Making A Comic Book In 5 Hours?

Making A Comic Book In 5 Hours?

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A couple of years back i tried this little challenge called the 5r comic challenge the challenge was pretty simple you make a comic from start to finish within 5 hours i tried to do this challenge again a couple of months back but my 5 hours turned into 48 hours and

I ended up playing the sketches for like a 24 page comic book i thought in order for me to finish this five hour comic challenge this time i needed to add some stakes to it if i don’t finish this comic in five hours i’m gonna give one of you guys one lakh aka

The way i want to choose one of you is through a special competition It ends with him huh it’s a couple if i lose you’re gonna get one They ask you how you are you just have to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine but you just here are the rules for the challenge i need to finish a five-page comic sketched inked and colored within five hours and two if i don’t finish it within five hours i need

To give a couple thousand five hundred dollars that’s a lot of money if i lose this thing i want to lose my two month salary that’s that’s my two month salary right there In case he wins i’m gonna fire him So everything was set up and it was time for me to start the challenge couple set the damn timer it’s all right i’m gonna start this thing in three two wait wait wait wait wait i just pick my brush all right three two Okay okay okay i’ll get this don’t get tense take your test all right hey normally i’m not gonna do just five pages i’m also gonna do the cover oh god well this is the overachieving part of myself trying to screw things up which eventually came to bite me in the

End so i’ve got five hours i need to finish a five-page comic within that so i thought i’d probably go with a story that i was familiar with it’s got like a starfish a fisherman and a boy three characters how about the idea of making progress and trying to do at least one

More thing in the right direction what should i name this thing is the star thrower it’s the starfish story that was is it about a starfish yeah okay then i guess you’re like no it’s about vegetables what’s the point and i finished the cover within like you know seven minutes or something my

Mentality going into this was i have to be fast you know i need to think of myself like a lightning bull trying to draw a comic i’m speed and slowly i then realized that the five page comic actually turned into a seven pages i don’t even crap it’s actually time with it

Three hours 38 minutes okay i need to finish exactly it okay okay okay professional perfection no perfection Like i told you i was off to a good start i implemented my time speed plan and it worked i’m done with the and and you sketching to know how many pages nine days three hours eight minutes all right i knew that i need to base myself out so

That’s what i did that felt nice at the start at least okay so here’s the thing since i am going to finish this no you’re not i’m going to give one of you 10 000 rupees you have 30 minutes and you need to draw a starfish holding a

Pencil now coupon is good at drawing things so therefore he can only draw with his left hand okay you have the papers in the studio you can use whatever art materials you want and your time starts now all right so while these guys are drawing this thing i want to introduce a

Sponsor for this video except myself i’m sponsoring this video and drawing if you’ve ever wanted to draw like me and are looking for a program to help you do just that drawing camp is set drawing camp is a 100 day program designed to learn drawing and character

Design basically a brainchild of mine of what i know and what i love the program is like a video game consisting of three different levels and 14 different courses ranging from drawing fundamentals gesture sharing character design environment and prop design human anatomy imaginative drawing stylization and much more

What the hell is that that is starfish also this is designed to be a follow along program all you need to do is show up for 20 to 30 minutes a day and learn all these things through 100 plus structured lessons exercises and projects so whether you’re a student a

Busy parent or a full-time person doing this thing on a site this program is designed to work with your schedule so in 100 days you would have learned and practiced all the things you need to draw and create stylized characters and worlds after that it’s only a matter of

Consistent practice also why 100 days well that’s what i did to get where i am right now in terms of a skill level i did many of these hundred day challenges where i was deliberately focusing on my craft that helped me to really level up my craft couple couple are using your

Fingers now good boy that’s that’s how you do it we have three thousand plus students doing drawing camp at the moment and over thirty thousand doing all of my other courses so join these ganga creative types the enrollment just opened up and we’re running a small discount for the

Next nine days check it out the links are down below in the description we’re in the middle of a bloody concert in a drawing competition right now i got a call yes you heard me right okay while they draw their starfish holding a pencil i’m gonna go and finish

Off my comic all right three more hours to go and i’m done with the sketching i think i can go and take a nap or something it’s like too damn easy i really wasn’t sure what i was getting the thing is though i’m i’m like draining out already and i think i added

Way too much details into the piece and i think that’s going to be an issue because i need to think all of that color it add shadows keisha what are you cutting yourself into boy so at this point in time right i was done with sketching now i’m like moving

On to inking and i was trying to emulate the same formula speed fast go go go go Foreign Okay i just have one hour 43 minutes left therefore i’m just gonna spend seven minutes per page and i want to do that consecutively okay this is gonna be fun so let’s do this ready three two one Okay folks i’m done with the first page i did that shut up go away so she would okay Can’t let go of that perfection I’m about to private wrongly hit long night long i was like holy i’m gonna lose 1500. over a stupid comic challenge and that’s when a little panic set in and got a bit anxious things were getting hot a bit comfortable what would you do if you get the money

I just told him that i would go to visit bali bali yeah who’s bali After everybody okay Oh wait wait wait wait i have one more thing coming very very very very important look at this what do you think what do you think about your i don’t want to tell you i don’t want to talk about it Hold this deposit back into my all right everybody give them a give them a big round of applause Okay so these are some explicit it’s ex i can’t pronounce that word explicit pieces of work here as you can see great details and line work and patchy markers like cats have mods like this man no fish okay cats there’s not a catfish to the starfish

Okay it’s a bad joke so i’m just gonna choose between these two because this is the squad this this is my couple by the way you can see the sheer amount of effort that has been put into this piece it’s insane so i want to take this off that’s not bad

Yeah yeah this is this this is a very good piece of work you know so i’m going to choose between these two it seems like sashi has put an effort this guy has to obviously with all these dots and stuff i don’t i don’t think starfish has patches cheetahs do praveen i know

What’s up with you and cats so technicality sashi wins easily the form is very nice but i do like the message that you have there shine like a starfish that that that order plays all the cat posters in the world i do like the cute that’s the only thing that’s good

That’s the whole point okay you know what yeah so the winner based on technicality and not counting the q dice and everything the winner is ravine yes no That is it for this one

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