MIRACULOUS | 🐞 ORIGINS – COMPILATION 🐞 | Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

MIRACULOUS | 🐞 ORIGINS - COMPILATION 🐞 | Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir


Many centuries ago magic jewels bestowing  extraordinary powers were created these were   the miraculous throughout history heroes have  used these jewels for the good of the human race   two of these miraculous are more powerful than  the others the earrings of the ladybug which  

Provide the power of creation and the ring of the  black cat which grants the power of destruction   according to legend whoever controls both these  jewels at the same time will achieve absolute   power i want that absolute power nuru i must have  those miraculous but nobody knows where these  

Miraculous are i found you though my little nuru  your miraculous remind me of its powers again the   moth approach allows you to give someone their own  superpowers and to make that person your devoted   follower and when it comes to luring superheroes  what could be better than creating supervillains  

But master the miraculous are not meant to  be used for evil purposes i must have this   absolute power your miraculous is in my control i  am your master now and you must obey me yes master no room dark wings rise from this day on i shall be known as

Chanting it’s all part of the treatment master  master thank you for coming see you again next   week master the moth miraculous i felt its aura  i thought it’d have been lost forever but master  

It’s a negative aura i fear it may have gotten  into the hands of a dark power we must find nuru   and his miraculous if it has gotten into the  wrong hands there’s no telling what evil will   come upon the world time to transform wait  oh no please master be reasonable you are  

Still young i’m only 186. but you’re right ways  i can no longer do it alone we’ll need some help marinette your alarm’s been going  off for 15 minutes you’re going to   be late for your first day  back at school got it mom

I bet you anything chloe will be in my class again  four years in a row is that possible definitely   lucky me don’t say that it’s the start of a  new year i’m sure everything will be just fine these are so awesome i’m glad you  like them thank you dad my class  

Will love them you’re the best we’re  the best thanks to your amazing designs thanks cool see it’s nice what a disaster don’t worry i’m no stranger to  disasters besides there are still a few left   hmm delicious oh no i’m gonna  be late uh have a nice day sir

Thank you very much young lady nino why don’t you have a seat  in the front row this year here we go again that’s my seat but chloe this  has always been my seat not anymore new school  

New year new seats so why don’t you just go  and sit beside that new girl over there but   listen adrian’s arriving today and since that’s  going to be his seat this is going to be my seat as incredible as it seems it’s been confirmed that  paris is indeed being attacked by a supervillain  

The police have been struggling to  keep the situation under control be   confident the strong arm of the  law will come crashing down on er   i mean the other arm i hate first days  back at school huh what’s this doing here everything’s okay don’t be scared

No way like the genie in the lamp i’m adam  once zoe grant’s wish is big deal i’m way more   personable plague nice to meet you oh swanky no  no don’t touch that hey come back here so shiny  

Can you eat this no you can’t oh what about  this marinette i know everything may seem a   bit strange to you okay if that makes you feel  safer what are you and how do you know my name   i am a kwame and my name is  tiki now just let me explain

I still don’t know what you’re doing here look  i’m a kwami i grant powers yours is the power of   destruction got it uh-uh good and now got anything  to eat i’m starving my dad’s pranking me right  

Wait he couldn’t be he has no sense of humor  yeah your father must never know that i exist   or anyone for that matter mom dad no  no no no i’m your friend marinette   you must trust me you’re the only one who  can stop stone heart do you think they’ll be  

Up to it master i only got it wrong once it  will never happen again at least i hope not this has to be some mistake the only superpower  i could possibly have is super awkwardness   i know all you would know that’s my friend well  at least i think she would she loves superheroes  

She’d totally be up for the job you should go  see her you’re the chosen one but i’m stuck here   i’m not even allowed to go to school lucky is  a superhero who’s imprisoned in his own house   no good that’s why it’s all going to change  soon if you’re willing to change that is  

Okay so all i have to do is brick the  object where the whatchamacallit is hiding   it’s called an akuma which you must then  capture got it capture it and what’s that   charm thing again a lucky charm it’s your secret  superpower this is all going too fast cheeky  

I i won’t be able to pull this off trust  yourself marinette just say spots on spots on what is happening claws out that’s how you transform got it flag  closer oh wait i haven’t finished explaining too cool

Oh how does this thing come off tiki if you can  hear me i want my normal clothes back i’m not   going anywhere tower stoneheart is heading towards  the montparnasse tower the monster seems to be   unstoppable oh yeah marinette did you get home  okay oh yeah mom just super marinette you in here  

Tom we’d better call the school  okay i have special powers   and apparently this amazing super yo-yo thingy i’m starting to get the hang of this well hey there nice of you to drop in  i’m sorry you didn’t do it on purpose  

I bet you’re the partner my kwami told me about  i’m um cat noir yeah chad noir and you i’m not er madly clumsy huh i’m so clumsy no sweat  clumsy girl i’m learning the ropes too hey wait where are you going to save  paris right trust yourself trust yourself

This is your second chance stone heart and  this time you have extra help no one will   stop you from capturing the love of your life  just remember i’ll need something in return aggressed adrian you say present present bourgeois chloe present rule

Why are you doing this so you and i can be  together forever daddy the monster is back come on let’s follow him uh oh no you go   i’m finding myself a safe place to hide  girl you’re gonna miss ladybug in action

You and ladybug will both be better  off without me you say so wait your bag   my first day of school and i don’t  even make it past roll call a day off   now that’s what i’m talking about oh no no  no no we’ve got homework to do flag plus now

You have no idea who you’re dealing with  my daddy the mayor will bring in the police   the army the entire cavalry and  don’t forget the superheroes oh no my bad super incompetent you mean  you wanted the cavalry well here it is pretty black butterfly all this  lovey-dovey stuff is making me  

Sick don’t worry little monster  i’m gonna take care of you too if you can hear me ladybug i could  use a little help what’s she waiting for let go you rock head i think i need ladybug i  knew you’d come around well  

I’m still not sure i’m up for this but ollie  is in danger i can’t sit back and do nothing you can’t stay here it’s too dangerous sorry i was late lady have i ever told  you you turned my world upside down  

Oh you’re quite the jokester aren’t you but your  comedic timing needs work we gotta get out of here hey are we gonna take care of them no if we want  to save them all then we go to the source that one

So by the time i biked to the eiffel tower it  was all over i’m way bummed don’t worry you’ll   get your scoop eventually you’re right next target  ladybug an exclusive interview ooh sounds exciting   oh wait even better finding out who’s really  under that mask uh-huh good luck with that one  

You disobeyed me adrian take a look at that  school yes father you will never i say never go   back there again father without your bodyguard  he will drop you off and pick you up every day   natalie has offered to organize your  new schedule you’ll be continuing your  

Music chinese and fencing classes and your photo  shoots thank you natalie thank you father no wait you’re in the wrong seat go on get lost all that  is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good  

People do nothing what is that supposed to mean  it means that i’m not putting up with your crud   anymore chloe and neither is anyone else around  here so take your attitude and go on get lost good job dude you want to make friends right  we’ll go talk to marinette you  

Know about the chewing gum but what  should i say to her just be yourself hey i just wanted you to know that i was only  trying to take the chewing gum off your seat   i swear i’ve never been to school before i’ve  never had friends it’s all sort of new to me um

See you tomorrow   uh-huh see you too whoa where am i stammering  i think i might have an idea   first day of school and we already have two  lovebirds whatever she’s just a friend oh a friend excellent choice master those  two are made for each other so

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