NERDS GET MADE FUN OF, What Happens Next WILL SHOCK YOU! | Dhar Mann

NERDS GET MADE FUN OF, What Happens Next WILL SHOCK YOU! | Dhar Mann

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You get the invite to my graduation party no i didn’t wow thanks pillow just kidding i would never invite you to my party okay class that’s it for today i finished grading your tests from last week you can just grab them on the way out oh and don’t forget tomorrow is your

Final report on the dharman book it is worth 50 of your grade so please do your very best great work young man there you go not bad i am proud of you keep it up billy um could you just hang out for a sec i’d like to talk to you uh yeah sure

Arthur i am very impressed by you young man you got an a plus excellent work thank you miss henry billy you got an f on the exam did you even study yeah i did i just i didn’t think it’d be this hard i’m worried about you

I’m not sure if you’re gonna pass this class and if you don’t pass this class you’re not going to graduate do you understand yes miss henry you need to get an a on your report tomorrow so please do a really good job on it okay well well well what do we have

Here oh wow you got an a-plus man you really are a nerd come on billy give it back you want it back all right you got it there you go so about to report this to tomorrow i’m gonna need you to do it for me

No i i can’t do that that would be cheating uh what did you say please i i have to do my own book report i i won’t have time you don’t have a choice because if i don’t get an a then i’m not gonna graduate and we don’t want that to happen

Do we so what’s it gonna be fine i’ll do your book report for you but i i want you to know that if you cheat you’ll never get ahead okay yeah whatever sounds like something a loser would say see you later nerd arthur goes home and immediately starts working on billy’s book report

After working really hard for a lot of hours he finally finishes it by the time arthur is about to start working on his own book report his eyes start to get really heavy so heavy that before he knows it arthur falls asleep when he finally wakes up it’s already 7 45 a.m

Arthur didn’t get to finish his own book report he rushes off to school now worried about whether he’s even going to graduate where have you been class is about to start you got my book report yeah it’s right here i stayed up all my working on it and i

Didn’t even get to do my own oh that really sucks for you see you later loser hey miss henry i finished my book report i uh spent all night finishing it and i think you’re gonna be really impressed oh i’m really happy to hear that billy

Why don’t you just hold on to that for now hey arthur good morning good morning miss henry uh look about the book report we’ll talk about that in a moment you can go ahead and have a seat hey hey listen i feel really bad so uh since you won’t be graduating

You’ll come to my graduation party instead okay class settle down no i know that in the past everyone just turned in their book reports but this time i decided to switch it up a little bit so instead of turning them in i’m gonna have each one of you present them to the class

Who wants to go first uh billy why don’t you present yours first you seem very excited about it earlier uh oh uh yeah yeah okay darman is an inspirational content creator who believes actually i don’t want you to read the reports i want you to describe it in your own words um

Darman is an inspirational inspirational content creator who who believes in what’s wrong billy you did read the book right no i of course you know i read it i just i i don’t i don’t hold off the top of my head oh really or you don’t know it at all

But no no no i i know what the book is about i i know billy be honest i know you didn’t write that book report you see i came across your graduation invites so i rushed out to give them to you just in time to overhear your conversation with arthur

Where you forced him to do your book report for you even though he told you it was cheating so you see i know you didn’t read the book or do your own reports you won’t be needing these anymore so here’s the invitation to the principal’s office instead

No please please please please i can’t go to the principal’s office you can go now oh and billy if you actually read the book you would have learned in chapter one that if you cheat you never get ahead arthur would you like to present your book report now

I would love to it’s crazy there goes tiffany and michelle so i’m going to talk to you that would be cool hey hey girls um do you girls want to come nice glasses dork we’re not interested bye dude no girls ever want to talk to me it’s like the whole school thinks we’re

Nervous there’s nothing wrong with being a nerd we just got a scholarship to one of the best colleges in the country all right look there goes bryce and matthew they’re like the coolest kids in school dude who cares i’ll do anything to be as cool as them

Hey you mind getting us some bears yeah you bears yeah yeah yeah sure wait a second wait where are your beers at or do nerds not drink we’re just not old enough i was actually about to grab one yeah what are you doing don’t let them peer pressure into drinking

They think i’m a nerd this is like my one chance of being cool dude who cares what they think all right my mom always says that the nerds in high school grow up to be cool as adults because we’re going to be successful your mom says yeah

You sound like such a dork nelson let’s do this bro cheers Cheers i think you stopped drinking do you either you have a light yes i do here you go okay sorry we don’t we don’t smoke of course you don’t why are we asking the nerds hey catherine Hey cheers you want a hit yeah no you don’t my man oh buddy buddy okay guys enough of this weak stuff anyone really want a party [Laughter] let’s do it all right i got one for you one for you One for you you win he’s a square he’s not going to take one all right he’s cool watch come on man take yeah be cool yeah wait can you give us one second please Nerd nerd what dude what are you doing man stop letting these guys pressure you to these bad decisions this is my one shot to finally be cool and you’re willing in it dude drinking is not cool smoking is not cool drugs is not cool alright 10 years from now these guys are

Gonna wish that they were us not the other way around like just watch hey are you coming just one second yo come on man i thought you were cool we’re waiting for you yeah cow hey look please just listen okay these guys are bad news think about our scholarship our college we’re

Gonna go to college together man calvin i’m sorry man i gotta go nelson is so disappointed watching calvin give in to peer pressure he decides to leave the party calvin stays at the party and continues to give in to peer pressure everyone tells him to chug more beers and get

More messed up before long the police show up calvin gets stuck with the drugs and the police arrest him As he sits there in jail he gets handed a letter from his university they find out about his drug charges and revoke his college scholarship and admission calvin’s life starts to go downhill while nelson’s life starts to go uphill he ends up attending college and stays focused on his future

A few years later nelson graduates with honors his parents couldn’t be any more proud of him nelson goes on and starts his own business and ends up becoming really successful and then one day nelson happens to run into calvin all right i say we go back to my spot and hang out there

Yo man check out that car that’s sweet nelson nelson calvin i haven’t seen you since wait aren’t you that nerd from high school yeah i guess oh my gosh and you drive this car now how do you even get something like this well i mean i graduated college and i

Started my own business and i guess it’s going pretty well um how about you guys what are you what are you been up to nothing much really kind of been in the same spot from when you left yeah oh hey do you want to hang out yeah we love to

Go for a drive hey babe hey how you doing good good um sorry i would i would love to but i can’t shall we yeah why that was really good seeing you guys Again wow man it’s gotta be the coolest guy i’ve ever seen in my life i guess it’s true the nerds in high school are the ones that become cool as adults man these are the hottest shoes out right now you gonna buy a pair i i want to but

I’m trying to save money you can say that again how did you buy those 10 years ago hello i just can’t believe you wear those i wouldn’t be caught dead then that’ll be 197.68 there’s 200. thank you there’s your change have a nice day me too

You should have bought a part of this we make the same money so i know you can afford it yeah i’m just trying not to spend too much i want to start investing so i need to save then you need to stop being so cheap worry about saving when you get older

Shoot what are you doing relax it’s just a penny just a penny don’t you know a penny saved has a penny earned Here you should save it that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard if it’s worth so much to you you keep it okay thanks see you tomorrow wait this is your car yeah why that is a total piece of crap a bucket why haven’t you bought a new one

Well i’m trying to save stop with your ridiculous money-saving speech check out my new ride just picked her up that’s a really nice car what’s the payment on it i don’t know but i don’t care because she looks really good i’m actually taking her out to the club tonight

I would invite you but i don’t think you get in with those shoes that’s okay i’ve got an online class tonight anyway so but um have fun you too kyle goes out and pops bottles at the club he keeps spending money and living an expensive lifestyle

Ryan on the other hand keeps saving his money he focuses all his time on studying and learning over time he saves enough to start buying real estate and investing his life starts going uphill while kyle’s life starts going downhill he keeps spending so much money that he ends up in credit card debt

He gets behind on his bills and can’t keep up with his lifestyle and then one day kyle and ryan happen to run into each other hi i would like to return these i just don’t think i can afford them anymore no problem 1 8001 there you go Ryan kyle hey man it’s been a long time yeah are you here buying some new shoes uh yeah yeah they didn’t have any i like wait don’t tell me this is your car i just picked her up wow how do you afford that well it’s just like i always used to say

You see when you were out spending money on shoes and cars i was saving my money and getting by with what i had sure it was hard and embarrassing at times having old stuff but that’s how i was able to save enough money to start investing

In i used my money to make even more money and eventually bought my own successful business so you see i worked hard learned how to invest most importantly saved every single penny you were so right i should have listened to you back then well i’d give this back to you but assuming

You don’t want it actually no i i do want it say a penny saved is a penny earned right there you go well it’s good seeing you man wait are you gonna buy some shoes oh no i actually own the shoe store now take care of yourself Hey dar man fam make sure to subscribe to my channels and check out this next video i know you’re going to love it today we’re going to be playing fortnite with snape rule we’re about to get this game started people only watch her videos to see sniper wolf

He’s probably just taking out his own problems on you really hurts so much so embarrassing

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