(please refaites la traduction, elle est horrible) How are you Youtube? Recently I was humiliated during a conversation … What, you haven’t seen Avatar? Huuuuuuuuum…. James Cameron mate ! Terminator! Alien! Titanic! You don’t know Titanic?! No way, are you actually living in a cave or something? This is G culture mate!

The G culture, the G culture, I already don’t know A, B, C, D, E, F cultures so…. I don’t know what happened during my youth, Maybe my parents were too busy to take care of me.

Or that I spent too much time on my sideboard. I think it’s mostly that! But I realize that there is too much things I don’t know Or I clearly have a lack of culture and knowledge compared to my friends Here are five areas where I am a tench. 1. Policy.

I reassure you now. On that, there isn’t worst person than my brother; Last year I told him that Russia was not part of the European Union He said: – “Russia? You mean the USSR?”

By contrast, I’m so apolitical that I don’t know if I’m for the right of the left ( french political parties) I think that I’m for the extreeeeeeeeeeeeeme CENTER! Like I have few opinions, but a lot Here are my answers – “And you, Henry, what do you think of the growth of LDCs?”

-“Oh you know, unless it’s reasonable, unless it’s not much” 2. Philosophy. Kant, it’s about Kant, even if I try to deKant the Kantent he is reKanting, I Kantinue to not understand 3.The French music. We weren’t listening to that at home ! I’m not talking about new ones, but Claude François, Sylvie Vartan…

The only song I could possible know from Nostalgie Radio, is a song from Daniel Balavoine And this is just because there’s my name in it and that I hate this song! Here I am, my name is Henry I would like to succeed my life… be loved” Stop stop stop!

I’m not showing you what’s next, it’s getting worst and worst 4. Us shows Before I was forced to watch an episode, i tought Game of Thrones was a TV Show happening on a toilet seat. Ha, two mounts ago, one of my friend told me “Winter is Coming”

I answered him: – What are you saying, we are in summer !?? Last time I saw a “Hunger Games” scene * Hunger Games music + Henry’s head shocked * What are those nazis ? 5) And the worst of the worst …. Ah cinema! The seventh art !!

I already don’t know the six first arts, so for the seventh one…. At the beginning of the video, I told you that I did not watch Titanic But that was just the iceberg’s emerged part * pan + missed joke * Like, I don’t have any cinematographic culture

Except for nubiles films. Like when I hear a movie’s name, I don’t even know how we write it Here is what I hear and imagine when one of my friends talk to me about a movie Re-shower (Rush hour) right down there back eh, go In-zep-tion (Inception)

Welcome to this ZEP (PEA) where Karim, 32 years old, is dealing pot every tuesdays Wuuuuuuut??????????? I dreamed of a cliché TV report Grave E.T (Gravity) Hi Twilette (Twilight) raaaahhhhh ahaaaa… Scar-ass (Scarface) Termine a tort (Termine is wrong) (Terminator) hey it s my crips there! Oh shit you’ve ate all of it

Inthéière-stellar (Teapot) (Interstellar) *Universal studio’s music* Never forget or the notebook Why you did not write me ? It was not finished for me. I waited for you for seven long years… I wrote you 365 letters a day for a year

You wrote to me ? Yes and that isn’t over and will never ne ! ok, I may have overreacted, a bit, but you know, the problem is that we don’t I know the better the subculture as he calls. This is Zemmour who said that rap is a subculture of illiterate

He’s no-chill ! Netflix is ​​not for him and luckily he has not said anything about manga because -to make lots of money you bought a lot of cheap mangas from japanese people who gave it with a cheap price who were infamous and shit with three words int

Three vocabulary words is “you zvou zvou” But you will calm down a bit there eric it’s not that at all the sound effects becomes especially not you go huh doublers stopping us a season with your bullshit “manga is still that’s a

Incredible violence and two three vocabulary ” Admire these plans it has yuna ito Chinatsu who mineo sosa. Infamous shit ?! You know what ? I understand opposite the first is the last and thus the opposite of A is Z

Suddenly the opposite of love is Zemmour he has no heart QED is a shame because I’m super hot under cultivation Oh I I’m very under cultivated and sub I’ve ever read the poor but against the mixing Myskina jconnais you would let me mention Naruto in philosophy topics the nature book

I would not have had 5 j’t “would have spoken of Mokuton Yamato how nature and man can do only such for Memes Pshaw in internet culture, I am a fool you check my phone there’s that much when I’m too lazy to talk to my friends I answer with

Even sometimes it may even save your life When she told you I love you after the first mourning suddenly with time to hide my lack of knowledge I had to develop some techniques to look less con during a conversation 1) Look to agree with the guy in front

I see what you mean, it’s funny that because I thought the same thing that’s really interesting what you talking about there I had not seen things technique that angle ! 2) The technique of inspiration plus shoulder shrug more inspiration shrug shoulders what you think of the five-year Pshaw holland holland uh you know

3. Dodging. – You heard about the new reform ? No but I even want to talk about so take us for idiots is clear ! 4) The Nicolas technical

Always hanging next to the subject without answering the question that. – Mr. Sarkozy do you think of the unhealthiness of some schools in Marseille – Well first of all Viva OM, I want to say to Marseilles I am well aware of the situation I look W9

And 5) The deviation by humor. – Guy tas seen the last punchline of Macron on people which are nothing Nope? But it’s crazy here and I feel he gets off the Macron punchlines kind every morning he wakes up he said : – ok what I’m gonna let punchline today ?

No but seriously what do you think ? What bah ? What is hot that a president say that either no ? yes yes it’s hot expect you agree with him

You think like him that in life there are those who succeed and those who do nothing oh bah you know as it is reasonable as it’s not too Y’know what I think is right in fact there are people who can not succeed people like you that are nothing you’re a guy you’re not an infamous shit c’mon ten me otherwise I Her I am, my name is Henri, i would love to succeed my life, be loveeeed

So meeet me a blue thumb and especially peeense to you subscriiiiibe So that way I’ll have a little less like an idiot…

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