Nastya and stories about elementary school and her classmates


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Thank you tomorrow is the first day of school back to school tomorrow Lasta let’s go play outside okay Now Thank you Oh yeah back to school tomorrow Huh Yeah okay One two three four five one two three four five six seven eight nine One two three Back to school tomorrow what happened last year I’m going to school tomorrow Are you ready for the party tomorrow what part we don’t have a party tomorrow back to school day party ahead are you ready for the presents presents your lunch box new water bottle do you plan some case and new pencils um I’m gonna try everything now it’s all for school tomorrow I can’t

Wait for tomorrow good night Oh I’m going to school today I have to pack everything I’m ready yay have a good day Bye Hello how was it good now I have a lot of friends let’s go celebrating Hello welcome to third grade Nastia Foreign Wow Whoa Batman Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Daddy daddy All right Well done It’s time for lunch Only healthy food uh-huh Yummy Are you ready for school um Thank you first day of school Let’s be friends No sorry How was school today one girl doesn’t want to be friends with me oh oh Try to give her this BFF bracelet okay okay bye bye second day of school hi I have a gift for you BFF bracelets hmm ah She didn’t like my bracelet she doesn’t want to be friends with me oh all of the girls like dogs yeah I’m gonna give her one doll and we’re gonna play together third day of school hi do you have to play with my dolls I don’t like dolls Hmm what does she like okay Hmm Fourth day of school I wanna play with her she’s not good friend for you no she’s a good girl okay last chance just ignore her like this okay okay This day of school [Applause] what is your name my name is Evelyn what’s your name let’s be friends yay here one for me one for you thank you very much you’re welcome Girls can I play with your friends okay Okay now I have a lot of friends but you’re my best friend ever thank you Daddy um let’s check your site No c q you need to wear glasses for one month Hi girls hi Guys look at the board It’s all wrong you get a f it’s time for PE Ace let’s play football [Applause] you can’t play with glasses okay Oh Nice job Daddy I got a bad grade because of my glasses I don’t want to wear my glasses anymore when our glasses too they are wonderful and have many friends be yourself and love yourself now I understand you can look more stylish Everybody she’s so pretty yeah I love her glasses me too can I try my glasses mom can I try them too glasses aren’t so bad and it’s not funny yes I know and you know I don’t need braces soon we were wrong yes we shouldn’t have laughed

Hi doctor how are you hi nice to see you again then out me me oh much better so can I have braces okay sure always be yourself Hello today we’re gonna do a test Can I have a pencil please no teacher I broke a pencil take a pen thank you yay foreign Can you give me a paper please no it’s only for me okay time is up good job I jump red jump okay math lesson who will go to the board master Look at her hand Oh show me your head this is unacceptable It’s time for lunch I forgot my lunch Okay guys see you tomorrow I have a party and Sunday gonna go to the party Didn’t you go to my party oh yeah I’ll be there Oh what happened the kids at school don’t want to be friends with me how do you behave there you like this Hmm no no no you have to be more friendly okay Good morning hello guys Master go to the board Hey letters Good job thank you [Applause] To my party can you come to my party oh thank you I will be there love you friend yes of course Master wake up we are late wake up we are late for school Catching up You are late Are you in your pajamas Hello can you bring my school uniform please okay okay Get out your warm book I forgot my math books Hello Daddy can you bring my math books please okay foreign To eat lunch I forgot my lunch too Okay last time haha Foreign We need to get organized oh it’s from school yes hi my job best great job you have to learn responsibility okay okay we will due in that evening touch your backpack prepare school uniform set an alarm go to bed during Foreign Good job Good morning it’s time for school do end up morning brush your teeth breakfast dress up and lunch box Yummy good job Foreign Ready Thank you Oh oh Evelyn wait a minute what Evelyn twig on your skirts thank you It’s raining Master you could come with me under my umbrella okay Evelyn thank you you’re a good friend anytime you’re welcome let’s go let’s go best friend [Applause] guys we have a new student Adrian hey chickens we’re not chickens okay class open your notes [Laughter] Thank you thank you assistant you’re my best friend look at the board class Oh yes Teacher can you help me of course And we have to tell the teacher yeah teach teacher look behind you Hmm No teacher it’s not us we always behave in class Adrian I call your parents See you later Adrian see you later alligator you’re not allowed to be rude to others and my friends so stop okay buddy thank you Evelyn Let’s see what I have for lunch today I forgot my lunch I only have a dream nicer we are friends I could share with you thank you I can share with you too thank you What should I do my shirt’s all wet how am I gonna go to class now oh don’t worry I know what to do Thank you Okay class let’s start the lesson foreign Hmm glass is dismissed Adrian hey girls can you help me no He hurt us too much we shouldn’t help him yeah it’s because I was so mean that’s why I don’t have any friends to help me did you hear that yeah we have to help him thank you I’m sorry for being mean guys it’s okay we should be friends yeah thank you bye Guys friendship isn’t only about having fun it’s about helping each other don’t bully and don’t be mean

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