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Krishna and the gita says to arjuna i am the one who gives memories i’m also the one who wipes it out you know that wiping out happens to everybody actually everybody has this under every video we’ve ever created about yetis your name comes up is it yes why is that simply because

I happen to mention that when i wanted to go to the to kailash somebody came in something came in i knew that it is a furry kind of person the first doubt was it was that it’s a bear but no it was standing like a human being this

He said they are good people they are not what people think and fear he brought a herbal medicine and stuffed it into your mouth otherwise you’d have died this one is not a conversation for the skeptics this is a conversation for the believers but in this conversation with

Sri m a renowned author and spiritual leader we did address skepticism and then went on to cover all of his life’s experiences there’s a few guests where i know that there’s 20 podcasts within this person and shriyam is one of those this was just the first conversation

With this man he spoke about everything from yetis to demons to beings from other realms to the meaning of spiritual growth in terms of human existence what’s the purpose of spirituality what’s the purpose of meditation and where do these other entities these sci-fi style entities even fit into the world of spiritualism

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Anywhere else in the world this is shreem appearing on the ranvi show for the first time beautiful conversation coming your way She am i’m overwhelmed that you’re on the show today i honestly don’t know where to begin this conversation with you and i’d love to see these conversations with you uh because there’s that much to speak to you about all your i want to say life’s experiences but i’m

Going to say souls experiences instead um but maybe to begin a series with you i’d love to just know about this lifetime sir firstly how are you today today i’m good but then i’m generally always like this you know in spite of whatever is happening i maintain a quiet mind and i’m very

Happy that you call me i know what you do the kind of work so the idea is as in the gita sarvatra samabuddha which means to remain tranquil under all circumstances so therefore through the question how are you i’m okay i’m fine [Laughter] wow i’m a little stumped that’s my usual

Starter for all these episodes but uh let’s let’s begin with this lifetime what’s your earliest memory from this life my earliest memory in this life in this physical body um till the age of nine i don’t remember much except what everybody remembers normal but after i had the unique experience of my guru

Maheshwar not laying his hand on my head and saying somewhere after that i started having memories of before uh i have had memories like nobody has asked me this question before i’ve had memories of being enclosed in some dark room you know as a small little embryo

Powerless not able to move but in a memory is flooding inside of the past and then one day all of a sudden all their memories disappeared and i was out and then i have only memories of this life till i started dwelling deep into my layers of consciousness and tracing back

Why this thing has happened where did it start how come i’m in these circumstances this came much later because at some point you know the memories are cut off before you come out krishna in the gita says to arjuna i am the one who gives memories i’m also

The one who wipes it out you know that wiping out happens to everybody actually everybody has these memories some discover it later some don’t discover it in this life at all that’s the only difference um i want to take you back to that meeting with your guru um

I would love for you to describe it a little bit so because that’s what’s available about you online if someone has not read your books that one account is available and it’s written about how that one account was kind of the beginning of your journey in

This lifetime very true so i would also love to know a little bit about your guru and about the concept of a guru in general okay um i was when i was nine years old you know i was born in a immigrant muslim family from across the border into kerala my forefathers

Came as security uh personal security guards to the maharajas of travancore that’s how we came here because then we got settled basically i would say i’m like keralite if you ask me although i traveled a lot in the north but i was born and brought up in trivandrum trivandrum is a tiruvananthapuram the

City of ananta sayana vishnu lang padmanavasami so when i was young or the backyard of our house was very long very big and many of our friends who neighbors used to come and play by 6 6 30 they would have all gone home and i was alone this happened every day

Almost and then when i was about to go home i looked far into the end of the backyard i said i saw some very unusual person standing under the jackfruit tree that was a jackfruit tree the huge big jackfruit tree unique because i’ve now never seen such a person in my life

I was startled because i don’t know how that person came there later on i reasoned maybe he came jumped on the compound wall there was that part of the comfort knowledge little shot but i was taken by surprise because at that age at the age of nine

He looked very he was tall afterwards i discovered but then he looked very tall and i’ve never seen a matted haired person in my life his hair was all matted up here and very fair very tall no upper garment except a small cloth here he carried a peculiar thing in his hand

Later on i came to know it’s a commander and on his neck was a garland of huge big rudraksha which i didn’t know at that time what a rudraksha is so when i saw that i was wondering who’s this where is this guy come from now

So he gets chair with his hand like this fine you know what is the natural reaction when the evening was about to get dark stranger calling you that was strange looking stranger the reaction is bold but i felt i must go so i went closer to him then i was

Standing with him faced not face to face because he was taller looking down so he asked me do you remember anything i said no because i didn’t remember i didn’t know what he was asking remember what he said no then he said he put his hand on my head

He said it in hindi but i’m telling you in english he said when the time comes you will remember everything everything will be fine and then he said go back so i walked back still wondering what’s happening here to me only thing i remember i carried with me

Was those big eyes of us and they were haunting me like for many years they were there i walked back i know that i reached the kitchen at the back and my mother was cooking something now i wanted to turn back and look i could not i could turn back only when

I climbed the steps and went the back door then i turned back there was nobody there so i said but it was not a vision it was an accident thing anyway because i could still feel that hand on my head you know there’s something the feeling of warmth

And i tried to tell my mother i just couldn’t talk i could say everything except this incident for many years it remained like that locked anyway i went inside had something to eat from that day started the whole change in my life the change in i had never learned to meditate before

I started how do i how did i start when i went to sleep that night uh around midnight i felt that somebody was waking me up not as if there was anybody there completely awake in midnight and i felt it in the navel some kind of a warm feeling

And the light like these things you use for deepavali the fireworks the round thing that rotates something here was moving and then it spread throughout the body and there was a feeling of blissfulness this was my first meditation and the first change that happened it and this happened every day every i’m

Sorry every night i wouldn’t sit up because i thought if i sit up we all used to sleep in one big you know the olden days like join families and so i used to lie down and do it this went on i started understanding many things and then i

Got this desire to read about the open shirts and and i used to go to the libraries later on as i grew up and read whatever was available to me books came to me unasked for many times and then my meditation started deepening but the most interesting part was

It so happened that situations would happen where i would meet spiritual persons from all over situations where situations would happen by which i would run into almost some people who are considered to be holy men yogis swamis in our area in trivandrum area and from them i got a lot of blessings

And sometimes instructions and it went on till i reached the age of 19 i wrote my exams and then at the age of 19 i felt that i have to move what kind of instructions were they giving you sometimes the instructions were verbal sometimes the instructions were non-verbal

Verbal instruction there was one swami abeda nanda who used to live in the fourth area where the padmanava swami temple is not so well known but he had the following and i used to go there too on a saturday sunday walk up from our bicycle sometimes

And he would make me sit near him and he knew that i was doing some kind of a practice which was to do with the kundalini and all that i have not instructed reading various things here and there he told me oh you don’t have to do all this just bhakti is enough

Say the name of god you know things like that and he would insist that i had food with him and go these are some of the verbal instruction sometimes i would go and um for instance there was a man called gopala swami there gopala swami was called gopala pillai swami his name was

He was actually a clerk in the accounts department in trivandrum but he was a very advanced yogi he was unmarried but he never wore any ropes whereas so when i was small at age of 12 i used to go to a nearby house to learn mathematics they’re really weak in

Mathematics so somebody used to instruct me one mr ram swami one day i went they said oh today there is no class i said why what happened no swami has come so there is no see which swami has come what i did curious then his mother came out and said come

Come inside so i went there and i saw this man sitting well built man short haircut no sign of any swami nothing but his cloth was tied like this cross belt type and as soon as i entered he said malayalam come here sit down he put his hand on my head and massage

And then he told them very good boy very good boy like that in my hand this has this non-verbal instructions you feel some information went into your mind my mind was changing i began to see um more than she feel that there were things much beyond what we normally think of

That this world is not a three-dimensional world there are other things beyond and i also felt that my calling was to find the ultimate happiness in the ultimate infinite supreme rather than satisfy day-to-day things that we normally think of at that time uh so this started happening i have to

Ask you about the journey again we’re back to age 19 um usually a teenage is like the beginning of adulthood where you actually begin to get your first few droplets of philosophy in your head and you start questioning life and purpose and these things right was that

Happening to you or had it happened a lot earlier and were you just you know already sure about no i was not sure okay i had some extraordinary experience which we discussed some time back meeting strange people so-called strange people they’re not really strange and getting some information and some

Experiences and so on but it was at that age of 19 that i began to think seriously that i need to have a very tangible experience in these matters before i can begin to believe in them you wanted the experience i wanted i wanted to actually i read

By then so many textbooks talking about moksha talking about the ultimate reality i had a few experiences which is just abc but then i i wanted to and i thought this environment where i’m staying is not going to help me i also deep down in my

Mind had a feeling that somewhere in the himalayas somebody’s waiting for me to teach specifically the himalayas like you used to think about it yes some snow clad mountain i don’t know whether him snow clad mountains where i’m walking and there’s someone standing up there this kind of thoughts used to occur

Part of it may be my desire to go to find out and also i’ve read that great yogis live in them could be but this was their recurring all the time and i also felt that in this situation where i was at home since i was the only

Child i’m an only male child in india that’s a big thing and supposed to take over your family’s business and then i was getting kind of like feeling that i was in a cage i wanted to break out of that it was a golden cage okay many would have

Preferred to stay in the golden cage but i wanted to break it cage is a cage you write wood or gold so it was like a bird which can’t fly one day i decided i’d just go you know understand those days there was no google there is no maps there is no

Nothing so i used to look for some time a railway guides and find out where to go to the himalayas where is rishikesh and one day finally i left i had some money with me and i’ve never traveled for such long distances on my own but i

Just went i had a lot of problems about trying to i had some money where to find food how to travel in trains it went on i mean and cold i didn’t realize that i needed some warm clothes and so on i suffered a lot even after i reached rishikesh by train

I suffered a lot so i thought let me stay in some ashram at least look after the body so i stayed in divine life society swami chigananda was the head of that society and that i met him i used to meet him talk to him

But he also knew that i won’t stay there he said you’re going i don’t think will stay here uh then one day i left and then i started walking so from rishikesh to badrinath i decided to go on foot by the time i reached vashishtagofa which is on the way quite

Close 20 kilometers away 25 my legs were all swollen and i just couldn’t i so went to the cave there was a swamiji there he died about nine months ago he looked after me he said don’t go anywhere stay he was also from kerala so there was a common

Language and so on he looked and then afterwards okay i didn’t stay a single day i moved on so i walked i met a couple of people here and there some ashrams wow took me one month and ten days or something if i remember right did you have any crazy experiences on

The way yeah i met a couple of swamis and instead of some yogis i also met some cannabis smoking guys who were not swami who looked like some all kinds of things happened to me i met wise people who were very simple i went i remember in the evening i i

Went into an ashram there was a vaishnavite sadhu the three marks everywhere i think there some i went and i always made it a point to tell them the truth who i was and what my name was where i came from you said very good saying that puja is

Over then you have food with me puja was over they went to the ganga dharati came back then after that he said come let’s have a chat man he said good your intentions are good but i have to tell you something if you take sannyas renounce the world it takes seniors you

Have to be very careful because you have to be sure you’re ready for it he said if somebody is climbing up steps to go to the top of the mountain if you fall from the first or second step you won’t get hurt if you go up there and fall

You will not be able to recover you’ll break your limbs was that a way of saying if you fail your tests once you yeah okay yes so he kind of gave me some warning like be careful but what can go wrong on that journey of renouncing the world

It can go wrong in the sense that we are not ready for it we don’t know what we are going in for and then we find life too tough and either you succumb to the temptation and still wear a robe or you succumb to temptation and leave

Everything and come off back to the world i think the first thing i said is worse than coming back to the world that you that you wear the rope but you don’t you can’t live the life then it becomes a double life uh it’s better to say okay

I can’t do this and get back so he was warning me in that kind of you know that sun ganesha in allende his father became a sannyasit while his wife was still young and so she had became pregnant and he ran off he went off to genny not his yogi

And one day ganinath came to alandi and there is a tree there around which women are supposed to go around to free themselves of their troubles so he saw a young lady going around praying saying i’m pregnant please bring back the father he stopped and he blessed her and said

Tatars too then he asked her who is your husband she described found that he was his disciple he never told him that he met so he went and said go back this is not the way so he came back therefore the whole family was kind of thrown out of

Society because you you become a sannyasin then you throw away your robe and you come back but his guru wanted him to do it so he came back so they were ostracized and kept out hmm the story is that once the pundits were having a vedic discussion

And something by the time all the children became great yogis including ganeshwar uh mukta bhai the sister also became a yogini um his brother became a urasinat another yogi so one day and ganesha was very small very young and he was walking he saw the people chanting

The vedas so he also went to join coming from a family which knew the vedas they said this is the same fellow that sannyasin who came back you know he’s asked he can’t be allowed here go up you can’t chant the vedas the story is that ganesha called a

Buffalo which was walking on the road and put his hand on the buffalo said in the buffalo chanted this is the story we don’t know many things are you know me myths and realities sometimes mixed up but it’s an example to show so like that i had i met several people

Met and then i went to rishik i reached where i met the rawalji first probably the priest of the bodhina temple since the time of adi shankara’s time when he revived the badri temple he decided that the priest here has to be an ambudri from kerala there was vedic families who are selected

They have a five-year tenure and they have the brito i went and met him i told him that i’m coming from such and such a place and i told him honestly who i was everything um i’m looking for a guru i think there is some yogis in the himalayas here in burke

I got the most discouraging response to this he said you should go back because there’s nobody like that here the ganja smoking zadoos go back and he also said that you’re an educated fellow why are you wasting time here go back and do i said i listened to everything but i said

Can you find a place for me to stay for some time that he said i will do and he found a kutia for me across the other side of dal canada so i stayed there i used to go there for food prasad and i stayed every day after the puja they used to

Play cards so i was getting a little disillusioned i burnt my bridges and now here so there is a place uh the last village in indian village is mana on the border after that 30 kilometers you get the tibetan indo-tibetan border but the village last village is mana

So i thought maybe i will go that way because i’ve heard that in vasundara falls and so on there are caves or yogis so i took a walk in the evening it was cold by the time i had blankets and sweaters then i passed the vyasa gopha there is a

Vyasa gufa there on the right side nobody was there i continued went to mana crossed went on and then it was just i went and looked and there were some caves on the rocks but there was nobody there and one of the cave had a door fixed and

Somebody had locked it and gone off i said okay let’s go back i was coming it was getting dark that time i felt very suicidal because i thought that nothing seems to be working for me maybe it is because of this body maybe if i come back next time in a different

Situation different body it might work so i came to the edge of alakananda down mana and i contemplated on committing suicide actually i said let me end my maybe i’ll come back with but then i was worried that i might suffer and i was just thinking

The water rose with the big sound there just thinking how many minutes do you think i’ll suffer will it and i was just thinking anyway i said let me meditate for a while and take a decision so i went back to the vyasa gopher i saw a fire outside so i said there

Must be somebody because when i went that side nobody was there i went inside and bhavajis my sonat bhavaji stood up the same guru yeah i know that eyes that eyes were with me all the time those big eyes and his first respond was oh so after wandering here and there you

Come back again to me so i told him i will not leave you ever and he said we’ll think about it and laughed so i stayed with him three and a half years almost yeah almost like i stayed with him i wandered with him wherever he went i followed him

I learned from him he taught me what could be taught in an university for maybe ten years in two years one year he carried no books even he thought open his openness came from his head when he taught the gita it came from his head

So in those three years i would say it was kind of a crash course for me i would love for you to talk a little bit about the three years many things happen but the main thing was i started to discover that this man was not an ordinary man

Sometimes before i could think of something he would know what i was going to think because all the scriptures which i learned the vedic and the upanishads and yoga sutras and the gorak somehow the he was also an athbanti so the teachings of gaura knight koraksha sataka

Siddha siddhanta padari it was all there for him here he never carried a book and i learned from him and whatever i learned i never forgot i would assume that you all mainly focused on actually practicing some form of kriya yoga or yeah just not some form kriya yoga okay

No babaji taught me all much of the different schools like in in indian tradition we have five darsanas now the senate means schools of philosophy but the word darsana means face to face so whatever school of philosophy ultimately it was to take you face to face with the truth that’s what all the

Darsanas are about there is sankhya there is a uttara mamsa um vedanta and of course yoga these are all darsanas so i learned all of them bit by bit all the texts that were necessary to understand but why did you learn all of them because you said tomorrow you you will be given

A teaching assignment and you should know everything because people who come to you will become different fields you will meet swamis yogis different scholars you need to know how what they are saying so i went through all this but my practice was kriya are you comfortable explaining what

Kriya is to the audience very much i can’t give kriya in this kind of word but the word kriya in uh in the sastras in the yoga sastras simply means a practice these are all different but when we say when i say kriya i’m talking about that particular set of kriya teachings

That has come to us from sri guru bhavaji not my master but his master that person ah now that is a picture i think drawn by yogananda brother based on yogananda swami’s description so it was yogananda paramahamsa who first coined the word mahathar babaji because he said many avatars have come and gone

But this person is there for a long long time he’s supposed to be there till the end of the kaluga which we are only halfway to kalyukana this is your guru’s guru yes so maheshwara so but we for thousand years he has been referred to before the yogananda swami’s book came

Out as sri guru bhavaji used for him and when garakanath the great guraknath wrote his texts he always started with sri guru namaha then you will find the messiah which means the not who lives forever forever with this so in many traditions he’s known as sri guru babaji

And so when i talk about kriya it’s that kriya that has come to us from that that lineage from but there may be other kriyas what was that his purpose purpose yes to bring back kriya yeah because you see it’s a very step-by-step systematic methodical way of

Transcending the ordinary uh to make it simpler for listeners who’ve not heard of kriya yoga before it’s supposed to be one of the fastest forms of spiritual advancement now that depends also on other factors if i say i live my life as i want and

Then if i do no that doesn’t work you have to follow the yemenia mass rules and regulations and then practice and also it depends on how much you practice and how diligently you practice and how carefully you practice that is also there just because some carefully means making sure that you do

It regularly making sure that you don’t miss the points which are described to you it’s a belief that you take kriya is of no use as the yoga sutras in a regular practice is necessary therefore things can open up so what kriya does is it’s a basically it’s a

Way of erasing your awareness from the grass to the subtle with attention to the spine which is called the sushumnandi what does growth to the subtle mean that means the mind is usually caught up in what we call prithvi which means the gross forms of energy physical

And so on you have to raise the mind from that to subtler and subtler levels which means to take your awareness through different parts of your spine this final chord the sushumnandi which it’s called then the mind becomes finer and finer and finer till it finally figures out

The origin of this whole substance called the human so you’ve been practicing for a very long time now yes what is your reality now in the moment after so many years of practice for me now i practice because i enjoy it i don’t practice it for anything else i enjoy

Practicing but what it has done to me is it has opened up many dimensions to my mind it has taken me from the mind can be at a given moment shifted from the lower to the higher highest levels that will at will of consciousness when you say higher levels do you mean

Closer to god no you know from the indian system of thought when the mind is free of all liberties that mind reflects divinity and divinity is not something that sits out there like the god concept in semitic religions it’s the spark of the divine that exists in us this is god

It’s not some outside thing it’s the entire universe which is pervaded by the supreme being but it is recognized in the human being as once the core of one’s own consciousness in one’s own being this is the jiva this is god it’s not something outside do you believe in

Higher beings yes i do you believe in higher wings yes and i ask you this because the podcasting community talks about these things all over the world i’m not i don’t believe in higher beings i know that higher beings exist what is the meaning of whatever belief means i don’t know i believe

For me it’s not a belief higher beings there are many kinds first of all it is so funny to think that in this earth there are only human beings it’s very limited way of thinking there are other beings we don’t see them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist you

Don’t see the air but it exists so there are now we are talking right we’re talking about something serious and it is going to lead to so many people understanding certain things believe me there are these beings around encouraging hoping helping saying push let it go to the world

You may not see it that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist then it is not necessary to see so you know in terms of an ant i don’t know if an ant actually has the same kind of perception that we do as human beings but an ant certainly can’t jump

True moves only in like straight lines right i’ve often wondered even as a kid that what is the perception of that ant yes when we can move straight sideways so he doesn’t understand suppose you jump and go from here to there the ant cannot make out that

It’s just it’s a miracle for the hands because it knows only the linear directions so we are the higher being for the for the yeah in relation to not and let’s say some other small creatures and therefore for the higher beings we in our undeveloped state are like the end okay

It’s difficult to conceive even what it is all about where would you even begin this conversation of higher beings would you put ghosts in that category what people reference as ghosts see ghosts are generally they come out of one’s imagination let me let me put it this way the human body has electricity

It has because there are chemicals there are metals everything now generally when a person grows old and dies all this electricity slowly fades off and it’s gone suppose somebody dies in an accident suddenly what happens to the electric charges forget the soul that’s gone what happens to the electric charges

Which wear in this body and which because they remained in this body have acquired a certain shape just like this body in us what happens they are released that is released and it is wandering around you can’t see it and understand special circumstances it may be visible since for a long time it

Was inside this body it will have the same shape and people will say there is a ghost over time that will disappear because that charge will be lost but believe me it has no intelligence of his own it cannot hurt you because it doesn’t it can hurt you by fear of cause

You get frightened and you get a heart attack that’s not the fault of that rate whatever is there it’s the charge that has left the human body because suddenly somebody died while still everything was fresh but the soul is not there in that soul is gone what about

People who get possessed by these things i think possession 90 of possession is a psychological disease there is no such person in rare cases it may be but it’s not these electrical charges that can possess in rare cases other beings are known to have occupied physical bodies and these are not

Necessarily ghosts no demonic entities no they need not be demonic they can be good in entities also you know you see when we say invisible we always put it into the demonic category there may be good and they will be bad so there are higher beings around us or

Different beings which are also good yes of course they are good now here they are good right now because they are encouraging us so now wait a minute now let me tell you this which is why when you sit down and pray you meditate sometimes you feel good because they’re helping you

Sometimes you don’t feel because they’re doing something else so there are beings there’s no question and in fact if you develop the capacity to see you may be able to see them also but for us who are walking on the path to absolute freedom we don’t want to get

Stuck with these beings we need to go further up what is their purpose why are they there they are here because you see their rate of frequency of vibration of their bodies is different from ours right so even if they are here where we are sitting we don’t feel them and they

Don’t feel us because there were their frequencies are different can they see us like if they wish some not all can see us some are unconsciously there not even aware that we are here just as we are not aware that they are there among them might be able to

See like rare among us may be able to see or feel wonder and see do you feel anything in this house just by nigel this house i feel some meditation energies here probably because you are meditating or somebody is meditating and i also see pictures here of the lineage of

Lahari mahasha and sri guru babaji so there are some presences here which are positive they’re not negative presence yeah yes i’d love to know about angels farishta these things are these the higher good beings that you speak of true so angels are what god’s soldiers that is the semitic narrative of angels

They’re not soldiers or anything they’re beings who belong to a different dimension they will not become human beings nor will human beings become angels there are differences there are many species of such beings on this earth not only us homo sapiens and they interpenetrate this world they’re also beyond

There are also beings who come from other realms which are not of this earth not of this universe or not of this earth sometimes from another universe also So many questions i have right now so um was it your guru who began to teach you these things yes of course in fact when i went i didn’t have much of faith in all these things i wanted to do kriya and i wanted

To touch the atman and be free and so on but he said but there are many intermediate things between this and that why did you have to learn about these things because they are facts you need to know them they exist and sometimes they are very

Helpful to us you can always use them for help and if they are negative you learn about them otherwise how would you avoid them how do you use them for help whenever we sit down and meditate and chant the uh like for instance Vishnu gurudeva such chance when you do then these higher beings who are there to help us they come and influence our minds and help us to be free of distractions things like that suppose there is some problem happening because of the negative influence of such kind of thing always invoke the positive

So that it takes care of the it negates the negative these higher beings why would they even cause negativity to us not the higher good beings there are when i say higher i’m talking about that which is not like physical yeah what is beyond the physical they

Deliberately will not cause harm to you but there are like beings who are can for instance increase your desires now this for a sadaq for instance on the path of spiritual is a dangerous thing so you need to handle it in its own you mean like sexual desire yes and so on

And so on okay um wherever there is a lot of sexual activity you find such beings they’re not bad per se but they’re those who encourage you to carry on with it because they live by it they enjoy it like a bad college friend bad influence exactly but they’re good fellows i mean

In the same i mean by their own they are okay but for us who are walking in a different direction they may be taking you off yeah gotcha just a little naughty that’s right and you may not even know that normally we dismiss it as thoughts but we don’t understand that these

Thoughts could have been infused by someone let’s talk about that let’s talk about thoughts not being a property of just your own mind no thoughts as far as see i go to a function let’s i’m giving you a simple example and somebody is lecturing there talking like what hitler used to do

Then he goes raving in the end all attention is there right then there is the playing of drums and there is the music playing and there is a flag up your thought is no more yours it’s been taken over this is what i mean or circumstances maybe circumstances also also

Partly circumstances also can take over and change your thinking sometimes you may be say thinking something which will never part of your psyche it may be coming from somebody else or somewhere else okay that is why when you sit down to meditate traditionally they draw a protective

Circle which is a mind circle of course there’s nothing material there and say please keep away thoughts from us so that we can meditate in temples when you see those grotesque figures standing in the gates the duara palakkas they are supposed to be symbols of those keeping away evil things Um Coming back to the story so um you know what’s happening right now some of my questions which i find very easy to shoot with in podcast are getting erased and like be coming back to the story so some reason something’s telling me to come back to the story something is at work

Yeah like i’m not i actually had a great ghost related question but i think we’ll end that tangent for now uh what happened in those three years in terms of i wish to know other than like the studies you know what was your life like so because i’m

Assuming you were 20 years old 21 years old at the most 19 20 21 22 where we had to go and beg for food from the villages had an advantage because babaji was known in that area to be a great yogi so wherever even food was provided but we

Also gone to places where there was no food available babaji could manage without food for days but he was very careful about me he’d always used to manage somehow to get food for me and eat so this and once you are not hungry if the hunger side is looked after the himalayan area

Is the most beautiful place to be are there parts of the himalayas not explored by humans not i wouldn’t say not explored by humans but there are parts which are not in the tourist circuit and which may not be in the tourism some humans have gone yeah i’m sure

And what do you see in those paths you see such places where you have herbs which grow which can keep your hunger at bay for a long time you see such beautiful streams with clear water flowing which has herbs already infused in the water you sometimes see great yogis unknown

In fact after that i discovered that there are more unknown great yogis than the known ones seriously we know only the known ones and we think they are great there are unknown ones who are greater than anything that you can think of maha is it true that there are certain kriyas and certain

Yogas that actually change your physical appearance heavily yes what happens the cells start changing the human cells begin to change they get filled with more energy which is normally not available to the human being so they change even physically a kriya yogi no it may look similar to others but

There will be some change in him which people can make out when they meet when they talk something about this guy which is uncanny is because it’s not a deliberate thing as you practice kriya the cells get charged with energy and therefore they are no longer like an ordinary cell

What i’ve understood from a slightly scientific perspective is that your breathing becomes slower and deeper am i right in saying that yes your breathing becomes slower and deeper but also the prana the life energies which are usually not released from the centers called the plexuses they get released

That’s also there so your body holds energy in these packets yes which gets opened up opened up and everybody’s got those energies as well yes waiting to be open exactly which is why i will now ask you about what kundalini is i have never asked this on the show

Uh and i know it was an area of interest when you were young and it’s been an area of interest throughout your life of course but if someone’s never heard of the word kundalini i would love for you to explain it i avoid this word kundalini because today it’s a very exploited term

Every tom dick and harry is raising his kundalini for five hundred dollars today if you go on to the internet that’s not kundalini something else i don’t know what it is now what is the meaning of the word kundalini kula kundali is called in the tantras

Now the tantras have two sections one is the mantra ana section it’s dealing with mantras where sri vidya and so on comes the yoga tantras are those which deal with this energy in the human body now what does it mean the entire energy of the universe which is complete purna para shakti is

The word used by the shaktas this and it is feminine creative energy is always depicted as feminine so this parashakti after having all done all its work in the human being where does it operate first it operates as sex the sex and kundalini are interrelated

It is the same energy but in a different way so kundalini if you don’t want to shakthi um it’s also called bhujangi because it’s like a snake in the sense there is no snake there but it’s coiled and it raises his hood meaning it awakens this energy through sex

Creates another human being it’s a creative energy right what happens in sex the semen goes into a woman’s womb and then a new create new being is created this is created by the same energy which we call kundalini acting through sex which is why somewhere people have got

This connection between sex and tantra which of course has been exploited beyond recognition now this energy after having made a child doesn’t dissipate it stays where does it stay in the bottom of the spine in the center called the muladhara your lowest chakra your center

Lowest not in the sense of low and high but in the bottom most physically yeah physically low yes so it stays there and whenever a person has a sexual excitement or enjoyment it is the same energy that operates now the yogi what he does is instead of allowing it to express itself

Too much in the sexual field he controls it and turns it around and makes it ascend the spine when it ascends the spine then the kundalini or the shakti or whatever you want to call bhujangi becomes a spiritually creative energy just as it becomes a physically creative energy through sex

How do you turn it around kriya is one of the practices meant to turn it around from the yoga tantra point of view there is another shastra which is called the mantra some sounds are used and chanted to awaken it but the best thing is a judicious combination of both

And what is a fair amount of time if you’re disciplined and dedicated to the process now it this is a very difficult question to answer because it all depends on what stage of growth you are and what you have come with from the past depends on these factors but i think

So therefore you can’t fix a fair amount of time in that kind of way but i think the diligent practice with the understanding that you need to rise above the ordinary can help you to go there but it’s very difficult to fix some people happens fast and some people it

Takes some time the idea is not to give up because it’ll carry on into your next book yes and also i feel it’s better that it goes slowly and matures rather than suddenly happens because the energy is so powerful that there are cases when it has suddenly happened and the body

And the mind is not able to cope with it and people become somewhat semi-crazy when you say crazy what happens suddenly there’s a spurt of energy which they don’t know how to place how to control they should behave in strange ways and maybe some people might consider them to be possessed yes

Possible or bad they’re not actually mad they’re seeing things and hearing things and going with because something has happened in them so i think the best thing is that it happens in a slow pace till the whole mind and body becomes mature to take the impact of the arousal

That’s why i’m very concerned when people give techniques without preparing the person properly i’m very concerned and because i get people writing to me on mail email and so on saying i went to so and so somebody he taught me this and now what has happened my whole body is shaking something is

Going up my spine i can’t eat and drink i’m suffering please help me now i always tell them look you have to go back to that person and ask what did you learn what did you teach and he should be able to help you then they say he’s unreachable

If he’s unreachable then what kind of a teacher are you you know what i’m trying to do you need a stable uh experienced guru to teach you these things you need a stable person to teach one thing second is you should follow through if you taught somebody something because it’s unexplored territory largely

And that you don’t know where the pitfalls are the poor guy doesn’t know so you need to so i make it i do it very carefully i don’t generally easily give to people not because i i’m trying to hide it for their own good um so is your kundalini rising the same as

You getting enlightenment is it the same amok or nirvana are they two different things according to the yoga sastras generally kyolya or moksha happens when the energy has risen and gone to the sahasrara however i feel and i know that there are cases of people who do not practice kriya yoga

Or who don’t practice kundalini yoga in particular who have also become illumined but it has happened without their conscious effort without their conscious effort so just happened happen because their mind has become so purified and over many lives they have been working towards it they didn’t don’t need to go through this

Process it has but it has awakened in some centers it may not have gone through the usual yogi course from muladhara to the sahasrara there are a case of people for him suddenly the energy has opened up in the heart center they suddenly feel that all the bliss

And feelings and energies and thoughts and and attention has come to for instance the anahat in their hearts our hearts and there is a great amount of bridge they don’t know anything about the mullah nothing it’s suddenly come so there are such cases also who have not systematically done the kriya but who

Have touched that by finding out their true identity by asking questions like who am i am i this body or am i something else and then it can happen so who am i am i this body okay no i’m kidding it’s a joke you know who am i it’s a very funny

Thing because there was this great ravana maharshi yeah who discovered well you must remember that at the age of 14 he already had a spiritual experience we say he didn’t do any sadhana but he must have done sadhana in his previous lives and he was born a projectile guy

As a prodigal child so at the age of 14 he had an experience where he saw that he was not the body he was separate from the body so he said if i’m separate from the body then who am i really am i this body or the mind or something and he

Attained you cannot never i cannot deny at all that ramana martial touched the highest without going through any kundalini nothing but but then people don’t look at his past life i’m not i’ve not seen his past life but don’t don’t look at that concept of that

That he must have worked towards it and that at this young age he got his experience and then all his sadhana was to consolidate it three four years he just control now it be this being the case with ramana maharshi it need not be the case with everybody so if simply somebody sits

Down and keeps saying who am i who am i who am i do you think one can find the truth i mean it’s a chant it doesn’t mean anything just a repetition is it true that if in your heart you have the true and unfiltered desire for

A guru the guru will come to you for me i can only say about myself hundred percent as far as i am i wanted a teacher and the teacher came to me they say the teacher appears when the student is ready but the student also needs to want it yes very much

If you are at a place where you say if i don’t get a proper guide i will i’m going to die definitely there’s a teacher but it must be very sincere and one pointed towards that can teach also leave yes if his function is over he can leave

And you think gurus change over the course of your life it could you can change you there is no harm in that if somebody says oh you shouldn’t go away from me hold on to me it doesn’t make sense to me except if you want to go somewhere please go provided it helps

I am also not against directing somebody to go somewhere else okay um a little bit early on the show we spoke about dimensions um one thing i’ve understood about the word shiva and not the god shiva is that shiva is referenced to as the dimension beyond human understanding absolutely i wish to ask

You what that even means because it’s beyond my understanding like what what what are the dimensions out there there’s three dimensions xyz the fourth dimension of time and that’s where my mind stops because science hasn’t understood even time yet time is just a convenience in mathematical equations right and i’ve

Asked some incredibly intelligent astrophysicist shout out to abhijit but i’ve asked some incredibly intelligent astrophysicists and even they have failed to truly understand what time means no they don’t nobody knows what time is it maybe let’s begin there so let’s begin talking about time and then

You can dial it up and take us on the fifth and sixth damage let me start start with this thing about um dimensions okay wherever you wish and shivam the word shiva shivam you know that shiva is a very abstract concept it’s not the shankara that we put in a picture

Of somebody sitting in siddhasana with his eyes closed but even in that picture it is the symbol of a yogi therefore yogi only can understand the fulfillment of the word shivam now in the diagram of shiva you always see a third eye what does that mean that means to

Understand the concept which is beyond the ordinary dimensions one needs to have a special faculty and that faculty symbolically called the third eye there is nothing here it’s symbolic which means that with our present set of sense organs which are our instruments of perception you cannot discover anything which is beyond the

Third dimension so therefore only when these come into play when your other sensory perceptions open up which are beyond the ordinary then only you can even begin to have an idea of what the next dimension is all about and shivam is the ultimate essence of all dimensions put together

This is the word shivam shivam in sanskrit means bliss it means auspiciousness it means the supreme all three words put together so therefore shiva is sometimes depicted also as ardhanari surah half male and half female what does that mean it means that shakti the energy and shivam the ultimate tranquil state

And not two different things but two sides of the same kind they when everything is quiet as the state of shiva exists there is no creation there is no movement it’s only when there is a movement that the whole thing happened that moment is shakti right so

What i’m trying to say to your question is that unless and until we awaken the other instruments of perception in our system we can only theorize about that which is beyond the three dimensions we cannot even understand you you told me about the ant thing a very good example let me give you

Another example there are there is a plastic transparent box in which which is divided vertically top is open divided vertically with another transparent wall this side there are small wafer thin red beings let’s say this side small wafer thin green beings then they know only two dimensions which is

This way or this way they are so thin they don’t even know that there is any thickness okay now they have seen that the other side looks more beautiful and more green than this side they would very much like to go there but they cannot because they

Don’t know how to go there is a wall in the middle the concept that they can go like this doesn’t arise in their minds they are only in that dimension but they see that some have reached there how did they reach there we would also like to go so they attempt

To move and move and press and press some of them realize that this is not going to work so they sit down quietly in one corner that’s when somebody picks them up and puts them this side when they’re moving you cannot even pick them up i don’t know

So what i’m trying to say is one way of reaching out to that dimension which you cannot go because you are not accustomed to anything beyond three dimensions is to sit quiet and still meditate more still when the stillness happens then you’re you’re lifted from some dimension ordinary and put to something else

Because this is not linear like the truth is there or something is there the other dimension is there and i am here and i want to reach that it doesn’t work that way because it is here there and everywhere so how do i experience by not reaching out anywhere but everything is quiet

Stay where you are and work your perception to be yours yes at a higher place yes this will take us slowly to the understanding at least to begin with in the mind about something which is beyond the three dimensions what is time so what was happening 50

Years back is it also happening now time is based on change i’m not talking about the physics point of view practical point of view time depends on change if there was no change you cannot reckon time everything is same there is no time okay one second time is a very relative and

Psychological concept also or even though the watch may show one hour in the same time if this conversation was boring one would be wondering when is this going to end such a long time has been going on this may be the same mechanical time suppose it is interesting

When it is over i would say oh my god is ended that was very short so is time just a physical thing or is it also psychological plus creatures like a mosquito for instance we said it lives for two days but for the mosquitoes not two days this mosquito was born

Then it became whatever like a worm then it shed its tail and it became growings and it became a mosquito and then it looked for food it drank our blood or whoever’s blood and then it reproduced it had a family and so on and then it

Died two days later two or three i don’t know what the lifespan for us it is two days and three days for the mosquito believe me it’s an entire lifetime where is this time now which is time this all this so time measured in physical ways is one

Thing and time actually is another thing all together so it’s it’s very linked to your psychology to your mind what is its purpose like why did god place this element not god’s like like saying what is gravity and why is it there it is there you can only accept it you cannot even

Try to find a reason for it if time is the fourth dimension what is the fifth one what’s the next one i’m sure we graduate i haven’t thought about this but i think time is not the next dimension going beyond time is the next dimension let’s talk about that so when i say

Going beyond time first to theoretically accept that time is a psychological factor how do you go beyond it what does that even mean do you mean like freezing time no understanding time understanding what is time through understanding then the time disappears then you you understand that

This time which we know of by the clock is not the real time and we think that this life is birth and death we’re born and we die but i know many yogis also know for certain that this is not neither the beginning nor the end of

Our life it’s going on from the beginning for nobody knows even the origin actually nobody even the yogi doesn’t know where it originate but it is going on continuously and it will continue till we put a stop to it till we put a stop to it yes when we

Realize that this is endless and it’s useless we don’t want to come all the time and say okay seize enough then only you can put a stop to others you cannot put it what do you think is the future of the human race i think human race has to evolve further

It has still come to a point we think they are in the highest level of evolution and now an artificial intelligence comes tick via i think we are still in the what you call the uh this lobe of the brain the frontal lobe of civilization we need to go beyond it the human

Race cannot just stand here it needs to move further by the speaking of the brain let’s talk about the pineal gland so what the west understands as the third eye firstly is it the third eye are there capacities in our mind that get unlocked uh specifically because of the pineal

Gland and i don’t know if you’re familiar with dmt uh i would love to hear what you think of these concepts because that’s how the west understands enlightenment ayahuasca if you’ve heard of it um i would love to know what you think so i would personally let me start with

This not appreciate anybody getting stuck to ayahuasca or any such kind of thing because temporarily yes it makes you understand that there are things which are not known to the ordinary mind yes but that’s where it stops if you need to develop you need to develop your brain cells to that level

Which means you need to do other practices including kriya of course now as far as the pineal gland is concerned i know that it there is a lot of everybody is talking about penile gland now a church of pineal gland is the spiritual organ let me put it this way uh

Till 60 70 years ago the penile gland was considered to be a vestige organ appendix and then sometime before laters people discovered that no it has a very important function which the biologists called the circadian rhythm the sleep and waking search it is the video when everything is dark

And there’s good music then the pineal gland injects a little bit of melatonin into our bloodstream and we feel nice uh when we say we are in good meditation deep it means some hormone is injected into a bloodstream dmt or some other hormone i can’t remember the

Names and so we feel good so that is also quite chemical in content now through yoga you can make it happen deliberately and consciously that’s all the time yeah that’s one side of the story now therefore if the pineal gland or melatonin when you have a jetlag doctor asks you to

Take melatonin which is the same thing produced by the pineal gland now if it really if it’s a fact that it produces sleep it has something to do with sleep now in vedanta go to the mandu upanishad the states of consciousness of the human being have been described as waking state dream state

Deep sleep and something beyond which is called turiya now deep sleep is the last state that has been discussed and described because turiyas cannot be defined and pineal gland and melatonin has something to do with sushubti or deep sleep the borderline between deep sleep and turia is very thin so when

Uh to the difference between turiya and sushupti or deep sleep is just that in sushupti one has no recognition outside and no cognition inside but one is apparently in great deal of bliss because nobody wants to wake up from deep sleep because we are enjoying but while we are enjoying deep sleep we

Are not aware of it right only when we wake up we feel ah that was such a blissful sleep but if you feel it now and remember it that means somebody was actually experiencing that bliss so in that deep sleep state if one can practical bubble not possible but it can

Theoretically wake up then from deeply one has entered turiyah and what is all pervading state of blissfulness which everybody is aiming to get at god god you can call if you like it’s like an ocean of god ocean of awareness and bliss okay so the thin line between therefore

Attention and the penal gland and meditation on that area around it can take probably take us from deep sleep into turya this is where it becomes important i also think that it can be controlled by mind what do you mean i mean it’s even though

It is an organ which is deep inside the brain it can be made to increase or decrease its level of hormone release into the brain stream into the bloodstream through thought through visualization visualization attention one point in attention calming the mind and equalizing the breath the oldest reference to kriya comes in

The gita in the sixth chapter of the gita which is called yoga krishna says arjuna sit straight keep your spine and head steady fix your attention in the broom at the other center between your eyebrows which is what takes you to the inside to the fenian grind then balance your breath says kriya

And be free it’s a simple meditation you’ve just given also no no seriously this is no it’s from the gita krishna beautifully describes it he says sit steady keep your spine steady head steady neck steady okay now fix your attention in the brew mateya equalize your breath and go out and be free

Be reach kaio the word use there so i think we began this podcast based on um your story and we’ve gone very far away from it but i love podcasts like this is where the real joy of podcasting comes into play there has been one particular topic that

People have been very inclined towards on the internet lately which is the yeti and uh under every video we’ve ever created about yetis your name comes up is it yes why is that simply because i happen to mention that when i wanted to go to the to kailash it was an unsuccessful attempt

Bhavaji said okay cello so we didn’t go to the usual route any of the routes that are being used now the road was completely different nobody goes nowadays through that route we went through the indo-tibetan border into kakabushindi and crossed across we came to a village where there is a

Tibetan buddha which is so huge that its head is above the roof and there we stop for the night beyond that i couldn’t because i got high fever my temperature rose and i was in delirious uh and so on so there were some nepalese people walking with us they were the

Fellows who used to cook some other merchants also with us and these fellows so i was inside the tent and i was sleeping i woke up i woke up because i suddenly found that my temperature has gone down and i was feeling uh slightly okay and i’m thinking where am

I i even forgot i said where am i where is babaji nowhere to be seen and i was lying in the pettit the only lamp for the kerosene lantern they have inside then i suddenly thought somebody was i thought it was the nepalese guy who was bringing my soup or something

Somebody came in something came in and i was astonished i was not suffering from any delusion of delirium there was a huge person standing there with the light of that lantern i could hardly see much but i knew that it is a furry kind of person

The first doubt was it was that it is a bear but no it was standing like a human being i couldn’t see the features much but it came near me and it made a very eerie noise like like i don’t know how to it’s like a whistle but it’s not

I don’t know that kind of no no it’s actually e sound kind of e e sound and then it took something and put it into my mouth stuffed something into my mouth it was a bitter thing i couldn’t uh spit it out i swallowed it

And it ran up by the time that badur came running inside and this one went off this i mentioned in my autobiography which is why the city thing came coming and later on i even thought it was some kind of a himalayan ape or something babaji told me later on

That it was an 80 and he said you would have died with this fever i said but i had recovered he said no it would have come again for eight days it is some kind of a mountain fever which usually takes the person at the end he said this

He said they are good people they are not what people think and fear he brought a herbal medicine and stuffed it into your mouth otherwise you would have died and third day we returned do you remember the face you know it was dark there was only that hurricane lamp there at low flame

I can’t exactly remove the face but i can tell you it was broader and bigger than a human face this much i can tell you were you scared at all i was scared of course i was scared i want i couldn’t scream because i got so scared that my

The sound stuck in my throat i couldn’t even scream but before that all this was done split second kind of what energy did you feel from it i didn’t feel anything i think i smelled something like suppose some furry animal like a dog comes near that kind of smell beyond that i didn’t

Feel it what do you think is the yeti’s purpose babaji said he came to help you beyond that i don’t know generally like yetis generally why do you think they’re there i don’t know i have not even thought about it because this is the first time and the last time

I had an experience but from this i came to understand that there are such such living creatures in the in the remote parts of mountains and caves and forests which we don’t believe because we don’t see them so often yeah and people underestimate how big mountains and

Forests are very big we don’t know a thing nothing to compare with any of the national forest that we have there are many unknown places While i do wish to ask you everything else about your lifestyle i know we’re constrained a little bit with time which is why i’m going to bring in a question sent in by my uncle um he has read all your books and i said that you know is

This something you really wish for me to bring up as a great introductory aspect of shrimp to the audiences he said uh i would love to know a little bit more about the nagas and you know what they were who who are they what was their purpose um

This is some chapter which i am very reluctant to open up but the nagas that we have today and i’m talking about the hooded serpents not the unhooded serpent cobras cobras the hooded cobras that we have especially the scissor mark guys there are kind of i don’t know what word to use

Once upon a time they belong to a species of beings that lived in another realm all together in ancient times they were our teachers they taught us many things the nagas which is why the nagas are worshiped as symbols of wisdom even the kundalini is considered to be naga What we have today is a totally dis uh oh what do you call it um there’s some word for it i’m sorry i don’t mean like a reduced version not reduced you know like decadent decalint is the word i was looking for a decanted decadent leftovers of dutch

Species which we have today because other nagas all disappeared they have gone back to the realms the reason why they became decarent is because then they started having relationship with human beings so they were recalled and those who were left behind is what we see today that the species of

Serpents the cobras what do you think the intelligence of a cobra is is it beyond what we know brush that we have today are not that intelligent as their forefathers who were our teachers but they are definitely more intelligent that we think as a normal snake the unhooded snake for instance now this

Is controversial if i say this the biologist says this is not true yeah but we know that the cobras one thing i can tell you to my understanding the kobras do not bite unless they think they are threatened now listening to music and shaking is not real because cobras do not hear

They only pick up vibrations from the ground they cannot hear they don’t have ears instruments but they can sense the rhythm okay now one thing i have noticed also is that kobras recognize somebody in whom the kundalini is active um are you comfortable just talking about where the ancestors have

Gone just back to nagaloka is in their realm called nagalooka where they have gone back and i had an encounter in which i really saw somebody from there in dharun that he came but they come back to visit very rarely this was a very rare instance they don’t generally not okay

Without delving too much into detail sir after your three years with your guru why did you come back babaji said go back all right i wouldn’t have come back i would have stayed quietly there i was very happy i told baba i don’t want to go and get stuck he said no

It’s your plan in life to teach is to go back get married settle down and teach because i want you to know what the ordinary human being goes through without that you won’t be able to teach so you have to go through it go back

And also he told me not to teach till i got a green signal from him so i never thought for many years many years i listened to what others are saying and kept quiet and did not teach a word till the age of 42 but you were practicing your creations of course

And day by day it was expanding the mind were you also learning more in those years i was just learning what i had already learned i was relearning it to make it more clear when i tell other people because i knew at some point i will have to teach

I was preparing myself actually your purpose in this life is to just relay the information that you have gained purpose in this life is to make people understand that in every living being especially in a human being because human beings can recognize it other living beings cannot that there is a

Divine element in all living beings in all human beings and the divine element is the essence of our being and if you turn our mind round and look if you find it that is the aim of life to take the human from the ordinary to that which is beyond

This is my aim in life yes so uh thank you for this conversation i think we’re at the end of it so genuinely hope to have many many more conversations with you because i’m quite comfortable with you so that we’ll see some of the time we can i hope

I didn’t make you uncomfortable in any part any case i don’t get uncomfortable but i find something okay there is no problem thank you sir one last question before i let you leave which is uh any piece of advice for me personally continue with what you’re doing because while you have

You also have discussions with people from all uh wakes of life all kinds of people but while doing that please keep this in mind that the spiritual aspect is a very important part of life and when it goes from young people like you other young people will get interested

In it and try to because the ultimate aim of life is to expand spiritually so while you may be doing other things keep this definitely this part of it going all the time because you will become more and more famous i know it as it becomes and it is

Expands don’t miss the spiritual part of it sri i’m so thank you um i don’t know what to say other than thank you thank you very much for bringing it out from me because i’m generally sometimes quite reluctant to discuss thank you to bring it out in a very friendly nice way

I mean i just i hope the audience has listened to this particular episode very intently and i hope you’ll re-listen to it because even between the sentences spoken there was a lot of messages and uh information so thank you i’m hoping to welcome you back on the show thank you very much

When we began recording this podcast i thought i would cover this entire man’s life journey over the course of one episode and i was wrong i only got to cover his origin stories and probably the second chapter where he met his guru usually in outros i talk about what a

Podcast made me feel in this outro i just want to welcome sharia i’m back on the show because we need to hear more about the story we need to learn more from shariam we need to rise along with all this knowledge that’s currently rising in the world all over the world they say

That india is the hub of culture the hub of spirituality even when we’re talking about the whole world what i mean by that is the whole world turns to india when it comes to spiritual growth when it comes to philosophy when it comes to the deeper

Meaning of life and i hope that this podcast helped you find that slightly deeper meaning of life do share it with your friends i know that some of these concepts sometimes can seem too far-fetched for the average listener but hey true knowledge is knowing that we know nothing right

And keeping that in mind of course i’m gonna ask you to follow us on spotify every episode’s available in spotify 48 hours before it’s available anywhere else in the world this was sriam appearing only for the first time on this show so it’s promised that he’s going to be

Back soon and i can’t wait to record a sequel episode this one in the description box i have linked shreem’s books make sure you check them out some of the chapters written by this man will completely twist the way you perceive reality and i think that the internet has just

Begun to get to know this legend of our times this was shariyam on the ranveer show

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