MOM STOLE RYAN’S VIDEO GAMES ! Ryan’s Mommy hides video games from Ryan & Daddy!

MOM STOLE RYAN'S VIDEO GAMES ! Ryan's Mommy hides video games from Ryan & Daddy!

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Guys so mommy hit our games again it’s summer in the house huh we gotta go look for one uh-huh we have like nothing to do except for find it it’s somewhere around this time mommy can hear you go stealth i can’t find it ryan where could it be oh i gotta get my

What it’s right there right here yes we got it yeah we got our game back yay Welcome back youtubers today we’re playing again here in game by mall yay mommy hi the game again we’re gonna find it so we’re gonna start at number 10 or number nine number nine okay so is there anything you want to see oh what is that pick it up okay

Don’t put it on mommy oh no it’s all mommy she’s surprised what do we do now look at this why is there something on the floor yeah what is that it’s like a track i don’t know maybe oh no okay you cannot go there right

You have to get some type of item okay okay so what do we do so we got to fly now right uh-huh so we put it on mommy that’s so far what we figured out okay she’s surprised maybe top mommy does it work no not yeah

Oh what’s that i got a chat bubble what from where where did you find it from from what she said oh she was surprised oh my gosh and then you put that on there oh then you don’t you don’t fall oh my gosh what that’s crazy that’s crazy

Who can come up like that okay all right all right so mistake of course there’s something underneath you see that little dark thing that looks like mommy that’s mommy okay that’s not that pretty oh yeah behind the closet definitely that’s mommy okay use that oh man yeah use this to take it out

It’s mommy why is she hiding out of me when she’s in multiple spots yeah so she’s twin i think the mommy was twin okay why don’t you open it maybe it’s just a t-shirt that looks like mommy well it literally see i knew it was posted sorry not

T-shirt okay why don’t you use that to take it out pull the uh the pin out of the poster maybe it’s behind the poster yeah ah uh ryan did it twice in a row bros whoa this looks dangerous oh i’ve done this before oh it’s like a mario box that’s

Mom okay that’s mommy don’t open the top one okay i got it oh okay so this hey that’s my turtle what we’re supposed to do okay okay we’re not supposed to use this turtle okay fine this is like a mario kart maybe you use the uh banana

Flip them yeah use the banana peel them oh you have to grab it before you go okay here i got it i got it so put the banana turtle and grab it again get it so we didn’t even have to grab the tunnel one easy easy peasy lemon kiki oh so many bananas

Bananas three bananas okay all right oh wait i know this one oh who was that what nobody monkey yeah okay one more time oh it’s monkey ah you should be quiet you have to be quick i guess ah it’s mommy so second time second time you have to grab it it was quick

Okay yes all right monkey don’t steal again oh it’s another grandpa again it’s under grandpa again and very typical the mom’s in the closet ah mommy nothing else right now ooh what is that outside i saw a oh ufo me grab it grab it yeah you got your oh maybe you can’t put

Ufo in front of on top of the grandpa and he’s going to suck him up oh no this is the third time this week why won’t you aliens just leave me alone he’s floating in the air okay yeah that’s it there you go yeah are you gonna bring him down bye grandpa Okay ooh you see that ryan this is mommy no that’s behind behind the stream behind the tree true yeah except for one of them okay i don’t get it looks like you have to hurry up because people are running go the other side go the other side wait

So what if you run then you’re and then you’re on the top then you can get your game wow oh yeah you run and you win so you’re on the top and then you can get your game oh so you click the goal first okay all right click it yes

And then you’re over there oh yeah yeah oh that was all ryan’s idea good job ryan okay you have to make your sister dance take a picture of your sister it’s in her desk one more time make her make a pose yeah there you go nice hmm what is that trash another one

Another one another one that’s a lot of trust throw it at mom wait wait make mom clean oh you make her move move away okay make her move to the next page oh you have to be on the next page yeah good now you can go to the next

And then okay open the drawer yeah that’s it okay it’s a trick it’s on his hand you think yeah it’s gonna be on his head okay i’ll listen to mine what is that lamp behind the lamp is mom but maybe the other lamp okay okay you do it

Definitely not his hat right because he don’t want his head to fall oh you were right how’d you know what easy day 19. well looks like a tetris what mommy’s doing yoga oh grab that what else do i need you put it there yeah let’s put it so i did this

What what i got idea they need the long one no i got i got this but i got because if you put the long one first i’ll show you why see you take out the top part oh yeah and do that you little kids you guys never played

Teddre so that’s why it was hard for you guys oh right there ryan behind the easy oh All right all right guys what is that what is this oh then you go to the next room no it’s not bad oh we knew it ryan you lost it already wait we needed the crab so he can cut the uh the the string so let’s just start again yeah

I like to replay okay by the way before here on the way yeah there you go there you go now you can get it good job Yo yo yeah and why is he still playing with 3ds oh whoa guys under the cat no guys you know what i noticed that the the next button right below it you see mommy mommy’s hiding behind me don’t press it yeah don’t press it okay oh my gosh i almost pressed it

Oh cat food wait a minute i think we’re supposed to use cucumber instead of cat food why because when if you put cucumber behind cat cat freaks out sometimes when when she looks back oh that scared me nope never mind it’s not working no

Okay let me do your cat first i guess so maybe i was thinking too much let’s just put it back just in case you’re okay okay yeah yeah okay cat food too eating it oh see i told you kept that’s that okay yay you just needed to put the food there

Too yeah okay upsy all right i’ll be another one i think i might already know where the camera is i have a feeling about it okay can i touch this wow this is dangerous guys all right i think we got this this time right ryan uh-huh maybe behind the rock maybe

Oh nemo okay grab that okay ah there you go you got this nice nice nice nice okay 24 day oh it’s a big hole i’m pretty sure it’s in the cabinet yeah you might want to call the uh homeowner and just fix this aoa it’s your bad man a me on your house

You seem to have a bottomless pit in the middle of your living room you want me to patch that up or uh what you use that to keep random kids away from your cabinets okay who am i to judge we all have to have hobbies oh no

It’s mommy turn put it on the other side yeah get this clothes or a towel or you can walk on the table really okay i’ll just try No way this is difficult okay for sure you have to do something with the towel oh what oh okay oh okay can you put it down oh okay yeah oh wow okay now you can open it right yeah nice i’m scared of those oh so many people in the house strangers

Oh sean says he doesn’t know who we are what is that we’re super famous yeah that’s right bingo super famous oh this is the beatles which one’s mommy okay there you go okay i don’t know if you know but you’re supposed to put them in oh i think you

Have to put in the right order is this correct yeah see i knew it let’s see if i remember i’m even too young for that too so i don’t know who are the beetles they’re like a rock not rocket they’re a band oh i already forgot that’s what this guy just goes yes

Yeah beetles it just dropped from the sky it makes no sense all right like this what is this what kind of item is that what it’s like oh daddy nelly you put that on the wall so you can climb up oh oh okay so i just want to

Find all the different pieces i think i found another one yeah oh what was it oh it was one of them okay there you go that’s it got it easy what happened what you fell what oh you need a cushion right right before you go up you need to put a cushion so

When you come down you’re safe you don’t hurt yourself there you go good job ryan you did it yeah yeah right oh yeah ah we’re fine yay all right pay 30. finally i think that’s the next one next one’s the final one finally we did it right on day thirty

Thirty day thirty one what thirty one day fifty days hundred days two hundred one thousand ten thousand what what’s going on oh we can’t that means we keep doing it for so long oh my gosh ten thousand days that will not be multiple years yeah that’ll be like 30 years yeah oh

This nintendo switch now because it’s 10 000 days so there’s new games yay that was easy that’s the last one oh oh because it’s been long time now it’s daddy that the little boy became daddy because he or a girl nap and he married and he had a dollar ah

Now it’s hitting my game by daddy that’s funny i like that he continued wow that’s so funny i like that ending very very very cool all right guys thank you for watching this video wow did you guys like the game because i really liked it did you

Like it yeah yeah that was super fun all right thank you bye bye Foreign

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