to ensure a fair election, sir?

Yes, Sir! Vote for the change. Hope for the future! The same thing happened 30 years ago. He didn’t kill just one or two. That wasn’t enough for him. He turned the entire constituency into a graveyard. For the election that comes once in five years…

They have lost the children who should have been with… them for another fifty years. Our lives won’t ever change! You have done enough, son. We are happy to have at least a life to lead. Nobody will turn up to vote after witnessing this bloodbath. Please, go away from here.

We are sitting here for no particular reason. Nobody can to cast a vote since morning. No one will come to cast their vote. We have to wait for another 3 hours… and then we can happily leave for our houses. We got paid for doing nothing.

Why did you come here? – I am here to cast my vote. You will be killed if you cast your vote. I don’t care. I will cast my vote. Old man! What are you doing here? – I am here to cast my vote, sir. You will be killed if you cast your vote.

Rajan’s game is over. Nobody fears him. Let’s run! Let’s vote. Come on. Come on, let’s go! Hurry up. Hey, come on! What happened to your tall claims of conducting elections? And filing nominations? Isn’t your pride crushed? Hello, collector! Did people cast the votes? If nobody is coming to vote…

You can ask the corpses to cast their votes? Hey! You can do whatever you want… but you can’t wipe off… the fear that we have created in the public. I am Rajan’s son. I have not only inherited his looks but also his sense of politics. Until our fear exists in the people…

Not a single person will cast a vote in Macharla. I should kill you right here and right now. But I changed my mind. I should use you to deliver justice. This is collector Siddharth speaking… The voting in Macherla has begun. Come out of your house and cast your votes.

I have thrashed Rajan and he is in a pitiful condition. What happened? Are you shocked to see him? He is your son! I wiped off the fear that you created. Do you know why he is standing in your place? You are a contestant… the elections will be postponed with your death.

I want the elections to be held today. Didn’t I tell you already… that you should contest the election properly? But instead of asking for votes… you opted for politics with dead bodies. What did you say? That not… a single vote would be cast until Rajan is alive.

The vote has been cast. The polling has been completed. The one who will garner people’s support will become the winner. Brother Raghvendra. – Long live. Rajan has lost his deposit votes. After 30 years, Raghvendra has won with a thumping majority. Brother Raghvendra. – Long live. Brother Raghvendra. – Long live.

Brother Raghvendra. – Long live.

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