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Me [Applause] Yes Oh wow what a great little thingy Oh wow Ugh [Applause] Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah Uh Oh no this means time out for us Hmm Hmm good afternoon ladies and gentlemen it’s the greatest update the breaking News That has poisoned your heart Uh This is not good at all no thanks it’s better if we just read Books So Wow but good on all of them Hmm So [Laughter] that’s it you asked for it now you’ll be playing with me okay then but if i went over this game set and match you’ll be my toy And uh how do you play the sport what’s it called tennis Ah I’m so tired that’s what it is the secret weapon whose brain’s the loudest is the one who wins Uh Yes Oh i am so victoriously greatest i’m the one who will be number one You [Applause] That’s it you are my toy Oh my little cutie pies my teeny tiny baby twins [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Wow Oh Ah Love is as free as a bird And now you pretty doll will fall in love with me no he’s my love and i am his beloved you will belong to me or to no one We should make the story more dramatic forever he is mine and i am his to break the spell we need to share a kiss he’ll return to me I’d better go and show my show to bear he knows i am the greatest artist ever Hmm Oh Oh that’s great you want to see my show premiere No wonder it’s not like it’s a soccer match on tv Is no he is my love and i am his beloved you will belong to me or to no one you haven’t seen the best most interesting part of the play it’s amazing great message subtext and context and that other thing transforming power of art Now you’ll watch it wow it’s like in my fairy tale and even more so so now to bring it back to reality you need to do that thing you do well you know you’d have to kiss them all of them What kind of kissing is that shows with passion show more feelings more fire and desire It’s like a miracle Now what why is it my fault all i did was from the fairy tale look watch it all yourself So bad is what it’s like transforming power of art Oh no he’ll be sad again i was right he got sad And no wonder it’s such an old thing yeah it’s not a cool instrument at all and he’s looking like he’s not good looking the way he’s going he’s not going to go far But that’s okay we’ll tune it up in no time well let’s do it [Applause] Oh my i’m such a I’m speechless that’s how you do it Uh hmm sorry [Applause] [Applause] Hmm [Applause] [Applause] So Hmm So now you know what to do Foreign So You can never teach an old bear a new trick too bad So Are you it can’t are you the king really oh goodness gracious it’s not a proper welcome for a king it’s not that before it came to arrive with no welcoming committee Your royal magic stream come on now please go back and arrive one more time But that’s our bear allow me to escort you to his humble abode I would imagine that it’s not fit for a king to just walk about It’s not fit for a king no no but it’s not fit for a king to fix cars like that not for a king i tell you that is not what king should do Oh it’s not fit for a king to rub noses with bears Kings are not supposed to wash dirty dishes and it’s not fit for king to clean up masses i am telling you Oh what are you thinking is it really proper for a king to fish for some fish and get mosquito bites On vacation king line the third in my royal absence the crown will be temporarily bestowed on queen mariana 101 it’s for me i’m the queen Why am i waiting when i have a kingdom to rule His royal majesty made me his new favorite queen [Applause] It’s not fit for a queen to use her own feet i want a queen mobile a queen ball field You dare to raise your paw Then i praise you for your service to me to the palace hmm it’s not fit for a queen to have such a small house hey people all hands to the palace building Huh see you can do it when i force you to okay you go and prepare a piece fit for The people i’m ruling are actually not Bad What’s good for the queen is what’s good for her people i am so really majestic so magnificently imperial we are ready for our royal food You must obey your queen So whoa While you’re getting ready to have your dinner i am being dethroned don’t you dare telling your queen to be quiet it’s not fit for a queen to stand in the corner Something happened to me the power has gotten to my head it’s not good at all oh no I realized standing in the corner just now it’s not fit for a royal to alienate their people Did we really play every game in the whole world there is something we can play we can see to play like a theater why didn’t you say it before dasha let’s do it right away and put on a play look let’s start with a classic theater it’s so boring the opera is

So much better the great costumes and singing too I think that we should stick to great classic drama or maybe even a tragedy i think we should do it A great drama Only a drama just a drama that we should do i say that we should do a drama That is a great idea the ballet opera with elements of drama you can keep going on and show off your knowledge but i am writing So [Applause] Hmm [Applause] It will be our utmost pleasure to start the show without delay we hope you’ll cherish this great treasure as we present to you our play La la la Even if you look around the entire universe [Applause] oh he’s a cutie pie what’s that you take what’s mine No no i do not want this cracker This time our heroes were defeated the evil villain got away but please continue to be seated and watch the rest of our great play It’s finally time to show off my evil wickedness [Applause] The darling sweethearts are united their enemy is finally gone and everybody is delighted but still the show must go on To find me if you dare but i’ll find you anywhere it’s time to go [Applause] really what a diva Do Oh Hmm Without me very good day to you what’s that over there and all that is for me Good enough but not enough More more more more more more more more and more Do not take candy from a baby Wow I wonder who this is Who is that lady Bear bear I need to Don’t you growl at him From rivers running overflow but they won’t divide best friends we will pass the high made end water skies made of fair gardens from the flowers from the trees rainbows made of seven colors And the best of friendships is made from you and me Huh Uh it’s exactly what i need it will be a clean sweep So are you scared Yes Should we fly to bear’s house now Good this is much better now let’s just fly at a normal broom speed To the bear house we go Easy Oh I want some teeth Hmm Hmm Hmm Bear do you mean that everyone who flies a broomstick will turn into an ugly witch so i will have a huge nose like that Oh i think i had enough of flying i said i had enough of flying bear but it doesn’t want you let me go bear please get me off of the sticky broomstick before my little nose grows big and ugly I think it flew away that’s it i’m not flying anymore Hmm Oh you woke up already i just rolled over to have some breakfast If you want the fish to bite you first have to feed the child [Applause] hmm but i want something sugary it’s not my fault that my sweet tooth is craving some sugar Hmm yep no i’m craving sweets and i’m gonna have that Well i have to do all of it all by Myself Yeah the best flavor of life is sweet [Applause] Oh Look at all the lollipops i’ve made to make my life sweeter Ouch i think i broke my suite Every time My teeth will not break Huh [Applause] Mouth hmm like crackers i’m so terrified i cannot cry am i to kiss all my greatest hopes Goodbye Down Get your brushes Yep i’m over for some breakfast the sweet life isn’t a piece of cake so so so where could all of the cartoons be hiding hmm let’s start an investigation ah one two three four five six let’s look for cartoons to pick i will press this microphone

Masha and the bear let’s go that’s how easy it is and now you try

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