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Think you love Skittles? But do you love them as much as Hannah does? If the answer’s yes, you’ll love this Skittles Challenge! Let’s start round one with a spin! Just a couple more colors… Each one has to be in just the right place. Next comes orange. And last but not least… Yes!

Man, that feels satisfying. Watcha doing, Hannah? GAH!! My masterpiece! This is all your fault, Julie! So you’re going to fix it yourself. Gah! I don’t know why I even try. Oh, Hannah? Ta-da!! How’d you do that so fast? It’s so beautiful! Woah! It’s unbelievable! And now there’s only one thing left to do.

Ah, yes. The moment has finally arrived. It looks like nothing but water at first, But then, everything changes. It’s like a rainbow on a plate! To do this, simply pour a layer of water over some Skittles. Then, after a couple seconds, they all come together! But you don’t have to do circles exclusively.

Check out this happy face pattern! It’s like a colorful, sugary clown face! This is the coolest trick ever, right?! Let’s see what’s next! Nothing like a fresh bag of candy! Now what? Let’s see what some of these buttons mean. Hmmm… Woah! Julie, your eyes are glowing! So are yours, Hannah.

Hey, watch those chompers, girl! That’s enough of that. GRRRRR! Oh. Should we press another? How ‘bout this? Looks like it’s party time, baby! And naturally this is the only move to do! Pow pow pow! Careful with those! Let’s move on. What happened? Let’s get back to the challenge.

Try to sort the candy by color now! GO! It’s hard to distinguish colors with this red glow. Woah! These girls sure are concentrating hard! Wait, is that yellow? I think I’m about done! Looks accurate, right? Or does it? Turns out red lighting can mess with your vision.

Okay, I’ve gotta try this one more time. If you think that’s necessary… If I get closer I can really see the colors. Is that really green? You ready, Hannah? Okay! You’ve got to be kidding me! Ugh, again?! Okay brain, focus. FOCUS! Third time’s a charm? Horror of horrors!

I know I can do it one more time… My eyes are burning! GAH!! Is anyone else’s tummy grumbling? Oh, here. No. no. NO!!! Just face it Hannah, it just doesn’t gonna happen. Oh, I gotta go. Here you go. I’m back! That’s it, my eyes are a failure. Just one more time, I promise.

Red or green?! I’m just gonna rest my eyes… What?! I actually did it! I can’t believe it! Look! I hate to tell you this, But you missed this little guy. He’s orange. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Another spin, comin’ right up! Ever wanted to erase the color from a Skittle?

Perhaps a careful scrape can do the trick. Careful with that blade, Julie… This purple sure is hanging on! This knife did nothing! Okay, time for Plan B. Things are about to heat up in here. This purple’s coming off one way or another! I’m ready for ya! Is it happening?

It’s not gonna explode or something, right? Nope, nothing. I was sure that would work. Well, there is one thing i haven’t tried yet… I’ll just change the color myself! This won’t work. But this tiny paint will do! I’ll just paint it white and no one will know. Julie, that’s cheating!

We don’t cheat, do we? Well, looks like we failed this round. Oops! Wait a second… The bubbles are lifting the color off! The soda’s all orange, which means… You guessed it! The color completely came off! Why didn’t we think of this before? Check it out! Now let’s make things interesting, shall we?

Now you can have sodas with different colors! Let the pouring begin! Why would we ever drink boring, clear soda again? Look, they’re changing already! This would make for a great party trick. Pretty gorgeous, right? And they probably taste even better. Cheers! Somehow they taste better on vacation, right? What’s up next?

Looks like things are getting crafty. Did you know Skittles can turn into paint? All you need is a little water! And some creativity, of course. Hey, don’t eat it all! You still need it to paint with! Just look at Hannah’s focus. Alright, just a couple more finishing touches. That’s just it.

I’m taking a more delicate approach. Either way, we’ve got some serious artists on our hands! Now that’s an interesting technique! Check out that deep purple hue. Now things are really getting intense! The color green will do that to ya. Ahh, yes. That’s really interesting, Hannah. But mine is a little more advanced.

What do you mean? Look at that thing! It’s alright for a beginner, I guess. I have a feeling this round’s gonna be tough. Think a tiny Skittle’s exciting? Then you’ll love this trick. How many little Skittles do you think it would take to make one massive Skittle? We’re about to find out.

But first, some major sorting is in order. Hang tight, this may take a while. I wonder how many Skittles are in here? Probably, like, a million, right? Instead of counting, let’s organize them! This is taking forever! There. We finally finished. Boom. Well, looks like part one is done! Next step: bubbles!!

That way we can get all the colors off these bad boys. They don’t even look like Skittles anymore! Especially when they start spoiling in a pot. Look at all that gooey sugar! Can we speed things up a bit? Now it’s smooth as butter! Which means it’s time for the next phase!

Molding the giant candy! Let’s turn this liquid back into a solid. Yep, it’s all going in that giant bowl. Be patient, it may take a few minutes. Don’t take a taste just yet! There, all finished! Now let’s let this sucker harden. WOAH! This weights a ton! Gah!

In the meantime, roll out some dough. Once it’s nice and flat, Put your now-hardened candy on top. Gah!! This is turning out to be quite the workout! Things are really shaping up in here! Sounds ready to me! Carefully place the dough over the candy. One, two three, FLIP! I hope it didn’t crack!

But all looks good under here! I’ll just wrap it up and smooth it out. These are turning out pretty cool, right? We just need to cut away the excess dough. And now for a touch of color! I hope there’s enough paint in the can for this! Ooh, lookin’ good! Nice!

And for the finishing touch, The iconic Skittles’ “S”! Perfect. Mission Giant Skittle complete! I’m rolling your way! Wow! It’s sure beautiful, isn’t it? And it’s fully three dimensional! Should we make another color? Maybe after we pose for some pics with this one. Did this Skittles Challenge leave you craving some sugar?

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