Mario Kart in REAL LIFE ! Ryan Plays Mario Kart LIVE HOME CIRCUIT!

Mario Kart in REAL LIFE ! Ryan Plays Mario Kart LIVE HOME CIRCUIT!

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No what is that turkey guys we got a brand new game we got mario kart live home circuit whoa it’s a big box all right let’s open it okay yeah why this the box is so big what is this whoa it’s a car it’s a mario where’s the game yeah in it

Look guys the camera on this car oh interesting and what’s this okay do you know what these blocks are okay so those pieces were gates all right and how we play is we use ninja switch and connect it with this car so you can remote control the car and you get to see

Where it’s going through this camera all right guys we’re gonna set it up and play all right so we’re almost done we’re setting it up so ryan’s got the car ready it’s all charged up wait now i started seeing the camera oh oh it’s my face i’m so big

You look like a giant no dodge mario ryan’s gonna punch you okay okay so ryan’s going to the track right in front of the gate oh oh back it up back it up oh back of that back of that ah don’t punch it ryan so now we have to set the

Track okay set up a race so you have to create the course okay i’m ready oh create the course paint block yeah there you go so you drive through the gate first good keep going go go okay trying to go to the next gate yeah gate two you have to go through it

Good luck go okay go to that and turn left at the sofa turn left i’ll be good are you going going going to the gate three so close yes all right okay turn left there too yeah and you will see the gate four uh-huh okay you’re very close to be done okay

Turn left again and you should see ah watch out what’s your chance that’s not the wave it’s okay you want to do that okay all right completed all right so now we set the course so this is how we’re gonna go right this is a new course

Now we’re gonna start the race time trial let’s see oh we can see the little mommy mommy hi mommy Oh it’s going oh it looks so much faster in the screen yeah it’s not really moving fast It’s so cool everything looks so much bigger from this screen ah this is fun so you’re gonna race against the uh the computers okay and mommy’s coming in with the camera also oh mommy looks so big like it’s a monster mommy oh it’s okay it’s okay Ah you crash into the game get destroyed go go go go pass mommy aha I have a perfect idea now we oh sure cat okay good that’s working too no where are you going ryan’s going off the court ryan oh oh they’re all coming well they are coming towards you you can use as many as you want until it goes out okay

Ah crash into the wall no all right to the finish line ah oh hello no what is that turkey [Applause] and mommy and turkey is blocking the goal all right guys so now we’re gonna make a grand ultimate super difficult track all right i’ll see you guys in one hour bye

Hey guys let’s show you how it works so after the first corner you have a ramp you make sure you speed up before you get there here’s a giant triceratops better watch out and we have a giant food area we got a banana peel apple slice and carrot on the track

All right guys you ready yeah okay three so it’s gonna be daddy versus ryan on this special ryan’s world special track look my head is twitching oh yeah so ryan’s gonna be mario and i’m gonna be luigi all right starting i’m hopping my boy ready two one go

Oh ryan’s in front of me ah can you guys see it are you in this place are you stuck no oh no ryan must be right behind me okay so i finished the first lap okay good i’m coming today going so fast daddy this is a record i haven’t crashed yet really oh

Nice where’s my oh i see ryan guys let’s see if i can catch up to ryan the dinosaur wait is that right ah i see you right oh it’s racing it’s racing it’s okay you’ll never catch up to me i’m right behind you boy are you there i crashed into something okay ah

I’m gonna look at my driving skills can we skip the ramp is that possible yeah you can you can go on the side just watch out for the snake all right here you go oh no no no no get away get away get away get away

Get away get away no no no no no how are you in front of me hacks You crushed me into the speaker no watch out for the dinosaur ah no the weight whoa that was close the one pound weight ah i got an orange thrown at me nice wow ryan move that’s why i got pushed up so fast thank you skip shortcuts

Watch out for the mommy oh no no she makes me up where am i going there you go finish ryan finish it too fifth place that was fun yeah all right guys i hope you guys like this game it was really difficult huh yeah but it was so fun making tracks and and

Going around the ramp and underneath the dinosaur and you don’t even have to go through the the race you can just kind of go around and explore your house with your car because they all look different right because you you feel like you shrunk yourself i’m

Gonna try to find ryan let’s see if we’re ryan i don’t know where i am though i think i hear you i don’t know where i am myself oh i found you right there wait i can’t drive i can’t move i can’t get stuck see if i can push it

All right guys we’re gonna try to find more fun way to play this game but for now see you bye remember or stay happy it rises up bye oh somebody’s coming look watch out watch out oh oh it’s mommy i’m gonna run from mommy no no

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