Meeting with a Disney Executive

Meeting with a Disney Executive

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All right i’m finally allowed to talk about this i got to hang out with some of the top dogs at disney like ceo status and what you guys don’t know is word actually got back to me that some of the bigwigs didn’t feel like my confession videos represented the brand in the best

Light i always reinforce every negative thing that i say about disney with positive stuff every time i go to a disney park at least three cast members stop me and tell me how the disney confession videos was the reason they even applied to the job

There so when i got the invite it was good to hear that actually some disney people in the top of the food chain actually saw the videos for what they were i’m so excited to tell this story that i’m telling you guys the ending now and then we’re going back to the

Beginning i’m checking my twitter feed and i see this post swoozie just saw some of your disney vids hilarious i’m a disney executive would love to chat with you whenever i get messages like this i’m always skeptical because anybody could be anybody behind a keyboard but i’ma play along

For now give it my email check my email and i have a new message that says disney visit open it up anandi i don’t know if this guy was continuing the misspelling my name joke from the video if you’re in the la area i’d be happy to

Give you a short tour of the studio lot and lunch at the commissary signed michael i looked up and the dude’s email is michael blank that’s disney with the lowercase i oh it’s official they don’t just hand out to anybody it’s a fish call up one of my

Friends who’s a disney freak and i’m like i just got an email from my disney executive are you serious i’m a sick girl i’m cereal right now he saw the video and he trying to give me free food girl so you know i gotta play it cool when i email them back

That’s cool never been to disneyland in anaheim but i might be in la la land sometime around the summer who knows i wonder how california disney food matches up against orlando disney food he emails me back the next day i don’t work in the theme parks i work in

Burbank at the main company location i help manage disney channel and the other cable networks i can give you a tour we’ll hang out sorry about any confusion but my offer still stands if you want to come out girl they’re trying to put me in a barbie oh my goodness for

Hurry here girl you’re here to turn on my voice you know the junk just got real i thought he was trying to help me come out there and ride some brows and buy me some food he’s trying to take me out to the movie lot shoot if you act right i might even

Let you chill with me and justin bieber when we on our yacht you know i mean girl we gonna celebrate come on we’ll be going watch lion king in 3d bring some ice cream okay and you better wear them little mermaid leggings you bought a hot topic

Okay but i gotta be cool in all my responses so i’m like that’s totally fine i’ve always kind of wondered a little bit what it’s like on the movie live so when i’m in the los angeles anaheim area i’ll reach out and we could link up and get a quick tour

And maybe grab a bite so now i’m hitting up all my friends in la any of our mutual friends getting married in the near future like any big events coming up in la that i need to be out there for you know oh you’re getting your oil changed in

Three weeks okay i’m gonna be there i got your back no no no no i’m on right now i got it so i hit michael up and i’m like it appears that i have business to conduct out in los angeles area it looks like i’ll be there in about

Three weeks and hit me back great news see you soon so i fly out to la i hit my boy up i’m out here in la la land took care of my business i’m here for five more days before i got a ship back out to florida i’m free

Um the sando two more days and then i’m out you know i’m sure i haven’t eaten in like three weeks my ribs dog you can see my rib cage i’m hungrier than a hostage up in this piece holla at your boy i never heard from this dude i think i got stood up

That’s a long flight from california to florida and the whole flight home i’m thinking maybe disney wasn’t cool with the whole confession video after all and they just did this whole elaborate thing to punk me and some of y’all are probably saying whoa swoozie you misled us to believe that you were

Hanging out with them yeah it doesn’t feel nice to be lied to i wanted you guys to feel like i feel on the inside that’s almost like you know when you’re driving on the road and you see all those hot girls in bikinis holding the sign saying car wash and you pull into

The car wash and it’s like 500 pound fat dudes back there waiting to wash your car it’s a trick i like to think that this michael guy maybe got let go or quits what do you guys think happened here i don’t know i don’t think disney would intentionally stand me up

Or would they you

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